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    Keep your mouth shut about celtics child abuse or we we will find a way to punish you is the message.
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    Rangers has stepped in to help save the day for a community gala. Milngavie Community Development Trust was in need of a pitch for Milngavie Week - but now Rangers has made The Hummel Training Centre available. Milngavie Week runs from June 8 to 15. It includes a dog show, children’s treasure hunt, senior citizens bus trip, pond dipping and a silent disco. It is entirely organised by volunteers and local organisations. A local resident had offered to run a football competition for young people, but the organisers couldn’t find a pitch. They asked Rangers if they could use their training pitch, which is in the East Dunbartonshire town. The club then offered the use of their facilities. Now local youngsters from four different boys’ clubs will get a chance to play at the training ground, which cost £14million to build in 2001. Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson said: “We are delighted to be able to help this local initiative. We’re proud to be part of the Milngavie community, and wish everyone all the very best with the event.”
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    2011 - celtic fan Humza Yousaf joins the SNP 2012 celtic fan James Dornan appointed SNP deputy whip 2012 - MP writes to SPL regarding celtic boys club pedophile ring 2013 - SPL change name to SPFL 2014 - Susan Aitken (celtic fan) appointed Glasgow City council leader of the SNP group 2016 - Sturgeon (a lawyer) declares child abuse enquiry won’t widen to football clubs 2017 - Gerald King jailed for child abuse at CBC 2018 - Susan Aitken denies Rangers fanzone 2018 - SNP full inquiry into Alex Salmond 2018 - celtic Boys Club change names 2018 - Lawell RETURNS to the board of the SPFL 2018 - Torbett jailed for child abuse at CBC 2018 - Cairney jailed for child abuse at CBC 2019 - Susan Aitken caught attempting to smear Labour MP for attending Rangers game after screenshots of her private group chat went viral 2019 - SNP admits inquiry into Salmond case was committed unlawfully 2019 - McCafferty jailed for child abuse at CBC 2019 - John Mason (SNP) compares tax avoidance to child abuse 2019 - James Dornan (celtic fan) of the SNP admits knowledge of child abuse at CBC, as his SON was at the club 2019 - James Dornan (celtic fan and SNP politician) claims he’ll contact Peter Lawell regarding pedophile ring at CBC. No update. 2019 - SFA remove child protection laws from official website 2019 - SFA and FA cross border investigation into links between Bennell and CBC 2019 - Letter revealing SPL denied inquiry into CBC/CFC due to the league CFC played in being a completely different organisation. Direct links between CBC, CFC, SPFL and the SNP. This cover up is absolutely fucking massive.
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    Thought would create this thread for the upcoming season so everyone can see all the the important dates for draws, fixtures etc. Can a moderator unpin the outdated goals and assists thread and pin this? Will update going forward and add in all fixtures once confirmed. **Scottish Cup Fifth, QF and SF dates have not been released, based dates below on previous years, will update if any dates are changed but 90% sure will be those weekends. Europa League ties can be switched to a Tuesday or Wednesday but most likely all will be played on Thursdays. Please advise if anything is incorrect or should be added. Fixture dates and times subject to change. Schedule July 4th July - Return from Portugal Sunday 7th July - Friendly 1 vs Oxford United, Ibrox @ 3pm Thursday 11th July - EL Q1, leg 1 away vs Prishtina/St Josephs Friday 12th July - The Twelfth Celebrations Sunday 14th July - Friendly 2 vs Marseille, Ibrox @ 3pm Thursday 18th July - EL Q1, leg 2 vs Prishtina/St Josephs, Ibrox @ 7:45pm Sunday 21st July - Friendly 3 vs Blackburn Rovers, Ibrox @ 3pm Monday 22nd July - EL Q3 draw Thursday 25th July - EL Q2, first leg vs Cork City/Progres/Cardiff MU Sunday 28th July - Friendly 4 vs Derby County, Ibrox @ 3pm Sunday 28th July - Betfred cup round 2 draw August Thursday 1st Aug - EL Q2, second leg vs Cork City/Progres/Cardiff MU Sun 4th Aug - GW 1 vs Kilmarnock, Rugby Park at 1:30pm live on Sky Sports Monday 5th Aug - EL playoff draw Thursday 8th Aug - EL Q3 first leg Saturday 10th Aug - GW 2 vs Hibs, Ibrox Thursday 15th Aug - EL Q3 second leg Saturday 17th or Sun 18th Aug - Betfred cup round 2 Sun 18th Aug - Betfred cup Round 3 draw Thursday 22nd Aug - EL playoff first leg Saturday 24th Aug - GW 3 vs St Mirren, St Miren Park Thursday 29th Aug - EL playoff second leg Saturday 31st Aug - GW 4 vs Scum, Ibrox September 24th-26th Sept - Betfred cup Quarter Finals 26th Sept - Betfred cup Semi Final draw November Sat 2nd or Sun 3rd Nov - Betfred cup Semi Finals Weekend 3rd Nov - Scottish Cup Fourth Round draw December Sat 7th or Sun 8th Dec - Betfred cup Final Monday 30th Dec - Winter break starts January Friday 17th Jan - Winter break ends Weekend 18th Jan - Scottish cup Fourth Round Weekend 18th Jan - Scottish cup Fifth Round draw February Weekend 8th Feb - Scottish cup Fifth Round Weekend 8th Feb - Scottish cup Quarter Finals draw Weekend 29th Feb - Scottish cup Quarter Finals Weekend 29th Feb - Scottish cup Semi Finals draw April Weekend 11th Apr - Scottish cup Semi Finals May Saturday 9th May - Scottish cup Final
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    Make no mistake this is coming from the Guardian's of Moral and Sporting integrity ,the resolution 12 nutters have been pushing the jap to do something for years. Just in time sneaky Pete has his placemen release this ,(SFA,celtic two cheeks of the same arse ) statement, it is a shot across the bows from the beasts from the East. Keep your mouths shut and know your place. If Rangers sit back and do not react to this threat then we will continue to be fucked over at every cut and turn and dare I say it we will not be allowed to win another trophy in Scotland. As a club we have been marginalised into a position where we have no say on anything meaningful to the game. Mulraney has more clout than the biggest club in the country.It's beyond a joke,whilst the biggest scandal in the world of sport is still being hushed up by the two entities that are culpable for the original cover up in the first place. You couldn't mark their necks with a flamethrower. The only option in my opinion is for Rangers Football Club and I include the supporters in this is to go for the Nuclear option, go public call the two organisations out and demand they are investigated by EUEFA, take them to the court of Arbitration for Sport. As for the supporters, keep doing what we have done,sing it loud, don't be silenced, garner the support of others out with football ,MPs, anyone who can bring this injustice to a wider body and keep the pressure up. Silence is not an option. Justice for the victims. Kick them Out.
