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    It’s been said for the past 2 seasons. We do not need squad options, we need 3-4 starting players which makes the current team squad options. Our problem is all we’ve signed are fucking squad options
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    Boy has fallen for the club. Now time to build the team around him.
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    Its been suggest I do a post on youth players I have watched playing against Rangers. Big subject and I will do a few posts first one is Aberdeen & celtic. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/opposition-youth-players-part-one/
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    The spfl have a cheek to use the term "democratic process" when they clearly cheated on the last one. They truly do believe they are invincible.
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    Hopefully this doesn’t stop H&H being impartial and critical of the club.
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    What do people mean by proven players? Like genuinely.... The players we sign are 'proven' at SPFL, Croatian, Championship, Finnish level. Which is why we can afford them. If we want to sign players from a level above us (Premier League, La Liga, Portugal, France) then we have to sign unproven players. The reason we buy someone from Finland for £1m and charge £10m after one season and £20m after 2 seasons is because when you prove yourself at a higher level the value goes up. So if there's a player who is already proven at a higher level to us then the money has already gone up again. Which is why we cannot afford them. You can either buy proven at a lower level or unproven from a higher level, there is nothing else.
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    I heard the firemen suggested using soap to free him and the cunt fainted.
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    Ann Budge needs to realise the only way for Hearts to avoid relegation is in the courts after the latest reconstruction plans fail. The SPFL don’t have the funds for legal action. This is their biggest fear. It could finish them. Before that though she should pick up the phone & speak to Douglas Park for support. He’s got unfinished business with the SPFL. The perfect storm may not be far away......
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    So they can have another vote on reconstuction but couldn't have another vote with all the info regarding finishing the season since they hid shit loads for the vote. Corrupt doesn't even begin to describe these cunts
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    Need to build a team around him to suit his strengths now. There is no point in having him if we are just going to stick him on the right hand side.
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    The Bridge Builders are Changing Direction.
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    Ive said it many times, theres not a chance in hell teams will give up potential games at home to both us and the tarriers for games against the likes of ayr united and ICT Chairmen and boards arent daft enough to give up the best part of a million quid a year in total from the big games just for reconstruction Nevermind the fact that a bigger league means more meaningless games which mean less punters near the end of the season which means less money Unless SPFL prize money and tv money is drastically increased across the board (never happen) teams will not give up quite possibly half their seasonal playing wage budget just for a bigger league
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    6 teams relegated from the championship in 2 years appears to be the major problem With reports that many clubs are already in the brink any talk of reconstruction is premature .we could easily find a situation where a number of clubs go bust meaning another reshuffle is needed before a ball is even kicked
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    Already grumblings that the reconstruction is dead on arrival with both Premiership and Championship clubs. Shocked? Nope.
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    We should never be looking to sign squad players. If they aren't good enough to get into our starting 11 then they aren't good enough to be signed.
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    And somewhere Michael Stewart is having a meltdown
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    I love this signing. Most skilled player to come to the club in years.
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    Rangers tell us nothing Rangers tell us something
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    10,000 members already lol. Sure one of the perks was it was going to be “exclusive” and easier to get tickets when it all came out. Literally going to end up with the same numbers that were on the away scheme last year, only now youve paid £50 to get Livi away twice
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    "They can't afford £4.5m during a global pandemic they need the money in case they go into admin for the 8th time". "Where are they getting the money from and how can they afford him?" "If he's that good why isn't he at Barca or Real Madrid?"
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    Can't say I'm displeased with this. Perhaps wouldn't go amiss to give press credentials to the more notable fan enterprises as well to put them on equal footing, if only as a statement of intent to the papers. The Record should absolutely be given the BBC Scotland treatment though. They've completely lost sight of themselves. There's always been jokes about them being the Daily Rebel or the Daily Ranger but there are no jokes required now - they're basically celtic's official newspaper these days.
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    Meanwhile whilst Hearts beg for reconstruction and quite possibly their survival to their taig loving and penny pinching inward looking rivals The Famous announce their latest signing for Millions 😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😂
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    I don’t want to sound cynical but how many times have we heard this, or something to similar effect, now?
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    I think it's more along the lines of giving papers breaking news stories and interviews. Pressers will still happen ofcourse, though possibly a bit more selective in who is allowed in.
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    I would agree with that if we played our football in a fair and just league with the bare minimum of a level playing field but given we play our football in the most backward, taig infested and Rangers hating cesspit they can all go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned.
