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    I rarely start any topics but one year today Ryan went off to see The Rangers play and never came home when the bus he was travelling on overturned. RIP Ryan and sending love to your family and friends today.
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    Here we have a man new to these shores, arriving at a club in turmoil. Inheriting a dysfunctional team laden with poor quality and conflict. One could be forgiven for thinking that he might be given a warm welcome, particularly given the state we were/are in, both on and off the park. Not in this back yard. Not a Ranger's man, so a tough sell. The rest of the country were intrigued by this unknown quantity, whilst many of our own and a hating mhedia were against him from the off and couldn't wait to put the knife in, but just part of every day life in this parochial backwater for a newcomer to get used to. He certainly gave the incumbents their chance to shine under him, but the results (must have been Pedro's fault!) showed otherwise and the clearout gets underway over the summer. 8 games into a new season and we sit 3rd after a roller coaster start to a new season. We win 4-1 on a shit night away from home, after going one down, with ten men playing on a surface more suited to ice skaters. The malcontents among us have their say. We were shite. Hamilton were rotten. Well again, that's life in the parochial backwater. Doesn't matter that we won 4-1 away from home on a pitch that would have made Barca look like Annan Athletic. Then we have Pedro the man. A colourful and likeable character, who has shown the passion and and commitment in spades, along with his knowledge of the game. A man of obvious integrity, with a work ethic second to none. Spends an average of 500k on new players in. Some look the part, some don't but what is obvious, a million miles off the quality of our biggest rival. Now if the man hadn't been given a more chilly a welcome, we then get humped by our greatest rival. By a team where we couldn't even afford to buy one of their players, far less their wages. A team who had just won the treble, qualified for the CL and on a record unbeaten run. The bile and and the rage of the malcontents ensues. Being a fully paid up member of the parochial backwater, one can understand and be well used to the reaction as we can't see past the end of our noses. Like we were ever going to take the scum fielding a new team of inferior quality that our budget permits?! Ah but, look at our other other results the malcontents then cry. Yes look at them. On an average spend of 500k, we have a God given right to be better that our other also rans in this league? Some would have us believe so, whilst the reality is we are fielding pretty much a whole new team of inferior quality to the scum, but pretty much of a similar level to all the other also rans. Forgive me for thinking that we have no God given to look any better than Thistle under these constraints at this juncture. But, but, we are Rangers. That makes a lot ot of sense. Doesn't it?! We need to be second and a good second at that, so the manager must go they cry, as they deflect from the real problem, that big fuck off elephant in the room and proceed to perpetuate their agenda and abuse an honest man. Yes we do need to be better, but after 8 games and a new squad and we now sit 3rd with a squad that is indeed actually improving. Patience is not a virtue in this backwater. I also couldn't find anything in our proud history where being second is our default setting. Appears to be a new trend emerging to justify the malcontents posture in all this. Worst of all, there is the treatment by some among us of our manager. The personal character assasination. The hate and the bile that spews forth from their foul mouths as they lay this good man bare and throw him under a bus to satisfy some recessed inadequacy within them. Another unpleasent characteristic of this parochial backwater that any newcomer might think he has landed on another planet. The treatment of this good man by both the mhedia and some of our own is nothing short of a disgrace. Cowardice in it's worst form and those among us should know better, particularly from where we have just been and the injustice meted out to us. We have simply learned nothing. By all means criticise him or anyone else on their performance, but to be so disrespectful to a Ranger's manager, who has done nothing but do his best since arriving beggars belief. The only manager I know who gets abuse when he wins. This man wears his heart on his sleave and it is obvious that he bleeds for us, this relative stranger who has taken up the cause. He is no Pep G, but WTF do we expect given our circumstances? We should be ashamed of ourselves. Loyalty and defend, we wouldn't know it if we fell over it. He may not be the best, but he has my full backing for the qualities he does possess, in his integrity, in his passion and commitment to our cause. In both in his honesty and in his naivety. These attributes are what have been sorely lacking in our club over the last six years, but some are intent on mistaking them for