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    It’s beneath contempt that this excuse of a person tries to take the high ground on this subject. Mr Spiers, just maybe us ‘cavemen’ over at Ibrox are doing a bit of point scoring highlighting this subject. Thing is, we’ve been doing it for decades but because don’t have a public voice in the media, we are dismissed as only worth of contempt by those that do. After all, we are only bigots, coarse and vulgar Rangers fans not pseudo intellectuals like you, Mr Spiers and your circle of friends. You, Mr Spiers and most of your fellow journalists (and I use the term lightly) do have a public voice but you have chosen to not only ignore the ‘open secret’ but consistently try to shut down any mention of it. You should be ashamed of yourself. At the very minimum you are a coward, however in your own way you are as a complicit as any of those who covered up child abuse over several decades at that club across the city. It is laughable that you should still try to attempt to take the moral high ground on this issue. You would be better employed searching your own conscience on how your actions helped facilitate the cover up.
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    The most vile club on the planet. Could win their ten, 12, 15 in a row if they want and I still would be grateful each and every morning that I was not brought up to support that sordid club.
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    Accusations of "point scoring" are pathetic. Replace those pathetic words with 'speaking up' Where would the victims of torbett towers - and, Rotherham/Bradford child abuse rings, Lagarie Home in Rhu, Bennell and his ilk, even adult victims of Weinstein & #metoo - all be without people speaking up and refusing to be silenced? (That's just off the top of my head) Those who remain silent while it's going on are as guilty as the child abusers - and those 'journalists' that seek to silence abuse victims and people who support them through social media aren't far away from that guilt too. I'd rather be called a "point scorer" than a paedophile appeaser.
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    That's pretty appalling to be honest. If you're going to tweet or report on such a sensitive, harrowing and deeply disturbing subject, as a journalist or just as a fucking human being, surely you're only point of view can be of compassion to the innocent victims and condemnation of the bastards who let this happen. EVEN if he thinks there is any element of point scoring, to completely disregard the victims and their families is deplorable to be honest. It's just common decency. A bit of respect. If you've got nothing nice to say, or post just shut up! He does actually realise what happened to those poor wee boys. It's unfathomable that his first and foremost thought is to address point scoring. It's just not right. Who even thinks like that! Can you imagine the outcry if he just swept aside the whole #metoo movement and suddenly said "Is there anything more desperate or barrel-scraping on Twitter than guys keen to score points over something as tragic as sexual abuse? This is a guy who was back slapping, high fiving and wetting his wee knickers at Mark Daly's award winning journalism during his investigations in all things Rangers, a subject that he never shuts up about! His Tweets are offensive and crass. But not surprising. His tweet was entirely predictable. Most of us called it. He's a sad little man.
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    Just heard on the radio a bit of the response from the family of Andrew Gray to the scums statement. Oooft! Still very angry that scum fc haven't even sent a condolence after his death, she went on to totally destroy their 'seperate entity' claims. They certainly won't be letting this go.
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    Oooooft,get in there Michelle,this lady wants true justice and I think she has the strength for the fight
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    TTo the media looking in on this thread this isn't anyone gloating just purely turning the spotlight. For years every bear has listened and been told how we have no morals cheats and whatever else even after its proven otherwise. During live court cases every tim was a tax lawyer and given airtime one ClydeSSB during jim delahunts time and more recently gerry mcculloch. The dam is about to burst and fuck knows what's gonna unfold. Just let the world know Glasgow c*ltic they let there club lie
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    Thing is, point scoring is totally justified in relation to the second crime that was committed, thelong term institutionalised cover up of child abuse. Let’s be totally clear what the motivation for that crime was, the protection of their self-proclaimed, much vaunted ‘reputation’. Having spent 130years cultivating the myth of ‘the club created to feed and protect the poor downtrodden catholic community’, the ‘club like no other’, etc they weren’t going to let anything, not least the little matter of child abuse tarnish the illusion. There is no argument over it, their greatest ever manager confirmed it in his ‘keep Celtics name clean at all times’ comment. When an organisation puts their ‘reputation’ above child safety that pereceived reputation needs to publicly exposed and shredded. Point scoring is completely legitimate means of doing this. Of course, their acolytes will continue to try and deflect away from the issue, having spent over 40years covering up heinous crimes to protect their ‘reputation’, you would expect no less. We should relentless in our attack of their reputation. It is what they cherish above all else, the motivation for their crimes, and It deserves to be publicly shredded. What would Brother Walfrid made of it all, I would ask.
