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    ..........hello, hello! Hard work starts here Rangers. Now we have it......lets show fight, grit and determination never to lose it!
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    What can you say a terrific player we are lucky to have him should have had five today.
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    Gerard's man management of him and Morelos is spot on as well. Even though they are both fighting it out for that main striker spot, they both seem to really get on. Defoe was desperate to try and set up Morelos, and Morelos was doing the same in return.
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    Its almost like leagues aren't won or lost in September
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    The Colossus of broomie and copland Rhodes. I suppose mainly history buffs will get that.
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    I feel the boy deserves his own thread. For a right back, his composure and pass completion rate was fantastic when he came on. And please feel free to post photos of his wife.
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    Can’t think of a more perfect alternative to Morelos. At an age where he won’t mind sitting out a few games, but still more than good enough to lead the line on his own. And the good influence on Morelos can’t be over estimated. A stroke of absolute genius by SG
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    The young girl who got his top was one of the kids who was at Livingston and had to leave early because of the bangers thrown at the game. Whole family are Rangers mad. A terrific gesture by Jermaine.
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    Aside from that one freak performance in the worst possible match, we’re consistent as fuck with a whole variety of starting 11s. Things are looking very promising
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    If we can't beat Hamilton at home after that result earlier, we won't be winning any 55th title.
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    Now staying ahead of this shower will hopefully give them pressure , they have never had Win all our games up to the Scumdome now and we will see where that takes us So happy today with that
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    Class striker and a genuinely good guy. He will score for fun this season. We have the best 2 strikers in Scotland.
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    The boy is fucking brilliant! On & off the park! At the game at Livi a couple of weeks back as well when he was trying to hide out of sight of their keeper, got seen & burst out laughing with a shurg of the shoulders 😂 was funny as fuck!
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    The last break we had just lost to the vermin and sat 3 points and 10 goals behind....4 weeks later we sit 2 points clear and 6 goals better off.....a 5 point and 16 goal swing....we couldn't have asked for a better reaction, importantly they have shipped 5 points against 2 teams who were struggling for form, it makes our loss to them all the more frustrating but we now have the momentum to carry this for forward as we look for 55
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    What can we say about the big Colossus, strolled through the game like some god from mythology
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    Just in from work to find the tramps beat and a hat trick for Defoe yyaassssss.
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    I can't but think fans of other teams have been voting in this 😂
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    Last remark. After playing for liverpool in legends match there maybe a small cameo role in a blue shirt 😁😃
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    He's a decent enough player. Seems to have been dismissed as being shite by elements of our support for no particular reason.
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    He's more intelligent than any other player on the pitch including ours. That's why he scored 20 times for England.
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    I hope when he is feeling depressed that he thinks of Ibrox, Rangers, and the fans, and how much we do love him. Just like we all do if we are away from home and under the pressures of work etc. It's a good coping mechanism to think of family, friends and loved ones. It's a fact of life that not everyone is going to like you, but it's none of my business what other people think of me, it's what I think of me that counts.
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    Rangers heading top of the Scottish league Liverpool going 8 points clear in the English prem i would say Mrs. Gerrard is in for a good night the night
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    And they can fuck off with the out of character pish for the red card. He's been sent off a few times. Cowardly wee diving fucker.
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    Cunts will still win I have no doubts. Obviously this post is aimed to get ridiculed if they don’t
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    It’s good day when your back up has scored more than the main striker.
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    What a fucking weekend this is turning out to be! Stuck this on during half time in our game!
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