weakness. We are constrained by what we don't know. Not to recognise it is the weakness. This current board have engendered a culture whereby failure is acceptable and planned for. They have engendered a culrture of mistrust and uncertainty due to their lack of transparency and underfunding. They have eroded our values and integrity by sharp business practice and allowing our haters to have open season on us. We are simply surrounded by a web of deceipt and lies. We deserve much better but make no mistake, many an honest man would be devoured in such an envirionment. Many ask if Pedro is the man. I ask, the man for what? If it is to improve us, no problem. If it is to take the the title, no chance. Even if it was Pep G himself, the answer is quite simple. We don't have the funds to take that title and never will have with this board in charge. Oh well, let's not face or deal with that small issue, let's just hang the players and the manager. Much easier of course, but also much more cowardly. So, I ask the question, just how many managers and players are we going to hang before we wake up and smell the coffee and do something about it? I would say quite a few and then we wake up and grow a pair just after the scum take 10 iar! All too late and that would be a record never to be overtaken and won't everyone in this backwater ever let us forget it. I conclude, that Pedro is the man who will improve us and deliver the "board's" aspirations without a shadow of a doubt. Just a pity some are so cowardly as not to admit to it. If those malcontents have an issue with the board's aspirations in being second, better they grew a spine and it took up with them than abusing the easy targets and embarassing both themselves and the whole club. Whether Pedro stays or goes will make no difference to me personally, but sad that we have used and abused and honest and compassionate man. Maybe it's him who has dodged a bullet if he goes and I have no doubt whatsoever we will be worse off without him. The next manager and and the next after cannot succeed in the current financial landscape and will only cause further disruption and uncertainty as these things do and the results will only get worse as the numbers of players sitting in the stands increases and eat away at an already limited budget. The law of diminishing returns kick in and that leads to only one place and it is far from being first in anything. Now where the fuck is that elephant?!
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    I know I’ve been critical before of the youth results and the lack of talent pushing for first team but Craig Mulholland invited us back to airport on team bus after today’s game and also every single player without exception came over lined up and shook our hands and thanked us for travelling - was such a nice touch and great experience things like that make me proud to be a Rangers fan - Graham Murty a credit to us also thanking us and wishing us safe travels
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    Quite simple... Invest to close this gap or get to fuck.
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    Just thought I would give you guys an update on that Magnificent Gentleman Mr Johnny Hubbard , had the pleasure to talk to him this morning on Ayr High St , he is looking rather well and apart from a few hiccups he is feeling well , his sense of humour has certainly not deserted him and as I said it was just a pleasure to spend a few minutes with this GREAT man .
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    Sitting in the pub the night I saw a sky program about Red star Belgrade, I recognised Darko Pancev straight away and instantly I thought about the time we played them when souness was the manager, for the older bears that remember we got fucked in Belgrade but drew 1-1 at Ibrox end route to exiting the European cup, I think it was the next season that Red star did win the European cup beating Marseille on penalties, Marseille would then go on to win the European cup a couple of years later albeit under a cloud, again we were competing with these teams with a realistic chance of progress Nearly 30yrs on and the chances of Red Star competing in the champions league again are slim let alone win it, the days of walking along to Ibrox on a Wednesday night full of confidence for a European night are a distant memory as money has totally fucked the whole infrastructure of European football, watching that tonight was a stark reminder where football is fucked up nowawdays as great clubs from European football history very rarely get a knife and fork at the big table now.
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    The way he’s been treated since the day he got here by the media, ex players (ours too) is a fucking disgrace. Wind him up, goad him etc then when he replies they make a cunt of him and make a big story about him. They should hang their heads in shame, especially folk like Barry Ferguson who spat the dummy after JJ got the job. I’m fucking desperate for Pedro to succeed to get it right up/round/ n up again all these fuckin scumbags. Fuck everycunt in this country that ain’t us.
