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    Very good ya daft cunt, at least try not to make it so obvious next time
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    Hmmm... spells like a yahoo
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    Right at the end 😂
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    I just hate to see this kind of shite tbh I remember we did something similar with Dallas years ago Even singing there's only one Hugh Dallas The cunt promptly gave us fuck all in big games after that Why do we have even go down this road The refs are bastards .End of
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    Right. No more fannying about pandering to this ego or that ego or trying to crowbar people in when the guy currently holding the jersey has done nothing wrong. We must stay with that core team with the only concession being the return of Goldson when he recovers. Replacing Worrall with Goldson makes this our strongest (and I stress the word “strongest”) team. All being fit, that starting IX doesn’t change barring injuries or suspensions. If that happens, the guy stepping in has to mimic the teammate he’s replacing in the proven system. If Davis and Defoe want to play, they have to bide their time and take the chance when it comes. Livingston had picked up 23 points out of a possible 30 at home before today. This was a very professional display and we would have beaten Killie playing that way. A rookie manager learns from games like our last two. I’m sure SG will take it on board and we will go on from strength to strength.
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    This. It's a fucking joke that we have them in the top tier of our game. If you can't afford a grass pitch, then fuck off. It was never a problem for the last hundred years...
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    It's bad. Kent kept tripping over the ball. Feet were moving faster than the ball.
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    Hopefully all the Catholic SNP Rangers fans turn up and we can all go kick their cunts in.
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    His touch around the box was awful today, especially with his back to goal. He's a 9, a goal scorer, and I've yet to be convinced he can even work as part of a front pair. Its a no from me.
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    Absolutely, can’t wait for all our “Scottish “ newspapers to go under, Sportscene too, sadly bt and sky are also infested
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    This, how many times did Kent have to turn back because the ball held up when he expected it to be ahead of him, and balls coming down from a height only to bounce back up high again plastic pitches are only good for amateurs playing 5 a sides, not professional leagues, get them to fuck.
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    He's class where he plays just now. Messing about with the team is our biggest issue just now.
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    We've had almost a decade of mis management in the football club, both on and off the park. It's going to take more that 6 months to sort out. So imo he has done a tremendous job so far.
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    I’m sure some will start greeting about it, but increasing our supporter base seems a good idea to me.
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    Per attached. Good initiative and long overdue.
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    the ball took some weird bounces, plastic should be bannned
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    No penalty for me. Thought the boy felt contact and decided not to be strong and went down instead. It's the kind of contact a defender should be allowed, and normally is. Wee nudges to make life difficult, make the striker aware of his presence etc. Decent striker rides it then gets the shot off. Others feel it and fall down.
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    Seems sound except for the “IX”. Why give other Teams an advantage? I would prefer the standard “XI”.
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    Outstanding today, and demonstrated how he can be so valuable without taking players on like a natural winger would. His early crosses are deadly, and some of his inter passing was sensational today. His work rate too is 2nd to none. Motm by a mile.
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    I think he play good this morning. I hope when Goldson is back in the team that he does not take the position of Katic but the position of Worrall
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    As GB said above Mrs Bru and I went along to the Bravehound coffee morning and met up first with Fiona and Gwyneth (ra dug, pic below) after their TV appearance last week (see posts above). The mains reason we were there was to see Broxi and Pam, he is a very big boy now and placid but at nearly 10 months still a pup at times, which is good. A few pics below including the Bravehound centre at Erskine.