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    It’s about respect and treating people properly An often overlooked aspect of the game. Walter Smith could work with average and make them decent, he could also turn decent into excellent. A trait that I think Gerrard has in spades and will in time make his contribution, to the teams he manages, not just about tactics but about how to change a players mindset to focus on what needs done He may have a team of coaches and background staff around him to help, but he is fast becoming a true example of how to treat players properly and get the very best out of them. Alfredo Morelos looked raw and angry. He’s now a fucking class act. Arfield looks sure and more confident and Davis now looks to have rediscovered himself. These three will be massive players as we lift the league title and secure a new world record of 55. I fucking love it just now, truly I do and it’s because of the Gerrard effect *edit - add Jack to that WATP
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    Alfredo Morelos' performance was further evidence Rangers could be rewarded with silverware and transfer gold The rap sheet was lengthy and the rehab is still ongoing. Alfredo Morelos imprisoned much of his talent last season with his own petulant behaviour and lack of professionalism. His performance against Aberdeen offered further evidence of a Rangers repentance that might yet see the club rewarded with silverware - and end of season transfer gold. No ifs, buts or maybes. At the peak of his game, no striker in Scottish football can match the armoury of the fiery Colombian, who plays with a scowl on his face and joy in his heart. Steven Davis and Greg Stewart drew the bulk of favourable comments against an Aberdeen side that put on a display, the opinion on which swayed between absolutely outplayed to utterly anonymous. Didn’t turn up? Mentally, they looked as if they were still in the queue for Starbucks at Dunblane as the Light Blues handed Derek McInnes his heaviest defeat in more than six years as Dons gaffer. McInnes was pilloried by his own Pittodrie punters after this humbling, but perspective is required for a manager who is trading with Slater’s against Steven Gerrard’s Saville Row. Rangers were already four goals to the good when Sheyi Ojo was removed after an hour and replaced from the bench by Jermain Defoe to join Morelos in terrorising the Dons defence. Mikey Devlin and Co could have been forgiven for borrowing a line from Glasgow theatrical folklore, when Bernie Winters was joined on stage at the Empire by brother Mike and a disgusted audience member cried out, “Aw naw, there’s two of them.” Morelos scored two goals against Aberdeen in five matches last season, missed the Betfred Cup semi-final meeting as a result of his own indiscipline, picked up four yellow cards and three reds, one of which was later rescinded. At this stage last season he had already been dismissed twice, been cautioned six times and scored eight goals in 17 appearances. Now? After the same number of games Morelos has netted 13 times and been booked only three times. His movement against the Dons was a joy to watch as he drew Devlin and Zak Vyner into the debate central defenders detest most - to stay or go. For the most part they kept their feet planted on the 18 yard line, but it only created a midfield overload in which Rangers played through the Dons and created time and pockets of space to pick passes into the box. On the occasions they followed him deep it allowed Stewart, Scott Arfield and Ojo to prosper in behind from the dainty feet of Davis, a wonderful technician whose guile and creativity in that area wreaked havoc. Morelos is playing with a ravenous appetite - he dropped deep, skipped past Greg Leigh and drew Vyner into the clumsy challenge that allowed James Tavernier to score the opener from the spot after 20 minutes. He popped up on the right wing to feed Tavernier for the cross that led to Stewart’s second three minutes before the break, but it was his third that proved the pick of the bunch. He drifted between midfield and attack, knocked the ball to Davis and when the midfielder picked out Borna Barisic, Morelos judged his back post run to perfection, darting behind the defence to nod a delightful cross into the net from six yards. Defoe added a fifth after another Tavernier spot kick, awarded when Leigh was caught wrong side of Barisic and wrestled the full-back to the ground, compounding an already wretched afternoon. Even McInnes was moved to comment: “We are well-versed in how Morelos wants to play but when he does it as well as he did today, it is difficult to stop. He led the line brilliantly. The quality of movement is something he is very good at.” Gerrard added: “I am not going to take any credit for Alfredo’s performance. He is the one who is dropping into the interesting areas trying to drag the Aberdeen defenders around the