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    • Tbh I pay little attention to the owners spokespersons and backroom staff.   I foucus on the players.  Tav has been a loyal servant who has faults.  And I think Alfredo is a God, albeit a grumpy one.   I’m off to bed. No disrespect intended.   We”re top of the league and they’re no Good night 
    • True, but we should have at least a few hours enjoying it for what it is.
    • Good post.  But everything is still far too raw.  That prick Stewart Robertson still rings on my ears every time I try to reason with myself. Minute he's fired, I'll be back with bells on - the way I feel atm
    • Ok mate.  No more clowning! i respect your right to criticise. And I get your discomfort with some aspects of where we are.  But many of these are cultural societal issues.  Also the club may be choosing to choose their battles.  I have mates who didn’t go back after Mo Johnson signed.   I said to my son and his mates the season before we were demoted will you still support them.  They were there at Brechin and are still there.  Try not to get angry with the world and just support the players.  The Jerseys.   Get back.  Give it a go.  Go on. 
    • Everyone on here supports/wants Rangers to win ffs.
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