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    Where did your dad go?
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    My 4 years old grandaughter has just come to stay for the weekend. I asked her what she wanted to do today and she said can we watch Rangers? Guess who's staying up late tonight.
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    He’s hurt and scunnerd you give a guy a new deal and make him an important part of your plans and he snakes you and blames you for his poor form
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    So I'm just back from salou and I don't know if this has been posted before but whilst I was over there I came across this wee place...anyone who's been to salou youl know it's full a taig pubs..well the Blue nose had a funny wee story behind it...The guy who runs it Eze and his sister mikelas dad had built them a model boat when they were kids and it was called the Bluenose 2..so they opened a bar named after it and ofcourse soon as a bear has seen it he's explained what we would call a Bluenose ...so now Eze and mikelas little Argentinean bar is a Rangers one...hes only just starting out but he has a few flags and scarves dotted about the place ..i left my top for him whilst there and would ask any bears about there or going to take him some gear..because a nicer guy you won't find anywhere he's coming to Glasgow to visit ibrox and go around some pubs to get ideas...anyways I'm gone on and on...just go guys and youl see his hospitality and the passion that's ripping out him already..
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    No you watched the same game You're just a fucking zoomer
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    A tosser for going to get treatment so he can make a quick a recovery as possible. I despair at our fan base at times.
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    HE had been there, done it and got the t-shirt. In the twilight of his career, Clint Hill still had one box to tick, though. It was a case of right club, wrong time. He has left Rangers, but the memories of Rangers haven’t left him. The signing of Hill was undoubtedly a gamble by Mark Warburton. It was one of the few the Englishman made last summer that paid off. The defender would make 32 appearances in Light Blue and form a bond with the Ibrox crowd as he made the most of a chance he assumed would never come before he hung up his boots. In a campaign that saw Rangers underperform and underachieve, Hill was one of the few players to emerge with any credit. Amidst the disappointment, there was a sense of pride. “I never thought I would get the chance and for it to happen at that age was a bit out of the blue,” Hill told SportTimes. “If I was 28 I would have loved it, I really would have. What a club to play for. “The experiences that I had there, the highlights of playing in front of those fans, with all the expectation and pressure that comes with it, it was an eye-opener. “It was absolutely brilliant. It was a bit of a transitional period coming back into thePremiership but in terms of personal experiences it was absolutely amazing, it really was.” While the likes of Joey Barton and Philippe Senderos failed to live up to the hype and Joe Garner struggled to justify his £1.8million price tag, Hill steadily rose to the challenge at Ibrox. Come the end of the campaign, it was he and fellow veteran Kenny Miller that been the most consistent performers as power was shifted from Warburton to Graeme Murty and then handed to Pedro Caixinha. “I spoke quite openly about it and there were a few eyebrows raised when I first went in, which was fair enough,” Hill said. “It took me a while, it took me maybe a month or two to get into the swing of playing for such a big club and everything that comes along with it. “But I thought to myself ‘this is what it is, you have got to accept it and this is a big club so you have to handle the pressure and expectations that are there’. “I just cracked on with it, and hopefully I did OK. It was a great experience.” His time in Light Blue may have ended without a medal as Rangers finished third in the Premiership and suffered two Old Firm semi-final defeats. But Hill still had his own moment to savour as he netted a dramatic late equaliser to earn Murty’s side a point at Parkhead. Dark clouds hung over Ibrox for much of the campaign. For players and punters, it was a rare silver lining. “It was a special moment obviously,” Hill said. “We were losing 1-0 and were in the lion’s den there, there was a lot of noise