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    Regardless of the controversial incidents (and Flanagan), and regardless of the final game (cup final) in Vienna, who would of thought at the beginning of the season we'd be competing with decent European teams in a tough group and holding our own with 10 men against a highly skilled and experienced (and expensive) Spanish side, and with our team of journeymen, loanees, youngsters, and a top class goalkeeper (and Morleos of course who was magnificent again). Indeed for two or three minutes around the 80th minute it looked like we were going to pinch it. All credit must go to Steven Gerrard for the character and team spirit he has brought to our club. Thanks Steve for making this Gers fan a happy bunny again.
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    Lavly stuff 😎
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    Hi, I know friends of (Tom) Ed kindly kept you updated on here as to what was happening at the time but I really needed and wanted to thank you all personally for all your kind words. Today we took him to rest at the places he held most dear as were his wishes. As emotional as it was I know he would have been looking down laughing at us lurking suspiciously by trees at what we felt the most appropriate spots for him would be in Bellahouston Park. Without say the most special place was in the attached photo in view of his Primary School and the club he loved above all else. A big man with equally big opinions but an even bigger heart ?. Loosing him has left a large hole in my heart but your kind words and thoughts helped when trying to cope with losing my best friend. Kind regards Jacque x
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    "My name is Bond....Flute Bond".
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    I fucking love it Throwing themselves into tackles, getting it up the Hearts fans and players and nobody epitomised it more than Alfredo Morelos. Fuck me, his body is going to be in bits tonight he mugged off Berra time and time again with his strength Thank you Steven Gerrard (and Dave King and the Board for bringing him in and giving him the money to buy his players) Today proved we CAN challenge the filth this year. To put that kind of performance in 3 days after playing with 10 against Villareal is unreal. Super Rangers!
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    You are the one moaning about it. U do it 😂😂
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    Infact ever since the Ayr game he’s actually shown incredible constraint because he’s been goaded by the opposition countless times. The Hamilton players were a disgrace the way they tried to get him to react and against Motherwell one of their players got up off the ground using Morelos as a knee cushion. We should be backing our players to the hilt, instead when it comes to Morelos it’s amazing how many line up to have a go at him
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    Top of the league and still in Europe in December. I’d have laughed at you if you’d told me that in the Summer. And we still get match threads full of cunts moaning at how shite we are. 😂😂
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    So.. The wee man and I had a superb day. He was genuinely buzzing. Got his scarf, programme, spent a bit of time with Broxi et al in the fanzone and had a random photo with the bold Andy Cameron MBE in front of the main stand. He didn't have a clue what was going on when the game was on..kept asking where Broxi was.. Made it to 61 minutes then fell into the deepest sleep imaginable, slavers the lot. Gave him 10 minutes then dived off for the subway. Lots of great photos taken aswell as a video of us hand in hand up the steps into the Copland Road for his first look. Priceless. Cheers for the suggestions all. A new Bear is born.
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    The three from the Balkans look as though they'd knock utter fuck out you for sneezing in their direction, then Candeias would phone an ambulance after it.
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    So Brenda gets a personal apology for a fuck up from the referee, we get the sfa going to war with us. Hmmmm
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    No need to be a smart arse about it you fucking wank. The guy is obviously in a tough spot. You’d think there would be more support for other Rangers fans. Instead you just get arseholes like you trying to be the big man. Fanny.
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    Why would anyone find it unreasonable for SG to alway's have Liverpool in his heart? He played there since he was eight, he was born there, he grew up there. He has only been in Glasgow for six months and already he gets us. He has the ability and passion to get us back to the top. The management team we have in place now including MA is top notch, all we need is the money to back them.
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    But that was massive today. This result cant be underestimated. We will look back at today as the biggest result this season.
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    It looks to me the SFA are looking to take the heat away from another team who have problems with child abuse, but then I am a paranoid protestant.
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    So they make a fucking balls up of policing ,/ segregating their own, at their own ground - yet they are wanting guarantees from us regarding them? What happened at the shit pit had fuck all to do with us. Never in the wrong and always looking to lay blame elsewhere.
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    Sorry I wanted to say special thanks to ‘Govan Blue’ too for organising the brick for Tom. A lovely thing to do. His son-in-law and grandson are both season ticket holders so I’ve sent the info to them as to where the brick will be. Thank you again x