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    If we sack him they have got 10IAR We cannot keep switching managers and entire playing squads every year. There have been improvements this year and I expect more next season with another summer transfer window. Idiotic as fuck to suggest getting rid of him
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    I started going to Rangers games in the early sixties unfortunately just in time for the scum from the east end to start dominating Scottish football (they also did well in Europe but you will not hear them mentioning it). I also suffered during the John Greig(manager) years and still went when our crowds fell to sometimes as low as 4 figures. I of course also had the jock Wallace,souness and watty years then came the ebt shite and demotion to the bottom of the league and I did actually think that we were fucked and would never recover but as everyone agrees the one constant in the last half a dozen or so years has been the amazing fans,we have filled every ground in the country and smashed all sorts of records attendance wise. Meanwhile at the paedodome as the scum hoovered up trophy after trophy unhindered their attendances unbelievably dropped to such an extent that they resorted to closing parts of the ground. I realise most on here will have stopped reading by now but my point is about fans having a go at the young supporters ie. the union bears and the ones who have now taken up running on to the park to celebrate,I find it mind blowing the sheer number of young fans that are now actually attending our matches when you think of all the crap we have been through and the fact we have won fuck all for years and a huge amount these kids have never seen Rangers lifting a trophy. So just think back to your early years as a supporter and give the kids a break,they might be a pain in the arse at times with their flares ect but their outstanding support for the club cannot be questioned.
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    Maybe it was Strathclyde police Child Protection squad.
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    As if this man was not enough of a Rangers Legend, he is, for his 75th birthday trekking across the Sahara to raise awareness and money for cervical cancer. Legend!
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    My dog does when it goes out for some aggro.
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    Finally, competitive football is back. After three weeks of manufactured outrage over referees, half-baked conspiracies and celtic fans insisting Rangers can't afford to sign Jermain Defoe before the club promptly confirmed the signing of Jermain Defoe, the winter break is at an end. READ MORE: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/Rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-see-13895668
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    2 starts for a guy who has barely played any football this season and he’s being wrote off. Ffs.
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    Just about every thread now is taken off topic by a bunch of immature posters who engage in petty arguments pretending they are witty, trading personal insults like wee daft boys and disrupting the thread content continuity, even losing any semblance to a football forum at all. For me these posters surely can't be representative of our magnificent support , as they are basically just shitting in their own back yard for their own amusement, and sadly bringing the Bear's Den into ridicule. Just saying admin, we see it happening, you see it happening, advice from admin above says it should not be happening, yet it's the same garbage happening every day and night. There is of course a suitable off topic forum where this shite could be posted (although not in there either if I was to choose), and I suspect many other posters would prefer it to dissappear altogether from the Bear's Den too. Quite simply it is embarrassing now, I want to read about my football team in the Bear's Den, not read juvenile tit for tat non football related consistent meaningless twaddle
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    Margaret Ferguson was only 18 years old when she lost her life at Ibrox Stadium on the 2nd January 1971. She was also the only female to die in the tragedy. Over the last couple of years as part of our Restoration of Rangers Graves Project our colleague Chris Beglin has restored the bench in Markinch, which had been placed in memory of the five boys who tragically died that fateful day, and the Robert Mulholland memorial bench in Glasgow. With this in mind we were contacted earlier this month by Ian McLeod Milne who organises the Annual Supporters Memorial Service at Ibrox with a view to restoring the bench that had been placed in memory of Margaret at Muiravonside Cemetery. Subsequently I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret’s sister Mary at the Ibrox Memorial Service earlier this month. We contacted Falkirk Council and they have given their consent for the bench to be removed, restored and put back in place. All updates will be posted. The tragic link between Margaret and Colin Stein: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/ibrox-disaster-only-female-victims-1079390 Donations to The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project can be made here via the link on our website: https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-restoration-of-Rangers-graves
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    https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/ryans-Rangers-love/ Great to hear the wee man speak like this. Can only bode well for us trying to get him in the summer, if that's what he wants!
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    It is indeed a team game which Morelos demonstrates every week by running himself into the ground for the team.
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    One minute he's the man to fix the broken discipline system and now he's suspended by his own club. 😂😂
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    Nobody really caused any trouble though. Saw a wee guy run up to Alfredo and he gave him a wee hug and a pat on the head. If we're getting shite for that when Hibs got fuck all for Hampden we're through the looking glass here.
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    Wtf did people want him to do? run up to us with a fucking letter of apology?, we were shite and deservedly got beat, professional footballer acting in a professional way for his club after scoring, embarrassing some of the reaction against him on here tonight, fucking embarrassing.
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    Fuck you bluepeter before you even reply
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    Kris Boyd needs to learn to shut his mouth. I bet he doesn't know what went on in the end. Lennon is a poisonous and toxic person who is always the victim and never the perpetrator. He bleats on about how hard done to he is and never takes responsibility for the part he plays in the abuse he gets. Sadly everybody else seems to forget that he causes most of his own problems then screams racism, victimisation and abuse. When he does anything to antagonise people is just craic or because he has mental health problems. It makes me sick that these excuses are waived around when there are people out there who suffer real racism and unbelievable abuse on a daily basis and are mostly ignored and people who are severely mentally unwell who are ridiculed. Unfortunately for us he will be on BT/sky/premier's sports commentating on our games along with the rest of the bigots who should be nowhere near us. Rant over!!
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    Rangers complain - get fined Levein complains - penalised celtic complain - SFA arrange a summit to discuss refereeing and put together a working group that drips with taiginess Yep. Seems fair.
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    They are paying his wages what you want him to do? He is doing what made us want him. should be our manager and players you are seething with
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    Gerrard fucked that Killie game by putting Davis and Defoe straight in. Blame lies solidly at his door imo
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    "A squad of world-beaters managed by the greatest manager to have ever managed Reading."
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    Thomson was a level above Jack.
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    The media have tried time and time again to paint Lennon as some kind of misunderstood guy.....tactically astute, intelligent, articulate, witty...but at the end of the day he’s a wee angry, bigoted and violent scumbag that provokes reaction from the opposition before playing the catholic victim card. He can’t hide it and once again the scum in him has surfaced and will continue to do so. I can’t see how any club (outside of those trying to appeal to the fenian victim masses) could see him as a viable option as a manager with his baggage. So Neil, away and drink your fortune away and end up a pish stained jakey in some East End spit and sawdust hell hole living off your tainted titles and blaming your failings on everything and everyone but yourself. Enjoy the gutter. It’s where you deserve to be.