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    Defoe is a great back up to Alfie. Davis can come in to relieve Arfield. Until either of those players win the jersey on merit they should be on the bench. Morelos is too greedy to play in a two upfront. Unless the other guy is Mark Hateley. Last night was our best team given the players we have available. Put Goldson in for Worrall and we are good as a starting eleven. The rest are back ups
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    It's bad. Kent kept tripping over the ball. Feet were moving faster than the ball.
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    The event is open to anyone. It's to gather viewpoints from across the community on how Rangers can be more inclusive to minorities. You are welcome to apply for tickets, join the tour and enjoy the finger food buffet. If you feel Rangers shouldn't be working to build and encourage links to minority communities you can come along and make that point. Having been to a number of these events, and having worked with the club on a number of community initiatives in the past, I would highly recommend attending to get a better understanding of the clubs support for this type of action. And contrary to some comments made, this isn't just about good PR, the club feel very strongly that they have a responsibility towards the community they are a part of and want to be active in ensuring we are part of making that community stronger. This is reflected in work with schools, the unemployed and minorities amongst others. If people are threatened or actively against Rangers supporting such initiatives then that in itself is probably a justification to have events like this in the first place
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    Andy Walker played for the scum in season 1995/1996. He should be asked to comment about Torbett,McCafferty,Cairney,King,Strachan,Cullen,Burns,McGinn,Kelly, and Gerry McCann who were all involved with Nonce F.C. at that time.
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    I'm not going to sit quiet and not comment while someone comes on the forum and tells us that his celtic buddies from uni with their opinions based on hatred and bias telling him Rangers are a racist club is his justification to offer free tours and presentations to ethnic minority groups who get all the support going and are brainwashed with a victim mentality from the get go. Its wrong and its divisive and breeds feelings of being treated unfairly. If anyone wants to go to ibrox they buy a ticket and go with their pals, or join the forum and ask to come along with any of us and that will be no problem i can assure you. Treating groups differently because of their religion or race is no different from from racism that i'm always told is wrong and that i agree with.
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    the ball took some weird bounces, plastic should be bannned
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    No penalty for me. Thought the boy felt contact and decided not to be strong and went down instead. It's the kind of contact a defender should be allowed, and normally is. Wee nudges to make life difficult, make the striker aware of his presence etc. Decent striker rides it then gets the shot off. Others feel it and fall down.
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    Report on today's reserve game. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/reserves-lose-to-ross-county/
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    The formation we played yesterday is the right one for difficult games in my opinion. If we’re going to go with 2 up front then it should be at home to Hamilton and St Mirren and the like. Trying to shoehorn Davis and Defoe in against Killie was a big mistake and I think the manager realises that. We are better when we have width in the team and I think we should be starting with Ryan and Daniel whenever possible.
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    Every teams a player like Ross. Breaks up play n starts attacks
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    Jinky was a stinking wife beating bastard. So no surprise you used him in your sign up name ya tramp
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    Whenever I’ve seen Davis in the last couple of years he has seemed to have played quite deep - mainly taking the ball off the back four similar to how Ryan Jack plays when he is at the base of the midfield. Not really sure where he fits in tbh. On a side note, Arfield was pretty effective when it mattered yesterday. Hardly in the game for spells but was a key player in all three goals.
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    Well his handle does say jinky, wonder who that could be.
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    What about the tackle on Kent, that SG was complaining about and the Ref took no action but talked to SG about his comments to the fourth official.
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    play a lot of video games and I love celebrating goals with the virtual fans so that was the first thing I thought of,” smiled Weah. “I saw him and he was beckoning to me. The security people were holding him back but I ran to him and asked them to let us come together. It’s like a family here and I think that shows. ffs he's no here two minutes and he's fondling weans!!!
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    Because hardly any minorities go to Ibrox so it could be seen as an untapped market. Also, the idea that we're a racist, unwelcoming support is pretty widespread. I guess the club like to play a part in dispelling that. It's a sensible strategy.
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    We dont do white man days , its racist............
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    As the years go by and in the social media climate, being seen to being socially acceptable is at an all time high, it's the way of the world now for better or worse is debatable. The beggars are good at getting the positive PR out while we usually just go about our business and seek no credit publically, the club have realised that has to change to promote a more positive image of us being an all-inclusive club and I don't see a problem with it.
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    I was at a sash bash a few weeks ago and I still have my season ticket mate. Our football club has always been about more than just football for me, that's the only point I am making mate.
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    great future ahead - he has come on under SG& Macca and will only get better especially when he develops a bit more composure
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    That just shows them we a great stadium then they pick up a paper and it’s Rangers fans this and Rangers fans that. They think fuck that I’m not going to go to an actual game with these idiots.
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    Rodgers suggested Tierney will be back getting game time next week. Think it's just wishful thinking about him being fucked for a while.
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    We're most dangerous on the wings, so why lose that by playing 3 at the back?
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    In a nutshell mate 👍 Will be interesting to see if he has the balls to try something different again.
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    F**king H&S,soon not be allowed to get out of bed in the morning☹️
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    Livingston's pitch is probably worse than my local parks, the amount of the black pellets that comes up is a joke on there surface, at least its only hamiltons plastic pitch to go then I think thats us done with them for the league season.
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    Yer raging. Calm yourself down, you're meant to be happy after a win, even if you can't let rip at the gaffer. Put your feet up, as soon as you're home 😁 3 cheers for the red white and blue, and for Gerrard and Candeais too 😁
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    Suppose if you're white & desperate to get involved you can always black up. 😎😎😎
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    Love the guy. Was fucking immense today. Kent on the left, him on the right, there aren't anymore who show the commitment they both have. It all shows we have good options. I'm happy with the squad.
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    Go have a weeks holiday in South Africa. The locals won't discriminate in the slightest nor show you any racism. Can I suggest right into the middle of Soweto?
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    Hearing a rumour that there multimillion pound wonderboy taig fuckpigs hips are fucked similar to Andy Murray's injury and they're are serious concerns about his long time career. Ha fucking ha.
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    But this is what they are good at, especially the scum,they get in early and defend. We wait a couple of weeks then defend our player when the narrative has been set without upsetting anyone. alfredo should have been defended after the scum game straight away, it is now accepted that he was a thug in that game and indeed since he started with us.
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    Michael Stewart has been doing political commentary too 😂 that totally passed me by. What an idiot. The guys brainless. Sums up snp if he's a string supporter them.
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    @bordersbear @Falcoholic @jamess @Oaktreeloyal @Travelrug Added to the Donated List.
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    @Blue Avenger @Courtyard Bear @macmac @MrMckee @Rangers#1 @SeparateEntityMyArse @ZZed Added to the Pledged List.
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    Katic and Goldson at the start of the season was by far the strongest we’ve looked defensively for years. I know Katic has had his own issues to deal with but if he’s ready to be back playing he needs to be back in the side and start building his partnership with Goldson again ASAP. I also think we need to look for cover at cb before January ends because Worrall and McAuley are simply not good enough.
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    Think people are being extremely harsh on him regarding his ability He's not as good as say Kent but he's better than some are making out
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    Felipe Anderson is quality Xhaka ahead of Torreira is madness
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