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    The outrage from the media is incredible. Even if you think some of them may be soft, every one is very much debatable and you can understand why they were given. You could also understand if a couple weren't given. Two of them are right on the line for fucks sake. They were close/tough calls. What happened to giving the advantage to the attacker! It's also ironic given the Morelos incidents in the old firm game. Morelos gave the ref a chance to be booked/sent off according to everyone and their granny. But now when St Mirren players leave a foot out, raise their hands and drag a player back surely that's the exact same fucking thing! They've given the ref a chance to give the penalties. Hypocrisy overload! Listened to some of Sportsound and it was hilarious. They had Steve Conroy (former ref and devotee self confessed tarrier). Absolutely ripping out of him. Could feel the tears coming through the radio! Then you had Michael Stewart talking about referee game management saying after giving 3 penalties Dallas should have been thinking, 'Oh can I give a 4th penalty' paraphrasing slightly. Aye i've given 3 penalties so i'll not give a 4th, that's exactly what the game needs! Don't get me wrong I think some refs will think like this but when you have Stewart and co trying to be whiter than white effectively advocating the ref should cheat, it's rather ironic.
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    Why is it only controversial when we benefit from decisions? Rangers complain = charged. Selik = They get a summit.
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    If Defoe is banned for diving then it’s an absolute shambles. He lost his footing which can happen and you can tell that by the way he immediately jumped back up and got on with the game. He didn’t spread himself wide on the way down or throw himself theatrically, which are common traits when people dive and he didn’t even appeal for a penalty either. It was a soft penalty to award but the fact it was awarded is down to poor refereeing, not diving.
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    Couldn't see any recent threads but currently on loan to Raith and scored this yesterday.
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    In football many are called but few are chosen. I always remember when I was younger at the school team. I was a fantastic player and we had a few players who were also really good and had an eye on getting a club, we played Grange who had Charlie Miller in their team, guy was a different level and we realised then we were bang average at best and the guys we thought were decent were actualy just piss poor.
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    first time round he was nothing special.
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    Has to be 4-3-3. Davis benched rightfully. Defoe a little unlucky not to start, but needs must. Win here or the season is finished.
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    Thuv turnt the penalties against us 😂😂😂
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    Davis was captain. Both are cunts.
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    Managers, players, or any other representatives of a football club are not allowed to publicly criticise the performance of a Referee. They’re not allowed to do it on TV, radio, Twitter, etc. This was made clear when Rangers were given 5 sanctions. If someone from another club has criticised Dallas I would hope the SFA and SPFL remain consistent and hand out more sanctions.
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    Team picks itself the other players and new players have to fight to win their place, the only player unlucky not to be picked is Halliday. McGregor Tav Worrall( ) Katic Barasic Candeias McCrorie jack Kent Arfield Morelos.
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    Same at my work. Lots of hot air about winning the league comfortably and how the refs always cheat to let us win. You won't be able to wipe the grin from my face when we do 55.
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    See that Steve Clarke is complaining that Weah wasn't booked yesterday for going to fans, but Forrest was. I agree on that, thought it was odd. But why did he even have a view on that? Was it merely a non consequential build up to what came next............?? Because what came next.......he complained that the penalty decisions for us were odd. Said that Defoe or Candeias should be looked at for diving, as his player was banned for 2 games earlier in season and that he awaits the Compliance Officer activity this week with interest. Steve.....fuck off. Why do you have a view on these? At worst, they were contentious couple, but not blatantly wrong. I must have missed your view on the 3 blatantly wrong penalties at Cowdenbeath? Or did that not register with you? I wonder why......
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    Tavernier shouldn't have hit the 3rd one. He missed the 2nd. It should have fallen to Morelos given he's Gerrard's 2nd choice PK taker. If Morelos then scored he should default to main PK taker until he misses. Isn't that the fairest way / the way it works at most teams? Tavernier pulled rank on the 3rd penalty despite the best efforts of Arfield to get him to give it up. On the 4th one he then gives it to Defoe. In this situation IMO Alfredo is entitled to feel aggrieved. We all know he's an emotional guy, so I've got no issues with his reaction to the whole thing. Would be a different story if he just chucked it and thought he cba playing for the rest of the game but he didn't down tools, for the rest of the game he continued to work his socks off and was desperate for a goal. He's our best and most important player. The captain should know and appreciate that.