and animosity towards us. “So to go and put a smile on the Rangers’ fans faces was brilliant and one of the highlights of my career to score in such a game like that. “It was an important result in terms of a bit of belief and confidence after a difficult time before that. It was a positive, of course it was. “We didn’t win and that is always a disappointment but it was a nice feeling for myself to score in a derby like that.” As Hill and his team-mates celebrated with the supporters in the corner of Parkhead, Caixinha watched on from the stands ahead of his unveiling as manager. Five games later, he said farewell to Ibrox and the Light Blue legions after the win over Hearts. By then, the writing was on the wall. Having arrived during a squad overhaul at the start of the season, he was then a part of the summer clear-out by Caixinha. There were no hard feelings, though. “Oh no, there was nothing like that,” Hill said. “That is football. “It was very respectful in the way he spoke to me about it. There were no text messages or phone calls, it was face-to-face and we were looking at each other explaining our reasons. “I have got a lot of respect for that. That is the way I want to be handled as a player so there were no complaints or any animosity from me. “Obviously I would have loved to have stayed at that club because once you leave you realise how special a place it is. “But there is absolutely no animosity towards the manager and I just want Rangers to do well now.” After playing his part in Rangers’ first campaign back in the Premiership, he is now watching the Light Blues’ second crack at the top flight from afar after joining Carlisle United. Victory over St Johnstone on Friday night ensured Caixinha’s side remain six points adrift of celtic and Aberdeen after a mixed start to the season. And Hill knows there is only one thing that matters to the Portuguese as he prepares for Sunday’s Betfred Cup semi-final withMotherwell. “It will take time, unfortunately,” he said. “When you are manager at Rangers, how much time do you get? “It is all about winning games of football. That is what you are judged on as a manager and what he should be concentrating on. “Every game is a must-win game and that needs your full attention. “Everything off the field and that comes around it, you need to dismiss that and just concentrate on getting results because that is what will make you a popular figure at Ibrox.” *********** Big Clint clearly loved his time here and we were as good a fit for him as he was for us. Some good words and insight in that article. Thanks and good luck big man.
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    I fucking love him. A very very important player for us. Pulling defenders out of position creating space for others and generally being a pain in the arse all round it’s been a long time since we’ve had a striker that defenders can’t second guess
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    At half-time I thought this was the worst refereeing performance I had seen since Howard Webb at the world cup final in 2010, but after that Bowman cunt decided he was able to smash our player's face open with impunity, I realised I have never seen a worse showing from an official. What an embarrassment to the game.
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    Proved tonight how important he is to Rangers. Receives a lot of grief due to his defensive capabilities, which I accept to an extent. But quite often he can be very solid and offensively is very important. Two fantastic assists tonight and his relationship with Candeias is strengthening a previous weakness. I'm sure he can keep it up.
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    Any self respecting Rangers man wouldn't have been anywhere near a shit show involving that cunt
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    Tim paper trying to stir the shit at Rangers shocker. If you look at the page it sums up all their beliefs and how they want things to be; Anderlicht are giving their players lots and lots of money to beat the spuds(victim mode), poor spuds having a fortune spent for them to get beat (ready made excuse), Brenda its about septic glory not money, so presented as hero, for the cause and morally better than teams who play players money to beat them. Rangers have silly foreign person shouting at his players for not being made welcome and goes in huff, Rangers is chaos, and in a bad way because of silly foreign person. This is truly piss poor propaganda but saps will buy in to it because they want to.
