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    a pal of mine and his fellow troops in Iraq yesterday. Happy New Year and safe return to all our troops
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    Earlier today was my last bout of chemo for my ongoing problem, I would like very much through this post if I may say a sincere and most heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to wish me well and to like my post "just now" it really and truly means such a lot and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Now as the saying goes it's both onwards and upwards from here not only for myself but also for our beloved Rangers.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Apparently gave this to his dad after signing.
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    The teams are out, kick off is just about to happen, the scum are singing some horrible dirge of a song and suddenly a Stone Cold smash of glass can be heard reverberating around the stadium, Follow Follow starts blaring and out of nowhere Sir Walter walks out the tunnel hurling abuse at Rodgers and thousands of bears the world over go wild.
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    All the best to Kris and his family on this. Hope they and others in their situation find the solace they're looking for.
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    What an absolute class act. Just met him and stood fanboying over him for about 20 mins as he took time to talk to me and my old man about football - and how much he hates the filth. Interesting part I wanted to post about though, was that he said when Caixinha was appointed he gave a list of players to the club (for free) which were completely ignored (he’s an on-off scout at AZ Alkmaar and involved in the Dutch national team) - cheap, young and talented from various countries including Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (the markets loads of us have posted about saying we should be shopping in). He also said if he, and some of his ex teammates were ever approached by the club for scouting, coaching or any general motivational stuff they’d be more than happy to help out. Can’t understand why we don’t take advantage of things like this - guys like Numan have a pedigree in playing and now coaching/scouting. 5 of the youth players at AZ have stepped up into the first team squad this year as they sit 3rd in the Eredivisie - guy must know how to spot a player. Tl;dr ex Gers are happy to help the club, we don’t take advantage of them enough. And Arthur Numan fucking hates the filth.
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    Kennys the sort of guy you end up having to murder in a fight because they won't accept its over
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    19 of us booked in my party. 3 villas in a complex booked for 6 nights. Hired a mini bus and a couple of our group have kindly agreed to do the driving about. Dont get anyone saying they aren’t interested in this, Rangers are playing ffs
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    amazing. Maybe get O’Halloran on the chair & Jimmy Nicholl singing over in Florida
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    http://www.floridacup.com/teams Whoever at Rangers is responsible for telling the organisers we are British for our nationality and want the Union flag as our countries flag take a bow. It's the small things that make me proud. Might not mean a lot to some others but things like that mean everything to me. Click the link (I've took a picture on my phone but the page layout is different on the mobile to the internet browser on laptop) P.S. Fuck the YESSERS
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    The effort and passion from this man should not go unnoticed today brilliant
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    Times are bad I know and most of us are not in a very festive mood. But I would just like to wish all Bears and their families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year 2018.
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    Simply outstanding and is dependable when called upon.
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    Hope 2018 is Kind To Ours Everywhere!🥃👍🏻
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    I lost my beloved mum this morning in the early hours.She wasn't much of a football fan to be honest. But did have a fondness for the blue of Rangers. To say we are devastated is an understatement. I have 2 teenage kids who even had her presents wrapped. Utterly heartbreaking, and on xmas morning too. Just a note to say to all you guys n gals.. treasure your loved ones, give them an extra hug at nite too. She was no age at all 66yrs..i am numb with grief. Anyways i wont blether on.. all u folks keep safe and keep loved ones closer. God bless Kevin
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    I know some, maybe most, won't want it but my hearts go out to each man, woman and child who attended the game today. To put out your time and money 2 days before Christmas and get 'that' in return is heartbreaking. This clusterfuck starts at the very top and some people need to both take a very hard look at themselves and the people both around and directly below them. That 90m was completely and utterly unacceptable. But to every bear/bearette today you have my complete respect and admiration. You deserve so much better.
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    Hello I live in Sheffield and support sheff weds and have always thought of Rangers as my second team just like my family do also , I have always wanted to go to ibrox and my brother went two years ago and spoke very highly of your fans and your great club , just as I have seen your fans at Hillsborough this pre season and previous pre seasons you really are the best set of fans I have seen absolutely fantastic , so I have got my ticket for the Hibernian match and I’m really looking forward to it especially because that horrible scumbag will be there neil Lennon so it should get tasty ??i have to say I don’t know anyone who likes that man , so I’m wondering if you could advise me where the best places are for pre match drinking and post match drinking will be ?? I will be staying over in Glasgow that Saturday night so I think I will sample the Glasgow nightlife or is that a no no ?? Thank you up the Rangers !
