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    That response from Sheridan to Helen Gray is an absolute disgrace. A man of the people? A man with working class values? The man is an absolute cunt.
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    Get all these scummy topics the fuck out of the Bears Den
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    Btw, this is also why it’s crucial they DO make the europa last year after European games they dropped points in 5 out of 6 games iirc whereas we dropped points in 1 (?) they seem to be unable to deal with the Thursday/Sunday turnaround much, much worse than us
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    A bit premature with the 50th anniversary bit. Having said that it was the greatest time in my Rangers life. Eleven of us (all students) hired a LWB Land Rover for this game. My first trip abroad. Think it came to £16 per head if my memory serves me. Left on Sunday 21st May and arrived home on Sat 27th May. Scotland v England game was at Hampden the day we got back. Still in contact with 3 of the guys from that trip. I don't have pics at the game but I have 7 photos from the trip. It would be a fairly long post going into all the detail. Suffice to say remembering still brings tears of happiness to my eyes.
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    This forum man. Guy’s been written off as a fence post before he’s even kicked a ball.
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    Keeven’s just gave a statement basically saying how it’s not the fault of the incumbent celtic board, this will be the same board that have full knowledge of their sordid history, claim to be a separate entity, tell lies and hire a PR company to manage the scandal etc, etc... Sorry Hugh but as Rangers carried the can for (legal at the time) sins of the past there is a tangible blame (more deservedly so) for Lawell et all...
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    Aw fuck right off with this shite fuckin hell man let us please just enjoy ourselves without mentioning those cunts at every turn
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    The flags and banners are one of my favourite things about our support Them plastered around away sections on European nights shites all over pishy pyro
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    Let’s just focus on Thursday for us just now we’ll worry about them when it comes.
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    How can you phone in when your team is still playing fuck that carry on
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    I would be very careful if I was replying to the cunt, he must be skint and hoping for another payout. Solidarity. Should be fucking solitary confinement the fuckin wrong yin.
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    Went to Barcelona by minibus with group from Airdrie and Moodiesburn. Dalziel family (bakers) arranged trip and tickets. Left on the Sunday night To get hovercraft from Ramsgate on the Monday. Stayed Monday night camping in France and then on to Barcelona. Arrived Wednesday am for the game. Atmosphere was great leading up to the game and no problem with police. Remeber this was during Franco’s reign. Had intended staying the night in Barcelona however police moved us out. I woke up in Orleans in France. Great journey home until ferry. Sea was to rough for hovercraft therefore got the ferry. Nearly everyone onboard sick pints going everywhere. Arrived home early hours of Saturday morning. Fantastic trip and memories.
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    Lets just keep the head cracks are appearing but lets do our job and keep up the pressure. Thursday night is massive then equally as big is next Sunday. Do the business Rangers
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    A full team out as well and now ajer has dislocated his shoulder
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    I'd hold off. I mind the December we scored about 22 goals in the lead up to playing them and they had a stinking month. Turned up to ours at new year and beat us 2 0
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    Proud of them! Nae bother ya fuckin mess of a man. On pitch team talk after playing Dunfermline.
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    Nailed it, Four Priests is another who knew , because of his religion and his ties to the club with no shame his opinion on this counts for nothing, he is a denier, an enabler just like the rest , his ethics and ethos have led him to where and what he is a charlatan masquerading as a journalist. His faux moral outrage over the tax issue , what about the hospitals and all the rest was just that, whilst underneath he is another who wanted Rangers nailed to the floor or finished off completely. He championed the rallying cry through radio clyde, lost his voice on the subject of abuse only to find it to defend the club with no shames current heirachy. This is the self same man that likened Ibrox to a Nuremburg Rally , he is nothing more than a bigoted sectarian fuckwit who has been given a platform to spout his shite by employers who are of the same beliefs. Well Hugh what about the weans , do you care , what if it was one of your precious daughters or their children, would you let it slide if the abuser was a priest or attached to a certain football club. You probably would and justify it by confessing to one of your pals, a bit of hocus pocus and all is forgiven. You and your ilk have known about this sordid affair from the outset, condemning anyone and everyone for making these "scurrilous accusations" against celtic, told they were nothing better than point scoring bigots , well thank God they had and have more scruples,moral fibre, integrity, honesty than you or your abomination of a football club and religion will ever have. It's time to face the music Shug, tick tock. Kick them Out.
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    Aye let’s rather face them in a semi or final at Hampden with a 50/50 fan split when they’ve won their last 100 games there. Not right in the head right enough
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    See TLB has done a Phil Brown and decided to host a post match autopsy on the pitch in the form of a huddle. This is going to be a fucking great season.
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    This isn't going well at all - I thought it might have been Stockholm that may have been the undoing of lennon but at this rate it could be Dunfermline
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    Let’s just remember everyone, from book goes out the window in OF games, but see as long as we run over the top of them like the last two at Ibrox, we’ll win.
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    Well it mentions fenian bastard so both Clarke and Neil can hold each other
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    You realise he has already gotten a few assists this season and was the player that took our winning corner against Killie? Pretty sure he put the ball in for our first goal in the first leg of our most recent European fixture You're a fucking balloon
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    Hardly any cunt left there cause there was hardly any cunt there to start with
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