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    We're through the looking glass now as the paranoia across some sections of Scottish football reaches unprecedented levels. After thinking we'd heard the last of it following the Chris Sutton-led manufactured outrage over the Old Firm game, it's hit new heights this week as Steve Clarke, Michael Stewart and Tom Boyd spouted the sort of outlandish nonsense that would see flat-earthers think it was mental. READ MORE: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/tom-boyds-celtic-conspiracy-theories-13959347
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    He has an entire country on toast without speaking a word of English. Glorious little bastard. Gerrard and the fans have his back, fuck everyone else.
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    Just in from Pam, Broxi has been watching the game as well.
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    First of all. Haha fuckin ha, sheep shagging fucks, fight for third fourth or wee bits a grass forever you fucking oddities. Sheep Now on to important stuff: Redemption constitutes of a feeling of revenge not forgiveness. Tonight I forgive. Tonight I seen the blue run in to green and turn to red. Rat, scum, flyoff. I've said it all, both in jest and in hatred. But tonight Shagger. I call you one of our own. Tonight I forgive you. I have friends that know you and know how hard it was while leaving, yet could still never accept it. Tonight I understand. Tonight you have redeemed yourself. I have cut this short and aim no other arrows at former players. All I ask is that, like Shagger, you Step Up, And Play. We Are the People.
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    For me he gives the ref a decision to make. Why get involved? Could have jeopardised the result, we are a far worse team without him.
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    It was a pleasure yesterday to take three Danish representatives from Hummel around on our Founders Trail and share our wonderful and unique story. They said that they thoroughly enjoyed their day, were blown away with the sheer scale of Rangers and were complimentary about the Founders Project.
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    I still think you are retarded and weird. You go to a Spanish forum and try and talk in the same time learning new words/phrases. It is called learning. But you are a retard that goes to irish catholic shools. Now please fuck off little lesbian.
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    IMO with the way he was playing all game building up to it, going in for challenges and into players with no intention of playing the ball, hes dug is own grave. He left the boot in and tried to rake Mckenna's leg, no complaints from me, i like that hes physical but by fuck does he need to wisen up, wont ever get his EPL move doing daft shit like that on the regular. tonnes of potential in the lad to go on and be a quality player, just needs to grow up, quickly.
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    Another great article. I just find it a little sad and disappointing that there are practically no or very little former Rangers players out there defending us. Not even defending us, just being objective and telling the truth. Not even that they all just seem to remain silent on the issue when everyone is taking pot shots that are getting more ridiculous and outlandish by the day.
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    Spot on he bottled it big time. The red came straight out for McKenna then back in the pocket, as soon as he thought about the media reaction he sent Morelos off to take the heat off him. The taig loving media’s agenda worked (almost) perfectly tonight.
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    I'm not watching the game = We score. I start watching game = We lose a goal. I stop watching the game = We score. Our tactics have been fine all season, it's me watching the game that's been fucking us over.
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    This is now the accepted margin for offside decisions, despite our forward player being at least 20 millimetres onside, doesn't matter, we are Rangers and have cheated once again, Mcinnes is an absolute arsehole and Aberdeen are a shambles of a club who couldn't sell out their tin hut if it was a capacity of 300 allowing free access to everyone with downs, I love being us 😂😂
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    We’re getting to that point my fellow bears where the arses of the rest of Scottish football is beginning to collapse as they know we are very nearly back to where we belong. This should just spur the players on more.
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    FFS McInnes what a fucking cunt you truly are, thank fuck you said no to the biggest job you will ever be offered.
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    Blue Avenger where the fuck are you tonight you prick 😂😂😂
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    After that first half let’s take a moment to remember that Blue Avenger doesn’t rate Morelos.
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    Reckon he’ll be the next member of the Ferguson family to sign for us, looks a cracking player every time I’ve seen him for they scumbags.
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    Plenty have rubbed it in our faces over the last few years, now they can't take it
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    I genuinely can't make my mind up if that's utter gibberish or unbelievable poetry.
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    That's because the ref awarded 5 years extra time at the end to Aberdeen.
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    What utter tit said this? That's why I'm sitting watching in a bath robe eating steak McCoys and not in the dugout
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    Ferguson changes his name to Morelos and he's off.
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    Put yer hand up for offside and gave away a pen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    That'll be the closest that spineless sack of shit ever gets to setting foot in a Rangers dressing room as a manager.
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    Don't care how we won it, we won it, we are not going to be allowed to win anything without controversy, confrontation and condemnation, so bring it on you hating rhat bhastards ! WE ARE THE PEOPLE !
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    Cruising until Tavernier gave away the stupid penalty. After that we give them hope. Morelos gets red-carded (which we should appeal) and we collapse. We looked as if we had two players less than them. We sat far too far back, stood off their players and rode our luck. No leadership on the park. A great 3 points but we really need to up our game when we lose a goal (or player).
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    Big shout to Tav for the run for the 4th. He was out on his cunt 5 minutes to go!
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    I'm only here for Alfredo swearing at the sheep shaggers in Spanish
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    Can some one post the daft YouTube link please, I can never find it. €2 Siwel date rapes fat lassies.
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    Is there actually a point to your post? Of course there was a player there but sadly his alcohol addiction put paid to his football career for a considerable period and perhaps will end it entirely. I'm sorry for the guy and sorry that we didn't do our homework on him before we paid the transfer fee and his wages. We saw a few glimpses of what could have been and if you check his play on Youtube you can see he had talent. Pedro and our board cost us a lot of cash not just with Pena. (Cardoso & Herrera)
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