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    What wee boost that was , Especially after how bad we felt getting cheated in their midden. 3pts tomorrow Dundee is a must, if this Rangers team want to be seen as challanger by the media then they need to win tomorrow no matter what.
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    Quite enjoyable that Griffith's had the ball in the net with the last kick of the game but it was ruled offside
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    This is huge to be fair. To have our worst start in 28 years but still have the chance to ONLY be 2 behind them come tomorrow tea time is pretty significant. Obviously you could flip that round and say we could be ahead of the cunts but there's nothing that can be done about the past now. Win our next few leagues games and we're right in this. No more room for stupid fuck ups though...........
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    We’ve unfortunately become their easiest game I think
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    Apparently Ntcham looked like he couldn’t be arsed. We need to go unbeaten till we play them again and take the game to them. We’re well in this regardless of what the media say
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    Tarriers are exactly the same as every other team in this league in that they'll raise their game against us. We match their effort and we beat them imo.
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    They have got complacent and I hope it is there downfall. Beating us just papered over the cracks. Need to ramp up the pressure on these basterds and they will crack.
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    They need to get ten, after all the shouting and bawling they absolutely need to get it. Because if they don't it'll be the most monumental fuck up in Scottish footballing history.
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    I honestly think it's a mental block, and once we beat them once we'll gain confidence in this fixture and that celtic team will lose the hold they have over us. Easier said than done though, which is why we need to be on a good run going into the match at Ibrox. celtic will drop points against teams again this season, and hopefully this Rangers team can actually take advantage of it.
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    Hope so, standing off admiring them aint the way to go, toe to toe up for it rather than fannying around seems to be the way to go, Brian Clough said "Football is a simple game complicated by coaches" sounds about right, one that can catch 4 that can tackle, 4 that can pass and two who can score makes a good team was another of his common sense true quotes.
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    Literally said earlier that they would drop points tonight. They will drop the same amount or even more points than last season, we need to capitalise like we failed to do last season.
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    Many thanks to @govansw1 @King's Troop and @WILLIAM BEAR who have donated their seats for tomorrow's game to the Fund.
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    I haven't agreed with king often. But he's right 1 title win for us and the house of cards would come down. They would never recover and fingers would be pointed everywhere.
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    That was the thing I was most struck by actually. I don't tend to watch their games but I did when they played Hearts. Obviously Hearts pressured and pressed a lot more than we did (hint hint Rangers) but celtic were fucking awful and lackadaisical, while against us they were pressing, energetic, constantly in our faces and never letting up for a second. That entire club lives for games against us and look forward to it like nothing else - they'd gladly not win the league every year if they were promised that they'd always beat us and be above us in the league. Meanwhile, there's clearly some sort of mental block where we exaggerate their ability and perceive them to be better than they are - probably understandable given recent results, but something that urgently needs readdressing. Gerrard didn't put us out there to just contain them, we seemed to naturally fold into that sort of mentality subconsciously when we saw how up for it they were. All we need is one victory to prove we can beat them and we'd rise from strength to strength, and honestly I'd think they'd begin to bottle it. As a football club celtic are not comfortable competing with a strong Rangers and haven't been since the Stein years - historically, they're a flat-track bully club who typically win their titles when Rangers are shit.
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    Old firm games are totally different to any other game in the league and you can't compare us against them to the likes of st mirren , and especially at celtic park and I went to my first game there in 1980 with a 2-1 win for us ,. No matter who's in that celtic team they are gonna have a real go and we are gonna have to defend well which we did, and you were right the team produced a great performance in Russia after 2 players being harshly sent off and naturally they had to be tired as they are only human As I keep saying to people, let's see how the cope at Ibrox with very little support as it will be a very different story
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    Brilliant result for Rangers but we've got to cash in by beating Dundee tomorrow. No excuses. Let's go!
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    It certainly looks that way, Hearts have a go and beat them (not just once) we sit off all timid like and have been battered out of sight for the last three seasons, Gerrards first was only 1-0 but it could have been much worse, I don't think he will set up like that again, wakey wakey ffs have a go.
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    Which is a terrible reflection on us, st mirren had more chances against them in 45 mins than we've had in the last 3 games?
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    Check Morelos's one at Pittodrie Brenda, one that cost us big time, since quashed but we had to play near 80 minutes a man down.
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    I think they come out supercharged every game v us as well, no danger they put in that effort every game.
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    After playing FIFA last night PES will be shelved until Ibrox is in. It looks pish poor compared to FIFA this year
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    Thot Dallas had a great game. They didn’t get away with their usual ‘ champions’ bias, and they didn’t react very well.
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    Sqaud will already be well up for tomorrow. Tonight's results will just add extra incentive I think we'll see a really hungry side tomorrow out to shut up the critics.
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    Another fucking slip up by peado F.C. A good 3-0 Rangers and cut the gap.
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    Never try and keep up with a game on flashscores, you try to work out the stats while watching the clock tick around (like having the winning bid on ebay but expecting some fucker to nick it off you last second) Good result that present form never predicted.
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    Yes, did not watch but delighted with that result.
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    Time to banish the ghost of the last two league games and put some pressure back on.
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    Tarriers had better watch their language then......
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    Means nothing if they can't get a result, but St Mirren seem to have had a go and yet again they cunts struggle, and yeah here's hoping for a win, but would take a draw and us winning to claw some points back yet again.
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    It actually took me 26 minutes, Birminghams goal to realise this is a Birmingham West Brom game and and no a Birmingham Norwich game. ??
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    Thank fuck the international break is over - roll on tomorrow!
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    It’s 50/50. You pay a premium for that kind of exclusivity. It’s then down to the club to model the revenue they forego from other stores / exposure etc against whatever the extra on top of the market rate is that JD would pay. Big thing will be to see what international distribution rights JD hold and whether it limits our ability to get shirts in places like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Rebel Sport.
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    They will never recover as a club mate the mental scarring failure would leave would be massive
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