pitch. “He was on the left, on the right, he scored a header. He was focussed on his performance and nothing else.” Rangers lost twice against Aberdeen at Ibrox in three fixtures last season, including a ruinous loss in the Scottish Cup, but their energy and movement, orchestrated by Davis, suggests they have learned hard and fast as they bid to mount a credible title challenge. Aberdeen, weakened by injuries, looked a shadow of the well organised side who have put in some significant performances against the big two in recent seasons. They were pulled all over the place and the failure of their midfield to impact on the match left Sam Cosgrove and isolated and frustrated figure in attack. Even their set piece threat failed to materialise and Allan McGregor did not have a single shot to save, with Connor McLennan’s low drive outside the post from 25 yards in the second half their only moment of encouragement. Rangers could have scored more, but still moved closer to celtic at the top of the table following that 1-1 draw at Easter Road - and the Light Blues are now back to within a goal of their arch rivals. They head to Switzerland this week for Europa League duty in bullish spirits as Gerrard bids for the victory that will take them a huge step closer to the knockout stages just two matches in. With Zen Dog Alfredo leading the line, you wouldn’t put it past them to scale new heights in the shadow of the Alps. By Gary Ralston
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    And all it took was the 5-0 destruction of the next best team in the SPL, off the back of outplaying a top Dutch team, and breaking all kinds of records in reaching the group stages from the first round twice in a row. Maybe if we win the league they'll then be able to write a positive article with no sly wee digs either.
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    Tarriers supporters association writing to the SFA https://twitter.com/celtic_now/status/1178650610125680641?s=19
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    There really needs to be a law where corrections have to be the same size and printed on the same page as the offending article, for a full week.
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    No, they’re for people who are unfortunate enough not to be able to even afford food for themselves or possibly their family, you fucking idiot.
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    Stevie Gerrard going to fetch Joe Aribo a bottle of water when they first met in Portugal was a humble touch, tiny little detail but that tells you plenty about the man.
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    Just seen this on The Rangers Archives F.B. page posted by Rick Russell. Unfortunately more sad news this following the passing of Joe Mason. Our thoughts are with all of Joe’s friends and family. A terrific servant to Rangers, Joe signed in the aftermath of our European success in 1972 in what was a period of transition at Ibrox. Already 32 years of age and with over 100 career goals to his name with Morton and Kilmarnock, there was a long term strategy in his arrival and within 12 months Joe became Rangers’ assistant trainer. A clever midfielder with an eye for goal, Joe made his first team debut on October 14th 1972 in a League victory over Motherwell at Fir Park. His first goal came the following week at Gayfield as Rangers defeated Arbroath. Having worked under Willie Waddell at Kilmarnock, it was the then General Manager who announced in 1973 that Joe would replace Stan Anderson as trainer whilst also having a responsibility for overseeing the Reserve side. Over the next decade Joe would go on to demonstrate his coaching abilities achieving great success with both sides. Joe left the club in late 1983 along with manager John Greig after 11 years at Ibrox. Absent Friends. 💙 Sad news indeed , R.I.P. Joe
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    Dont see folk saying he's made it, or that he'll now be excellent long term etc. But folk were happy enough to write him off before he even played a game for us. A pretty abysmal non-objective welcome to Rangers thread as there had been in a long time. He showed on Saturday he does have quality, he has the ability and inner strength to do it against a top 6 team at a packed Ibrox when points were crucial. Whether that can continue depends on him getting opportunities and him then delivering. So I agree with you, it's too early to say he's a success. But in 90 minutes I reckon he's shown he's not shite and demonstrated and justified the quality he has that encouraged the club to sign him in the first place.
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    If Steven Gerrard signed me, selected me and told me to do something I would do it. If say, a Derek McInnes selects you and tells you to do something you say fuck off back to fishing in ponds ya wee beardy gnome.
