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    On a separate note, after a few false starts taking my 5 yo grandson to games last year where he barely lasted until half time, he has been nagging me to take him again. I relented and took him along to the Hearts game and he lapped it up. Not only did he last the whole game but made me proud as fuck when he joined in with "Four lads had a dream" and "We're on our way" without a petted lip in sight. When looking for the tour gift cards, I booked one for me and him on Friday...………. just to reinforce his new found love.
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    I hope am no seated next to my da. One of these lucky cunts that seen all the good times so decided on Sunday he’d be in a mood if we weren’t at least 2 up by half time haha. One of the reasons why he’s 5 rows in front of me, so I can keep an eye on him and his antics and far enough that I can’t hear his pish.
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    Not sure where or how or why, but is this the greatest fans in the world being racist and getting a slap, VID-20181008-WA0008.mp4
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    And they say there's no feel good heartwarming news anymore.
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    I'm one of the complainers. Initiated my complaint during the lack of coverage during Europa Qualifiers. Complaint has been escalated and escalated again and now sits somewhere in the Executive Complaints Unit down south. 20 working days for them to respond expires on 18th October. My complaint and responses thus far; To Whom it May Concern, I write (as advised in my last response from the BBC Complaints team) to continue through the complaints process with Regards to Case Number xxxxxxxxxxx, as I feel my query has not been fully satisfied. I am content that the complaint has gone through due process in accordance with your rules and timescales, but I must say the explanation and outcome is less than satisfactory for me as a license player. My initial complaint was over the coverage of Rangers games in European Qualifying matches, and it developed into a query on coverage of Rangers games in general. Firstly, see below the history of the complaint; 1. MY COMPLAINT initiated 21st August 2018: Complaint Summary: Coverage of Scottish European Qualifying Games Full Complaint: I returned to Scotland recently after 10 years abroad. One of the things I looked forward to was catching up with Scottish football on the radio. I'm just a general football fan, particularly looking out for Scottish teams in Europe, and I listen to most games involving any teams, particularly when travelling if they're on. But I do have a soft spot for Rangers in particular, so I was particularly keen on hearing the European Qualifying games involving them. I understand that as a public service provider, Radio Scotland has to maintain a broad appeal so I wouldn't expect to hear every minute of their games, but I would expect to hear a fair share of the action. But during the previous three rounds, Radio Scotland favoured EVERY Hibs game ahead of Rangers games, particularly the home games. Even last week, you only cut to the Rangers game after the Hibs game had finished. I've been hearing the trailers today for the coverage of this weeks qualifiers and it sounds like you are live broadcasting the whole of celtic's game and not bothering with the Rangers game at all, other than providing updates as events unfold. The kick offs for both games mean you could broadcast the games back to back, so obviously I'm curious as to why you aren't doing so? BBC Response (22nd August): Thank you for getting in touch about Sportsound and our coverage of the European qualifiers. We don’t hold the rights to broadcast coverage of Rangers v FC Ufa. We realise this may be disappointing but hope the clarification is helpful. Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us. Kind regards, Nathan Lynch, BBC Complaints Team 2. MY FOLLOW UP (22nd August): Full Complaint: In your response to my original query regarding coverage of, in particular, the Rangers games in qualifying, I asked about this weeks qualifier in particular. Your response was to tell me that you don't have the rights for this weeks game. You didn't cover the previous home games either. Was this because you also didn't have the rights for those either? You had the rights for Aberdeen, celtic and Hibernian, so why not Rangers? Will this extend into the league season also? Or will I be able to hear live coverage of games from all venues, including Ibrox? BBC Response (20th September): Thank you for taking the time to contact us again. We appreciate that you feel strongly about Sportsound’s coverage of the European qualifiers and are sorry to learn that you were not satisfied with our earlier response. We raised your concerns with the relevant teams at BBC Scotland. We are disappointed with the ongoing situation with Rangers, who have withdrawn the media credentials of one of our reporters (thus preventing him from reporting from Ibrox). We continue to discuss a resolution of this matter with the club but until it is resolved we will not be sending journalists to Ibrox or attending Rangers’ press conferences. We will continue to report on Rangers both on and off the pitch and will feature match action where appropriate. The level of coverage is decided on a case by case basis, we will be providing live radio commentary of Villarreal v Rangers on Thursday 20 September. Kind regards, Andrew McCormick, BBC Complaints Team. I received a separate email to tell me that the local complaint was exhausted and I'd need to take up with the Executive Complaints Unit if I wasn't satisfied with the response received. So I wrote to them on 20th September: To Whom it May Concern, I write (as advised in my last response from the BBC Complaints team) to continue through the complaints process with Regards to Case Number xxxxxxxxxxx, as I feel my query has not been fully satisfied. I am content that the complaint has gone through due process in accordance with your rules and timescales, but I must say the explanation and outcome is less than satisfactory for me as a license player. My initial complaint was over the coverage of Rangers games in European Qualifying matches, and it developed into a query on coverage of Rangers games in general. Please see attached the history of the