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    I have today sent the below letter to the Directors of Rangers Football Club. I hope others will look to do the same in order that we gather some sort of momentum for action and change. Dear Mr King, I write to you as Chairman and a Director of Rangers Football Club following the totally unacceptable 4-0 defeat to our biggest rivals on Sunday 15th April. In March 2015 Mr King assumed boardroom control. You and the other Directors have reigned during a time of embarrassing and disgraceful results – some of the worst in our history. Only twice in my life have I left a Rangers game early, both of these games were under your tenure – the 5-1 defeat to celtic at Ibrox and the 4-0 defeat to celtic at Hampden. I simply could not watch any more. The loyalty of myself and other Rangers fans cannot be questioned. I and many others have followed Rangers through the hard times, with administration, liquidation and expulsion to the bottom tier of Scottish football being the lowest of them all. I and many thousands of others followed Rangers home and away as we made our return to the Scottish Premiership. We now feel that this loyalty is being taken for granted by the current administration at the Club. We have only won Scottish Challenge Cup and the SPFL Championship since the takeover in March 2015. It is totally unacceptable that our next chance of silverware will be in 2019 - 4 years since the takeover. By then we will have been 8 years without the League, 10 years without the Scottish Cup and 9 years without the League cup. It has not helped that the Club seem to go from one managerial disaster to the next. The resignation of Mark Warburton, David Weir and Frank McParland in February 2017 was a disaster and took several days to be confirmed. The appointment of Pedro Caixinha on a three-year deal in March 2017 was followed by a 5-1 defeat to celtic at Ibrox in the April, losing for the first time to Aberdeen in 26 years in the May, and being humiliated in Europe by Progres Niederkorn in the July. Records were being broken but not the kind we want. It took the board until the October to sack Caixinha. Then there was the embarrassing and very public McInnes debacle which left Rangers without a viable replacement for Caixinha. The public pursuit of McInnes ruled out all other managerial options which may have been in consideration at the time. After all, who would want to be the second choice? This was a careless and costly error. With seemingly no other option available, Graeme Murty was henceforth appointed as manager for the rest of the season with no experience of managing a club before, never mind one the calibre of Rangers. In this appointment, the Board effectively wrote-off the 17/18 season when we were still very much in contention for silverware. It is clear Murty’s team selections and tactics have been woeful. After Sunday he has clearly lost the confidence and respect of the team, and certainly the support of the fans. The players, manager and directors owe the Rangers fans a public apology for that humiliating display. How and why the Board continue to support Murty is unknown. It is imperative that he is now removed before we play the remaining 5 games of the season which are so important in determining where we finish in the league. We need to recover some pride. It is apparent that there is a lack of any sort of public relations or communications strategy. This is evident through the managerial controversies with Warburton, Weir, McParland and McInnes. More recently, during the January transfer window, had the Club reacted quicker, the rumours circulating around the future of Alfredo Morelos and the transfer fee would have been silenced. Now the latest controversy follows after Sunday and surrounds several players - Kenny Miller, Lee Wallace, Alfredo Morelos, Greg Docherty, Andy Halliday and Daniel Candeias. Again, rumours are circulating. Our slow and weak response to events, in and out of the Club makes us a laughing stock to other football fans and to the press. Becoming proactive is key in once more establishing the respect we deserve. In light of the above, it is difficult to understand how the Board can expect fans and others to invest money into the Club whether through share issues or season ticket renewals. The Board has shown little or no evidence that it can be trusted. How can fans be expected to renew their season tickets when the next managerial appointment is unknown? How can fans trust the Board to appoint a successful manager when the appointments of Caixinha and Murty have been disastrous? For too long the Board has taken the loyalty of the fans for granted. The Board has shown little competence to date. It is now time to either show the fans you merit the status as directors of Rangers Football Club, or you consider your resignation.
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    Docherty will be fine if Morelos tried to hit him.
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    If we partner up with Honda as well we could rename the club Red Honda Ulster.
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    Miller and Wallace appear to have been agent provocateurs for ages and I think the club will be better off without them.
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    Any player or member of staff that wishes to give them a guard of honour should be chased out of the club for good.
