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    Hi guys, just a quick message to say that I won't be uploading any videos for the foreseeable future. I have always kept my private life, and that of my familys, exactly that - private. What I will say though, is that my wife hasn't been keeping great, that's why I've not made many videos this last couple of months or so. There has been some games recently I haven't even seen, let alone make a video of. And unfortunately the news we got this week wasn't what we were wanting, so this is just going to intensify. So all my time, effort and energy will be going towards caring for her for now. I know some of you like these videos, and are grateful for them, but I hope yous understand. Who knows, I might post one out of the blue, but they'll be rare for the foreseeable. Cheers Scott
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    Admin, can you please ban the OP from making threads, or posting at all? Thanks.
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    100 quid put in the account for you mate, please use as you see fit, sorry ive not been on much, was away most of last year
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    Polish newspapers saying that it was fans of Rangers bitter rivals Partick Thistle who infiltrated the away support.
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    I’m proper pissed off reading shite threads
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    I love the night before a game against they bastards, hunners of threads started with cunts mwi and talking a load of shite, fucking brilliant
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    Watch a replay of Sunday’s game mate
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    People shouldn't be posting where cunts work if they're no sure it's them or correct ffs
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    Arfield is in position. It’s his job to drift into the centre of the pitch and find pockets of space then Tav gets forward to provide width
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    I’m watching Steven Davis, Red Hand flags, Rangers flags and the crowd doing the bouncy, it’s fkn magic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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    Lawwell,UEFA, FARE, means fuck all, if Bears don't sing songs about Catholics, fenians and the Pope, Rangers are in the clear, no cunt can punish the club, whether we like it or not, it really is that simple
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    Plenty hindsight management going on now. Bottom line is that Kent was fit, just lacked match sharpness. If folk are saying he wasnt fit enough to start, then he surely he shouldn't have been on the bench as a sub could be required to come on early in the game. Scenes though if Gerrard hadn't named him in squad. Or if we were one nil down and Gerrard brought Kent on as sub on 50th minute, would he still be to blame if Kent pulled his hammy 40 mins later? Or a genius if Kent played a part in the win? How many games did Barker play before yesterday, how was his preseason? Barker played a key part in our win, he was as much an injury risk as Kent, yet no criticism of Gerrard playing him for 50 minutes... To blame Gerrard playing Kent from the start as the reason he pulled his hammy is simply playing to an anti SG narrative.
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    The Club could (and should) be: 1) seeking to understand exactly what UEFA have taken offence to. People are assuming it is TBB or Super Rangers but we've previously been done for singing Build My Gallows so we need to know precisely what it is they're pissy about 2) seeking to challenge the timing of this. It has been weeks since we played St Josephs. Why has it taken so long to read the match report and take action?
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    Apart from the 3 points obviously. This guy looks like he could be a good player . Takes on and beats his man. Scores a goal. Set up a few decent chances. I like what I saw. And if anyone says 'but it's only Livingston' go fuck yourself.
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    We changed a winning formation in the biggest game of our season so far to play an unfamiliar formation the players were clearly uncomfortable with. Not having a genuine winger meant we didn't have width or an outball when they chose to pressure us high up the pitch. This is probably the big one. We couldn't stretch them or get the ball up the pitch in any other way than booting it up. We set up with five midfielders seemingly to try and nullify Christie and Forrest, with Kamara and Flanagan doubling up on the latter and the former chased down by the other three. Instead of being confident, we chose to be fearful of them. You could literally see them suss this out at about the 20-25 minute mark and begin to grow more confident themselves. Wrong mentality. Booting the ball up to a 5'7 Defoe and hoping for second-balls off him when their defender is 6'5. Alternatively, dropping Morelos for Defoe and then playing in a way that Defoe is completely ill-suited for. Putting Ojo on when he was clearly fucked from Thursday and apparently has bruising instead of Jones. Shoehorning Aribo in when he is clearly exhausted and has been off it the past few games. Any more?
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    Started with Sir Minty and King was there as well, the current shower only get nasty when it’s them attacked personally. Other than that they let anyone say whatever they like about the club and it’s support.
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    Fuck the handwringers in this thread are having a wankfest. Shower of bend over and fuck me pricks.
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    2010 home kit is under rated as fuck.
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    Gerrards digs at cunts are as cutting as they come, I don't even know if they are calculated digs, or its the fact they are coming from Steven Gerrard, but fuck me they are cutting. This is going to sound mental, but there's only 3 guys I can think of off the bat that have that type of put down. Sir Alex, Walter and Souness.
