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    Actually got into an argument wae the fanny that smacked the linesman wae the coin the day and his pals. Absolute wanker, just ruins our name and brings us down to their level. Worst part is the linesman done fuck all wrong the whole game aswell.
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    From the hedge at Brechin, to being slightly disappointed with a 2-2 draw in Spain against a side worth at least £70m. What a club, what a man
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    Class and to think there are STILL some among us who think he’s shite partnership with Tav is almost telepathic. Runs himself into the ground. Crossing can be inconsistent but never hides and the effort and desire to win that ball at the end when everyone was gassed was just absolutely outstanding.
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    To be honest don’t think he’s said anything in commentary tonight that suggests anything other than he was desperate for us to win the game.
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    4 year ago the day we drew 2 2 with stenhousemuir, now it's 2 2 away to villareal. What a shambles Rangers. King pot, Gerrard pot, tits oot Ps aye a did have this typed oot before the game ended haha Fucking love yees Rangers
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    Tom English is a fenian bastard and fuck the BBC
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    What a glorious day to be a British Unionist Rangers supporting Loyalist Protestant.
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    he cant name the club - he would get sued immediately as he has no proof and its one word against another. We all know who it is. Another repellent act from the most repellent club ever to be shat into existence.
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    GARY McALLISTER has revealed Steven Gerrard’s success-hungry Rangers stars sacrificed their only day off to report for extra training. Boss Gerrard told his players to put their feet up on Monday after the 5-1 rout of St Johnstone. But the management team were stunned when virtually the entire squad turned up at the club’s Hummel Training centre instead. And McAllister insists it underlines their desire to end Gers’ long wait for a major domestic trophy. The Rangers No 2 revealed: “There have been a lot of changes at the training ground with the first-team dressing room revamped and the eating area raised loads of levels. “You want to create an environment where players want to come in, even on their day off. “They come here and get probably the nicest food in Glasgow and that’s not being disrespectful to the restaurants in the city. “They can come and have a coffee and a chat and there are always people here. “There are physios and masseurs and it’s about creating that environment where they want to spend time here rather than come in early, train and then go home. “It says a lot about the players’ determination to succeed that they are willing to sacrifice days off but also to all the staff who are providing the right sort of information for players who just want to be sponges “We all want to get better at every level at this club. “I’ve been at clubs where, on a day off, people have no intention of going near the place until they’re asked to go back in. “When you’ve got a group of players showing that sort of dedication and willingness to get better it’s got to be good. “We’re dictated quite a lot by sports science, which is such a big thing in the modern game. And, as a result of that, we’re having to pull them off the training ground at times. “We’ve got a lot of games. They keep coming thick and fast but that’s why we went through four qualifying rounds of the Europa League to play against the likes of Villarreal and we’ve got Rapid Vienna coming up soon. “We need the squad because we are playing games, recovering, playing games. The guys have been brilliant, the players have been amazing.” Sounds as if the player's have the hunger and desire to hopefully win something this season. Eye of the tiger.
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    Probably not Bears Den but thought was pretty fitting given our forces day at weekend, class display from Vitesse why don’t we see the likes of this from more UK clubs 🇬🇧
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    this is a bullshit fallacy. While I agree that he is more effective going forward, to imply that he can't defend is unfair at best.
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    It's shite that penalties don't count as goals. Hopefully one day that rule will change.
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    Oddly, the police still cant find the fenians that assaulted the 2 wee boys with beer bottles.
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    They should've done their mouthing and fighting in the 94 minutes, too little too late.
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    It's a shame as we are a broad church in terms of support, but in this political landscape where we are being dehumanised and our culture constantly under attack, these people who wear our colours would rather side with those who despise us. It's disappointing more than anger, they just don't see the bigger picture. Turkey's voting for Christmas. You would've thought the recent fanzone bias would have woken a few of the stupid cunts up.
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    Superb today. Lead the line perfectly. Only offside once I think. Playing with a bit more maturity.
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    What a result, what a support, there’s no one like us. Just back need my bed. Were on our way
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    Ally forgets his teams trailed 1-0 tae the likes of Brechin fukkin City.
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    I assumed every shirt would be lovingly hand-stitched by a Danish master-craftsman!
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