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    Must admit, when I read his take on the match, it quite stunned me. Not in the usual manner, where I get raging and explosive, but in the opposite manner, for once, where he actually tore into them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41378136 When deciding to rail against celtic in the wake of Saturday's Old Firm game, Pedro Caixinha wasn't exactly short on causes to fight. He could have highlighted the flare flung on to the pitch from the celtic end, he could have raised the big claim for a penalty when the score was still 0-0, he could have shone a light on Leigh Griffiths' provocative behaviour when blowing his nose on the blue paper that was part of the Ibrox club's tifo display before appearing to wipe the contents of his nose on a corner flag bedecked with the Rangers emblem. What Griffiths did was insulting and inflammatory. A few weeks ago, celtic fans were in a state of high-dudgeon when Neymar refused to shake Tony Ralston's hand at the end of a Champions League match. The Brazilian was criticised for showing a lack of respect to a young professional trying to make his way in the game at the top level. What, then, do we say of Griffiths? A lark to be dismissed as part of Old Firm panto or something worthy of censure? The latter, surely. Caixinha picked an argument right enough, but he picked an odd one. He went up against Scott Brown on the touchline at half-time about what he saw as an elbow from the celtic captain into the head of Alfredo Morelos. He followed up on the theme in the post-match news conference, metaphorically squaring up to Brown again, pointing to the player's reputation while giving it the 'you try that with me and you'll see what happens' routine. The Rangers manager was correct in one regard. Brown does get away with things in games in Scotland. He is a commanding footballer and leader and has an aura that helps him out. He sometimes goes unpunished for things other players get sanctioned for. Among fans of other clubs, it is a bit of a running joke about the number of fouls he is allowed to have before a referee will take action against him. For that to come out of Tom English is incredible......if he can see it and confirm what he and all of us saw, then it is time for action to take place. Griffiths has already had his arse kicked ( although not for what he did at Ibrox, but by a different football authority). As for Brown, it seems the people in authority are shit scared to deal with him. Those screaming bastards have influenced and intimidated so many in Scottish football, and for English to have to report it, as he had no option to, otherwise his claim to be a journalist would be a piss-take, the time has come for us to stop this shit in its tracks. They had to try to kill our club to get the better of us. They thought their Messiah would be Martin O'Neill, but he wasn't, and we slugged it out and carried on while our expensive team gradually degraded due to the lack of external money coming into the game in Scotland, while England went mental with huge money from tv deals. Even then, we still kept our noses in front, and got to a UEFA Cup Final. They then took full advantage of the meltdown in the post 2008 crash to lay into us. They used every possible means to attack us, and brought their political power and focused it right on us. The nett effect in football terms was that millions of Pounds worth of playing talent walked straight out the door with barely a penny recovered, all predicated on the premise that we had broken tax regulations. The fact that we won a majority verdict in the first instance, and only once it came to a Scottish Appeal court where that was overturned 3:0 did they obtain their proof that they were "right" all along to attack us. We cannot get that same calibre of talent back because we cannot afford it. At this moment, if we genuinely cannot compete with them on the pitch, then by fuck, we should be fighting every battle off it. Starting with a unanimous stance on the very issues that one of our biggest haters can see, and must report on. If not, we are just going to keep getting humped on and off the pitch.
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    Yes mate! my doctor has told me today that I'm a very lucky man to have survived it because he said it was huge.....I'm not feeling the best but I will survive
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    Phoning into your work sick then playing 5’s with your mates.
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    The television payments - and the conglomerates behind them - have stolen the game from the fans who follow their team because they were brought up to follow. The big money goes to fewer and fewer who are followed by more and more who have less and less reason to do so. All we can do is pass on our love for our team to our kids and hope one day the conglomerates will choke on their own greed and football will belong to the people again.
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    Blame Pedro all you wish but there is no manager in the universe who could stand a chance of competing with them in both a 90min game and over the course of a season unless we have huge money pumped into the transfer window. Mr King, get the fucking money on the table or fuck off from our club. We won't stand for being average for the foreseeable future.
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    Hope he writes FTP in raspberry sauce on tarrier's cones.