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    Think this sums it up perfectly, especially the last ten seconds!
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    Even contemplating accepting less than nine points from those three is ridiculous
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    He may as well have just written " I hate Rangers" over and over again and it would have expressed the same point that this fabricated, farcical article did.
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    I think some can underestimate the transition of moving to a new country, new culture, new environment, with a different style of play, different demands and higher expectations. You then factor in the size of our club. It can be a bit overwhelming even if some expect you to hit the ground running. However injury and fitness problems are massive. I'm sure we've all played football even if it's just 5s or 7s and if you've been out, or are in and out due to injury it's tough getting back up to speed. Your injuries impact your fitness and you're constantly playing catch up. If you try to fast track and push your fitness you get more injuries. It's hard to get that balance. I would imagine it's the same at any level, especially the highest level. If you get injured several times through the season then you read all these rumours and criticism of you it can also affect you mentally and it becomes a bit of a downward spiral. I think most of us knew there was a player there. It's great to see he now looks ready physically, mentally and also technically. Long may it continue.
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    Should be banned for using OMG on here imo
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    ‘Operation stop 10 in full flow’ - that’s the line being trotted out now. Must have slept through a full year man and missed them winning the ninth title FS!
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    I think the “fear” thing is a ruse. It’s a public face. Shankly and Ferguson ‘s success was about how they treated people. And Lemmon is a wee fucking dick who nobody cares about and shouldn’t be mentioned in a paragraph containing Shankly and Ferguson
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    Too many defeatists on here fs it's only Young Boys we're playing not fucking Barca, they only look good because we've been shite this season, we're more than capable of going up there Thursday and turning them over!
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    Mental man! Start off complaining about the refs and end up going on about Resolution 12 and Rangers 2012. 😂😂😂
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    Of all our players Jack & Alfredo seem to have took the most from Stevie. Jack looked like he was just going to be another good SPFL player that couldn’t make it with us and would disappear back into the mid table dross in Scotland. Alfie though I love the wee man was in the verge of ruining his career by letting the hammer throwers get to him far too much. Both are now playing at their peak and could easily move on to bigger and better level of football.
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    It's very possible they drop more points on that monstrosity of a pitch. No chance but livi thugs will get away with the challenges they got away with on us, against the taigs. How quickly the tune would change if one of thier players went off with a 20 stitch head wound.
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    People vastly underestimating Young Boys in here. They are a very good side who were deservedly in the Champions League with a win against Juventus & draw against Valencia. I’ve no doubt we can cause them problems but a draw would be a great result
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    sweeping generalisations here ffs. Not every cunt that needs a foodbank rips the arse out the system - if you want to do it do it, if not, don't upset yourself. Folk need help sometimes.
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    I just think things like this are always set up with the intention of helping people in genuine need but end up being hijacked by chancers.
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    Just another standard Sportscene shitshow. celtic TV in all but name.
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    Agree 100% with the OP. I would also add Ryan Jack to the three mentioned. SG has made him a much much better player too.
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    Theres no reply at the moment as the court cases are starting and everyone has been warned to keep quiet incase it affects it. This is why there has been a few pro-celtic recently, they know there cant really be a reply without affecting the cases in some way. All they are doing is trying to change public opinion, as in the court room they are fucked. If they manage to soften the opinion then it'll just be fines as there will be no outcry to shut them down. What they didn't bank on was the mass amount of evidence that's been stockpiled, the documentary that's been in the making for years, and the Americans waiting for our court cases to finish to see if(when) they are found guilty. From what I know they are in a total panick and have shown all their cards, all they have left is to try muddy the waters. Losing game for them.
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    I suspect Hibs and SFA will have been informed of this prior to it being enacted and have agreed to say nothing, known that no one will take this further. There’s been a few articles now put into the public domain to dirty the waters of the reality of cfc scandal, the cbc boys club acting with the Rangers coach was abysmal. Their PR firm are earning its dirty money.