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    Not as bad as this one tbf: Abused kids Covered it up
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    the modern player makes me sick. Its absolutely any excuse to blame someone else for their own shortcomings.
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    We moan that the fans do nothing in protesting the clowns running the club and the ones responsible for all this, a wee group actually do something and people are offended at a padlock that will be cut off anyway? no wonder we don't get anywhere.
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    I think you need to take yourself away for a good fucking lie down
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    An upgrade on Martin for sure.
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    Game should have been dead and buried after equalising, but thanks to Murty we've came away with a point. No one else is to blame for the last three results except our manager. We struggle every single time we come up against a five man midfield yet he does nothing before or during these games to even attempt to change it. Seven games to go before another disaster of a season is over and done with, and I for one can't fucking wait.
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    We should be telling them whatever allocation we get will be what we take from now on. In a couple of years time when they're shite and plodding about in the bottom 6 again they'll be begging us to take more.
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    Must be playing the beggars shortly if the negative stories are coming out
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    So... basically he has no proof of this happening whatsoever? Pish.
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    Nigel Quashie has paid an emotional tribute to Rangers legend Ray Wilkins after the 61-year-old died earlier today. Wilkins was the former Scotland star's manager as he broke through at QPR and gave him his first team debut and the midfielder told the story of his debut which tugs on the heartstrings and epitomises the class act Wilkins was. Quashie was just a 17-year-old when he made his QPR debut away to Manchester United and his story of the debut is a heartwarming one. In an Instagram post he said: "I will always be proud to say how lucky I am to have been coached, managed and even meet you. If it wasn't for you I would never have started my career playing football and will never forget going to Manchester United as a YTS trainee to do all the kit and boots in the changing room for the first team squad "1 hr 30 mins before kick off you name the team and I was in it, I didn't even get to think about it because all you said was you're number 18, here are your boots and shin pads, just go and play, have fun and treat it like you're over the park with your mates. "My mum never had a mobile phone back then because we couldn't afford anything like that and everything went through her work or home phone. I asked you after the game if I could call home to speak to her, you said use my mobile and call this number, it was my mum on the other end of the line and she said she was outside by the away team bus. "I went outside to see her and asked how did you get here because I knew she couldn't afford it. She told me Ray had got the club to pay for her train ticket to come to the game and then Ray got the club to give us our first mobile phone in life durin gthe week and he wanted to surprise me knowing I was making my debut. I was given a chance by Ray Wilkins, one of the legends of the game and to this day you are the first person I mention when it comes to football and that will never change. "You will be missed so much not just in the football world but as a real human being with such class. Thanks for everything and my thoughts go to all the family. Sleep well Sir Ray Wilkins."
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    Passed his driving test looking staunch as fuck😀 Is he in our youth system?
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    One was amongst the most famous British footballers, the other probably unknown to most. Yet both had the honour of wearing our famous colours on the Ibrox pitch in front of 10s of thousands of fans, and we all knew they were loving being here, and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process. And both apparently great guys too. For me Ray Wilkins was a model professional, not too many players get to play for great teams at their peak like Milan, Chelsea. Man United and the Rangers. He played football the way I wanted to play. Thoughtful, intelligent, playing for the team, consistent, focussed, and with many moments of great skill and brilliance, for both England and us. And Stuart "Broxi Bear" was a model professional too, probably a natural, it's not easy keeping Gers fans entertained, as most of us know, but he did it at every home game we played, a hero for our younger fans In their own way they both brought a special kind of football magic to our club, each to a whole generation of Rangers fans. R.I.P Ray and Stuart, both Rangers heroes.
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    We all remember the cup final few years ago From 5/6 rows of fuckpigs in that semi final to hardly any for the final . Letting Hivs fans run riot . We all remember 99 when the beggars disgraced themselves. In the game where we won the Championship, at their dump . The scum were very close to rioting that night, because they just couldn't take us beating them on their pitch I have a very sneaky feeling , security may be slightly more relaxed this weekend . Almost tempting some of our support to cause trouble if things go badly . We don't know how hard, it's going to feel at the game this weekend . It will be a sore one for many of the bears . It could be even more painful than last weekend for many Get there much earlier than planned bears . Trust me on this . They will try to spoil your day by holding you outside the ground And lets keep the heed . Do not give our enemies the ammunition they are looking for to level things up from the 99 game if we are losing With any luck we will win the game ,. Still think they will party on anyway but I would rather this happened than the first scenario
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    Halliday is not Rangers class and never will be. Let’s get that out the way. But for murty to a. Play him yesterday and then b. sub him with only a few minutes of the half left was disgraceful. Completely tossed him under the bus, why not wait til half time instead of embarrassing the guy like that. Thought it was a fucking scummy move by murty to embarrass the guy after he put him in the situation in the first place.