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    Positive news story for a change, I've copied and pasted so no-one has to go to the site Great to see the club do things like this. A remarkable Coatbridge baby boy born nearly three months premature has already fallen in love with the beautiful game. Jayden Adam Robert David Brown was signed up for a season ticket at Ibrox by his Rangers-daft parents, Rachael Chamberlain and Martin Brown, just four months after his early arrival, becoming one of the Glasgow giants’ youngest fans. The beautiful, bouncing ‘Broxi baby’ has already been to two matches – where he was undaunted by the sound of 50,000 cheering supporters – and met Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha and some of the team’s star players. He joins his parents and big sister Teigan, 10, in becoming season ticket holders at their favourite football club. Proud Rachael, 26, told the Advertiser: “We got Jayden his season ticket in July, for the Enclosure area of the stadium. “We’ve taken him to two games already; the Marseille pre-season friendly and Dundee last month. “He wasn’t overawed at all by the crowd noise. He slept during the Marseille game – until Rangers scored – and was awake for all the Dundee match. “I played him some Rangers songs, like The Best, when I was pregnant, so that may have gotten him used to the sounds! “Jayden also had his picture taken with the manager, Pedro Caixinha, and players Bruno Alves and Alfredo Morelos as Teigan likes to wait to see the players. “The club have been absolutely amazing with us. “Jayden got a strip signed by the team and has it framed on his bedroom wall. “His room is full of Rangers stuff and he’s also got a big photo of Ibrox.” Jayden was born at Wishaw General Hospital’s maternity unit on March 19 and weighed just 2lbs 5ozs. Rachael said: “He should’ve been born in June, but nearly three months early there was a weekend where I didn’t feel right at all. I went into hospital and the doctor told me to prepare to deliver the baby, saying that they had ‘no choice’ but to do so. I was taken into theatre and Jayden was born that night.” But despite his premature arrival, baby Jayden had already displayed his credentials as a Rangers fan – and helped his family take in one of the biggest games of the season. Rachael explained: “The week before we had a visit to the hospital on the day of an Old Firm game and Jayden was all quiet. It’s almost as if he decided to wait another week so we could see the game! “It was just Mother Nature’s decision, though, as I delivered two healthy girls previously and with Jayden, this was the way he was meant to be born.” Following an eight-week stay in hospital and close monitoring upon his return home, Jayden is now “doing really well”, and now tips the scales seven times heavier than when he entered the world. Rachael said: “He came home at 37 weeks’ gestation. “The house was all prepared for him; he was on oxygen and we did a sleep monitor every month. “He was gradually weaned off the oxygen and is completely free of it now; it was great to see the canisters finally out of the house. “Jayden still has chronic lung disease and will get follow-up treatment for the next two years. But he is doing really well and has grown quite a bit; he now weighs 14 pounds exactly.” Rachael added: “We’d like to give a big thanks to the staff at Wishaw General Hospital. Jayden was in the hospital for eight weeks and everyone was absolutely brilliant and helped look after him superbly well.” A Rangers Football Club spokesperson said: “The club are delighted to welcome young Jayden as one of our youngest season ticket holders. “We would like to invite him to one of our charity foundation’s Dream Days, where he will get to meet the manager and players.”
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    Guy was no well. Was coughing through the whole game. He's likely just not use to the cold climate. and see to be fair, with the amount of cunts in the media and even in the support, no wonder the guy isn't looking too happy. He's fucked if he does things, fucked if he doesn't.
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    Given Pena just spent an hour trying to get sent off, it's probably levelled itself out tonight...
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    Taken out of context shocker.
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    He's an ex Rangers player and if it's true he's getting roundly booed off they mhanky tartan mongos you should be defending him against they Rangers hating scumbags.
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    If there is truth to the rumours that he keeps going to the press against the clubs wishes, then we should sack him for gross misconduct, and move on from this. Pedro might not be the man going forward, but he is the manager right now, he is in charge. None of us should be backing Miller over Pedro here IMO.
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    Just back from the game and regardless of what your stance may be regarding the manager and his future that was a team performance that spoke volumes in my opinion. The way in which we dominated the game especially considering we conceded so early for me makes it very evident he still has the dressing room. I only caught the end of it but can someone fill me in with what happened after the Candeias goal, did the whole team go over to celebrate with the manager? Not sure if it was just Candeias and it looked like the full team because they were there to congratulate him rather than get round the manager. Either way, the response tonight shows me he must have a lot of respect within the dressing room. No way we'd have come back to win in the style we did if the players wanted to chuck him under the bus. Tonight would have been the perfect chance for it.