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    No it looks like the board have challenged this because it’s about them. If it was said about us, the ordinary fans, then nothing would have been challenged.
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    He is definitely making the position his. Always thought (hoped) he would come good. Been a different player this season, long may it continue.
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    Can't agree with this at all, we should 100% be winning these games.
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    I lost count how many times "European Cup" was mentioned. Was over 50 years ago
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    He is unlucky in that he is part of a generation where right back is probably Englands most talented/bloated position. They have so much quality to choose from that he is never even getting close to a cap. International call ups per position is a weird one when you think about it. As mentioned previously in this thread, Barisic is first choice LB for the world cup finalists these days, but wouldn't get into a dug shite Scotland team purely as it is our strongest position at the moment.
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    Also see today the directors got a paper to write them an apology after it claimed they sung songs at the 2016 SCSF against the bheggers. Defend themselves but won’t defend their own support, absolute scumbags. oh and I don’t care what was said to them they deserve the abuse they get, the cunt Robertson allowed a celtic supporting SNP politician into Ibrox. Fuck him, rat bastard.
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    First he says they can win the Europa now this... Drugs are bad, children.
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    Borna Barisic is twice the man he used to be. And that has allowed the Rangers full-back to put to bed criticisms he was too half-hearted for Scottish football that dogged him throughout his first season at Ibrox. Now, the Croatian international, signed in a £2.2m deal from Osijek last summer, is on song, having his praises sung by Steven Gerrard, pictured, and delighting in a ditty that the Rangers support have created in his honour. The turnaround is in body not mind for the 26-year-old. To do with gym, not ying and yang. “The biggest problem for me was that I was getting injured all the time because it is not easy to adapt from Croatian football to Scottish football,” Barisic said. “I came from a league that was not too much physically, more technically. It’s slower than here. So it’s not automatic that it is just reality that because you are now a player of Rangers you play Scottish football now. “When I compare the results of my tests when I arrived with those I get now the difference is unbelievable. For example with some exercises it took 100% of my powers then, now it is taking 50%, so it is a lot better. When you get injured a second then a third time you cannot catch up. This pre-season I didn’t rest at all, I just made sure that when I came back I was very fit and sharp. I feel very good.” Barisic is sensitive enough to have actively required to block out the questioning of his attitude and adaptability that was coming his way from all quarters – in truth – at various points last season. “It is not easy when you are listening to people talking, all these stories that they say about me. To be honest, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read portals [online]. I just know all the time that I have a lot of quality and that my problem was just one of physicality at that moment. “I have strong points and I don’t care what people say. Everyone can say what they want. There are a lot of fans who sent me a lot of messages and supported me all the time and I want to say thank you for that. Criticism is normal in football. People criticise Ronaldo and Messi so it is just a normal thing. I know what I need to do to be in the best position.” The position he has now found himself in is cult hero for the Rangers support, who have embraced him for the performance in the Europa League victory at home to Feyenoord that has set Steven Gerrard’s men up for their trip to Switzerland to face Young Boys in matchday two on Thursday, adapting Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon to fit his name. So tickled has he been, he even parked his aversion to online portals to check out the original he hadn’t known previously in concert with his team-mate, friend and fellow Croatian Nikola Katic. “I really enjoy it,” said Barisic, whose determination to stay and cement his place despite speculation about him has paid off. “I really enjoy all of it and I say thanks. I really appreciate that. It is amazing when you play and they sing your song. That’s good.” https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/Rangers/good-karma-for-upbeat-Rangers-borna-barisic-1-5013593
