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    Young Rangers fan sadly lost his battle against Cystic Fibrosis yesterday. He was in intensive care in Glasgow Children's Hospital. My wee girl is in here just now too, thankfully there's light at the end of the tunnel for her but Ayden's wasn't so lucky. It's been absolutely heartbreaking watching the family go through this and they've made an appeal for a round of applause in the 13th minute. I've pasted the link to the story below, couldn't get it to copy and paste. Goes without saying our thoughts are with the family. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5193675/Rangers-fans-applause-ayden-cochrane-cystic-fibrosis-death/amp/
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    Said it countless times before, Hartson is not ‘hurting’, ‘obsessed’ etc. He is directed & instructed straight from the Parkhead boardroom to push certain narratives. Same as Sutton.
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    Report on tonight's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/01/21/late-glasgow-cup-win-for-colts/
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    This time last year we had turned up the heat by beating them at Ibrox. After the game there was no complaints, just an acknowledgement that they were beaten fair and square by the better team. 48 hours later the usual suspects had been briefed (Sutton, Hartson, Stewart, Boyd etc) and their mhedia editors duly obliged by creating a narrative that the referee was a masonic Rangers fan who had singlehandedly beaten them. There followed a sectarian demonisation for 3 full weeks which resulted in police intervention. The world was conspiring to stop the 10. This year the comprehensive battering was in their own midden and there were no complaints - until the briefing and then suddenly tens of thousands of fans were traumatised as two violent young thugs were going to shoot them and cut their throats. The narrative is created and the mhedia editors step up to the plate. Stunningly incompetent/biased (you choose) refereeing performance - didn't happen Racist abuse aimed at players - didn't happen Elbow landed by their thug captain off the ball (again), not punished at the time (or was it?) clear video evidence for retrospective CO action - didn't happen Fact is they control large parts of the mhedia and have placement everywhere who are briefed and on message. Alfredo is the number one threat and will be singled out and relentlessly hunted like never before. Witch-hunt?? it's been there for a while but will now be cranked up to levels never seen before. They have been "celebrating" 10 in a row for the past 3 years as they believed it was a done deal. There is nothing they won't stoop to to try to achieve it. The difference now is that we are better than them and they know it. We need to ignore the irrelevant, focus 100% and play 19 cup finals and destroy them. If you think the last 3 weeks is a meltdown you're really going to enjoy the 55 version
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    Why can't people in the media point out the fact that Wanyama made the exact same gesture to Dundee Utd fans? It's really that simple. Still the continuous greeting about it and the pain in that clowns voice is absolute golden
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    Witch hunt of course their is Exhibit 1....Alfredo receives sectarian & Racial abuse whilst leaving the field of play before any gestures were made. The following day Rangers issue a statement about the said incidents, this is collaborated by stv journalist Peter Smith who was sent the footage but refused to give it a platform as it was so abusive (any other set of fans or player being abused and it would have been given a platform alright) the following day celtic issue a statement but in the statement they mention the gestures as being inflammatory!!! Exhibit 2. Sutton calls for a 5 match ban for gestures but nothing mentioned about the sectarian or racial abuse Exhibit 3. A constant reminder in the daily rhags that Alfredo could be called up for retrospective action from the compliance officer(clearly not for letting it go) Exhibit 4. We now have news of a 3rd yellow card issued to Alfie for said gesture Exhibit 5. A whole 22 days after the game we now have hartson sticking his ore in....condemns Alfredo for the gesture, condemns SG and the Rangers board for their support of Alfie. Exhibit 6. After 2 days of statements regarding the sectarian & racial abuse Alfie received the media and pundits have totally fell silent, no arrests made, no football banning orders and last but not least NO CONDEMNATION of the people and of celtic by hartson & sutton on their former employers by not doing more to kick such abuse out. In theory 22 now 23 days after a game which featured sectarian & racial abuse to a player is still talked about because the same player made a gesture, good to see we have our priorities sorted in Scotland!!!
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    Hartson really is making a complete arsehole of himself ..... but then again it shouldn't come as a surprise to us .... due to the fact he has a half a head's start in that department ..... after his head operation removed half his brain and replaced the missing bit with half his arsehole to fill the gap left there. It's now plain to see the effect it has on him ..... when you have shit for brains .... it's to be expected that talking shit would be one of the major by products. 22 going on 23 days now since we humped them .... and not one day has been spent on talking about how well we played ..... just place men like .... shit for brains .... Sutton .... Stewart .... Brazil etc etc ..... gibbering like madmen about a few hand signs that do not mean what they want them to mean ...... while conveniently ignoring all the glaring racism and witch hunting of our players and our Club .... I can never remember a January that has given me so much happiness at the utter meltdown of the tarrier tribe ....... it really has been wonderful to see their agony ..... and the month still has a bit to go .... absolutely wonderful ......
