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    I'd hold off. I mind the December we scored about 22 goals in the lead up to playing them and they had a stinking month. Turned up to ours at new year and beat us 2 0
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    Who were they making a show of strength to ? no cunt there That was obviously written by a deluded taig
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    That's a nonsense comparison because we will never see the likes of the true greats at Ibrox again. Not even sure Morelos would get into some of our old teams. There isn't a better option in Scotland right now, prove me wrong. you say he can't get back, has no positional sense, and can't defend. You talk shite that doesn't even need countered, as it's shite. You should rest your case, cause it's a shite case built on lies.
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    Its the precedent that counts. They admitted responsibility. There will be ambulance chasing solicitors all over this.
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    Fuck knows how this can be questioned, when we've seen him play and his passing, control and positional sense was fine - it's fitness and match sharpness that's the issue. Sounds like the guy who works at the HTC is talking shite tbh. Helander never had a pre-season and hasn't played much football last season, plus the fact Katic is playing well means it's been difficult to give him game time. He'll start on Sunday alongside Edmundson imo.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-49380349 'Legal trickery' The move sparked anger from other survivors of abuse connected to the club. Thompsons Solicitors partner Patrick McGuire, who is representing some of McCafferty's victims in civil cases, said: "The Scottish public can draw their own conclusions over the fact that the club tried to keep this secret and have issued no apology. "The club need to consider the effect all this has on Boys Club survivors. Using legal trickery to winnow through abuse claims is abhorrent. "Instead of listening to their spin doctors the club should meet with us and our clients now. "Openness and decency is the way out of this for celtic. We again appeal to Peter Lawell and the board to do the right thing."
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    Cunts screaming for the tarriers at Ibrox are no right in the head.
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    Just said on the radio...... Don't know if they have something on tonight but there’s not many left in the stadium.
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    Still got the cunts rattled. Popcorn teeths jacket on a shoogly peg. No be long till theyre oot in the carpark 🤣
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    Sitting in service user house who just wants to watch taigs get beat. Great way to spend couple of hours and get paid for it Same haha. Work will be utterly delightful tomorrow, especially when we win as well ha ha ha.
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    Yes he is a footballer, that doesn't make his post incorrect. Tav will be pivotal in our challenge of winning the league. Anyone who doesn't see that is blind.
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    tick fu@king tock 💣 STOP PRESS: ''separate entity pays compensation shocker''
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    This feels a bit different though. I think previous false dawns have been led by hope more than anything. We actually done stuff last year that makes me feel we have turned the corner. We finally beat they bastards a couple of times, done real well in Europe, came within a few last minute mistakes and goals of winning the title. It just feels different mate. Hope to fuck I am not wrong AGAIN.
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    Brilliant videos. Many thanks for doing them. They are appreciated by many Bears
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    I clearly said I can't imagine us being AS successful without him, not that I can't see us being successful without him😂 Haha are you high, some of the comments there are the ramblings of a mentalist. Some of the things you've said don't need a response, you cant teach stupid I'm afraid. Do you not recall how many goals and assists Tavernier provided last season? The numbers he posted were massive, take them out of our side and we are incredibly weaker. Replacing him with Polster or Flanagan "will make little difference to our results" - wow 😂😂😂
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    All the praise will be for Dunfermline all the questions will be asked of the scum. Media have tried to defend the wee runt but his card must be well and truly marked.
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    I worry they get a decent manager in that can get more out the players . I can't believe the luck we got when they brought tlb in . I doubt they'll make the same mistake twice .
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    I am sure they will go through, and we need TLB to stay as long as he can that is for sure.
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    I’ve said this all along, 100% doesn’t watch us regularly
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    Gutted they’re drawing. Need Lennon there till at least February
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    Quite catchy, don’t you think 🙂 A protest banned kinda loses its impact if it has to be spread over 4 separate banners. For future reference, why not simply try ‘fuck the board’.
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    He is a better defender than a midfielder.
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    I never said anyone was criticising and i'm not saying you're lying tbf, but the "rumours coming out" are clearly pish. He's weeks behind everyone else and hardly kicked a ball for months and obviously lacks match sharpness - Gerrard has already said this, so I'll believe that before the "rumours" tbh.
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    Cracking banner, history of Largs and our first manager.
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    Arfield is in position. It’s his job to drift into the centre of the pitch and find pockets of space then Tav gets forward to provide width
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    Guy in the hotel bar next to me is a spurs fan “I fucking love VAR” aye wait until you’re playing arsenal and score a late winner and it gets ruled out for somecunts figernail scraping the baw. We’ll see how much you love it then.
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    Bolingoli went off with a knock too. Which should probably strengthen them to be fair.
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    Not listening but I presume the want to phone in to talk about Rangers.......just the usual.
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    Liswell knew as he sign the cheques for NDA. Hopefully house of cards starting to crumble.W.A.T.P.
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    some potential as a right back, didnt he play there in younger age groups?
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    Heard similar rumours about Carlos Pena but thankfully they turned out to be bullshit.
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    The OP is correct about the improved physicality in the squad. Two points worry me though, which are the domestic referees and their inconsistencies and McGregor's occasional tantrum. He needs to screw the nut a bit and realise that we've become such a good footballing side that keeping the heat down a bit works in our favour. Exception being the beasts where I want to see him go full Chris Woods and lift the thumb off the ground by his skinny wee chicken neck.
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    Horses for courses but An Other should have been on the list. Sell Barisic and get one in.
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    1. No it wouldn't. It would be be stashed under the bed along with the Tierney dosh to quietly pay off the victims of sexual abuse to keep the whole sordid episode under wraps so it doesn't tarnish the good name of the club. Monies from which will also used to pay Hollicom accounts. 2. There's only one thing that they put into their youths. 3. Our national team is shit, usually made up from as many tim players as possible so who gives a fuck? 4. The redevelopment of that end of the town was, and is, funded by Glasgow City Council and the poor folks who pay their council tax with no say in where it is spent. 5. Bands like the Wolfe Tones and others who revel in the murder of innocent men women and children. 6. It wouldn't have paid tax. It would be squirrelled away to Dermots offshore accounts post haste. 7. Schools and hospitals? File that under "SNP" 8. Policemen and women? See 7 above. 9. Chuckle at your misfortune? I'm absolutely pissing myself here. 10. Terrible night for c****c and Scotland? Good. 11. Embarrass ourselves? Brass neck cunts don't do embarrassed or ashamed.
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    Alan Brazil the alcoholic who was abused at celtic Boys Club is quoted as saying that the Rangers Tax Case is the biggest scandal to hit Scottish Football. In all honesty he needs help and Counselling.
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