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    What really makes me angry to be totally honest If the shoe was on other foot . Our club would be no longer . Guaranteed. It would be closed down Reason . Every one of our enemies would be outside the buildings of power campaigning for us to punished from the rooftops .All those hypocritical taigs including the women , would be launching campaigns . You know they are good at doing injustice . It is their speciality . Well that and keeping BIG SECRETS . Our Club do sweet fuck all . Not a fucking mention to help themselves . just apology after apology . Those cowardly bastards shame our club , our support and all right thinking people . And our own fans are the apathetic world champions . Would much rather argue with another bear , or just be the apologists ,that many of them are and actually love being Truly sickening . And to be honest . Even RM is a fair reflection on this
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    https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=291&a=the-hypocrisy-and-shame-of-scottish-football The Hypocrisy And Shame Of Scottish Football A comparison of 2 clubs, punishments received from the footballing authorities and treatment from other member clubs for their crimes. Before reading any further, please accept my apologies for the length of this article, though after reading it in its entirety I’m sure you will agree that all relevant information had to be presented to clearly demonstrate the vast gulf in treatment afforded both clubs in relation to crimes at either end of any moral spectrum. Rangers FC - timeline of events* 14th February 2012 – Rangers Football Club Plc entered administration due to the failure to pay £9m in PAYE deductions from employees to HMRC. 14th February 2012 – Rangers FC are deducted 10 points in the Scottish Premier League (SPL) for entering administration. 14th June 2012 – HMRC announce the formal rejection of the proposed Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) which in turn meant that The Rangers Football Club Plc would be liquidated, and the business and assets would be sold to a new company by the name of Sevco Limited. 4th July 2012 - Member clubs of the SPL (by way of a vote) refused to allow the new company to adopt the league membership of the old company and as such, Rangers FC were thrown out of the SPL. “Today’s decision to refuse access into the SPL was an overwhelming one and demonstrates the depth of feeling amongst everyone involved in Scottish football. Fundamentally, the celtic Board has also been very mindful of the need to take what it believes to be the correct course of action in protecting the integrity of the game in Scotland. Throughout the whole sequence of events leading up to today’s decision the celtic Board has been of the singular view that the integrity of the game in Scotland is of paramount importance.” – celtic FC "The past few weeks have been extremely hectic in terms of our supporters and season ticket holders making their views known in great numbers to the club, as is their right. It is fair to say that in excess of 95% of them raised the issue of sporting integrity as the reason why they don't want the newco to be admitted and had not yet renewed their season tickets. We have also been contacted by supporters of various other SPL clubs, saying they would not be back to Inverness if we did not accept that sporting integrity was what mattered, but this is something that we had already considered and it is not only the integrity of the SPL that is at stake but the integrity of Scottish football.” Inverness Caledonian Thistle chairman, Kenny Cameron “One of our major objectives has to be to work with everyone concerned to ensure that the commercial challenges that this case has and will continue to cause can be mitigated as far as they possibly can so that sporting integrity can be the overriding factor.” -Aberdeen chairman, Stewart Milne “Notwithstanding the potentially damaging financial implications, the board believes that sporting integrity should not be sacrificed in favour of economic expediency. Over the last few weeks there has been a mounting groundswell of opinion amongst our fans which has clearly shown that the vast majority of our supporters would not favour an application by newco Rangers to the SPL. This has simply reaffirmed the board’s position. It is important that a clear and unambiguous message goes out from the custodians of Scottish football that this sort of scenario should never be allowed to happen again. As a result, St Johnstone Football Club will not support an application by newco Rangers to join the SPL. – St. Johnstone FC “Supporters deserve a new beginning and have to accept the fact that their club has to start from the lower league. They have lived beyond the law and all morals, and should now be declared beyond the pale” – Hearts then owner, Vladimir Romanov “The club will vote against the transfer of the Rangers share in the SPL to a newco. This reaffirms the view of the board that the sporting integrity of the SPL is of paramount importance” – Hibernian FC 13th July 2012 - SFL member clubs (by way of a vote) agree that Rangers should re-join Scottish football by starting off in Division 3, the lowest league in the structure. 