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    What school did he go to?
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    Sometimes they just stare you right in the face.
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    Should be turned round on him that he only antagonises Rangers and Hearts fans as their supports are both traditionally Protestant.
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    Still canny believe Garys dads name is , Neville Neville
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    genuinely got the fear that GM was for Graeme Murty then. Phew!
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    'He literally just did' ?
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    Here's a contrast. We've reached the Europa League group stages with Gerrard, with Caixinha we lost in the first qualifying round to Progrès Niederkorn.
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    How many Roman Catholic Northern Irishmen have plyed their trade in Scottish football over the years? I'd guess there will be hundreds. How many have been "targeted" because of what they are and where they come from? In all my years following football in Scotland, from the mid 70s until now there's never been an individual that's been central to so much bad feeling. And the honest truth for me is it's purely because of his attitude and behaviour. It's an insult to all of us to pretend it's something else, something it's not. If it was, as they say, why hasn't it happened to every other Catholic Northern Irishman? The answer is it didn't happen because the claim isn't true, and no one in the press or authority will dare speak out for fear of having their career ruined by being branded a bigot, shame on them.
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    Why doesn't Caixinha's include his results from his appointment in March instead of randomly picking the results from the start of last season?
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    10 games in europe whitewashed from history in order to back up paper talk that is deliberately trying to unsettle the club. Brilliant stuff.
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    Critism is always a valid thing when it is good and well thought out however some of the comments people on here and social media are making are straight up ludicrous and are in need of a reality check. We’re 5 months into Gerrad being our manager and he’s brought up good success in europe and he’s made Ibrox a fortress. It is pish we aren’t further up the table or in the league cup final but that’s to be expected of a fairly fresh team with a manager learning the ropes of the game. Already we have people accusing it of being another Warburton and Pedro era. But the thing is is like or dislike it we need to grind out poor results and standings, else we’ll find ourselves in a terrible situation where we’re bringing a new manager in every season and that does set back progress. We need to squash the negativity for now and just get behind the team and the manager. People criticised Gerrad for making late changes or the wrong changes, well last might that didn’t appear to be the case. The only thing wrong last night was creativity and our final ball, things that can and will be adressed with another transfer window. This shit takes time, Look across the city. Rodgers didn’t buy the majority of his players a lot of them are still Deila players but the thing is is he’s had a basis to build on. That’s what we’re doing right now and truthfully it’s looking good, we have fewer passengers and our bench is looking decent. Keep the head and back the Manager. He needs time and support above all else. I was appalled by the crowd last night, much more effort put into negativity rather than singing and getting behind the squad. Opposition come to Ibrox and will play on that mentality as it actively hurts the team. TL:DR Stop being moaning cunts, keep the head and back the gaffer. We’re not going to be greats in 5 months alone so stop expecting it to be that way. Should shit still be shit this time next year after two windows then yeah it’s poor and very serious questions need asked.
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    Looks like a lot of people in this thread don’t seem to realise that you can expect a result but also understand why you might not have got one without it meaning that you think it’s acceptable.
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    Do all these appeasers of Lennon not realise that the laws of physics state that “every action has a reaction “ If the bigot didn’t act like a cunt there would be no reaction. The man has no dignity no decorum and is not fit to be a manager
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    Very similar in style to Umar but with pace.
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    The current celtic manager is a Northern Irish catholic and doesn't get targeted. Fucking spastic
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    Just saw it again on the news. The more you see it the more pathetic it looks, it hits his jacket, he looks down, realises someone has thrown a coin, then goes down in instalments holding his face. The worst acting I’ve seen since Crossroads, or Rivaldo.
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    In September 1941, the S.F.A. announced that celtic Park was to be closed until October 17th 1941 following an Old Firm game at Ibrox. celtic fans had fought amongst themselves and with the police, threw bottles at the police and onto the trackside, displayed a German flag and indulged in pro-Nazi chants. The SFA used to be able to do there job, it’s about time they started doing it again. It’s disgusting what these bastards are being allowed to do.
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    Throw in europe and that tells the story here.