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    You think we would use what has happened with Gilmour and realise that we need to be getting the likes of Kai Kennedy on the pitch now. We managed to keep ahold of him but apparently the likes Liverpool, Bayern, Man City and Roma were looking at him so he obviously has something about him. There is absolutely no reason that he shouldn’t be getting run outs from the bench now especially when it’s people like Barker, Ojo and Stewart who we usually turn to.
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    It’s the hope that kills us
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    As bad as he is playing, Walker's commentary of him was a disgrace!
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    It’s Malcolm Rodger who started it. He is one of the abuse victims who waived his anonymity to be on the Ch4 programme, campaigning for a full independent review. Edit: He is also an ex-serviceman
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    Right, just saying, 13 points behind, win our game in hand, gub the vermin twice, its 4 points, I'm a naturally miserable bastard, give me hope
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    When i see some of the posts in here i really do wonder who wants us to succeed and who glorifies themselves on any Rangers set back. Over the years the same people moan about the same thing whether it be players or managers. Its has become a depressing place in recent times. Back the team and the manager , i lnow its tough but he will get it right.
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    The board promised it and its never happened. For Gerrard to get the fans back on side it’s needed now more than ever. Somethings happened at the winter break, if it hasn’t - then these players can only manage half a season and need to GTF. someone has to speak out because if we end up 20 points behind the scum, a lot of people will be out of a job.
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    We will pump those fenian bastards on Sunday, fuck you ya fat surrender monkey bastard.
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    Anything is possible until it isnt.
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    I think the response to this thread shows how little people actually give a fuck anymore.
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    https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Justice-for-Victims-of-sex-abuse-in-Scottish-Football?utm_term=37z5rxn3 At the request of a couple of well kent posters on here, to raise awareness within our RM community, this stays in BD. Yes it affects all clubs potentially,though one club in particular. Please support.
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    Pretty fucking rank. Not helped by a pish official on the near touchline. Stonewall penalty not given, should have also resulted in a 2nd yellow card. I know we weren't great, I know we're not allowed to moan about officials if we lose as its sour grapes, but we didnt and its yet another one that wrongly goes against us as so many have in recent months.
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    It will be fine, we will win on Thursday, beat they cunts on Sunday and then lose at St.Mirren.
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    My daughter and her pals are away on a city break, I sent her a screenshot of Hagi saying show that to the barman telling him he is playing for your dad's team and you will get a free drink. She texted back who's that, me that's the son of Romanias best ever player. Her, Dad I'm in Budapest Hungary lol. I thought she was in Bucharest.
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    I’m buzzing now for next 2 games .Been in Argentina last few weeks .I’m am dying to get back to Ibrox and winning big games . Let’s get our positivity back .Even if it’s hard at the minute .Nothing better than being back home and watching the Gers
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    Easy to forget how vicious and sustained the campaign against him was when he was performing well. It worked.
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    Davis has to be released in the summer. He is completely and utterly finished.
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    We need a goal. Not sure where all these "this is truly awful", "we are absolutely shite" comments etc. are coming from. Completely in control. Denied certain penalty. They haven't had a chance. We've had two or three good opportunities. If this was a game completely in isolation and no cunt had any clue what had come before it you don't look at that first half with the despair all of you miserly cunts are doing.
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    Morelos has scored 60 goals from open play the last two years, is a Columbian international, was one of the most prolific striker in Europe during 2019, and is currently one of the leading goal scorers in the Europa. You’re telling me that’s not worth £15m? Napoli we’re ready to pay £10m for Sadiq after a few months of form.
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    Until the Hamilton game i still had hope. Our biggest chance now is the corona virus.
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    Can we ban the use of "hammer throwers" on this forum. Actually insufferable
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    When opponents see your game is based on putting it wide and throwing it into the box without taking a man on, its easy to defend Our goal came because someone actually took a man on and made space,
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    Kamberi offers us more and should be consided our no1 striker.
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    Goldson is fucking shite. He’s chucked it and the fact he’s wearing the captains armband is a disgrace.
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    Things I thought I’d never see... James McFadden speaking passionately about Rangers and being 100% spot on in his comments.
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    He’s lost all interest in Rangers
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    Scum don't want it. That alone highlights its needed in the game.
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    To play in the premiership at 18 is impressive. To do it by standing out is amazing. And to do it as a Scot in unheard of. Well done young man.
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    Why on earth should we be aiming for someone that scores less?
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    Well, at least it's three points. A hard fucking watch. Defence shakey as fuck. Is it Goldson who is the common denominater, because whomever plays beside him turns to shit? Polster solid, so no worries replacing Tav, who does need a rest! Would go forward with Kent Kamberi and Jones up front from hereon in. Alfie now being unprofessional, in his lack of conviction and just unfit. Needs dropped. Big issue there. Drop Davis, with Hagi in an attacking centre mid role, with Aribo to his left and Jack sitting in.
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    Probably win our next 3 games now. Germans twice with the taigs inbetween. So unpredictable.😜
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    What, happy they've scored a goal and it's embarrassing! You're a fucking embarrassment!
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    People on here moaning about the doom and gloom posters like were the problem haha. Gerrard will keep playing the same formation with the same tactics of hit the wings then punt it in and the wee fanboys will still stand up for him.
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    This isn't a dig at Polster at all because there's a few on there who need time out compared to him but why not give Patterson a start? We can't go up and we can't go down, this is when these youngsters (1 or 2 at a time) should be getting bloodied in. It is low on my scale of frustration with this line up to be honest though
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    The year is 2040, James Forrests celtic are aiming for 29 in a row. Steven Gerrards Rangers line up in a 4-3-3- formation with 55 yr old Steven Davis in Midfield.
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    How many well kent posters would need to object for it to be moved out of BD?
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    Kidding yourself on mate, you will be watching it somewhere, in the big picture the game is a dead rubber and means fuck all but that's just the same as any football fan supporting a club who will never ever ever win fuck all, my old man was an Alloa fan and prob seen 1000 games and I think they might have got promotion once, so atm following our club is sore as it has been for near a decade but the good times will be all the sweeter . I have seen both ends of it scum winning 9i, us winning 9 now these cunts on the march again, ive been at Ibrox with 8 and 80 thousand, Hampden with 120 odd thousand, getting whacked in various European countries with tortuous bus journeys, my wife who is English and my kids who are English think I am off my head getting up/down (over stupid football) according to them, but I guess I am exactly the same as every other bear on the planet.
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