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    The cunt doesn’t get it does he. It’s nothing to do with point scoring, it’s about a club that portrays itself as some sort of moral crusader but has no morals when it comes to covering up and ignoring child abuse, for it to happen once could be understood but to allow it twice is criminal.
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    Been thinking about this more and tbh I think their seperate entity strategy is doomed. Mostly because it’s a lie however let’s assume their fable to be true. Whats not being denied is Torbett approached them for approval to use the club name, colours etc which they granted. I’d assume that they have a responsibility to have some controls/back ground check etc over any person they’ve granted that permission. Let’s assume they can get past that, they simply have to have an on-going responsibility to act appropriately based on any information about said person that comes to light. Quite clearly they neglected any responsibility when they (which again cannot be denied) established he was using their brand/facilities etc to groom and abuse kids. Steins involvement at removing him seals Celtics fate tbh as that proves the point that it was their responsility and within their gift to act. I’m convinced that’s a logical conclusion. There has to be a degree of corporate accountability - there is a stack of evidence and witnesses to confirm they knew. Is their defence really going to be......yes we let him use the club as a vehicle to abuse, yes we knew he was doing this for decades but it was a separate entity? Imagine a guy saying to Mcdonlads, is it ok if I set up a crèche near your reastraunts and use the McDonald’s logo/brand etc, he then uses that facility to abuse, McDonald’s are aware, for decades in fact but let him continue to use the brand, actaully support him in doing so....to then stand in Court and say ah but it was a separate entity all that time. Flimsy as fuck.
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    The irony is that the poor guy whose evidence was so damning against Torbett doesn’t want compensation or financial reward. He just wants someone to say sorry. And that can’t happen because that would be checkmate. Edit: the most interesting footnote in the Mail story is the confirmation of the existence of a court order. Cover ups and denials - the bastards never change.
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    FOLLOWING the conviction of Mr James Torbett at Glasgow Sheriff Court, celtic Football Club wishes to express our deep regret that we've been rumbled that we all knew the incidents took place and can barely virtue signal enough sympathy for the victims who suffered abuse. We are grateful, although totally gutted, for the courage of those who have come forward, the fucking grasses, to report abuse and to give evidence after such a long period of time when they are supposed to have forgotten. We have no great respect for them and their families, and will offer them a few bob to keep quiet as they continue to cope with the distressing effects of the abuse they suffered,that we knew about. Allegations regarding abuse at celtic Boys’ Club first emerged in the 1990s, and we did nothing. Although we're trying to make out that celtic Football Club is an entirely separate organisation, we haven't always taken these allegations extremely seriously because of our historic contacts, poor choice of words, sorry, with celtic Boys’ Club. All investigations by the police and other inquiries weren't given our full support but we managed to keep the cover up going the best we could. We discouraged as many individuals involved as possible to report all information to the police so that matters couldn't be investigated fully. celtic Football Club continues to discourage any victim of abuse at celtic to report these crimes to the police. After the allegations became known, when that Judas Macari wrote his book, and the turncoat Brazil wept in public, in the 1990s and we did nothing, celtic Football Club took insignificant steps to develop a new code of conduct and procedures to protect young people. Since then, celtic Football Club has pretended to be at the leading edge of putting welfare and safeguarding protections in place for our young people. We were the first club in Scotland to appoint a safeguarding officer, developing policies for the protection of young people and monitoring and reviewing our procedures to ensure they continue to reflect best practice so check us out being all holier than thou. The abuse of children is an issue affecting many areas of society, including a large number of football clubs,(mainly Sevco) sports clubs, (Sevco) youth organisations, educational institutions such as Catholic schools and religious bodies, primarily the Catholic Church across Britain and more particualrly Ireland . celtic Football Club now strongly believes, although it's too little too late, that children and young people involved in football have the right to protection from all forms of harm and abuse and is therefore reluctantly committed to ensuring this and to promoting their wellbeing through continued cooperation with our children and young people, parents and carers and the relevant authorities. This is how I read it.
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    No. lets keep our powder dry for now. We dont want to draw attention away from the ones under the spotlight. Spiers is already trying to do that. If we release a statement, we will become the story in some quarters.
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    Biggest scandal in European football and it's getting about as much recognition in the media, football authorities and politically as Candeais red card. I hate what has become of this republican shithole of a country.
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    Hang on allegations first emerged in the 1990s? I think you may mean 1974 when he first left the boys club no?
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    The silence from the SFA is deafening especially considering one of their member clubs are being sued for raping children over a 30 year period.
