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    Ryan Kent

    Rate it.
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    Gerrard's boy

    Staunch as fuck!
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    Dave King Statement

    Lovely to hear from you again Dave, it must be a year since we last spoke
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    Got to meet Ryan Jack today. Great video and well done Rangers and Ryan Jack for making a wee bears dream come true. the wee man video
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    Barisic & Grezda - Off This Summer?

    Yes, that Croatian International isn’t capable of getting us to next level but Jordon Jones, Graeme Shinnie and Greg Stewart are.
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    Kent Charged

    with these bans coming up, we must now be rock bottom of the fair play league. Which is a joke when you consider the treatment meted out to our players and the fact that we are not even close to being a dirty team.
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    Margaret Ferguson was only 18 years old when she lost her life at Ibrox Stadium on the 2nd January 1971. She was also the only female to die in the tragedy. Over the last couple of years ,as part of our Restoration of Rangers Graves Project, our colleague Chris Beglin has restored the bench in Markinch, which had been placed in memory of the five boys who tragically died that fateful day, and the Robert Mulholland memorial bench in Glasgow. With this in mind we were contacted in January by Ian McLeod Milne ,who organises the Annual Supporters Memorial Service at Ibrox, with a view to restoring the bench that had been placed in memory of Margaret at Muiravonside Cemetery. Subsequently I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret’s sister Mary at the Ibrox Memorial Service earlier this year. We contacted Falkirk Council and they gave their consent for the bench to be removed, restored and put back in place. Once again our man Chris, and his colleague Stevie, got to work and we’re delighted to say that Margaret’s bench has been restored and was put back in place today with her sister Mary and niece Annette in attendance. Our sister Margaret Ferguson will be in our hearts forever. The tragic link between Margaret and Colin Stein: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/ibrox-disaster-only-female-victims-1079390
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    Seven of the Under 19 squad were Rangers players and three of the u21s. McCrorie, Jack and Arfield all have a claim to be in the A squad. Bates wouldn't be in it if he hadn't been a Rangers player. McGregor would have started had he not retired.There are a number of Rangers players in the younger Scotland groups too. Gerry Collins can go fuck himself.
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    Not for you though ya freeloading cheapskate ye! Instead, it's for the Bluenosed Residents of Erskine Bishopton Care Home. Ibrox Stadium Tour for 12 now booked (21st May) Followed by an Argyle Restaurant Lunch and a pint for 12. Total cost: £170 How's that for a bargain? I've lost count, but I think this will be the 9th Stadium Tour and Argyle Lunch we've provided for our Erskine Veterans, and we should all be very proud of that. On another matter, I've just this evening delivered those 7 Rangers Home shirts to Erskine. I'm sure we'll get some photos of them in action soon. It's important to remember that while Erskine is very well supported in terms of bread and butter fundraising, none of those well-deserved funds are going to get spent on Argyle Lunches, Rangers Home Shirts, or Rangers Season tickets for that matter, so if you want to see your Erskine Veterans continuing to receive these Rangers-related Recreational treats, then there really is no other way, exept donating to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund.
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    Don't see how anyone can have a go at Gerrard for today Think he got more or less everything spot on from a managerial point of view
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    The wage thief.

    Mccoist had the chance to speak out about these charlatans. He chose to incredibly not know how much he was being paid then accept 9 months gardening leave and all the penny shares instead. He knows all about the actions and behaviour of the SFA and other clubs around admin time, including the terms of the 5 way agreement and what Rangers were coerced into signing to retain a place in football. He's remained silent on such matters, it really wouldn't surprise me if he reveals all in a book to make money from it all. The only way mccoist would set about either Green or Whyte is if someone made it financially worth his while. The same as everything else that involves him, financially beneficial is the key criteria. Thanks for the goals McCoist. Shame you're now as much a Rangers man as the rest of the BT panel of Rangers haters.
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    The wage thief.

    I get what you mean, I’m 44 and him as a player was fantastic, but as a man he comes across as a money grabbing selfish bastard who only loves himself. I personally don’t hold him in the same regard I used to and that’s not because he was w shite manager.
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    Koh Samui

    I genuinely thought this was a player we were linked with before I opened the post.
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    Million miles better than donkey Worrall, was in about all day, physical, great in the air, he must play the rest of the season
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    Video of brown at full time

    Proud of Halliday there, did the right thing.
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    The Ibrox Derry

    In Gerrard I Trust

    I can't speak for everyone else, but for me he is still the man for the job. Yes he has made mistakes, but is still a young manager and he will learn. For the 1st time in years, he has gave us some great days and nights this season, not the Title or Cups that everyone had hoped for, but we will get there. The Filth are not that far ahead of us, as games against them have shown this season. The title and domestic cup failings have been caused by us not dealing with teams, who set out with 10 men behind the ball. Too many draws in the league, by not finishing teams off, have cost us dearly. This will be addressed. Europe was amazing, and both financially and on the pitch a massive success. The Days of the Filth are coming to an end. They will stick with Lennon in the summer, (Yaaasss) and will invest minimally in their squad. Rodgers had already sussed that out, and got on his bike. I hope we sign a few hard cases and tough bastards in the summer, you need this to be successful in Scotland. It's not football and it's not pretty, but sadly it's just the way it is. Very hopeful for next season, and confident that trophies and titles will once again adorn the corridors of Ibrox Stadium.
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    A half decent game against a rank rotten Hearts and now he should get a contract , fuckin comical. If we have him in midfield next year just give the tims their next title. Kamara was MOM for me.........
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    Who the fuck is Gerry Collins
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    Andy Halliday

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    Struggling to have any sympathy for a wee ned who ran on the pitch to attack our captain and absolutely fucking shat it
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    35 Yard Dangerman

    The wage thief.