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    https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/alastair-johnston-statement-proves-Rangers-12395512
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    So these boys who follow the club up and down the land and have had enough of the fenians basically having a free reign over us telling the club we've had enough is why we deserve not to have safe standing Rab Marshall is a fucking prick who tried to get 2 mates of mine the jail and their employers informed of a joke made on the internet. He's a fucking banger
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    To be honest if there has been a bust up I would actually be pleased. There needs to be a bust up. There needs to be hurt, anger and frustration. Every cunt needs to let it out and every cunt needs to be told. Even though Murty is a nice enough guy his post match comments were terrible. Balls should have been booted all over the place after that. Confrontation was absolutely needed IMO. It's not big and it's not clever but avoiding and ignoring the issue just doesn't cut it after today's embarrassment.
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    Was 600k buy out now the Daily catholic have upped it to £1m. More pish and fuckin shameful we still have fans reading this shite.
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    We lost a true legend and gentleman. Rest in peace Sandy.
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    Aye Rab, chaining the gates shut is why we haven’t got safe standing utter mongo
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    For me the worst CH at the club. That performance today was abysmal and the number of goals he's cost us means he should be chased to fuck now never mind come the summer. Fucking rank.
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    If this was to be true then I sincerely hope that Russia and the West stop fucking about trading petty insults and nuke the entire world to fuck.
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    There’s no one in the wings, there’s no sugar daddies, there’s no one interested in investing in Scotland- the EPL or ECL are where you go if you’re sensible - there’s no one of wealth behind a coup. If our board chuck it right now at this time - I believe we will be fucked big time be careful what you chant for
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    (sorry I’ve always wanted to this)
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    Afternoon Gers Fans, Sheffield Wednesday fan here who has been closely following your season since the pre-season friendly back in July last year. I went with my old man and we had a fantastic time sharing our usual pre-match boozer and having some great banter with all your lot who were magnificent all day long. After a pretty disappointing season, this weekend seems to be the first where all results have gone our way so hoping that’s a good omen Rangers can finish that off this afternoon. I have attached a couple of photos and videos from the day; will be watching intently and hope to see much more of the same today! Best of luck and hope you finally smash them odious c**** UTO WATP
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    The idea of him being appointed does nothing for me
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    another reneging of personal responsibility " a big boy did it and ran away". Are the players seriously trying to suggest that the game was taken out their hands prior to kick off?
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    I've copied and pasted so you don't need to give that cunty rag anymore hits.
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    so we are going to get an interim manager No.2 to replace an interim manager No.1, who replaced a high risk nobody manager who replaced the previous interim manager No.1 who replaced a FIFA16 manager, who replaced a manager that didnt do walking away who replaced a legend. ...and theres actually people I have missed out. Good job the board
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    I've got one GB, which you are more than welcome to have for Erskine Bishopton. The £20 mentioned can go to Erskine also. Please PM me delivery address mate.
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    Here's mines. Dear Board, Fuck off.
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    They employ, they pay funds, they are responsible for giving these cunts at the very least a 9 in a row run. We deserve better than this.
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    Disgraceful comment from the same guy who previously posted about our fans chasing away good catholic players. One for the watching
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    A bet he did the pervert
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    Can we just put this to bed now and ban anybody that suggests signing him in the summer because he is finished and unfortunately not yet received a career ender
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    Fanny about for weeks on end trying to appoint a manager. Fail in that quest so give the job to a youth coach until the end of the season effectively chucking our campaign away in the process. Few months down the line they throw him under the bus to deflect any criticism coming their way. And so the magic roundabout keeps on spinning
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