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    Because I’m a good cunt. 1-2 | Morelos | 63rd minute https://streamable.com/4p4wz 2-2 | Halliday | 71st minute https://streamable.com/1jhdf 3-2 | Morelos | 77th minute https://streamable.com/dsfdw 4-2 | Tavernier | 82nd minute https://streamable.com/d4jv1
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    Best forum.for.rangwrs fans but fuck.me it's full.of absolute fucking retards. Greeting faced spoilt wee bastards. The soon we rid our support pf.these cunts the better. The loyalists will never leave but the sooner Yous fucking cunts do the better. Up a u u u u u u u u u u u v f
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    http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=172&a=what-is-wrong-with-these-people? Well said
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    Never understand the wee gay rivalry about getting the first thread in. Buzzing for this one though.
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    Wait until we play before deciding
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    I’m not starting on a negative but this is the problem - they have performances like this in their locker If We win the Ibrox games against the shite like Hamilton and St Johnstone, throw in a Kilmarnock victory and today, Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen double header results makes us title contenders - literally I’m hoping people get off Murty’s back a bit now - he’s not a Rangers manager but we don’t know how lucky we are to have him either even if some of the results are an enigma I’d never claim to be a big Wilson fan but today he was Danny Beckenbeauer - he was plucking the ball down mid air, spraying passes and dominating - special thank you to him after the game wee Morelos was getting dugs abuse for they 2 headers - first one he done everything right and to the letter he created a wee half yard, pulled away and it was an amazing but desperate save by Gordon that stopped it second one no excuses - that was our winner - but he’s young and learning - that was a great experience and curve for him today just more of the same Rangers - is that honestly too much to ask ? final note my pals I’ve been going to games with for 25 years say I’m lucky going to peadodome we don’t always win but my record is good here’s some pictures (and I’m not a pictures guy) just cos it’s been my first time in years there
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    All who are going this isn't a staunchest than you thread or fuck All But please let's gee these cunts absolute poison. I was at the 3 0 in 2012 and atmos9here was unreal for thwt. They done us on the park but off it what a support. I'll be there with little to no hope but honestly the loyalist uvf song list for 90 minutes and telling these bastards exactly what we are is how we should play this. We are shite, probably on for a doing but in the stands we should fucking do these cunts. Outside the ground would also be a bonus but please Rangers lets show these cunts. Play up the Glasgow Rangers
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    Once again lads and lasses you done us proud, listening on the telly over here you would swear that our support had much much more seats, the noise was immense and went on from start to finish, take a bow one and all.
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    David Murray led us to over 20 trophies, 9IAR, a European Final, a European Semi Final, gave us Dick Advocaat and all that brought, Gascoigne, Laudrup, the return of Sir Walter Smith and 3IAR and some people would rather have Mike fucking Ashley? Pmsl. What a fucking mess our support are. No wonder we have sat back and watched our club be use like a filthy fucking whore for the last 6 years and paid for the privilege, we don't have a fucking clue. David Murrays tenure ended on a sour note yes but fuck me, he made us the worlds most successful club, and gave most of you some of your very happiest memories supporting Rangers for crying out loud, watching some of the very best players you will ever seen in a Rangers jersey. Catch a grip for fuck sake. This chip on the shoulder pish is very similar to the hatred for the so called rats who supposedly walked away from the club to look after their own careers, as most of us would have by the way. It's fucking embarrassing. Honestly, some of you deserve the fucking shambles we have become. Rangers fans my arse. Have fun watching another celtic treble and them lifting 10+ in a row. Mike Ashley, ffs. The cunts net spend down there was £1.8m per annum. There's fucking players down there earning that in a couple of months ffs. He was hated at Newcastle for a reason and hated here for a reason as well. He's a cunt.
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    From facebook;........................ Johnny has been moved from hospital into a home where he is settling in. He remains in our thoughts and all good wishes are with Mrs Hubbard and the family. I know everyone's kindness and messages of support along with the many cards & gifts he got during his time in hospital was much appreciated by the family. Johnny has also received a letter from Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie phoned to enquire after him too.
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    Those skint, lying, unambitious, creepy, ego wanks settled for 3rd when we were a couple of games within celtic’s reach if I was Murty I’d walk and say I can’t do this
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    Imagine auld Herrera walking into training the morra to be met with a half naked cummings with a head band on with cum dog written on his chist in biro
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    And you can read part two in the Daily Rebel tomorrow. For fenians, by fenians.
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    They fucking tramps knew they were in a game the day. That wee tramp.griffiths doing a wave of the scarf over the head but the protestants a absolutely pumped them and just couldn't score. We are closer than anyone thing including some of.our owb. We are nearly thete. Please kick on Mon the loyalists
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    He’s a Rangers fan speaking the truth - he’s trashing the board of proven liars not the club itself
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    Personally, more and more recently I'm feeling embarrassed to be Scottish.
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    Wee man unlucky no to get on the scoresheet the day, but still the whole team should take a bow
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    Boozers on international drive