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    We're through the looking glass now as the paranoia across some sections of Scottish football reaches unprecedented levels. After thinking we'd heard the last of it following the Chris Sutton-led manufactured outrage over the Old Firm game, it's hit new heights this week as Steve Clarke, Michael Stewart and Tom Boyd spouted the sort of outlandish nonsense that would see flat-earthers think it was mental. READ MORE: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/tom-boyds-celtic-conspiracy-theories-13959347
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    Harsh on Katic that. Play up the Glasgow Rangers.
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    It was a pleasure yesterday to take three Danish representatives from Hummel around on our Founders Trail and share our wonderful and unique story. They said that they thoroughly enjoyed their day, were blown away with the sheer scale of Rangers and were complimentary about the Founders Project.
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    I have written to every MSP from every party possible about football being included in the Scottish Government’s Child Abuse Inquiry. I’ve had about half a dozen replies from MSPs. Below is a typical reply: Dear XXXX, Thank you for taking the time to write to me regarding the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. I fully agree that the Inquiry should be widened to include other areas where abuse has taken place including football and sports clubs. Scottish Labour has long held this position and has been consistently calling for this to happen. I have written to John Swinney MSP the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills who is responsible for overseeing the Inquiry. I have urged Mr Swinney to reconsider the Scottish Government's previous refusal to widen the scope of the Inquiry. I will be back in touch as soon as I receive a response to my letter from Mr Swinney and If I can be of any further assistance in the meantime please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards I urge all Bears 🐻 to do the same and petition their local MSP to have football included in the Inquiry.
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    I still think you are retarded and weird. You go to a Spanish forum and try and talk in the same time learning new words/phrases. It is called learning. But you are a retard that goes to irish catholic shools. Now please fuck off little lesbian.
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    Another great article. I just find it a little sad and disappointing that there are practically no or very little former Rangers players out there defending us. Not even defending us, just being objective and telling the truth. Not even that they all just seem to remain silent on the issue when everyone is taking pot shots that are getting more ridiculous and outlandish by the day.
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    I'm not watching the game = We score. I start watching game = We lose a goal. I stop watching the game = We score. Our tactics have been fine all season, it's me watching the game that's been fucking us over.
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    Blue Avenger where the fuck are you tonight you prick 😂😂😂
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    After that first half let’s take a moment to remember that Blue Avenger doesn’t rate Morelos.
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    That's because the ref awarded 5 years extra time at the end to Aberdeen.
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    What utter tit said this? That's why I'm sitting watching in a bath robe eating steak McCoys and not in the dugout
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    Ferguson changes his name to Morelos and he's off.
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    Put yer hand up for offside and gave away a pen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Big shout to Tav for the run for the 4th. He was out on his cunt 5 minutes to go!
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    I'm only here for Alfredo swearing at the sheep shaggers in Spanish
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    Can some one post the daft YouTube link please, I can never find it. €2 Siwel date rapes fat lassies.
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    Is there actually a point to your post? Of course there was a player there but sadly his alcohol addiction put paid to his football career for a considerable period and perhaps will end it entirely. I'm sorry for the guy and sorry that we didn't do our homework on him before we paid the transfer fee and his wages. We saw a few glimpses of what could have been and if you check his play on Youtube you can see he had talent. Pedro and our board cost us a lot of cash not just with Pena. (Cardoso & Herrera)