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    How any Rangers fans can vote for these cunts is beyond me.
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    Off work sick so I may as well Life is not black and white. There are shades of grey. It is not simply a case of either complete impartiality on one hand and complete conspiracy on the other. There are shades of grey. The refereeing is shite. Across Scotland. It’s shite. Frankly St Mirren received yellow cards yesterday that were wrong. Everyone agrees that the refereeing is pish. The question is wether it is equally pish or not. It is absolutely undeniable that human behaviour is malleable. Humans can be influenced through the responses they get to their decisions. For 20 years now referees have been treated in a certain way by certain people which punished them for making decisions that didn’t suit a certain club. Like actual punishment. Getting fired from jobs type of punishment. While conversely if they made decisions to the detriment of another club, nothing happened at all and life was easy. Fast forward to today and what you have is referees making unconscious biased decisions that reflects that conditioning. I have pointed this out dozens of times on here. No one is suggesting that there is an organised conspiracy of referees saying “let’s fuck the big bad Rangers” but there is a lack of parity. Rangers get treated differently because when decisions go against Rangers we have historically sucked it up and got on with it. The good Protestant thing to do. Stiff upper lip. No use in complaining. Keep calm, carry on. Stoic to the last. Dignified silence. Presbyterian ethic of we are masters of our own fate, we don’t need help from anyone. Well this has now led to an insurmountable bias. Our opponents are permavictims. Everything is someone else’s fault. Everything is because of the establishment. Always cheated never defeated. It’s no my fault that I am a waster it’s the system that’s rigged against me. No personal accountability. If that ref gives a foul against us I am panning his windows in. Coin him. Have a PI follow him. Get him fired from his job. I don’t have the access to the study but if it’s correct that we get a booking every 4.5 fouls while the Victhims get a booking every 9.5. Then the stats are damning. There is an unconscious bias against Rangers and there is a lack of parity. And frankly this is particular to referees. I do happen to believe there is an unfettered hatred of Rangers in the media as well. But that’s a different thing
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    Neil Lennon was hit on the jacket by a coin because he's a fucking scumbag as far as I could see.
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    Tbf Sparkle Paisley has been in decline for years, I despise The SNP and you are right, Paisley is a dump, Town centre is full of beggars junkies and jakeys and no decent shops to speak of so the place is just a fucking cesspit, Now I could be wrong here as I only moved back to Paisley less than 2 years ago for family reasons but I always thought Paisley was a traditionally labour voting town pre 2014 Indy referendum and don't remember it being that much better before the likes of The swamp Creatures you mention in your post arrived on the scene, Trouble is I know people who would rather chew their own arm off than vote Conservative, The mentality in Paisley is that everything really is Westminsters fault especially The Big Bad Tories, The very same people with little or no aspiration to get off their backsides and make a better life for themselves but instead expect everything to be handed on a plate to them and take no accountability whatsoever for their own shortcomings, Sadly these people seem to think that The SNP is their salvation and Independence their utopia. ??????????
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    Remember Tav got booked for being assaulted - Nothing surprises me when it comes to the officials in this country tbh.
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    Graffiti saying hang Lennon, is anti Irish catholic, sectarian, bigoted and unacceptable,..... hanging effigies of Rangers supporters, and a member of the OO, in your stadium is apparently acceptable!
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    We can joke about this but its actually disgusting. An "irish catholic who used to play for celtic" gets hit by a coin & the country is in outrage, talk of parliament getting involved & segments on the news/sports programmes. Everyone coming out to back him because its 'racist' & no matter how he acts & presents himself he doesn't deserve this... then a couple of days later a black Rangers player gets hit by a coin & nobody wants to talk about it??? The double standards & victim playing is frightening amongst them.
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    I like how they get to decide the reasons for whoever threw these coins/missiles at Lennon and Alfredo. Lennon = Clearly anti Catholic/anti Irish racism. Morelos = He scored a goal. The agenda is clear for everybody to see.
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    One of the worst pitch invasions of recent times................
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    A proven bigot gets hit with a coin during a heated Derby where he's provoked the crowd in the last minute a young black Colombian striker gets hit with a coin after scoring a goal against a pish wee team from paisley Scotland is the only country in the world where the first one is branded racism
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    The National Anthem belted out yesterday really got to these pricks Good!
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    Fuck up George ya fucking nationalist gimp.
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    ??Amongst certain Rangers fans, there’s a special place in hell reserved for famous people who publicly show their support for Rangers.
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    That post won't be bettered this month! Well said mate ?????
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    All bookings will ultimately lead to suspensions. I've no doubt we'll have key players suspended for December's scum game, having picked up yellows that shouldn't have been issued. Yellow cards during games curtail the play of certain players, can lead to soft/ wrongful reds, and will lead to players being suspended. That's why we get them thrown about at us like confetti.
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    Scotland said No 2 - 0 get it right up ye
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    Disappointing to see the rodents of the snp, still won't accept the decision of the 55%
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    To what wee alfie has? You can say it's his temperament but I'll call it out. It's anti Carlos valderama bigotry and thats all you can.say imho
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    Interesting to read today that Sturgeon is sent 2 bags of shite a week through the mail. I wonder who's sending the other one?
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    Mhairi Black/George Adams - Paisley people got the representation they voted for that's why it's a dump.
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    Nah, he’s not. That’s just something touted out by people who for some weird reason hate his public affection for Rangers.
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    They're no really missiles though are they. I wish we just stuck to calling things as they are in life. Cunts threw a coin, they didn't have an RPG.
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    If he's not Catholic it's not racist.