complaint; My reason for continuing with the complaint, is that it emerged in the second response that BBC Scotland (Sportsound) are refusing to cover Rangers home games or attend press conferences because there appears to be a dispute between Rangers and one BBC journalist (see highlighted text). Perhaps I could be furnished with the details of the dispute so as to understand why BBC Scotland refuse to send a reporter? Otherwise, as a tax and license payer, I find that entirely unacceptable. BBC Scotland have several sports reporters they can send instead of the one in dispute. Why won’t they send another? As a licence payer, myself and, in fact, a very large licence paying demograph in Scotland are being denied the same right to hear Rangers live games and news from Ibrox, just as every other SPFL Premier supporter can hear games and news from their clubs. In fact, as a result of this BBC action, away teams playing at Ibrox are also being denied this same coverage! As the BBC is a public service broadcaster, I’m astonished that BBC Scotland can take such action when the “dispute” is only with one reporter. In my business, if any client had a problem with me or any of my staff, and “banned” them from site, the last thing I would be allowed to do is turn my back on the client… As a professional person, I’d continue to provide the service whilst seeking to understand and resolve the issue with the individual. I can’t understand why BBC Scotland aren’t behaving in the same way. This seems incredibly unprofessional and quite probably at odds with the BBC’s Royal Charter and the impartial service the BBC promise to provide. What I’d like from this “complaint” is for BBC Scotland restore normal coverage of Rangers, i.e. if need be send another reporter to Ibrox for press conferences, their “open-all-mikes” match coverage, and provide occasional full live coverage of match as they do for every other top flight club. If they will not do this, I’d expect to receive communication that allows me to understand the situation with the supposed “dispute” and why BBC Scotland cannot provide such coverage. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely,
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    Retail a shambles, Ticket Office a shambles. Thank fuck Stevie has us going in the right direction.
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    Didn’t want McGregor back, didn’t want Lafferty back ..... still don’t want Naismith back. Or Steven Davis as he is another one that always blips up The first two are back and McGregor in particular is redeeming himself with his infield contribution and then some. Lafferty, let’s see, but he is definitely doing his best to make amends. Ultimately if the decision is made to bring any of them back and they then do the business on the park, then there is fuck all else to do but support the team I will never forgive any of them for the way they left but at the same time all that matters now is winning 55 and if they contribute to that then we will all be celebrating. That being said, I think we can do better than Naismith even ignoring his behaviour
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    Your granda Played 1 won 1 but was a disgrace we were 4th on goal difference
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    Can't get the Rangers connection even looking at his weight he's 55 stone we're going for 55 it's the only connection
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    That cunt needed a union flag pillow
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    Shame he's no a Rangers fan, could have used him to block police vans at cup finals.
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    That was my first thought and I was questioning why the fuck Collum would be interviewing “Roy Rogers” who I’m assuming to be Brendan Rodgers why can’t people just use their actual names instead of this shite patter
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    I think he's still settling in his crossing is fantastic and when upto speed will bring more balance although I like flannigan dig but great problem to have.
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    5 points separate the top 6 with 7 months of the season to go. If you’re actually worried about our league position right now stop talking to your tim pals, they aren’t helping you.
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    All I know is the folk around me were getting cuddled whether they wanted to or not when that third went in against Vienna.
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    Making comments about fascism is a bit rich coming from an SNP supporter. Getting away from all the finance and deficit talk (most politicians will lie about finances to further their own agenda, no matter the party) , as someone who is involved in education and educators, the snp have made a royal balls up of the education system up here. The curriculum for excellence is a failure, it's unworkable and it doesn't work. It was cobbled together in under a year, and was pushed out as a "look at us" policy and to hell with the people working with it or the children being done a disservice by it. Respect to you for being in the armed forces though.
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    My Sky sports package is only £20 odds and you dont see me bragging.
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    I’m not in the slightlest bit worried. He had surgery in June and since he signed the talk was how he basically had to do his pre-season with us and then get match sharp. Kent and Candeias have both been excillent lately. Let them keep doing that. Then when inevitably one gets injured/suspended/tired/loses form we will effectively have a new signing fit and ready to hit the ground running. Smart management by Gerrard instead of rushing him back!
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    He also spat on the Russian.Natural justice served.
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    He's been impressive since the beginning yet for some unknown reason has taken quite a bit of stick on here.
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    Am starving reading that!
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    Brenda looks a haunted creature, and seems a horrific mess of a person.
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