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    1. "He is a victim of an inexperienced, egotistical manager who is struggling to command the respect of his dressing room" I thought just that when the 3rd goal went in on Friday. Disgusting celebrations. 2. "and who thinks, by taking out the talisman, he will bring the rest of them into line" Miller is rightly condemned by almost every Rangers supporter for his on field performances all season. He is no Talisman. And see point 1 above re others needing brought into line. 3 "And of a Machiavellian attempt at character assassination" Love it when that line is rolled out when there's a conflict of personalities. It's dramatic piffle. An article by a fool hoping the gullible are being particularly stupid.
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    Without sarcastic undertones... WELL DONE DECLAN!!
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    They hate us, they have players who fucking hate us. Until we find players that think the same then we'll be 2nd best.
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    That's what happens when they aren't playing Rangers and not so many beggars want to support their fenian cousins.
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    ye got to laugh at the agent.. If @rangersfc have a 'leak,' 'rat' or a 'traitor' in the ranks then they should say who it is and deal with it....Looks pretty obvious to me where the leaks come from. sorry mate but cant you just say who it is and deal with it? the hypocrisy
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    ...paisley road west during my tea break at work and burst into fuckin tears.stupid big cunt.just thought I'd share.cannot stop greeting.great fuckin tune. No Surrender Rab
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    Who needs enemies. Imagine coming out with that 12 hours after a 4-1 win in which all scorers he recruited...
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    Who gives a fuck what many of his club's fans will be doing? They didn't lay flowers. celtic didn't lay flowers. He did. He's a gentleman, and that's all that needs to be said.
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    So i'm absolutely gutted as many if not all of us are. Yet another defeat from our rivals. It's horrible, all week knowing this match is coming, batting down a grim reality with hope that maybe we could pull something from it and it just falls flat in your face. However, I was right to be hopeful and it's the most hopeful i've been about an old firm for a while. Simply because I can see that we're heading in the right direction. Our rebuild isn't over, we're still working towards being the giant that we once were. But steadily progress is being made. and honestly I have tip the hat to the manager who shows passion and want to make the club be successful. His game plan was good, first half didn't concede and handled celtic well. Denied a stonewall penalty that even Chris Commons, Andy Walker and others have even said is a stonewaller. But inconsistent and bad refereeing aside, we still did have a foothold in the game. I didn't feel at any point, "this is going to be another 5-1". It was going to be close and a relatively equal match up. However, we do still lack a cutting edge. A final killer pass and squad depth. We are nearing that point and with another transfer window or two, I do firmly believe we can win the league. Call me whatever you want and say Pedro should be long gone by that point, but we need to just knuckle down and accept there is a skill/financial gap between us and celtic. It's not a crime to admit that and we need to accept we're not going to be league winners overnight, it's something that needs to be worked on. We're getting better quality players that can do the job for us. Pedros tactics for what their worth do work and are sound in concept. Getting rid of Pedro and his team now would be fucking insane, all that work he's putting into the club, the tactics, the players so on: would be all for nout. We'd need to rebuild from absolute scratch again with a manager who would want his own team, his own squad, his own way of doing things and this cycle would keep on repeating nigh endless. Pedro has be given time to make further improvements. Things are looking more solid than they ever were and we need to build on that. Silverware can still be won, hell the league can still be won. A good winning strings needs to happen and bad results for celtic, but nothing is impossible. We have to remain hopeful and follow Rangers, given them the support they need and deserve. And in time we will be rewarded with success.
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    Hasn't been the best signing so far but he's taken to his hating the IRA song alright it seems. His reply to someone under the photo
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    If Miller is leaking to Jackson then he deserves it.
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    It's a sad day when fans are willing to start slating our manager based on something fucking Jackson has written.
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    Same game, possibly you've just sniffed too much glue.
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