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    • Its not "shite" we goes around asking people to back up their posts then regularly posts complete lies and myths himself and just ignores posts pointing out his nonsense. A prime example today, 10 in a row season he said there was no financial disadvantage between us and the scum back then. We spent over £15m that season, them £2.65m. He also claimed they had a new fresh squad under WJ, he signed 2 players. Our squad was aging and was on its legs, we brought in numerous players that year. Amo, Thern, Negri, Porrini, Gattuso, Vidmar etc Never disputed he was not a bear.
    • With you, fuck that, your debates are shite 😂😂
    • bears are paying good money to travel to the remainder of the games for them to be experiments , what youngsters ? The games I’ve watched at that level mcpake stuck out a mile and Dundee hunted him 
    • A like katic he had a bad game today . We have let 10 goals in from winter break cant say they are all his fault     
    • Today when they said in commentary that they were behind I still fully expected them to come back and win the game because they do it so often. If we go behind in a game we all know we are facing an uphill struggle to take something from it.
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