14th July 2012 - The SFA hold the new company to ransom by refusing to transfer the SFA membership from the old company to the new without acceptance of all conditions relating to charges against Rangers FC of bringing the game into disrepute, including a 12-month transfer embargo, the payment of all outstanding fines and football debts relating to the old company, and agreement on broadcasting rights. 25th July 2012 – Conditional agreement reached on the transfer of SFA membership from old company to new company. 29th July 2012 – Rangers FC kick off their 2012-13 season against Brechin City in the Challenge Cup. 3rd August 2012 – Formal transfer of SFA membership from old company to new company is concluded. 31st October 2012 – The Rangers Football Club Plc enter liquidation. *It is important to remember that the above sequence of events was triggered by Rangers failure to pay £9m in PAYE deductions to HMRC. celtic FC - timeline of events 1966 - celtic Boys Club founded. Approval to start the Boys Club using the celtic name and colours was granted by Robert Kelly (celtic FC Chairman) and Jock Stein (celtic Manager). The Boys Club was initially independent from the professional celtic Football Club after a semi-formal agreement was made where the Under-16 side would act as a nursery for celtic scouts. This deal included giving the Boys Club access and full use of celtic FC’s training facilities. 1974 - Jim Torbett is thrown out of celtic Boys Club by celtic Manager Jock Stein after details of Torbett’s sexual abuse of children in his care at celtic Boys Club become known. Jock Stein decided not to inform the police of the sexual abuse that had been uncovered and instructed others within celtic FC to keep the good name of the club intact. 1977 - Jock Stein presented an award to Jim Torbett for ‘Services to the club’, 3 years after he was kicked out of celtic Boys Club. 1978 - Jock Stein was replaced as Manager at celtic FC and takes up the position of Manager at Leeds United. 1980 - Jim Torbett was allowed to come back to celtic Boys Club. At the time, Hugh Birt attempted to block his return by voicing his concerns on Torbett’s past behaviour to the celtic FC Board of Directors, but his concerns were ignored. 1984 - Incorporation of Jim Torbett’s company ‘The Trophy Centre Limited’, supplying trophies and medals etc. to various sporting organisations in the UK including celtic FC. 1985 - Hugh Birt resigns as Chairman of celtic Boys Club. celtic FC ostracised Hugh Birt from that point on. 1988 - In December 1988, Kevin Kelly is appointed as a Director of ‘celtic PLC (celtic FC)’. 1989 - In June 1989, Kevin Kelly is appointed as a director of ‘The Scottish Football Association’. 1989 - In October 1989, Kevin Kelly is appointed as a Director of ‘The Trophy Centre Limited’. 1993 - Former celtic Player and Manager, Lou Macari, released his autobiography titled ‘Football, My Life’ in 2008. In the book Macari wrote of an instance where a player came to him soon after taking on the Managers role in 1993 complaining that Frank Cairney had made sexual advances towards him on a recent tour of North America. Neither Macari nor his colleagues reported this instance to the police. 1994 - In September 1994, Kevin Kelly resigns from Director at ‘The Scottish Football Association’. 1995 - Gerry McSherry (celtic fan) was informed by Hugh Birt of the sexual abuse of young children that was happening on a regular basis at celtic. Gerry McSherry passed on to Strathclyde Police a list of 14 active predators connected with celtic Boys Club and celtic FC. Strathclyde Police refused to act. 1996 - Former celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil accuses Jim Torbett (former celtic Boys Club Director & Manager) of sexual abuse. 1997 - Neil Strachan, Secretary of celtic East Boys Club (another club officially recognised by celtic FC) is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for repeatedly molesting a boy for 2 years from the age of 5. 1998 - Jim Torbett was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of shameless and indecent conduct with three juvenile players between October 1967 and March 1974. Torbett was given a prison sentence of 30 months. Court transcripts from this trial show that celtic Manager Jock Stein failed to alert the police and instructed celtic officials to cover up Torbett's paedophile activities. 