    I'm 37. McCoist IS Rangers to me. Always will be. Pish manager aye, "garden leave" bla de fucking bla. I don't care if he made a cunt of it as a manager. He tried. He failed. Shit happens. It's McCoist ffs.
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    James English

    Plenty of volunteers but not the kind he’s looking for.
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    Motherwell Vs Rangers - Video

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    Gerrard given 1 match ban

    So let me get this right. Gerrard is offered a 1 match ban for questioning why scott brown wasn't punished for his involvement in the incident at full time, but they are citing scott brown for his involvement in the incident at full time because they believe he should be punished. So the sfa agree with Gerrard but are giving him a ban anyway.
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    Kent Charged

    Take the 2 match ban and move on. It was stupid but absolutely worth it.
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    Should play every game till the end of the season, no point playing Worrall now the season is over, time to develop our own players.
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    Bheasts turn it all around again

    It’s not really songs about child abuse though - its child abusers - and since when did they deserve protection from verbal abuse?
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    Morelos apology

    Suarez bites people and goes on to play for Barcelona Morelos throws a forearm and career is over, wheeeyyyyy
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    Quite a one sided view. you could flip it and say: 1) first team ever to qualify for Europa league after 4 qualifying rounds 2) drawing home and away with Villarreal 3) finally beating the taigs 4) losing 1 out of 6 Europa league games in one of the hardest groups on paper 5) Massively increasing the value of players like Morelos etc
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    Staunch London Rangers Pubs

    Some gay sex is happening between these two in the near future
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    Leigh Griffiith's brothers rant

    Leigh Griffiths , the guy that tied a scarf to our goals trying to ridicule us ? Now he wants our sympathy ? Ill crack the jokes.
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    Players that left too soon

    Gattuso. End thread.
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    I find the McCoist slagging tiresome. His every comment is scrutinized and a bit over the top imo.
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    He's done it at a time when the courts are trying to clamp down on it Hibs got away with thousands doing it in the Cup final with very little punishment.
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    End Defoe and Davis loans now?

    Aye get rid of Defoe with Morelos suspended for 4 games, great idea
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    I know we've been shite right but....

    We wore an orange top we are bitter orange bastards and him fucks (but Rangers are dead) we are shite but the refs are cheating H** fucks and refs are running about with the belshill chosen few Gerrards a failure but they're abusing the life out a guy they thought was one of them. Rangers are deed but it's same old Rangers always cheating Rangers are deed and shite but we want our 8,500 back in 2008 Phil O'Donnell meant more than saint Tommy Susan Boyle canae button her trousers Rangers are deed but when we wurnae there they had big massive banners as fans they had mad boys club coaches shagging waens they paid an ebt to juninho but we are cheats they've got a 4 star stadium.and we've got 5 and all because ra shellick are a massive club
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    10 million. That's a nonsense fee for what's likely a nonsense story.
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    Tin hat one, but it’s a diddy club mentality giving Jack’s sclaffed deflected goal against the filth as goal of the season.
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    Who ate all the pies ?

    See to be honest Motherwell fans and hibs fans think we're fair game because they've got away with goading us and our players in the past. Look ar the play offs when Motherwell fans invaded the pitch and ran to our supporters - "they always go on the pitch on the last game" they said. Not a thing was done. Hibs fans - "over exuberance" they said. More Rangers fans than hibs fans were arrested. Look at Hibs fans now, out of control and still nothing is being done, now Motherwell fans throwing things at our players and hardly a mention. It's a joke
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    Morelos 4 match ban

    So, you can goad an away support at the end of a highly charged OF game but you can't blow someone a kiss? Is that where we're at?
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    Aye it's awful a wee guy had a great day with Ryan Jack after celebrating his goal Ffs.
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    Ant Middleton

    He is loving it! He would be decent to give a talk about positive thinking. His book is all about it.
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    I just give mine away
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    Arfield to Southampton.

    I don't see why people are against arfiled here tbh. I think you can see his qualities any time he plays for us
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    Blue Avenger

    Andy Halliday

    I think Stevie likes him. As long as Gerrard is here, so will Andy. It's a good story. He knuckled down and got there. He's become a better player, so he deserves a lot of credit. He's now reliable, disciplined in his role and comptent. He well won me over and have no qualms whether he starts or comes off the bench, he'll do the job. It gives me comfort that he has remained with us. He brings a smile to my face when he plays. He brings continuity in tradition. He gets it.
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    Big thanks to @psb07158 👍 Sorted me out with 2 seats together which let me take my boy to his first game! Might struggle to get him to bed as he's still talking about it! Walking out he said "Daddy, can I go every week"
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    Queersy has a pop at broon

    Brown appeals to the lowest common denominator amongst the celtic support. He just runs around kicking, elbowing, throwing the ball away, mouthing off, and at the end of the game blesses and gestures at the away fans to get a reaction. He's nothing but an attention seeking clown. Was yesterday a great footballing performance from him? No, he's just a fucking idiot. Only thing worse than a bad loser is a bad winner and he's certainly one of those. No dignity or class at all.
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    Fuck off you dick! Had a good game apart from his mistake at the end. Do you know anything about football at all ffs
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