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    This lads tainted title celbration has just came to an abrupt end there the now M.B.E. to the local that stepped upto plate defending the clubs honor.
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    It’s an older bear who’s done it, he was in a motor with his wife and got out to slap the tarrier about. Go on the auld team.
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    Most of those cunts haven’t even got 9 teeth in a row
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    Something like that was always going to happen at some point. It's that whole untouchable feeling they have just now. Seem to think they can get away with anything. Fucking idiots might have a wee think about that now.
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    Don't talk pish. If we were 13 points clear it would have been Null & Void.
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    In a nutshell: EPL: we must do all we can to finish the games SPFL: we must do all we can to give celtic the title Khunts.
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    You can only look at Website if you have a Mygers membership.
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    I'm kinda lost here. If the season can't be finished as per government and PFA guidelines are Rangers to sit at these meetings and just keep saying Na we are not agreeing to it? As esky says the vote made this possible there was null and void or any other outcome. On the table. There was never any outcome other than this thanks to Dundee and their vote. I dont get what it is we can do that people think we should? We are going after them for maladministration not because Dundee done what they done but because of the spfl breaking their own rules. I don't exactly like this but maybe someone can tell me what I'm missing regards if the season won't be played out on the park what else we are supposed to do?
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    Anyone wanting to give up - it's exactly what they want us to do. Do exactly what your enemies don't want you to do No Surrender
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    Overcome with pride listening to that.
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    Tell you one thing even though I knew for weeks theses tramps were getting the title it doesn’t make it any easier. Fucking hate the cunts more than ever!!
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    So ALL the rules being bent to suit just one club. If you made it up, people would write it off as too far fetched. Whatever else, this must be written into the rules, so when Covid-20 strikes & we’re a point ahead (or ahead on PPG) they can do nothing else but name us champions.
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    I'm new to the forum, so feel free to ignore what I'm about to say. We knew this was going to happen, so since we do not know our club's next step perhaps it is best to wait until we do? No matter how painful it is, it might help to see this as another step in the process which allows us to reach our end game. As shite as it is, it was always going to happen, and perhaps had to happen for us to continue fighting the SPFL. If we just leave it and don't fight the SPFL then I withdraw all of that, but for now, we don't know what's going to happen. I'd rather side with the club and be unified rather than give up because our enemies are having a laugh at our expense.
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    People expecting legal action are going to be very disappointed
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    If Hearts can get compensated because potentially they could of escaped relegation and the monetary penalties that would bring then Rangers should be compensated because potentially they could of won the league and potentially got into the champions league. Where does it stop, Doncaster is a fucking muppet.
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    Today is another day where the pride of being a Rangers fan is enhanced. In a pandemic they claimed being handed a title from a corrupt football authority is “the best yet” while people are dying and businesses are going to the wall. Dirty undignified scum. Thank fuck Rangers are my team 🇬🇧
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    Anne Budge is correct, Hearts were expelled and not relegated. Relegation only comes at the end of a 38 game season and you are bottom of the league, that didn’t happen. They were expelled by a corrupt league body.
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    He's cut right through him. There. Hopefully done from a safe 2m apart
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    The week the Old-Firm game was cancelled in March, Lennon was already talking about the title being awarded to them and how they deserved it and how 'no-one was going to take it away from them.' The PR campaign was already in motion before lockdown even happened. celtic had no intentions of playing out the season, they merely saved themselves the trouble of two more Old Firm games. They probably would have won it given our form, but why bother or take the risk when you can just get it awarded anyway? Guarantee the new season will start in the summer as if nothing happened, probably while other leagues are just done finishing their seasons.
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    Just watched STV sports news there. What a fucking disgusting description of events for the season they spat out. “celtic won the league after beating St Mirren 5-0”. “Hearts got relegated because they lost to St Mirren”. WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE. celtic won the league and Hearts got expelled because a corrupt football authority decided it on a bent vote. Nobody won anything and no one got relegated. Fucking idiots.
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    Thousands of people dying every week during the worst virus pandemic in our lives, adults emotionally destroyed after years of abuse from 1 vile organisation and we have a fat terrorist junkie bastard wrapped in ribbons celebrating a trophy that has not been won. This is what sums up them more than anything else, they want to party and celebrate while people are locked down in fear of contracting a deadly disease. Vile since 1888
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    SPFL logic means we've won Europa league
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    They will be given the championship by the SPFL purely by default ,they have not won it at all, by fully completing the season ,no matter how it is dressed up or presented in the media or by their support. It is a tainted award gifted to them prematurely and inappropriately by a wholly a corrupt and shambolic SPFL organisation and will be forever regarded in that light.
