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    How times have changed from Senderos arriving in a transit van.
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    Special thanks goes to Bill Young at Rocksport.
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    Introduce Blue Avenger as Head of Department for Dave King Propaganda.
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    ???? Hallelujah, praise the King. You're not fooling me but I'm impressed by how long you're keeping it up ??
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    Dude I have never really had the inclination to engage in a debate with you. It is akin to debating a brick wall. You have three traits 1. Be contrary 2. Deliberately miss the point 3. Set up straw men You have exhibited all 3 of these characteristics in this post. Now I don’t want to be the guy who tackles the man instead of the ball so let me try to respond and then I am happy to agree to disagree You are constantly trying to convince us that with all your vast experience of watching Scottish football it has you uniquely placed to confirm to us that the referees in Scotland are shite. Please. Stop. We all agree. This is not the point and you are deliberately missing it (trait 2) That kind of deals with 70% of your post. The brass tacks is are they biased? You have said that time and again studies have shown that teams with the louder crowd get decisions. To copy a contrary trait from you, please link these studies? Only joking don’t link the studies as I don’t care and it’s a pointless request as it is irrelevant to the discussion (trait 3) if, as you say, time after time studies have proven that the louder crowd influence a referee into giving a decision then why is it the biggest and best supported club in the country were on the end of the overwhelming majority of incorrect decisions last season? If it was the case that Motherwell played Kilmarnock and the poor refereeing standards meant that the overwhelming majority of the decisions went in Motherwells favour over the course of the game. With Motherwell getting away with a couple of red cards, awarded a soft penalty and scoring a dubious goal, while Kilmarnock had a wrong red card issued, one of their players injured by an assault of a challenge and a stonewall penalty turned down. Then Klimarnock would be entitled to think that referee was biased against them. Now take that scenario into Kilmarnocks next game, the same thing happens to them even though they are now playing St Johnstone and again the following week against Aberdeen. Then Kilmarnock fans would for sure say there was a bias against them. Because the facts are that poor refereeing is poor for everyone. The old adage “it evens out over a season” applies when there is consistently poor refereeing, but if it’s inconsistent and it is inconsistent to the detriment of a particular club then there is a bias. How do you train an animal or a child? You reward it for good behaviour and punish it for bad behaviour. Referees have felt the pain when they have made calls that have hurt a certain club. They have been pain free when they have made calls that have hurt us. Isn’t it time to bring the pain? Even in the form of registering our complaints. I hope to fuck Gerrard thinks so. I hope he ditches dignified silence and calls out every single Ref fuck up against us and highlights every wrong decision
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    Superb. Not even the middle of June and with Katic, Goldson, and McGregor we've already vastly improved our weakest area.
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    Just noticed my sat nav is getting caught up in the hype.
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    Welcome to Rangers. Stay away from our training gear to avoid abuse ?
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    The comments from the Brighton fans give me a buzz, seems to be massively rated. Lets see it kid.
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    Great to see him at Murray Park. Let's go!
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    Hope he's there to personally do the press conference to welcome the next 3 marquee signings when they are announced tonight.
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    what other quick would you want to know other than speed? premature ejaculation, quick at crosswords? ?
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    Fine by me. That's where the Masters of the Universe live.
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    It chops up the lines like any other card.
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    When did you learn that word?
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    Means he can wear Nikos old training gear. With NK on it. Great move by the club
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    I watched old lady porn once by accident.
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    He’s 21 years old mate what you expecting him to achieved career wise at that age ? An full international cap for Croatia at 21 and to have captained his club is not too bad.
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    This is the reason I hate Rangers fans