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    Usual negative posts from the usual tossers who wanted to sell him for peanuts .... What about Ally fighting with Gazza to take z penalty, petulant and not team players ? Best player in our TEAM by a mile.
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    Daft cunts will have went in to hide the Rangers tops behind other teams top. Oh wait.
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    He’s never been a hard tackler either but a can’t stand players, especially midfielders shirking out of tackles. Done it at least 3 times today to the point where Arfield was coming back from the tip of the diamond to make tackles
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    He was playing for Dundee ffs. He’s hardly gonna be in double figures when they’ve not scored 20 goals all season. How about you assess his game by how he plays, rather than a half-arsed look at stats?
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    Not one to make threads on individual players but honestly for me he hasn’t shown anything remotely close to the level he’s been playing at or produced before. At least Defoe actually has shown what he’s done his whole career in the 3 games, Davis just hasn’t cut it and honestly doesn’t deserve to start on what I’ve seen. Not one to write players off so early either but am just not seeing it. Glad it’s a loan deal
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    I have no doubt he has been picked out because of who HE supports. Wankers.
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    Looks cheap and it’s unnecessary. Reminds of that horrendous Cash for Kids logo that used to be on the Central Car Auctions building next to the M8 at Easterhouse.
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    The refs and linos are trying to help Liverpool win this title.
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    It's an indication of the hatred out there for Rangers when Sutton isn't even the worst of the lot.
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    Davis not being able to smile properly is edging it for me now
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    The whole Idea of a Compliance Officer is nonsence. What is the purpose of reviewing fouls which may not have been seen . If action is taken against a player it doesn’t help,the team he committed the offence against and in fact may hinder them if the player is subsequently suspended against one of their rivals. Why also only look at fouls. Why not offsides, shys disallowed goals? The whole thing is bollocks and should be scrapped
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    Two mistakes by us cost us that game SG teams dont get pumped by any cunt
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    I think it’s cause the circumstances are similar. Jones got two weeks for a dive where he never actually claimed for a penalty. Defoe didn’t claim for one and got given one. Then he is highlighting that two incidents in the same game had two opposite outcomes. Clarke also basically says in his interview that we should have had another penalty in his option by saying five incidents with four wrong decisions. Ultimately I think we all agree with what he’s saying in that consistency is key. Otherwise you wouldn’t have people doing their nut in all the time with whataboutery after every match.
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    Really hope we don't do the 442 diamond, we just look so flat with it
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    Aye I think a major problem with the Scottish media is that they don't even know the rules of the game. Every cunt calling for VAR technology and nobody will even know what they're looking at
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    It was you that had the cam girl mum wasn’t it?
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    Brady gets his 6th ring. Fucking love it! First time the Patriots have won a SB by double figures and it's in the lowest scoring SB of all time Hope Gronk stays for at least another season. Rams are a joke, imagine holding Brady to 13 points and Goff gets you the whole of 3 points
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    Jesus Christ that’ll take some beating
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    Not listened to any of the shite they say but he does seem a real roaster. 😁
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    Green horn,its not deadliest catch ya fucking moron
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    I'd be more concerned if Morelos was happy. Being petulant shows how much he wants to score. Believe behind all his moods and attitude the lad is very much a team player.
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    I find it odd that some fans seem to remember Davis as some sort of world beater? He was a competent/experienced player and chipped in with a few good goals, most notably a cracker against the dhims at Ibrox. Thomson, Ferguson and Reyna were far better players.
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    typical .when we get a wee rub of luck . full on exposure. the papers and phone ins will be full of it this week
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    I was banned for less on here tbf.
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    FF is an awful forum. Not surprised.
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