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    Leighton: I got a touch on it. Davie Cooper: Aye on the way back oot !💙
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    Most of the league would then just happily pass it around their back 4 and take the point
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    SFA need fully investigated independently too ,The bastards changed a ruling 2years ago that they couldn’t punish individual clubs for these child abuse cases ,why was this done and who was involved in this process needs found out . You only need to cast your mind back 8 years to prove that the SFA would be dealing with this differently had we been at the centre of these cases ,SFA and SPL were fully aware since day 1 that we had an EBT scheme ,they knew the amount we paid to the scheme and who had trusts and signed our license every season with that knowledge , Only when the shit hit the fan did they have any issue and charged us with not revealing the individual amounts each players trust received,something that would have made the trusts invalid for tax relief , The SFA have CSA cases going on just now too and the whole lot of them need removed and we start again ,not one of them can be trusted to act in a fair to all clubs system
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    If anybody had any balls at the club they would announce a blanket ban on anything to do with the BBC...........
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    Rangers have walked away from ongoing talks with the BBC due to them reinstalling Stewart given he hasn’t apologised to Rangers, Morelos or Traynor.
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    Is anyone actually surprised they brought the ginger pubed hate filled wee cunt back ? We have a board incapable of fighting back so a few weeks holiday then straight back in for more bile and bullshit. Unrepentant unchallenged. Shocking state that we have allowed these bastards to get away with it for so long.
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    Erection. @.Williamson. and @Steelydan1690 recreating the Tommy Hatcher and Petey Dunham fight.
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    I don’t think we miss Candeias as a player but I do think we miss having a player in the front three who’s first thought is to hit the byeline and try and whip a cross in. Playing with two number tens just seems overly complicated for the sake of it.
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    And Humza Useless is refusing to comment or launch an inquiry until the SFA final report. And so we wait. And wait. If only someone outside of this fenian satellite state would step in and uncover the story of his career.....
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    Hear this pish every season, will be a league 2 side at home.
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    Those were the names on the table not because they were the best available but because our board dont have a fucking clue what they're doing when it comes to appointing a manager. Fucking incredible people are spouting this 'no better option than Gerrard' pish when he is about to see the fenians doing 6 domestic trophies out of 6 under his watch. Grim,actually.
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    I'd honestly give my left baw for a Davie Cooper now!!!
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    We required quality not quantity in Summer, he instead signed Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Ojo, Barker, King in the areas where we really needed strengthening. Aribo was a project player and i still think if played in correct position he’ll come good. Kent is no different this year to he was last year...
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    As predicted same old, same old tactics, 3 weeks paid holiday out the road and back to spew his anti Rangers and political bile.
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    I think it’s a cop out. This is a forum for discussing things exactly like that. People are quick enough to suggest players who they think would be good signings but isn’t that someone at the club’s remit? We discuss team selections and tactics but isn’t that someone at the club’s remit? So why the backtracking and hiding behind the it’s somebody at the clubs remit when it comes to discussing and putting forward suggestions for potential managers?
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    The SFA will say and do nothing because their favourite club is at the centre of it all. Can you imagine what would have happened to us by now? 👍
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    Think Wednesday will render this thread meaningless tbh.
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    We have the most fickle fanbase going. Some of the threads on here are an unbearable read, including this one. players who 2 months ago were class etc are now being called shite because we have had a terrible run. calling for Helander to be the saviour when a couple months ago people were calling him shite. So many keyboard tacticians who know minimal about the game or management and think players are robots. We’ve been absolute dog shit for a number of reasons. We’ve stopped grinding out results but fuck me what’s the point in asking for the manager to be sacked to stop 10IAR when continuity for fucking once is the only thing that’s most likely gonna get us out of this. Individual mistakes are costing us in these games, whether that be defensively or horrendous decision making in the final third. celtic have literally dropped about 8 points all season. They are most likely going to finish on 100 points the way things are going. It was only a matter of time before before they pulled away when they are constantly winning games. reality is they have a team of winners that know what must be done constantly. confidence would also take a massive beating when referee decisions are influencing the outcome of certain games especially so many since the start of December. If a lot of us think referees are trying their best to stop us from winning how do you think the players feel constantly having to play twelve men. the league season is quite clearly over but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been improvement this season once again. Continual improvement is better than continual change. Gerrard is not Warburton or Caixinha. He still needs time.
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    I have yet to see someone suggest an able replacement who we can afford and who would take the job. Ironicly the posters who want rid of SG accuse him of having no plan B.
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    They detest him....... I say we back him 100% this season and next season too for that matter.............. we have improved big time this season and will only get better next season and the season after that imo. I still believe he is the man to lead us to 55. It's as simple as that.............. but we need to show him some loyalty as a support.
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    This is a big difference ,we play shite we don’t pick up 3points ,Beaton fucked us over at rugby park too Tarriers have a sticky game and one of their buddies helps them out If refs treated them the same as us they would not be as far in front if at all
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    Its not up to the support to find a new manager if and when he goes.
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    Think that's one of the worst things I've ever read on here.
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    The Pedro that got knocked out of Europe by part-timers from Luxembourg and regularly shipped 4+ goals to the Tarriers? Ludicrous comparison.
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    I’d rather not think about it just now, thanks.
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    Could add Ojo to that list too and he’s still better.
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    Worst excuse since David Hayes big toe.
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    RIP Davie. Taken far too soon. Imagine our Davie as a pundit in the present day. He'd rip the face off of Sutton for a start.
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    I said it weeks ago, our team is arse from elbow, we start off with Kent and hagi as wide 10's, they drift inside becoming centre mids and drop deeper, our fullbacks bomb up the park to do the attacking play, so these defenders are now asked to become the main attacking threat, meanwhile the real centre mids that play the role are asked to fill in at fullback, Essentially in our attack you have 3 guys playing out of position
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    Congratulations mate world record number of times the word Dan has been used in a single post 👏
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