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    Day 22 and the slug is still so raging that he's out of breath. 😂 Hartson and that wee wank Stewart, along with all the other paedo supporting terrorists are pretending it's an offensive cut-throat gesture because that's how they want to see it . They won't listen to anything which says otherwise simply because it doesn't suit them to do so. This is the cut-throat gesture they all want it to be. Could honestly post a million more but here are a few gestures which literally takes seconds to find as they are all tagged with the key words and are very commonly understood to mean "no", "cut it out", "stop", "i'm done", "that's enough", "it's finished", etc, etc, etc. In other words - as we all know, as we have likely all seen it before - this is a gesture which signals the end of something. This more closely resembles the gesture Alfredo made and it would make sense in the context as it was performed right at the end of the match. He was saying that the match is over. Or perhaps he was signalling for the crowd to cut out the torrents of racial and sectarian abuse that he was being bombarded with, but i don't think that was the case as his gesture was aimed towards our backroom staff and not the bigots in the crowd. You wouldn't think they would still be talking about this more than 3 weeks later.
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    The witch hunt is in full on hate mode. The simple truth is it's not about Alfie,it's because he's helping Rangers to achieve where we're going. I worked beside people in a carpet factory in 1972,and within 5 minutes of starting I knew what that gesture meant. It meant cut the machines,as it's time up. I have witnessed this gesture in loads of places which were noisy. Coal mines,factories,building sites and off shore all used this gesture. BUT!!!...let the haters say what ever they fuckin want. Throat cut gesture my fuckin arse. A full blown witch hunt from scabby bastards shiting themselves that we are about to upset the fenian empire. Whoever takes his place will be under the same fuckin rules. WELL!!!!...unless we win 55,which will make their bitterness and hate seem pointless.
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    A can't wait until we beat them at Ibrox. The last 22 days have been priceless.
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    Was thinking how cool it would be if the famous Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool both returned to winning ways at the same moment. We have both known tragedy with the 66 and 96 brave souls and have also waited long to reclaim our rightful places at the top so why not together
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    No there’s not he came to Scotland with a terrible reputation after his time in Finland where he was sent off zero times, caused no problems and didn’t even cut anyone’s throat. He’s clearly a wrong un, you can tell from the way he’s set up a charity for disadvantaged kids in Columbia and his gesture shames football. He should face a three year ban and Rangers FC should pay for treatment for those celtic fans who experienced PTSD immediately after his it’s finished gesture.
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    Absolute shite. Maybe you need one of these
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    I suppose that I am not the only one out there gorging on this schadenfreude feast. THEM really, really, really are not taking their defeat very well at all. It is almost as if they believe that some law has been passed that we are not allowed to beat THEM, especially on their own midden, and they simply cannot accept that it happened. They are reacting like the typical arrogant bully who has had his own way for way too long, who has finally came up against someone prepared to stand their ground, they are confused and are lashing out blindly at those around them. Here is hoping that we can go on and add to their confusion in the coming weeks.
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    Really sad as this happened just a couple of days after he was going to get the drug he needed to help his condition. RIP young bear and condolences to his family. 😢
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    Just wait until the drop points at Killie.
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    If this somehow helps the family through what must be really difficult time then I don’t see a problem with it. Also a local family to me.
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    Of course there is . And I hate to tell anyone that's bored with this already , but it's only going to get worse . Not only will this episode keep on going , as hartson proved yesterday , but I'd expect to see new and further allegations to surface throughout the season . Its what they do . For the first time 10iar is under threat , so just wait for their press lackies and ex players turn the heat up . . . . . and not only is Morelos the easiest target , but hes also one of the biggest threats to their aspirations. Is it only me that worries with the lack of response of the board ? There is nothing better when you thousands of miles from home and a bitter press against you that someone has your back . True , Gerrard has defended him , and his teammates and coaching staff are supportive , but with the importance of such issues the defense of AM should come from the very top , after all this could be a deciding factor on whether AM stays or goes come the end of the season , like I say theres nothing better than feeling wanted . Perhaps if he had been a relative of a board member instead of our most valuable asset we may have seen a wee bit more robust in our defense of Alfredo .
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    I found this old newspaper article saying The Scottish Football Association changed the rules so no retrospective action can be taken against players and coaches for ‘gestures and actions’. after the involvement of PFA Scotland and the Coaches and Managers Association, rule 200 - which covers retrospective action for on-field offences - was amended to remove gestures and actions towards the crowd. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/Rangers/in-full/new-sfa-rule-means-players-can-t-be-charged-over-gestures-1-4564160
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    "Scott Brown lifted his fist in elation" - This is John Hartson's take on Scott Brown giving it the GIRUY gesture. Yet when Morelos did or Halliday they were 'inciting a riot'. Hibs storm Hampden attacking players, ripping up the goalposts, ruining the pitch, and it's called "over exuberance". Rangers have the temerity to celebrate goals and the win at Parkhead and are hit with 4 charges. Lastly, celebrated this goal and look at his hands: Is there an outcry down South about gun gestures or inciting riots? No.
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    To deny it would be idiotic. ignorance is bliss to some people though.