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    Roon the stadium is a mess get it done up. "doing up round the stadium" Fuck sake buy players man 😂😂😂
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    Cheers mate ...... how they will squeal like the stuck pigs they are ..... Walter's brutally honest take on this season's dishonest decision to give them a free title they never actually won on the park will be hurting them. Especially after being challenged by a proper highly regarded icon in world football .... a person who not only knows what a proper 9 IAR actually consists of numerically ... but was also involved in the winning of a real one on the playing field ..... of course they will all hate him for his honesty ..... but like Big Gareth it will fall on deaf ears .... as both him and Walter couldn't give a flying fuck what they think. Just like in The X files ....... The Truth Is Out There ....... and even Stevie Wonder can see it ...... 🇬🇧
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    Bit of both , Tav gets the finger of blame pointed at him the most coz he’s captain even although pre op he is one of our best players and more creative than any midfielder “get Tav aff the fucking penalties” “why did Tav no take the fucking penalty cup final 😂” frightening you’ve got the lad at the other side, in our supports eyes must be good coz he’s a Croatian internationalist so gets off scot free , rid rotten and feert for most of his Rangers career bar 3 months , ye look up this thread he’s in every single team for next season and tavs not
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    So a lifelong bluenose who played for the club, albeit for a short period, is able to give his opinion on a media platform is an attention seeker according to you. Away and don't talk utter nonsense, Gareth has been given the chance to really shove it up that mob and he has taken that chance by saying how things really are.
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    On the 27th May 1856 the Rangers great that was Tom Vallance was born. To quote his Rangers team-mates from the 1870’s‘’ The whole of Rangers loved him like a brother’’ Over the years of our research into the formation of our Club one name kept popping up time and again and that’s the name of Tom Vallance, who had on reflection sadly been overlooked. Tom was born at a small farmhouse known as Succoth near Renton in the parish of Cardross.When young he moved with his family to the Old Toll House at Shandon on the Gareloch. Tom came to Glasgow in the early 1870’s following the path taken by his friends whom he’d known since childhood the brothers McNeil and Campbell . Tom Vallance had an astonishing 60 year association with the Club,and his is an incredible CV. He was a master oarsman, a champion athlete (he set a Scottish long jump record of over 21 feet), he studied at the Glasgow School of Art, had paintings accepted by the Royal Scottish Academy and was Rangers Club Captain and President for many years. We have details of Tom Vallance being present at the ceremony held on 1st January 1929 which saw the opening of the Main Stand at Ibrox and also at a dinner which was held in the St.Enoch’s Hotel after a Rangers match in 1933 when we faced Sporting Club of Vienna. He was also a guest of the Club at the New Year’s Day fixture that season against celtic.So the lad who was present at Fleshers Haugh in 1872 is still attending Ibrox some 60 years later where the Club that he’d helped form and nurture were now playing in front of crowds in excess of 100,000. Tom was a successful business man. He had The Club restaurant at 22 Paisley Road West which today is the Viceroy Bar,The Metropolitan which stood on Hutchison Street in the Merchant City area of Glasgow and the Lansdowne which was at 183 Hope Street. Tom was having the Rangers results wired to his restaurants for the benefit of his patrons as early as 1890.When Rangers moved to First Ibrox in 1887 it was said that it was common for Club President Vallance to be working the turnstiles on matchday.We have a newspaper report detailing Tom and Founder Moses McNeil attending the 1905 Scottish Cup Final as supporters. At the opening of the Main Stand in 1929 Tom Vallance recalled the facilities being so cramped at the Rangers ground at Kinning Park that the players would have to wash in basins of cold water in the open air. It was the teenage Tom Vallance who helped lay the very foundations upon which our Club was built, hard-work, discipline, honesty, integrity and fair play .Mr. Struth said during that famous speech “No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the Gallant Pioneers”. Tom was paid the ultimate accolade by the Club in May 1898 when he was made a life member. As a lasting tribute to the incredible contribution he made to our Club we had Tom put on to canvas by way of a painting by artist Helen Runciman . Tom Vallance has now taken his rightful place at the top of the Marble Staircase alongside his friends and fellow Founders. Tom was one of the originals, one of the greats. Today we celebrate the life of Tom Vallance.
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    Hagi signing will be announced imminently I believe
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    Aye a Rangers supporter telling it how it is in a sea of tarrier corruption and propaganda is an attention seeker Fanny
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    Genuinely can’t believe so many think Katic is good enough to be starting for us tbh
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    I would not be back if Scott Allan wears our jersey. Step too far for me.
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