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    RESPECT to the big fella for addressing the issue head-on and trying to help others. My mate died of this when he was 27 and was one of the fittest guys that I ever knew - collapsed aorta dead before he hit the ground. Reckon he is right that players should be tested on a regular basis. Scottish media really are wanks
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    Really like the wee man, fantastic attitude and application. Hope whatever happens, it works out for him.
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    ­čĹŹ Similarly I felt the same way when I heard that Baxter was going mate .... and was shocked that he was allowed to leave ..... was over the moon when he returned ... but unfortunately for JB he was a shadow of himself second time around .... and seldom did he reach his past top class form. I believe from impeccable contacts in the know .... that Pele himself was inconsolable ....
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    What a fucking mongo you are. He's talking about a near death experience he had due to illness and is raising awareness for the charity. @gogzy bin this shit mate eh
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    What kind of sick monster trolls a dying wean? FFS you would have to be a complete arsehole to do that. Hopefully the police find out who it is, name and shame them then throw the book at them. Anyway good on Rangers for brightening up this poor wee soul. Truly heartbreaking story.
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    Which all amounts to 'dignified silence', and you've all saw where that gets you !
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    You always see a lot of abuse now on the internet people seem to always act differently from the safety behind a computer screen it seems to bring out the worst in people. Ridiculous doing this to a young girl.
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    Your mates an idiot for accepting that
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    Not drama but there was an episode of TFI Friday when they had Gazza on Chris Evans, Wiiii-ll and the rest of them were all wearing Rangers training gear.
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    Some real horrible people in the world sadly jinty.....hopefully Alfie and andy have eased a wee bit of the pain. Well done all involved and may the wee girl live a strong and healthy life for aslong as possible.
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    My cousin passed away in early 2015 at 38 as a result of an undiagnosed condition so itÔÇÖs something that has unfortunately affected myself and my family very closely so itÔÇÖs good to see that they are trying to raise awareness about the importance of heart screening and regular checks.
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    This is good of Alfredo and Andy. I hope maybe they can visit her? The people who write the taunt is just fucking scum idiots
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    Saw where Morelos had lost a young sister -- so this probably hits home - well done wee man.
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    Not the news you want to hear .... when we are trying to move players out allowing more leeway in the transfer market for incoming. Always liked Holtie .... sad to hear he is injured ... hope it's not too serious and he manages to get a move sooner rather than later.
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    Sitting here with all sorts of cunts coughing and sneezing with snotty weans running about in A&E. Taliban don't put up with this nonsense.
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    You're new disability should ensure a healthy discount
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    Wish we could invite the very 'pitch wise' Jimmy Millar (now 84 but sadly suffering from dementia) thru to Glasgow to offer Morelos some instruction on 'biding your time' and 'revenge' - Jimmy was a master of the art.
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    I'd suggest the first job of a pundit is to give a professional view, from a footballers point of view, to add depth to what the commentator sees
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    Nope, brown is a Classless prick hee haw to do with treble trebles, eight in a row. Sutton et al should call him out but they don't.
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    ...... which McCoist has shown..... beyond a shadow of a doubt that ...... he has neither one or the other .... that in my experience .... talking to other supporters on and off line .... is what most grown ups know.
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    Molinari is arguably the best player in the world. Just remarkable how consistent he has become.
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    True but Morelos can play a few positions as can most players, didn't Morelos start of as a midfielder.
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    I reckon he'll head to Germany. A club like Dortmund would be ideal for him. 1-2 good seasons there and he'll have his pick of top clubs in Europe
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    Heard similar. HeÔÇÖd whistle Rangers tunes etc to annoy all the tarriers who work in the industry.
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    The amount of morons that canÔÇÖt seem to grasp that renewals doesnÔÇÖt mean general sale is fucking astounding
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    Aye a fucking coconut ffs ,the eejit was probably told to bring a shell
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    Too much testosterone,of which about 23% is actually their own
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    Bad use of the hyphen there soze­čĹŹ
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    He's a very lucky man. Well done to him for raising awareness about the condition. Testing for this condition should be done as part of a routine medical.
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    The OP has had mair baws in his mooth than a hungry hungry hippo
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    Nice touch from Alfie. Sick bastards trolling the kid and her folks are the lowest of the low.
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    Fucking class show, was pissing myself the first time I heard that. He feared no cunt and every cunt feared him yet as you say even he knows the fucking score. ­čĹŹ
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    I didn't know where to post this but I think it's worth a mention. Such a kind gesture from Morelos and Halliday towards a young girl with month's to live, who is being cruelly taunted online. '
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    The majority of our support on fb make me feel ill
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    Put this on and the cunt got booked 10 seconds later ­čśé­čśé
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