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    Hi guys, just a quick message to say that I won't be uploading any videos for the foreseeable future. I have always kept my private life, and that of my familys, exactly that - private. What I will say though, is that my wife hasn't been keeping great, that's why I've not made many videos this last couple of months or so. There has been some games recently I haven't even seen, let alone make a video of. And unfortunately the news we got this week wasn't what we were wanting, so this is just going to intensify. So all my time, effort and energy will be going towards caring for her for now. I know some of you like these videos, and are grateful for them, but I hope yous understand. Who knows, I might post one out of the blue, but they'll be rare for the foreseeable. Cheers Scott
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    He's still doing the videos but both him and his Mrs haven't been keeping too good of late and been a bit of a tough summer for them, he's looking to get back on sooner rather than later though.
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    Today was the highest number of shots and shots on target a team has had in a single game in the Scottish top flight since 2000/01. Hibs can very thankful they got out with just 6.
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    Absolute fucking warrior Today we showed what has been missing against them for years - passion and desire and nobody epitomised it more than Ross. Fucking battled the ENTIRE game won the ball soooo many times to set us off again That's the potential and talent we all saw a while back hopefully he can stay clear of injuries and continue to improve
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    Ambling through Formby this morning, wearing my Rangers polo shirt of course, couldn't believe my eyes to see SG walking towards me. He was going into one of the main street's restaurant chains with his daughter. Shaking my hand before they went inside, we did manage a brief chat - he is confident this year we'll see 55 Can't understand why a 60 year old can feel like a 6 year old again though
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    Let's fight for our rightful ticket allocation. Let's call out the cunts that sing about our Ibrox disaster. Let's look for parity in how all fans are treated rather than look to throw our own under the bus all the time. Let's go to war with our haters in the msn, football authorities, politicians etc Let's support our supporters be it UB, away support, rather than alienate them. Let's get our Board remembering they are club guardians not petulant head master like dictators. Let's go forward as one and benefit from that synergy. Aye, let's fucking go.
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    Maybe it was Strathclyde police Child Protection squad.
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    I got bored halfway through that tbh mate
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    Dear Kilmarnock FC........................ Can you please tell me why your seats are empty and covered in posters, whilst I and thousands of other bears are in the house ticketless with cash in our pockets on matchday? Is it perhaps because you are a bunch of useless fuckwits? Enjoy playing in the Championship next season. Signed: Rangers fans x
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    Fucking immense performance from every Rangers player today .Every one of them delivered So fucking proud to be a Rangers fan today
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    Regardless of the controversial incidents (and Flanagan), and regardless of the final game (cup final) in Vienna, who would of thought at the beginning of the season we'd be competing with decent European teams in a tough group and holding our own with 10 men against a highly skilled and experienced (and expensive) Spanish side, and with our team of journeymen, loanees, youngsters, and a top class goalkeeper (and Morleos of course who was magnificent again). Indeed for two or three minutes around the 80th minute it looked like we were going to pinch it. All credit must go to Steven Gerrard for the character and team spirit he has brought to our club. Thanks Steve for making this Gers fan a happy bunny again.
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    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug. Mrs B r u and I went along to the Armed Forces Day at Erskine today. Part of the day is a dog show which is run by Bravehound, and we were hoping to maybe see Broxi. At first after speaking to Fiona the lady who runs Bravehound it seemed that Broxi would not be there. She explained that the family who have him for about 10 months puppy training might not make it. With that news we thought we would head down to the parade ring and have a look at what other dogs were being shown. After about 10 minutes we heard the announcer say “We now have Broxi making his first appearance at a dog show at 11 weeks old” We both looked at each other and headed closer towards the ring and saw this beautiful pup walking with a lady handler and when they happened to stop close to where we were I did not miss the chance to say “Is that Broxi the RM Bravehound dog?” she said “Yes it was” and although they were still inside the ring she was very happy to get a quick picture. As you can see he looks fantastic and seems so laid back for such a young dog and she said he is like that all the time. In about a year or so someone who needs him is going to get a wonderful companion. We hope to get a chance to see him again before too long when he is along at the Bravehound centre at Erskine so that I can get more pics and post them on here. They are keen for everyone on RM who helped pay for him to be kept up to date with his progress.
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    Can’t believe the hat trick hero hasn’t got his own thread after that rout. You could see what that third meant to him as well, he looked emotional. Class act, long may he keep scoring for us -
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    Canae beat a wee bit of culture VID-20181104-WA0023.mp4
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    King, Robertson and the rest of the masquerading clowns in blazers and ties have until Monday night to prepare a belter of a response to this shit if they don't they should get the same rat protests as the last lot got
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    This stays in here, it's about the Rangers v celtic game. I definitely care that we are helping them spread their bile.
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    Should be a minutes silence, do it the proper way.
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    I'm pretty sure it's the fenians who are the enemies of our club, not the Rangers supporters.
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    McCoist cancelling lower league games as we had players on international duty.
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    Heartbroken. Captained us to the best title win in my lifetime. RIP
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    It was a pleasure yesterday to take three Danish representatives from Hummel around on our Founders Trail and share our wonderful and unique story. They said that they thoroughly enjoyed their day, were blown away with the sheer scale of Rangers and were complimentary about the Founders Project.
