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    We need to sign this boy he is top class.
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    Fucking unbelievable. Felt like a champions league game from the Advocaat era. Had Maribor rattled.
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    Fucking unreal, we've got a fantastic chance of reaching the group stages now.
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    We feed of the players and vice versa, we now know we have a team that will fight for each other and what a difference that makes.
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    If i walked in on him shagging my Misses, i’d ask him if he wanted a Sandwich when he was done..
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    Can fuck off, tonight is a night to celebrate a brilliant performance.
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    And its off to the match I go. Who are ya who are ya?
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    Them not getting £25m from the champions league is effectively £25m we don't need to find to catch them. It's massive, given their wage bill.
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    Second half if one of the best performances I've seen from us in a long time tbh.
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    I hope after tonight’s performance this is the last of threads like this, tav is our RB and a fucking good 1 at that!
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    Club should be getting a statement out now. ”The club wishes to make clear that any chibbings of Eastern Europeans in the Ibrox area this evening are the sole responsibility of Police Scotland.”
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    FFS starting a thread during a game about one mistake. Get this ta fuck.
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    And the demolishing of the team on the forum begins....
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    Another loser out the door . Feeling soooo good to hear this . He will go down as one of the biggest pussies ever to wear our jersey Anyone disagree . Dry your eyes . Or should that be crocodile tears
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    When I first heard Gerrards name mentioned for the job I thought ffs swapping one youth coach for another. Hands up I was totally wrong and he has turned the place on its head ditching the duds and rapidly getting a good team together with signings if not quite out the top drawer not far off it.
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    Off to pastures new at Wigan. A great day for our club.
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    Always the same people moaning about him every single day but if you can't see he's been our most important player for the last 3 years you are blind. Even defensively today he was brilliant.
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    Has it come to people making separate threads to have specific tantrums about an offside? Yes they fucked up. It happens. They aren't word class players. They play for us, in Scotland. Our support can be absolutely mental at times. I've been as critical as anyone in the past but some of the chat on here at half time is embarrassing. It's like folk build it up and expect us to smash teams and when it doesn't happen they don't know what to do with themselves.
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    thank fuck he didn't have a sandcastle .would have made the news that would
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    Big difference from Ally McCoist ringing pizza hut, Warburton ringing you to see if you passed geography at school and Pedro ringing to see if you want a caravan going cheap.