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    The whole football community tends to be united when showing respects after disasters and death. This is the way it should be. Death and tragedy is the great leveller, it can happen to anyone. We knew in the sixties and seventies stadiums were unsafe and when disasters happened at Bradford, Heysel, Sheffield and Ibrox the whole football community grieved. Although onIy 11 at the time I was affected in many ways by the Ibrox tragedy, my dad and uncle usually left by stairway 13, but that day they decided to go drinking down the PRW, and left by the opposite exit. We were worried sick til they arrived home at 8.00 and the tragic news was unfolding. I remember the aftermaths of the tragedy in detail, There was gladness to see them but also a kind of quiet eeriness, as we realised they had come home safe. Glasgow mourned, Rangers and celtic fans alike, and Scotland mourned too. Rangers fans, cellic fans, protestants, catholics, and others all took part in helping the injured and dying. I was taken to the first game at Ibrox afterward. Stairway 13, with the crumbled barriers was surrounded by large wooden boards to prevent entry. There was one wee wreath pinned on the bottom wooden panels. It came from East Fife football club. That is the main memory that has really stuck with me. Just a wee thoughtful tribute from a club with no great connection except in the football sense. That small wreath from a small club in Fife had a great effect on my values, and questions of what was important in life, and the answer was empathy and respect. And when Maggie Thatcher enabled the wire netting to be put up at the front of terraces, those of us who had been squashed and pushed and had gone on to the track and field of play knew there was a danger. Innocent Liverpool fans were killed, could so easily have been another club, even ours. So when it comes to tragedy at the game I love, I have no allegiances, my thoughts are always close to any club and its fans who suffer injury or hurt going to watch a game of football.
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    The famous royal blue is all I care about, couldn't give a fuck about who wins down south.
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    No words can explain the loss of a child to parents ..... none whatsoever ..... so I agree with your post mate .... if it helps a little to let them know they are not alone ..... our support will not let them down .... that's 100% certain. Although words are truly meaningless at this time ..... Condolences to Ayden's family and friends still applies. 🇬🇧
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    When Niko talks I think of Arnold in The Terminator.
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    This is why this 3rd yellow was “found” almost 3 weeks later ,if this card wasn’t issued correctly at the time If it’s true that we didn’t know about the card after the game we need to use this blatant attempt to get Morelos and the Club to get rid of as many of the current SFA as possible ,corrupt
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    In 1999 John Hartson became the first player to be charged with misconduct for a training ground incident after violently kicking West Ham team-mate Eyal Berkovic in the head in training. Hartson was fined £20,000 and was given a three-match ban with the attack caught on camera. He should know by now when to keep his big mouth shut. This is a guy who battered a teammate in a training ground incident, preaching morality and condemning another player for a cultural gesture . Hartson belatedly uses it for his own ends to get publicity and to ingratiate himself to the tim brighade Another bitter ex sellick man with a massive chip on his shoulder just like his pal Sutton.
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    Well we know one man that would be delighted if both win their leagues
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    Bit random. As long as we win it who gives a fuck who wins the EPL
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    Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic? Did celtic harbour pedos? Next insightful installment from The Dude.
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    The hung out the flag of war........ then got offended by gestures.
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    Thanks. It's been a tough time, but as I say things like this put it all in perspective. My daughter's had a really bad chest infection but at least she is recovering (slowly). In the greater scheme of things we're the lucky ones.
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    I couldn't give a single fuck about Liverpool. The clamour from some of our fans to act like lifelong Liverpool fans since Gerrard came in has been nauseating.
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    When Niko PLAYS, I think of Arnold in The Terminator.
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    People need to stop treating games against fodder as just that, we need to go into every single game like its an OF game, that intensity, effort, and determination will win us the league, complacency will cost us the league, We shouldnt treat anyone lightly
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    Of course, best player by a mile in the bog water mess of a league. It's because of the colours he wears because if he wore green and white it would be a different story. Imagine they had Morelos and we had edouard the car crash and the gun incident would be brought up all the time but the excuse for Morelos would be he plays with fire in his belly and on the edge.
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    Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if we had won the cup final with a blatant offside goal.🤯
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    "John, Wanyama done the exact same thing, wit do ye think abou......"
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    How about they come out and defend Morelos instead of this fucking pish, cheers.
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    Such a sad story and even more painful for the family given the drugs that could have saved him came too late in the day. Tragic loss of such a young life.
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    I’m kind of hoping that a properly thought out case and presentation is being collated corroborating and proving our part of the initial statement in relation to us being officiated to ‘a different and more strict code of conduct’. There are numerous examples they can use in comparison to the lack of parity and would be difficult to credibly argue against otherwise. If ever there was a time to have decent legal and PR representation who are on the front foot and dare I say (on the ball) it is now...
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    He also came out and starting warming up midway through the second half at the Piggery. He wasn’t even on the bench
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    Offended by a hand gesture or two but not by the rape and sexual abuse of 100s of young lads at their club over decades and it's subsequent cover up.
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