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    Sums up Scottish football tbh
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    We had better get off to a flying start next season whenever that is, in case this virus rears its head again, because the filth will have zero problem with claiming 10 if they are a point clear with 30 games to go and there is another outbreak.
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    We fucked it up on the pitch from Jan, but I do not believe we would have been given a title as the tarriers have been done anyway, the SPFL with Liewell in control would have seen to that, but it still makes it no easier to accept what has happened today. I foolishly thought our board would (this time) fight this through whatever means they could, they even said something like "we will not be found wanting", well maybe they will not, but many hours after after these wankers have been given a title we have heard nothing from our board to explain their side of things. Surely they can tell us where we are now and if they still intend to fight the corrupt SPFL for malpractice or is this the end of the road. One very pissed off Bear today.
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    Lennon on Sky Sports with the trophy talking about how it’s a “momentous day for the club” You could not give these cunts a red neck with a blowtorch.
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    They have always been an utter joke.
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    Hard to put into words how I feel about Scottish football right now
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    They know all hell is gonna break loose and their pr machine and the tarrier media will make it sound so. Have a very very strong statement ready , If or when they're declare them champions then we have no option but to take the SPFL to court , fucking up next season, Europe and the Sky deal. Lets see how many of these diddy clubs are about after it all if they want t go down that route. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain and the swamp needs drained of all the biasedness aimed at one club. I have already purchased my 2 books and Range s can keep,the money, every fan who can afford should do likewise to help the club out.
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    We have been failed by the board yet people accept it because Gerrard is there. The greatest PR stunt ever. They will easily over take us thanks to the board in charge and the morons who think the board have a clue.
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    Quote from Lawwell "we have played the celtic way and won the celtic way" Couldn't make this up. Yes Peter the Paedo Protector you sure did win the celtic way
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    Finishing the Scottish cup next season is a joke also Teams will change again significantly especially Hearts who will now need to cut their cloth accordingly, if they allow next season's signings to play in last season's competition then it really will only benefit 1 team again
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    Zzzzz. The biggest part of our ‘brand’ is the size of our support & the fans we take to Ibrox and away games both domestically & Europe.
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    If we gave this the OK then the games up
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    Wit battle? Statement says ALL top flight clubs. If that’s true and our board have agreed to this, the whole thing is fuckin finished.
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    2012 they conspired with the other diddy clubs to have us removed from the league and put us at least a decade behind them. 2020 they conspired with the other diddy clubs to be handed a title in an incomplete season while thousands around them die. Literally cheated their way to nine in a row while covering up systematic child abuse and not a bad word can be spoken about them in this rancid SNP cesspit Would rather Rangers never won another trophy again than be anything like that abomination of a club.
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    The shitey witch hunt on Alfredo after we humped the tramps in their own midden,made sure he was put off his game for the foreseeable. Clancy is one horrible looking fenian and rotten to the core. He couldn't fuckin wait,and then 60K tramps were threatened with death from one young man. You REALLY couldn't make shite like this up.
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    Zero mate .Apathy is Rangers fans greatest enemy If the scum were in our position .Wholesale riots would be on the streets .People would be getting hurt physically .People threatened .Disorder Their club would be on the front foot hourly .Not every 2 /4 weeks with a statement Our club would much rather charge us an extra 50 bucks to get you into a ballot , because they know our support will want to go to away games .It’s profiteering ,no matter what way you slice it . Yet it’s our club and support that have the power to hurt 75%of other clubs Apathy will rule and we all slide back into our natural order .Fuck it we need our away day swally you see 🤔
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    Probably been more incidents at their ground than anywhere in Scotland in recent years, attacking our captain being one of those incidents.
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    I forgot when you go to Easter Rd the Hibs junkies are so welcoming.
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    • Imagine it’s decided that Hearts/Thistle are to be financially compensated and just as The SPFL are thinking thank fuck that’s over with a number of clubs get together and say Hold The Fucking Bus They’re no getting a share of our money, Wasn’t our fuck up etc and go after an Interim Interdict to stop the season starting 😂
    • I pray he thinks about that miss every second of every day  I had just flicked the tv over to find out their score only to see the ball sitting on the spot. I have never shouted/screamed so loud at a penalty miss in my life. If memory serves they were already one goal up on us when they got that pen. Go 2 up and who knows what would have happened.  Git it up him. 
    • Two of my biggest frustrations are footballers who can't use both feet and strikers who are afraid to shoot. He can do both, and very well. Think he has a big future.
    • Could become very important if Covid comes back next March and the league is decided on a PPG basis. 
    • This is proper English test cricket, a batting collapse on our first test at home. Roll on the football season 😂😂
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