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    I would happily see Ojo back down the road to Liverpool.
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    Does everything. Got to laugh at the amount of times he ran by a player and had various shots on goal, yet Aribo and Arfield done fuck all again.
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    Replay of their goal and it's Goldson and Barisic that fucked up not Tav. Tav was never getting to that first.
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    Tav was fine defensively and covered for Goldson a few times today, he wasn't at fault for their goal. He made a few poor crosses but was also heavily involved in Jacks goal and got another assist for Kents goal. This obsession to find fault with him that some people have on here is weird as fuck tbh and something you would expect to see on a celtic forum.
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    Nothing special but I hardly ever win so I’m chuffed!
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    I never get why people post shite like this. Each game takes care of itself. We were unreal at Livi, a place nearly every team struggles at, so good the Livi captain said we are the best side they have faced. We arent going to go round steamrolling every side we play and never conceding chances.
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    Brutal most of the game but all that matters every week from now on is three points , on to the next one........
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    Typical of our support, hating on someone who's doing the opposite to us. The fuck man? He might no be my cup of tea, but the reaction on here is mind boggling at times.
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    Still can’t believe they beat us over there, they were dog shite.
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    Asks what Ojo has done this season. I tell you. “Aye but those are just stats”. Absolute nonsense reply
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    Complete performance again today. Defence splitting passes, first and second balls won, goal and could have had more.
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    I didn’t see the game but the sentiment still applies. With so many important (arguably bigger) games coming up, 3pts are just paramount at places like this. Performances are irrelevant when a league is to be won. No way this performance will have a bearing on eg Feyenoord or them.
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    We would have lost that against decent opposition. Defence was awful
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    Jack- Moreols - Kent. Great goal. The rest should get fucking slaughtered. A mess in defence, a keeper constantly stuck to his line and as for Ojo, Aribo and Arfield - dreadful.
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    Oh surprise another thread slaughtering Goldson. Still the best centre back at the club
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    Goldson and Tavernier were absolute fkn rotten there and McCoist is right.
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    Terrible second-half. We really need to address RW in January.
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    Not going to say well done because it wasn’t Anyway 3 points all that matters
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    Ojo is fkn dreadful Stewart must be sick tht he gets a game ahead of him.
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    Arfield needs to pack the international football in. He’s 31 now and has to make long trips to play for Canada. Most players, especially dynamic ones like him, are starting to think about prolonging their club careers at this point and the extra football looks to be having a negative effect on his form.
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    Just fuckin win. These type of games always concern me. Come on Gers
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    A kid could be the best player in the country at 15 then out the game completely by 18 so it is all a bit of a gamble on how they turn out.
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    Was at the Chelsea v Barca 4-2 game in 2004 and although Chelsea won that day he was by far the best player on the park, some of the individual bits of brilliance that day was absolutely unbelievable, and I’m glad I see him live as for me he’s without doubt one of the games best of all time
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    Awready buzzing for the Scottish cup semi final against Motherwell so I can phone and ask for bar1872 hospitality to be told there isn’t any , to which I’ll reply how can that be
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    Brandon Williams is United's version of Myles Beerman. He's clearly out of his depth at this level.
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    The fact they are losing to Sheffield Utd and it’s not even a surprise just shows how bad they are these days.
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    If we win & Porto win there is still a scenario where 3 teams could end up with 10 points and we’d go out when you work through the permutations. it’s highly unlikely but we wouldn’t be guaranteed qualification
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    How can we win so many headers in the opposition penalty box but get so few on target
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    Good post. Also wish our centre backs could, just occasionally, direct their headers where they’re meant to go. Jack is majestic today.
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    Should be contesting that in his 6 yard box. Goldson far more culpable though.
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    Tales of the river plate fans doing 55 hour bus journeys to get to the game. Fuck that, I’m dreading the journey home from Rotterdam by bus never mind that 😂
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    It's getting to the point with taig fines in europe that they would be better setting up a direct debt.
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