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    Worst thing Scottish football has ever introduced It seems every other week ..A manager is on his soapbox greetin about decisions Rangers get in game .This Media .Especially BBC and Bt are clearly targeting /rhatting us to this bastard of a compliance officer ..The one where the position has been filled with a beggar lover since it's inception It is not healthy for the game imo I know the beggars started it but it's turning our game into a circus or a pantomime I have every belief decisions will go against us and we will not here a word out of turn about the ref or compliance officer versus Sheep
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    See if there was an operation stop 10IAR, why don't the powers that be just kick them out of football altogether for molesting weans? Declan's head will be spinning trying to answer that riddle.
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    Actually think we should have a red hand of Ulster flying above the ground if we are making changes Long time coming and fully warranted
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    Since when did others managers come out and start demanding players from other games get suspensions. Not just Defoe but Weah? Shambles.
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    The dads doing his son no favours with this reaction.
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    It is indeed a team game which Morelos demonstrates every week by running himself into the ground for the team.
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    Gerrard has reined in his comments on the refs, moreso recently following his attendance at the recent summit. He'll realise soon enough that whilst we try to do things the right way, respectfully, others will always continue to attack us. He'll also find that like with the recent charges and fines, neither the SFA nor compliance officer is any friend of Rangers. He has the profile and media interest from outwith this shit hole to highlight the bias and expose the hatred towards our club. I long for the day he takes them on. He has to at some point, if he wants to be successful here he'll not manage it by playing fair or taking the blows without responding.
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    If Defoe is banned for diving then it’s an absolute shambles. He lost his footing which can happen and you can tell that by the way he immediately jumped back up and got on with the game. He didn’t spread himself wide on the way down or throw himself theatrically, which are common traits when people dive and he didn’t even appeal for a penalty either. It was a soft penalty to award but the fact it was awarded is down to poor refereeing, not diving.
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    How fucking obsessed do you have to be to go to your rivals ground when your teams not even playing? I can’t even watch those bastards on tv I hate the sight of them that much, couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the peado dome when Rangers aren’t playing!
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    Pretty vile in all honesty. It’s a football match, not a drinking competition or one of those disgusting sash bashes.
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    We can be a bit hit and miss but everything that’s good about us as a side starts with Morelos. He’s aggressive, he gets in opponents faces and he runs himself into the ground. He literally sets the tone for how the rest of the sides plays when we play well. Does he need to mature a little bit, absolutely, but I don’t know how any Rangers supporter who watches us on a regular basis can’t rate him.
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    Couldn't see any recent threads but currently on loan to Raith and scored this yesterday.
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    Just read the report of his press conference. Think it’s fair to say there is a definite unbalanced level of coverage & comment on our club.
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    Understandable considering Jelavic was 24 at the time of signing and cost £4.5m. He arguably had his best years at us as well whereas Alfredo has his whole career ahead of him, frightening how good he could turn out to be in a few years time.
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    In football many are called but few are chosen. I always remember when I was younger at the school team. I was a fantastic player and we had a few players who were also really good and had an eye on getting a club, we played Grange who had Charlie Miller in their team, guy was a different level and we realised then we were bang average at best and the guys we thought were decent were actualy just piss poor.
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    The only embarrassing thing here is your posts. They wouldn't look out of place on a celtic forum. The way you constantly look for new ways to belittle Morelos, is laughable tbh. He's the top scorer in the country, he's sitting 3rd behind Messi and Mbappe for goals and assists combined so far in European football and he's our best player and most valuable asset. You're an attention seeking wank.
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    The guy wants to contribute its that simple. Running himself into the ground and getting assists isn't good enough for him, he clearly has the attitude that he's the main man and if he doesn't get a goal then he hasn't done his job. I honestly don't have a problem with that. Give me a team full of guys who are not content with just giving 7 out of 10 performances every week. He is petulant but its not born out of him being an arsehole, he's a winner and all winners are moaning, greeting face bastards.
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    Hides too much even when he was with us before. Was never a fan of him.
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    Has to be 4-3-3. Davis benched rightfully. Defoe a little unlucky not to start, but needs must. Win here or the season is finished.
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    We’ll be sorry the day we lose him we really will, only then will the absolute idiots in our support realise the type of player he is. But it doesn’t matter, at least we won’t have a selfish striker and one that hopefully smiles the whole time he’s on the pitch. Mind boggling stuff man.
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    Thuv turnt the penalties against us 😂😂😂
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    When it comes to taking penalties, he's next in line after Tav, so he has a fair point and should be pissed off that Defoe got to take it ahead of him tbh.
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    Striker wants to take a penalty and is annoyed at not having scored in the game. Am raging So I am.