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    I dont use twitter but found this - obviously not reported by the Sun Simon Denver‏ @wigancoach 2h2 hours ago More Not the result but what a day away following @LaticsOfficial what a stadium and what a special day, remarkable @RangersFC fans especially when an elderly gentlemen passes my son a Rangers scarf to keep
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    Heads at boardroom level really should have rolled after Pedro.
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    Last summer must go down as one of the worst windows in our history Wonder how much Cardose, Alves, Herrera and Pena have cost us with zero meaningful return
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    A million quid doon the drain? All part of the Pedro multi million pound catastrophe. Stunningly poor piece of upper management that whole affair.
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    I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s parade here and I’m glad we met them head on and they’ve suffered a few casualties. I do honestly believe for them and much of the media ‘victory’ is keeping us on the defensive and the negativity hanging over us. They couldn’t honestly believe they would have won this but it’s kept the negative headlines going and god knows how much resource (and £) busy on the defence. As this fizzles out watch the next thing emerge. That’s why King is quite right to go on the attack. Even at times if it appears futile. Change the narrative and keep those bastards busy defending themselves.
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    good. I seem to be the only dick that bought the fucking channel so want you cunts to suffer too
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    I get a feeling the players won't want to come off the pitch if they lose he didn't achieve what he did as a footballer being soft he won't accept anything but 100% from the players. Roll on the next game and get back to owning our pitch and stadium which was a class quote from him and not heard from past Muppets in charge.
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    We cant base anything on previous games. We have a completely different team and to be honest, if we can't go to Killie confident we might as well give up. We now have a defence, a decent midfield, wingers and strikers which offers up many options on goal. All of which were previously lacking. Anything can happen in a one off game, but we are much stronger on paper as well as on the pitch, so this should present few problems. How can we hope to beat the tarriers if we're worried about Killie ?
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    Ahh the well known athletic coaches, Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister...
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    Aye it will be, nobody wants to see hibs fans in HD.
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    SFA will be too busy trying to help the taigs and themselves keep the child abuse under wraps with private payoffs and confidentiality contracts.
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    Mind boggling that we signed a guy for over a million and settle with him 12 months later. I don’t do the boardroom section but it’s things like this that really highlight what a fucking shambles our board are
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    Support need to be patient , trust Gerrards plan and stay behind the team , no need for meltdown at the first stray pass
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    That doesn't sell papers or get hits mate.
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    Inverness caley fistle
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    Defo bother mate. Coullibaly leathered 120 of them by himself..
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    Didn’t stop running. Always showing for the ball. Involved in two of the goals Deadly delivery. He has to start on Thursday. Keep it up wee man!
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    I truly wish we had gone to the English league.
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    Well then they’re dafties. Need to have a bit of patience. If the plan is to soak up pressure and hit them on the counter then we need to be on board.
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    Had a butchers at the video, no colours so could've been anybody but what struck me was how what used to be Strathclydes finest have became a shadow of their former selves, they were all like spiders with erections not knowing what way to turn, there was one young occifer helping to clear up the mess outside the Alpen lodge which is commendable I suppose, maybe he learned it when he joined the lgbt parade the other week, he'll make somebody a nice 'partner' one day
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    If Lafferty is the striker we are after forget about the title. Shame we can't attract or afford better in that department after finally addressing the defence.
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    We own the pitch, we own the stadium. I like.