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    Can we fuckin stop this, we had all this shite before Livingston then we all went tonto until the Vienna game. Fantasy shite man.
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    Early kick off,late kick off,no trains,not enough tickets,too many tickets and no time to sell them. What a shower of moaning faced cunts,you would think they would just be happy having the privilege of playing against the worlds most successful club side.
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    If Gerrard and his team can transform Halliday then they can do a job with Docherty
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    We don't help ourselves honestly, take one game at a time ffs.
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    You’re willing to be petulant and let Bears on CCCS miss out? Club has a duty to secure as many tickets as possible for those on the scheme.
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    "Leigh Griffiths is "brave" to opt out of the Scotland squad, says celtic team-mate Scott Brown, who wishes he had done the same more often" Brave haha. What a pair of wankers
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    Is the packaging going to be removed
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    Good guy Today the 40-year-old answered questions from fans on his Instagram story, and he was asked for the stadium which most excited him. “There are a lot of them,” Buffon replied. “Definitely Anfield, in Liverpool, that was one of the few stadiums - along with Rangers in Glasgow and Fenerbahce in Istanbul - where there was such commotion for the first 15-20 minutes that I had trouble concentrating.
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    Alright Mary Poppins, give it a rest.
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    Part of me thought maybe this is something we should consider but then I slapped myself and remembered fuck every single one of them cunts
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    But but but they need 50/50. ???
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    When are they on sale to the public?
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    Said it before and I'll say it again...Tav is a better player than Tierney. Both get caught out of position as often as each other and distribution of both is slightly above average for what you'd expect from a full-back. But Tav offers his team more in the way of creative forward play, creating chances and scoring goals. Too many people have bought into the vomit-inducing Tierney hype forced on us by the minging malleable media in this country.
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    This. He’s still a bit rough around the edges but I can’t believe how quickly some people turned on him after a couple of bad performances last season. He’s a great athlete and hopefully a season outwith Scotland, playing regular football, will help him come back a better player and do his confidence the world of good.
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    @wully sold me a ticket for Easter Road in 2015 and was spot on.
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    Rangers are getting the full West & North stand and usual part of the South stand
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    Should have called him Billy Every Rangers fans should be called Billy. Really add a new angle to TBB
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    He won the IFFHS World Goalkeeper of the Year award while playing in Serie B, which is hilarious and amazing, and also something that puts the likes of Steven Naismith to shame.