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    Correct mate .... what you say suggests that we outed him for what he was and no other club would employ him ..... it also firmly suggests that The Rangers were not in the business of covering up nasty bastards like him. The polar opposite was .... as has been proven in a court of law ..... to be the order of the day at CFC and CBC ..... where the harbouring and reemploying of proven paedophiles has caused untold physical and psychological damage to the victims of the crimes committed against them ..... and Daly knew exactly what he was doing by attempting to tar our Club with the same brush ...... what we did was the right thing and they all fucking know this to be the case ..... the only ones covering up are the likes of Daly and the rest of the CFC season ticket holders at BBC Scotland ... cunts everyone of them. 🇬🇧
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    If the board are just going to sit and twiddle their thumbs,while the bbc try to drag us into the Monstrous acts perpetrated on over 100 kids by a paedophile ring of 14 beasts (Gerry McSherry knew) Then you can bet that is what will happen. GET OFF YER ARSES AND SET A TEAM OF LAWYERS ON THAT SCABBY BUNCH OF REPUBLICAN SCUM AT PACIFIC FUCKIN QUAY AND DO IT NOW. TAKE THEM ON FOR FUXXAKE.
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    Even before a whistle is blown. Anyway, glass houses n awe that..
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    In a one off situation . Yes this all would fit ............. Whereas the bheasts on a wholesale scale ,had probably over 50 abusers and counting on their staff over many years . On a conveyer belt of abusing children over decades . Where hundreds of bheasts came and went unchecked , released and then accepted back . It was what we call nowadays . A paedo ring . But these words have not even had a mention, from an organisation that is historically known with the Jimmy Savile scandal . Covering up his sick and bheastly behaviour on an INTERNATIONAL scale . Check back online .The words PAEDO RING never gets a mention from this vile and corrupt organisation with double standards . What is happening in this corrupt little land is deplorable to any right thinking person . Instead of accepting responsibilities and learning from previous scandals in their own buildings . They are continuing to lie and betray the young people that have been abused in all this . Not using facts, but just lies to try and incriminate our club in this whole Bheast Fc scandal . You would almost think BBC Scotland had been part of the same PAEDOPHILE RING
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    Sorry about delay in replying I was in the en-suite shower room.😉😜
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    If we had a normal media they would be asking the SFA a lot of uncompromising questions, they want to answer it by blaming an inadequate rule book that won’t allow them to act. They’ve already put out that sound bites. Other media reports being put out there saying that no rules exist for mandatory reporting will be what they’ll cling onto. It wouldn’t of been as easy if they had a reference to an act and stated that they may take football teams that failed to mandatory report child abuse accusations to civil court.
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    well that's no very likely is it, @ForeverAndEver hasn't been able to see his boabie since 1994 and I'm willing to bet no else has either
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    Theres a reason why the SFA took so long to release the report and why they are quite damning of celtic in it, and its purely because they altered their rulebooks to remove the rule that would require them to punish clubs for historic crimes
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    These statements followed by apologies are put out simply to damage the club. BBC Scotland knows this and reporters bias are overlooked. There must be enough of these incidents by now for the clubs lawyers to make a compelling case to the BBC and failing suitable action from them to go to court.
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    I think so mate, remember he's not just young but hes from a different culture as well as handling an untrustworthy media in a different country speaking not his first language fpr an employer which gets millions of social media hits a day. I went to Lithuania with the wife a year back and asked her why everyone looked unhappy and grim, she said it's just not in the culture to smile. She also said if you go about smiling at people and being courteous like in we normally do in the UK they'll think you're mad. I finally understood when I opened a door open for a woman at Vilnius bus station, and as I tried to follow after her another woman barged in front of me before I could get through the door. What a cunt.
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    I think the fact that a highly rated coach/scout went from working at the biggest club in Scotland to coaching privately says a lot about whether we kept quiet or not. We hired him because he was good at his job and had no reason not to, after us no-one hired him. Think its obvious why.
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    “Are you going to continue to ask me these silly questions?”
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    Imagine being Ryan Jack watching that. Your footballing idol growing up was Steven Gerrard who made such an impression on you that you named your dog after him. Then the guy becomes your manager at your boyhood club and now there’s a video of him walking out wearing your number jesting that he’s taking your place in the team Oh, and you play with Jermain Defoe now too. Mental.
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    Expect us to win and if we score first it will end up comfortable. There’s a demo against Levein and Budge tomorrow so expect the atmosphere to get toxic if we take the lead.
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    Yep, not easy to transcend the gap betwen football and fashion. Gok Wan Nil 😂😂
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    A just bought 5 scratchcards all the same type n never even.got a 2 quid back, that's how my lucks been the day lol
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    No doubt they would campaign, but any campaign should be completely ignored by the authorities as they should be making decision based on the laws of the game. So I'd enjoy watching them greetin in all the papers after giving us a lovely 3 points for their own stupidity
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    Fair dos mate, maybe not so confident with media. Just me reading more into this than necessary
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    Their fines will be reduced that much UEFA will end up handing them pyro as they go in the turnstiles.
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    Big love for the fucking Hammer. Amazing seeing him back in the blue shirt
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    Oh it’s still a possibility ha ha. Of course I’m drunk it’s Saturday ffs ha ha.
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    This is absolutely spot on. I'll be bad but @Mr Soprano is usually on another level
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    Think that’s probably key to how tomorrow pans out mate, early goal for us and I think we stroll it, longer it takes to break them down the harder it’ll be.
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    I know mate 😂🙈, should just have the Hummel gear and that will do 😂
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    Always a boot in the bawz when you get that close only to be left pissed off.
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    Aye, and that Mhank Auld broke Davie Provan's leg in the game
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    We’ve managed to get 11 it’s a fucking shambles. 6 got CCCS and 4 as an A+ club, I remember when I first called the secretary to say I had a season ticket and would go every week 10 year ago it was hearts away next day and we were basically giving them away
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    Great send off for Rory best, sad to see him retire. He will be a huge loss to Ulster and Ireland
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    Well that's a lie He was on here less than a year ago posting some creepy shite about how he regretted not speaking to a girl at Ibrox after one of our games because he thought she was perfect or something
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    Mentality. But organisation plays a key part. The whole Rugby structure is completely different to say football here. Rugby at school, club, provincial and professional franchise level are all basically set up just to produce All Blacks.
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    It's even better than the video on YouTube of his goals last season with his song played over it
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    You forget the age of this guy because he's still that good
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    When I was at uni most of us worked in pubs but my pal got a job in a more upmarket bar and he thought he was Brian Flanagan. One night at another pals house he asked if I wanted a “Fluffy Duck”. Aye ok. Tasted it, absolutely barking. What the fuck is this? Advocaat and Bacardi. What the fuck is Advocaat (having only heard of it in the Rangers shop catalogue)? Eggs and Brandy. WHAT THE FUCK? The Dutch are wrong yins.
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    I look at it like this. hibs didn’t notify police/authorities about neely, he goes to Rangers. Neely is sacked by Rangers, authorities must have been told as he never worked for another football club again as far as I know.
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    Protecting the Rangers brand is one of the many important duties of the board. They should nip this in the bud and then go on the attack.
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    No mention of Hibs staying quiet. Had they called the police, he never would have been at Rangers. This is never mentioned of course.
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