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    Where will it end , the more you learn the worse it becomes ,Walker refusing to present awards because the pederasts had been sacked , Nicolas, parents told he would not be harmed at the bhoys club, him ,burns and a few others threatening their team mates if they made allegations against Uncle Frank ,were Tommy and the others given a guarantee by the big club that they wouldn't be abused but the poor weans who were most likely not to graduate to the big team were thrown to the wolves.(Sorry for insulting the wolves). Meanwhile the bold Charlie and Andy are free to pontificate on football matters in particular matters that relate to Rangers, always ready with a wee sly dig. How they can live with themselves knowing what happened at their rancid club is beyond me . If any normal person found themselves in the position they were in and your pals were being abused,you would have told your parents and they would have told the police or kicked the pervs head in. Therein lies the difference,they would in all probability have ran to the Priest, he would've told them he would deal with it and subjected the Victims to more horrors. Its dawning on people that it just wasn't big jock who knew , I would suggest that 99% of the R.C. Community in the West of Scotland knew and did fuck all to prevent it, all to protect the good name of Ra celtic. We have the plastic IRA parading through the streets of Scotland threatening the local populace, the first minister or should that be priest makes it clear that these pacifists should not be challenged by in her words sectarian bigots. The inaction of her and Glasgow city council are taking this country down a very dark road by their appeasement of the Ira scum. When and in my opinion it's only a matter of time before this country ,including the U.K. falls into a state of civil war ,what will they say then when people are dying in the streets. No doubt it will have fuck all to do with them and the divisive policies they have put in place and their continued refusal to accept the results of referendums that didn't go in their favour. Democracy my arse ,only when it goes your way. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
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    You can't moan about paying for ST's, European and Cup games then be over the moon when we spend a considerable whack of money on a player who could go on to make us an absolute fortune over the next few years. You need to spend money to be successful, and whether you like it or not we as supporters need to do our own part.
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    Always liked Holt never hid in big games and gave his all, good luck to him.
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    Not banned last year. So what. If I was not done for speeding last year but was this year it’s hardly an argument. UEFA have raised the bar in terms of what is acceptable and we are now being watched! Society is becoming less tolerant of homophobia racism and religious intolerance. As someone who identifies as protestant( my upbringing) but who is atheist ( my open mind and education) I am more interested in equality and climate change and the future than in the past. I abhor Catholicism and the IRA and the SNP. I am a Unionist. I abhor separate schools, lack of promotion of contraception and the rest of their nonsense Many of us will have different views and that is ok. Our club is a broad church. I have A strong PUL heritage. I don’t however need to sing about it in a manner which damages my club which I support unreservedly. We do not have to agree on every aspect of our politics or who plays on the left against them. ... but we should not indulge in self harm.... and TBB and super Rangers etc on match days is now self harm. I understand that the SFA and SPL have their hands tied but UEFA and society are watching. We just need to be clever. We need to identify our common aim which is the success of our club and do everything we can to ensure we prosper.
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    Here we see a pair of throbbers in their natural habitat.
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    Has his dad asked for people's home addresses and work to be published yet?
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    A lot. She's a Rangers fan and former ST holder
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    I made some new friends in Amsterdam after Ajax fans put up thier fenian bastards banner, does that count?
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    There are dark forces at work here. While we were a joke on the pitch, we could have offered up a human sacrifice at half time and nobody would have given a fuck. Now every time someone farts, it gets reported to UEFA. As our on field recovery nears completion, another means of attack is needed and our enemies are clearly very resourceful. I have no doubt that if we sang “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam”, we’d be reported for excluding Muslims. We need to fight fire with fire. Grassing is against our nature but it is clearly effective. To paraphrase the saying, “when at war with Romans, do as Romans do”
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    Take a player who is really good in one position, put him in a different position he’s never played, in order to shoehorn a player who’s nowhere near as good into the original position? Have I got that right?
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    Getting us to the groups twice from the first qualifer, is why he is above both of them already, we only have one defeat this season, he fucked up, he knows that, we are better than last season and he will get it right.
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    Fuck the board. Made a statement defending Rangers fans after the Hibs final fiasco, then the banning letters were oot the next week. Now, they’ve just lay down to UEFA and let them label this support something it never has been, or ever will be. Finished with the cunts.
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    The SFA hate our club. The Tartan Army hate our club. The Scotland manager hates our club. This makes the fact the National team are utter shite all the more enjoyable. More please Belgium
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    The outrage from the hypocrites across the city is only the same. Songs about Fernando Ricksen = banter Laughing at 66 Rangers fans that lost there lives = banter Chasing and squaring up to an ex Rangers player who just had a heart attack =banter By no way means is it acceptable to bring scott brown's deceased sister into football but is it acceptable to do all of the above.
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    Candeias is a player that on his own I wouldn't rate too highly but when you consider the partnership he had with Tav then he becomes a loss . So far Tav has looked a shadow of the player he has been in previous seasons.
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    Baffling to read some of these posts ”we are the better team” ”Kamara is class today” ”we look good and just need break of the ball” honestly is this the same game I’m seeing?
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    Sickening vile outbursts from a pair of snp scumbags. Where's the expected condemnation and seeking of root and branch inquiry regarding the bunch of ira terrorist fanboys that were GCC/Police Scotland authorised to roam around Govan on a Friday night? The snp have stepped over the line. Who in their right mind would vote for these fuck ups.
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    We need to get our own house in order. I do not give a flying fuck about any other club in the world. Never have. Never will.
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