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    You hijacking our thread lol
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    Carly Simon ya bass ?
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    Cheers ox

    Cheers ox
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    Any ideas to improve always welcome thanks for kind words Ox
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    Did you get your bike back mate
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    Good bless you and the young man. Hope that you have a good time for your big day and that he never forgets. And maybe the first of many, many visits to Ibrox.
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    Grumpy as fuck me

    Grumpy as fuck me
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    Ya Wee wank

    Ya Wee wank
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    Edited your post for you Ken 4 4 3
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    I have seen your report and warned the poster
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    God bless you TEFTONG and good wishes in your friends struggle to stay clean and sober. I've been clean and sober since October 11th, 1978 (Wednesday) and still need to work at it. But the joy is in the journey. My sponsor, Eddie, was a Celtic diehard out her in Vancouver. Encourage your friend to work his 12 steps one day at a time.
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    Hi is there any chance of picking 2 of us up in Glasgow as Cumbernauld at 4am is too difficult. Cheers Drew
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    Hello nice to meet you it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me for relationship i will be glad try to write through email. lisakolo30@gmail.com
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    get a grip ya Maddie. see ye when yer sober ya tosspot
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    If I ever meet you I will Kill ypu for making disrespectful remarks about my mother. Ypu piece of sahite
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    Hi mate if you google Sportsmania it will tell you all about it. You can sign up for 6 months at 26 pounds or 50 pounds for 1 year. You get all the Sky and BT channels, plus the Rangers TV, and all the Pay per view stuff all in HD and the quality is really good. They have alsso brought out a new one called Ultimatemania, which gives you all the Sky channels plus all the sports and all movie channels. Think that is 75 per year which is a great buy. All you need is amazon firestick or Android box, then Sportmania send you a password and download their app and that is you sorted. It is the best money i have ever spent.
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    • Wonder what the bbc view  on this is.... oh wait a minute nothing shock that there is no report on this. Just all confirmed what I already knew there was a witch hunt against us. The rage will never go away from me over this whole thing.
    • Gut wrenching thinking of all we went through 
    • So. I have read this thread which I am sure is going to run to hundreds of pages and the one thing I am really surprised about is how few people already knew this. Or at least connected the dots  I thought this was widely understood. I cant stand folk that say I told you so and I am not going to do it now. But I did think that much larger proportion of our fan base already knew that we were the victims of a campaign instigated by John Reid.   Firstly We were given solid tax advice that EBTs were a legitimate tax avoidance method. that was advice from people respected and reputed to give us that advice. Secondly when it was retrospectively decided it wasn’t legitimate we offered to settle with HMRC as they had done many times before but in our case they decided not to? Everyone knows this was a stitch up right? Everyone knew at the time surely?  The inflated figures we were told at the time constituted significant fines which again were trumped up nonsense. Murray told us this and told us he would fight it and told us he had every confidence he would win. Murray is many things but an idiot he is not.  what happened next enraged me at the time. Never been so angry. But this was 2012. my anger hardened me and turned to hatred for Scottish football and in particular the machinations going on behind the scenes driven by Dr Death.    7 years on and now it’s being reported exactly as we “conspiracy theorists” said at the time  . I can’t get angry about it anymore.   We won. The club was sold as a going concern with All assets and full history in tact. RFC was never a company and to consider it as such is to buy into the Taigs narrative. We were the victims of conspiracy and crime and we, the fans, saved the club. Our record turn outs saved the club.  I will be fucking amazed if there are ANY repercussions from this. the very fact it is being reported as a “blunder“ or a “mistake“ is disingenuous in the extreme. We have seen how corrupt this country is for the last 10 years. Do you honestly think this changes anything? It’s still corrupt. I have lost all faith in the “establishment” it’s filled with Taigs. This news, while perhaps some mild comfort that we weren’t all tin foil hat conspiracy nuts, changes nothing. In fact as someone else said they will be sitting smug in the knowledge that it will all blow over just like the peodophile ring they nurtured. win 55 and dominate this cesspit is the only compensation I am looking for    
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