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    Adrian Durham on Talksport just now - “Lets talk about celtic, what an embarrassment to Scottish football”
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    Sitting at lunch and the tarrier says "I take it you saw the score then..?"
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    He says they didn't get started first half. So at half time he had a go and got a reaction. Aye ya wank they lost another 3 in the second half Terrific man management ya cunt.
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    Can't stop logging into this thread since about 8.15pm last night. Been laughing like fuck all day in work. My Manager who sits next to me is a Man U fan, but despises the taigs, has a soft spot for us. It's been knowing grins at me all day
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    Beloved beasts go crashing out of the CL qualifiers, better hurry and get some negative articles about Rangers in print sharpish. More sandcastles?
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    The “tricolour-down economics” comment from the next poster is absolute genius 😂
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    Lennon said “If we played anywhere near as well in the first half as we did in the second half, we would have been through.” He must've forgot that they conceded three goals in the second half and only one in the first tbh. Also, love this - Cluj boss Dan Petrescu said: “I’m very tired. It was a very nice game of football but not for the coaches. And not for celtic fans. “It’s a pity a team like celtic won’t be in the group stages of the Champions League – it’s not fair on them."
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    Hartson's a fucking idiot man 😂 Get knocked out in the qualifiers n the first thing he's on about is 9 in a row. Slabbering mess indeed! Something tells me this may be a sweet, sweet season.
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    I think youve slightly missed what Im getting at here. Anything from C1872 (and by proxy the club) doesnt even come from them it comes from a third party (per blair). The whole thing is a fucking shambles.
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    Probably, but got further than the taigs did!
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    Listened to a bit in the motor , Jim White is one snivelling crawling arse licking turncoat bastard of a man..........
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    Yaaaaass Talksport , that's rhodney stewart n bertie auld been on n been as miserable as fuck , up the fuckin lot of them 🤣
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    TLB thinks he's like Mourinho but couldn't manage a subbuteo team. He can motivate lesser players as he did at Hivs, but we'll see how internationals take to the bad breath hairdryer treatment and being flung under the bus.
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    Boy on talksport saying he feels personally attacked because they’re ripping the piss out celtic 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    For what it’s worth I want us the bheggers and Aberdeen the reach the group stages of the Europa League. Need to get the coefficient up plus assuming we reach the group stages it means us and the bheggers playing on a Sunday every week and takes away that pressure.
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    1. No it wouldn't. It would be be stashed under the bed along with the Tierney dosh to quietly pay off the victims of sexual abuse to keep the whole sordid episode under wraps so it doesn't tarnish the good name of the club. Monies from which will also used to pay Hollicom accounts. 2. There's only one thing that they put into their youths. 3. Our national team is shit, usually made up from as many tim players as possible so who gives a fuck? 4. The redevelopment of that end of the town was, and is, funded by Glasgow City Council and the poor folks who pay their council tax with no say in where it is spent. 5. Bands like the Wolfe Tones and others who revel in the murder of innocent men women and children. 6. It wouldn't have paid tax. It would be squirrelled away to Dermots offshore accounts post haste. 7. Schools and hospitals? File that under "SNP" 8. Policemen and women? See 7 above. 9. Chuckle at your misfortune? I'm absolutely pissing myself here. 10. Terrible night for c****c and Scotland? Good. 11. Embarrass ourselves? Brass neck cunts don't do embarrassed or ashamed.
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    As reported by an away support consisting of Tom English, the Hag, alkie Clarke and Piara Powar.
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    This. ‘We’re goni do this, we’re goni do that’. Always comes back to haunt us.
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    Quite likely - a lot of hinges will have worn out with folk repeatedly standing up to celebrate goals.
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    Severe lack of investment what a lot of pish 10million on 3players
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    Good update except that 2 fans on the disabled enclosure roof are not a 'handful'. Now let's see if the Killie director and those 2 media tossers apologise for their comments
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    👍 Nothing like a good honest prediction mate ...... early days yet mind you .... but I must say I agree with your sentiment as do everyone of us .... hopefully this is our season to take back the title.
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    Nah, need them in the group stages if we make it there. The schedule hurt us last year. Got a bigger squad to handle it this year but it still undoubtedly has an impact. Cant afford to give them any advantage in the league and Europa money isn't enough to offset that.
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    What a laugh if wee nae neck Forest fucks them off as well or going by their wage bill forced out the club to balance the books.
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    Let's get it right all this talk of lack of investment comes because they were given a free run at it in Scotland for years. They expected 10IAR without any issues now they are seeing us in the wing mirror the panic is starting to set in. They've went from 10years give or take of financial power over us to now we are on the brink of overtaking them. There trying to work out how that's happened so grab into the lack of investment line like a comfort blanket.
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    Had one try question me last night about why I was laughing, a simple fuck yous sufficed.
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    Those cunts have a cheek to talk about kids. They think it's bad now? It's gonna get a hell of a lot worse once the truth is fully out regarding their board covering up for Torbett the man now convicted twice as they let him back in once Stain left to reabuse knowing fine well what he was.
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    no doubt loads of them also booked flights for Prague which adds to the joy of it all
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    Have they lodged an appeal yet on grounds of sectarian celebrations by the Romanians, celtic having the best pass on the night, and Broon's 'handball' clearly hitting him on the leg? Scottish media gearing up for their day of misery - tactic will be to get the focus on the bad guys from Govan asap.
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    Keep the head ffs lets handle our business and see what happens.
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    Wonder what cluj player wasn’t registered to play tonight....
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    Hollicom staff on treble time getting papers to ignore the game and result in tomorrow's papers 😂
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    Not into this sort of talk tbh. They've had a shocker, but when did they matter. We have a long, hard season to battle through, and you just know it'll be a battle as everyone is out to stop us. Let's just stay focussed do our bit.
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    I make that 24 players ( 2 goalies ) all of which could not be argued if they started. Times have changed since our gaffer got here 14 months ago.
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    Some would rather the short term burst of getting it right up them rather than the huge celebration in May unfortunately. If celtic don't get into the Europa League group stages they'll score 95+ points. One focus for them is dangerous for us as I can't see us managing that points total, especially with Europe.
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