2000 - In November 2000, Jim Torbett resigned from Director at ‘The Trophy Centre Limited’. 2004 - In May 2004, John Cullen (an official photographer of celtic FC) admitted taking pictures of nude and semi-naked children as young as 10 after a stash of more than 250 indecent images had been found in his store room at celtic Park, the photographs had been there for more than 20 years. He admitted inviting the children to a house in Glasgow between January and December 1982 before getting them to pose for the camera. At Glasgow Sheriff Court he pled guilty to a charge of lewd and libidinous behaviour. He had been employed by celtic for 30 years. 2005 - In August 2005, Kevin Kelly resigns from Director at ‘The Trophy Centre Limited’. 2018 - In April 2018, Jim Torbett appeared at the High Court in Glasgow where he faced 12 historical sexual abuse charges dating from January 1970 to August 1994. 2018 - In August 2018, celtic Boys Club changed their name to St Patrick’s Sports Academy in an attempt to distance the connection with celtic FC. It is alleged that celtic FC paid St. Patrick’s £20,000 as a deal sweetener. 2018 - On 5th November 2018, Jim Torbett was found guilty of five counts of sexually abusing children and sentenced to 6 years in prison. 2018 - On 5th December 2018, Gerald King (former celtic Boys Club Chairman) is found guilty of sexually abusing 4 boys and 1 girl when he was a teacher/football coach at St. Martha’s primary school in Glasgow between 1984-89. King was associated with celtic Boys Club between 1982-2009. King had also previously been an employee at Jim Torbett’s company (The Trophy Centre Limited). 2018 - In December 2018, Gerry McSherry publicly revealed that he had passed a list of 14 active sexual predators connected with celtic Boys Club and celtic FC to Strathclyde police in 1995/96. 2019 - On 7th February 2019, Frank Cairney was sentenced to 4 years in prison after being convicted on 9 charges of sexual abuse against children. Cairney, who was employed by celtic Boys Club between1971-86, was found guilty of sexually abusing the children between1965-86. The former Manager of celtic Boys Club abused the children at various locations including the celtic FC training facility at Barrowfield in Glasgow. The abuse carried out at Barrowfield was both before and during his time at celtic Boys Club. 2019 - On 14th May 2019, Jim McCafferty was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison after being found guilty of 12 charges relating to the sexual abuse of 10 teenagers between 1972-96 whilst employed as a coach for celtic Boys Club and then officially employed by celtic Football Club between 1990-96 as a coach/kit man to the celtic Youth team. It emerged during the course of the trial that some of the sexual abuse carried out by McCafferty happened within celtic Park. It has further emerged since his trial that there were very strong connections between McCafferty, Jim Torbett and Barry Bennell the former Manchester City and Crewe Alexandria coach, now serving 30 years behind bars for the sexual abuse of 86 former players at the clubs. The connection between the 3 convicted paedophiles included the introduction of celtic Boys Club youngsters to Barry Bennell. Comparison On comparing the two situations relating to Rangers FC and celtic FC as listed above it is clear that there has been major discrepancies in how each club has been treated by the footballing authorities and other SFA member clubs. It is also clear that obvious questions are not being asked by the mainstream Scottish media, politicians, and people in positions of influence within the Scottish footballing system. The glaring questions that nobody dares ask are: 1. Why has the SFA not taken punitive action against celtic FC for bringing the game into disrepute? After all, the SFA considered it a fair and just approach when dealing with the financial misdemeanours of Rangers FC. celtic FC has without doubt broken the rules of membership of the SFA. It has now become clear through various recent court cases that celtic have been continually bringing the game into disrepute for a number of decades. By their failure and outright refusal to act against celtic FC, is the SFA saying that the sexual abuse of children under the care of member clubs is acceptable? Are the SFA suggesting that financial misadministration of a member club is far more serious that child sexual abuse by another member club? Are the SFA suggesting that the integrity of Scottish football has not been destroyed by the revelations that a member club has been heavily involved for several decades in the sexual abuse of children? On the 5th July 2019, Chris McLaughlin of BBC Scotland reported on Twitter that UEFA had been in contact with the SFA in regard to the issue of historic child sexual abuse in Scottish football. UEFA stated that