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    It clocks in at just under 20 minutes ... so get comfy. Could've drastically trimmed it to get it to 10 minutes or so ... but with so many adventures in Europe this year ... they all deserve to stay. Have It!
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    So historical action is a thing with them. Ok, now back to 1966, Torbett and all you cunts.
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    I’m happy with 54!!! Whilst you lucky people were watching The Old Firm game the other week I was trudging over the Yorkshire 3 Peaks getting my last bit of training in, listening to it on the radio. My, them 2 hours were pain free and joyful. It would be another 10hrs till I got home to watch the recorded version in full. Myself and 5 ex comrades will be competing in the Cateran Yomp, (rural Perthshire), 54 miles in under 24 hours for The ABF (Army Benevolent fund) the Soldiers Charity 8/9th June. It’s also their 75th Anniversary this year. The ABF supports/works with the Erskine Veterans and I believe donated £150.000 this year. This is my 4th and though I suffer for weeks afterwards, you should see some of the others who would make you stomach turn, toenails falling off and blisters the size of your fist. I never tire of this event but realise I’ve only got a couple more in me. 2016: We finished in the top 100 out of 1200, how I don’t know, I’m guessing as we didn’t know the route or where we stood in the field. 2017: It rained for 22hrs and 32mins and I were solo is all I remember. My daughter popping by for support, 36 mile checkpoint starving, “what they got for food“…”it’s alright dad, we’ve eaten”. 2018: My proudest moment, passing over the finish line with my daughter. A girly girl who went through all the emotions and more but never gave up. Giving me the funniest moment unintentionally at the 50 mile point whilst we sat down next to a veteran amputee (leg) who’s pain killers weren’t working anymore. I nodded to her in his direction as to why we were here, hoping to get that last bit of energy she had left as she was on empty. (Her) “My blisters are worse dad” (me) “he’s only got one leg” (her) “that’s beside the point”. She’s doing it again this year. 2019: To be continued: http://fundraising.soldierscharity.org/stevegillespie Thanks to anyone who sponsored me and all the other charities you greatly donate. Please remove if unsuitable admin.
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    Removed his goodbye to Rangers from his timeline. What a pathetic wee tarrier bastard. Break a leg
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    Hello again diseased tarrier. Normal people not come on to website of their rival team after they win big trophy, normal people have friends and celebrate winning with their friends but you are on internet in the house of your mum alone try to hide from your uncle that like to touch your little tarrier penis. Have a shit night, say hello to your sister for me. Thank you.
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    Only in the Republican cesspit that is scotland would a tax dispute be treated more seriously than industrial scale child rape. Hang your Heads in shame SFA, ya corrupt shower of no mark cunts.
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    My old gramps did exactly that on D-Day. As he flew back from bombing the Merville-Franceville battery he saw the armada on it's way from his turret. Old boy died last year. His log book entry from that day...
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    Making room for Liverpool's kit man on loan
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    Another fantastic blog but please Give the link a click so the guy gets the hits please rather than a copy and past of the text: https://uppingtheoutput.home.blog/2019/05/29/trouble-tribalism-does-it-matter-who-asks-the-questions/
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    A senior officer approached Lord Lovat on the beach and told him the Paras had captured the bridges. Lovat then turned to me and said, "Give us a tune, piper." The whole situation was ridiculous. It was bad enough the three of us standing on the beach amidst all the shell fire when we should have been lying down somewhere. Now he was asking me to play the pipes. So I thought, I may as well be ridiculous too and I asked, "What tune would you like, sir?" "The Road To The Isles," said Lovat. "I suppose you'd like me to march up and down while I do it, sir?" "Excellent," he said. "That would be lovely." So I marched up and down along the shore playing the pipes. I could see the bodies in the water, moving in and out with the tide. At one point, I remember a sergeant running past me and shouting, "Are you fucking mad? Every bloody German in France is shooting at us!" But I ignored him and kept marching because there were other Commandos - French and British - cheering me on as I went. Years later, I met the German officer who was commanding that area during the landings and I asked him, why didn't anyone shoot me? I was right at the front. Why wasn't I killed? He said, "We thought you were 'dumbkopf' (crazy)." I didn't know it but that's what the Germans had nicknamed me - der Verrückt Dudelsack Pfeiffer, which means, The Mad Piper. I didn't think I was doing anything great that day. It was my job. I was a piper. - Piper Bill Millin
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    I take it you put the R in your username by mistake?
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    Don’t really see the need to use Davie to have a dig at Ryan Kent.
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