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    Just keep picking up 3 points in the league and I'll be ecstatic. Europa a bonus
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    If we get 6 points in the league, and beaten in Europe I’ll still be happy. Europe is a great, but it can’t take away from the league.
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    This sums it up for me. As long as we don't get embarrassed in Europe I really don't care this season. Just want to win the league
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    Don’t really care about Porto game tbh just want 6 points in League.
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    Hate these threads Sunday we must win that's all that matters
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    Looks to have completely cracked it. Funny how you can preach this after you have nearly $500m in career earnings touring the world driving a car.
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    Their goalkeeper said after the game he thought the fans were pretty well behaved Absolutely incredible. Fair play to the captain, Popov. It takes a person with a lot of courage and principles to do what he did, whilst nobody else around him supported.
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    They might have their new Dutch striker Hertz Van Rental playing for them.
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    Have to agree with you on that account regarding standard of player ...... but it was a very different role the goalkeeper had to play back then with no protection from the officials as there was no rules laid out to protect goalies then. Not sure that any of the ones you compared Big Peter with could have stood the punishment keepers got before the rules changed ..... Peter was no worse than any of the others of that era ... and he had his moments or he would not have been our number one choice ...... the whole team was of a different standard back then .... and they did bring home the ECWC from Barcelona to their credit with Big Peter between the sticks ..... that achievement alone makes him stand out as a winner and he deserves to be remembered as such.
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    We had to pay 7 million for Kent.. If we pay 7 million for Ojo whoever sanctions that needs a medical.
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    I’d rather it didn’t tbh.
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    Scored for Scotland under 19s against Germany in a qualifier tonight. 1-0 at HT. Have extremely high hopes for this kid.
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    FT 1 nil win. Far improved 2nd half. Rangers boys all got pass marks and impressed.
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    The moment when you're far more interested watching Algeria Vs Columbia than Scotland Vs Anybody, well, except if it was Scotland Vs Columbia Haven't watched a single Scotland game recently, but I'll tune in for this.
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    I’m flying out of Madrid at 14.50 on Ryanair , If that his flight I’d share a taxi to the city centre , Still time to book in my digs and get a beer or 2
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    Europe is a bonus. Getting there was fantastic financially but we’ve got ourself into a great position in league and that should be priority.
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    Every game will be hard. Being top of the league brings a pressure that our players have never been under before. Let's hope our players thrive on it.
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    He is a young lad that couldn't impress Stevie G and was told to go find another Club. I can sort of understand why he is upset and in a cream puff. It's never nice to be rejected. Plus the papers always will put a spin on it if it's possible to include a pop at Rangers. Good luck to him. Pity he wasn't able to be the 30 goal a season striker we needed.
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    Stolen from Twitter....... Next three are... Hears Away. - Rangers win Porto Away - Hopeful for a draw Motherwell Home - Rangers win Overall 7 from 9, with 6 in the league. I think that would be very bloody good. Thoughts?
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    Think the Colombian keepers mother used to be hooked on snorting thalidomide. That was fucking awful!
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    A lot of hype around him would be nice to see him integrated into the first team and given some opportunities next season The first of a new breed of Scots players in our youth squad - more technical than physical!
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    Leave here on Sunday Chicago - Heathrow Heathrow- Madrid Madrid - Porto Tuesday til Friday in Porto. It’ll have cost me over $6000 by the time I’m back in the US.
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    Hypocritical English pricks , this goes on in Bulgaria , Italy , Russia and plenty other european countries every week and fuck all gets said or done about it. Now its happened to the English and every cunt needs the sack. Biggest joke is it goes on in their country every other week and fuck all is ever done about it .......
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    Abuse based on someone's race is significantly worse than abuse based on someone's perceived religious background. They aren't even close to being the same thing, especially when it comes to two forms of the same religion which the Old Firm tends to be.
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    Quite simply a fucking banning offence @gogzy I blame the schools
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    I'm still reeling from Saturday on RTV when he was asked what his biggest phobia is and he replied with rats
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    When he and Davis signed last season I was of the opinion that they would be the type of player we needed to back up the squad and bolster it when required .... both have not let us down and are doing what it says on the tin. In particular JD has shone like a beacon and has been hitting the back of the net on a regular basis ..... his pedigree is still there to be seen regardless of age ..... I hope like he does that he can finish his career with us with a flourish .... and a fist full of trophies. Great wee guy on and off the park ... and the fact that he gets it up here and knows what we are all about is a massive bonus .... he should be on our PR team as he speaks more about us than the current crowd do ....
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    It's a shame we never experimented with a front two of Dodoo and Sadiq
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