it “fully trusts in the capacity of the SFA to deal with this matter”. Yet here we are, almost 3 months down the road and the SFA still haven’t lifted a finger. Perhaps its time for UEFA to give the SFA a nudge and remind them that they are still waiting, much like the thousands of supporters of Scottish clubs who are the very lifeblood of the game and continue to be treated with disdain by the SFA. Or perhaps UEFA could inform those very same supporters on just what assurances were given by the SFA for UEFA to have full trust that the SFA would deal with the issue, seeing as the SFA have been struck down by some mystery disability that renders them mute and unwilling to gauge or consider the concerns of the supporters who currently pay through the nose to financially support Scottish football. 2. Where is the widespread condemnation from other member clubs against the irrefutable paedophile activities that have been prevalent around celtic FC since the 1960’s (at the known earliest)? Member clubs were lining up to condemn Rangers FC due to financial mismanagement, all of them spouting the same pre-agreed mantra of ‘sporting integrity must prevail’. Where are they now? Do all those clubs also consider that financial mismanagement is a greater crime than the sexual abuse of children? Where are their comments stating …… “mindful of the need to take what it believes to be the correct course of action in protecting the integrity of the game in Scotland” “the integrity of the game in Scotland is of paramount importance” “it is not only the integrity of the SPL that is at stake but the integrity of Scottish football” “so that sporting integrity can be the overriding factor” “It is important that a clear and unambiguous message goes out from the custodians of Scottish football that this sort of scenario should never be allowed to happen again” “This reaffirms the view of the board that the sporting integrity of the SPL is of paramount importance” Is sporting integrity no longer fashionable? Have all these clubs suddenly lost their moral compass? All SFA member clubs (and this includes Rangers) should be ashamed of themselves. Their unwillingness to speak out against the sexual abuse of children in Scottish football and demand that fair and just punishment is applied is nothing short of disgraceful. Like the SFA, by their inaction, they are essentially complicit in the sexual abuse of children. Each and every club should be demanding that the SFA take action against the biggest sporting scandal ever known worldwide. Make no mistake the paedophile ring that has been allowed to continue unhindered in Scottish football for many decades, is huge in scale. It is anticipated by lawyers representing victims that over 100 individuals will be coming forward through the courts seeking apologies and compensation for the hideous crimes committed against them. Shame on every top-level football club under the SFA for failing to demand justice from their footballing governing body! 3. Why has the Scottish judicial system continually ignored the pleas from thousands of disgusted members of the public for a full and transparent public enquiry into the paedophile ring that has been operating in Scottish football around celtic FC/celtic Boys Club since the 1960’s (at the known earliest)? It is astonishing, that in face of public pressure and demand that no public enquiry shows any sign of materialising. Or maybe not given that Humza Yousaf the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice is a well-known celtic FC season ticket holder. Surely conflict of interest isn’t preventing Mr. Yousaf from ensuring application of Law & Order in Scotland? Is it? Scottish mainstream media is equally failing in its duties and responsibilities by giving prominent people and organisations an easy time on this matter. Rather than some of the more unhinged and socially backward journalists claiming that anyone questioning the paedophile ring in Scotland is just doing so to point score against celtic, perhaps they should concentrate on their work at hand and take up the fight for justice. Had these journalists not been ignoring the issue for decades despite all the evidence being out there and in their face for so long, I’m sure early condemnation of what was going on would have prevented many further children suffering abhorrent abuse at the hands of monsters. Scottish football clubs need to step forward and demand justice on behalf of all the victims, it is the correct moral stance to adopt. Until appropriate punishment is delivered, Scottish football will continue to be viewed as a corrupt body run by shameless people lacking moral fibre. Until then, I’ll leave you with the words of Vladimir Romanov ….. “They have lived beyond the law and all morals, and should now be declared beyond the pale”
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