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    What's more desperate or barrel scraping is that one of the biggest sports journalists in the country would rather choose to talk about points scoring than one of, if not the biggest scandals to hit Scottish football purely because the club in question is celtic ?
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    Ok forgive me if I'm missing the point, but does a link between them and the boys club even fucking matter? I mean do you need a legal obligation before you can start being a decent human being and just do the right thing? They knew, they could of stopped it, they didn't, end of. If I had evidence that my neighbour was a rapist do I need to have some sort of legal link to him before I could inform the police and spare more potential victims? Is that how they think this works? It's unbelievable that after the last 6 years of hammering us for using for using a legal loophole to save on some tax they're now trying to use a legal technically to try and absolve themselves from their moral failings of standing by and knowing the lives of children where being destroyed in the must horrific of ways. Disgusting, reprehensible, sub-human cunts. Never again can they be allowed to lecture anyone on morality. Never.
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    Do euro competitions still require a certain number of 'home grown' players in their squads? Have they ever registered a boys club player as a product of their academies?
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    Should Rangers release a statement asking for a full inquiry similar to the one the scum released about investigating us? Just think it’s time to put our foot on these bastards throats!
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    Craig Thomson Keith O Brien celtic. Never a word of criticism and those convicted are the victims according to Speirs. A despicable human being.
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    Can’t believe they have the brass neck to still try and keep a lid on this in the media, and are distancing themselves from a boys club they boasted about for years. Still putting the so-called “good name” of their club before the welfare of the victims, just as big bawface did forty years ago.
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    Any child or adult that was party to a confidentiality contract signed by these cunts to keep quiet could bring this club down. It only takes one.
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    this is a can of worms .I can see why yellows can't be rescinded as they would have far more appeals to process . for me any yellow that leads to a red card either a first or 2nd yellow card should be allowed appeal . it's a professional game where people earn a living .it may not be as significant for players earning good money at top clubs ,but for guys earning wages at the level of the normal working man ,suspensions and loss of appearance money and bonuses can be a big hit to them and it's not right that somebodys livelihood can be affected by poor decisions
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    Simulation and mistaken identity are the two reasons yellows can be rescinded. Unless they've amended the rules, Candeias one for blowing kisses / being assaulted won't be. Fucking ridiculous but the SFA do like a rule book to hide behind. They should insert a 3rd rule retrospectively: One for refereeing decisions that are fabricated and bring game into disrepute due to absurdity and/ or stupidity.
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    From the DR: Rangers have appealed against the controversial second yellow card dished out to Daniel Candeias against St Mirren. The Ibrox club have asked the SFA for a hearing and their request has been granted. Even though there is no mechanism to overturn a second yellow, Gers will get the chance to outline their case. And ref Willie Collum will have to explain why he handed Candeias a second booking in the wake of Rangers’ second goal in the 2-0 win. Good. Let's see how Gollum tries to worm his way out of this. No doubt we'll be told the yellow can't be overturned
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    He really has got his priorities all wrong. I don't know how he gets through the day worrying about what people say rather than dealing with what people actually did.
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    He wouldn't be any the wiser either if he had a quick scan on the BD pages either. I only ever really go into BD or Boardroom, I'd imagine loads others are the same and won't ever see any of the VB articles for instance. Only came here due to a redirected thread. I'd change the rules as this is too big to keep off the main page visited.
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    Better than whipping their boabies out n raping weans.
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    given that it says Section 2 of the Compensation Act 2006 states: “An apology, an offer of treatment or other redress, shall not of itself amount to an admission of negligence or breach of statutory duty.” it surprising that Celtic simply didn't apologise. They are obviously still trying to deflect
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    That’s the only issue! The bloodlust from nearly every club in this country and their supporters that went after us will never happen to the tarriers and that’s why they will certainly avoid any sporting sanctions.
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    Thing is McCafferty, Cairney and the celtic view photographer still have to appear in court as well. These 3 were employed by celtic so they better get another excuse ready as the separate entity won’t wash, similar to their fans.
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    https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=213&a=victim,-chief-executive-and-senior-solicitor-smash-celtic's- Boom. Another headshot from VB.
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    Lets put it simply... Imagine abuse happening at Troon Nursery, attached and affiliated feeder nursery to Troon Primary School and the head teacher and all teachers of the primary schools saying "we knew, but it is a separate entity. Nothing to do with us" Disgusting comment from club.
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    The heart and hand lads have just given spiers both barrels, in a brilliant response
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    Have the silence, let the UK see them in their full scumbag glory. That's if the pitchside mics aren't turned down.
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