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    Critism is always a valid thing when it is good and well thought out however some of the comments people on here and social media are making are straight up ludicrous and are in need of a reality check. We’re 5 months into Gerrad being our manager and he’s brought up good success in europe and he’s made Ibrox a fortress. It is pish we aren’t further up the table or in the league cup final but that’s to be expected of a fairly fresh team with a manager learning the ropes of the game. Already we have people accusing it of being another Warburton and Pedro era. But the thing is is like or dislike it we need to grind out poor results and standings, else we’ll find ourselves in a terrible situation where we’re bringing a new manager in every season and that does set back progress. We need to squash the negativity for now and just get behind the team and the manager. People criticised Gerrad for making late changes or the wrong changes, well last might that didn’t appear to be the case. The only thing wrong last night was creativity and our final ball, things that can and will be adressed with another transfer window. This shit takes time, Look across the city. Rodgers didn’t buy the majority of his players a lot of them are still Deila players but the thing is is he’s had a basis to build on. That’s what we’re doing right now and truthfully it’s looking good, we have fewer passengers and our bench is looking decent. Keep the head and back the Manager. He needs time and support above all else. I was appalled by the crowd last night, much more effort put into negativity rather than singing and getting behind the squad. Opposition come to Ibrox and will play on that mentality as it actively hurts the team. TL:DR Stop being moaning cunts, keep the head and back the gaffer. We’re not going to be greats in 5 months alone so stop expecting it to be that way. Should shit still be shit this time next year after two windows then yeah it’s poor and very serious questions need asked.
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    Admin, can you please ban the OP from making threads, or posting at all? Thanks.
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    Daily Record had a front page headline yesterday that was printed and ready for delivery when Rangers set the lawyers onto them because the story is complete bollocks. Ended up having to pulp the lot, which is nice.
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    I love Gerrard, and don't think Worrall is as bad as he's been made out, but splitting the Goldson/Katic pairing has been the mistake of the season for me.
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    People who record it should get there baws toed. Well done durrant I fully agree with his views on the situation
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    Bbc Scotland quoted as saying: “Fernando Ricksen will be remembered by Rangers fans for his exploits on the field. Others will remember him for his off field antics and addictions" Absolute cunts.
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    2 starts for a guy who has barely played any football this season and he’s being wrote off. Ffs.
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    Here's a contrast. We've reached the Europa League group stages with Gerrard, with Caixinha we lost in the first qualifying round to Progrès Niederkorn.
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    Sick fucking hearing about this now. The stupid wee cunt was 15 ffs. There's not a cunt posting here who didn't do things they regret when they were 15. As for Scott Brown, fuck him! Do you think if it had happened to any other celtic player's sister it would have been said? No it fucking wouldn't. I'm certainly not condoning it, nor would I have ever said it myself. But Brown delights in goading and winding Bears up, trying to cause shit. I find it very hard to have any sympathy for him. And as for this outraged shite by taigs, they can fuck off as well. Were they offended when their own walk about among them with' 66 haha' on the backs of the tops, or were they outraged when children were bottled by celtic fans, yes children, weans, and plural. Don't remember the outraged then outing whomever bottled weans, do you? But aye, a few bad words, that's obviously worse than bottling weans ffs. But worse for me is Bears have posted this stupid wee cunt's address and shit like that. Fucking nauseating.
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    100 quid put in the account for you mate, please use as you see fit, sorry ive not been on much, was away most of last year
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    Polish newspapers saying that it was fans of Rangers bitter rivals Partick Thistle who infiltrated the away support.
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    Not for you though ya freeloading cheapskate ye! Instead, it's for the Bluenosed Residents of Erskine Bishopton Care Home. Ibrox Stadium Tour for 12 now booked (21st May) Followed by an Argyle Restaurant Lunch and a pint for 12. Total cost: £170 How's that for a bargain? I've lost count, but I think this will be the 9th Stadium Tour and Argyle Lunch we've provided for our Erskine Veterans, and we should all be very proud of that. On another matter, I've just this evening delivered those 7 Rangers Home shirts to Erskine. I'm sure we'll get some photos of them in action soon. It's important to remember that while Erskine is very well supported in terms of bread and butter fundraising, none of those well-deserved funds are going to get spent on Argyle Lunches, Rangers Home Shirts, or Rangers Season tickets for that matter, so if you want to see your Erskine Veterans continuing to receive these Rangers-related Recreational treats, then there really is no other way, exept donating to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund.
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    GARY McALLISTER has revealed Steven Gerrard’s success-hungry Rangers stars sacrificed their only day off to report for extra training. Boss Gerrard told his players to put their feet up on Monday after the 5-1 rout of St Johnstone. But the management team were stunned when virtually the entire squad turned up at the club’s Hummel Training centre instead. And McAllister insists it underlines their desire to end Gers’ long wait for a major domestic trophy. The Rangers No 2 revealed: “There have been a lot of changes at the training ground with the first-team dressing room revamped and the eating area raised loads of levels. “You want to create an environment where players want to come in, even on their day off. “They come here and get probably the nicest food in Glasgow and that’s not being disrespectful to the restaurants in the city. “They can come and have a coffee and a chat and there are always people here. “There are physios and masseurs and it’s about creating that environment where they want to spend time here rather than come in early, train and then go home. “It says a lot about the players’ determination to succeed that they are willing to sacrifice days off but also to all the staff who are providing the right sort of information for players who just want to be sponges “We all want to get better at every level at this club. “I’ve been at clubs where, on a day off, people have no intention of going near the place until they’re asked to go back in. “When you’ve got a group of players showing that sort of dedication and willingness to get better it’s got to be good. “We’re dictated quite a lot by sports science, which is such a big thing in the modern game. And, as a result of that, we’re having to pull them off the training ground at times. “We’ve got a lot of games. They keep coming thick and fast but that’s why we went through four qualifying rounds of the Europa League to play against the likes of Villarreal and we’ve got Rapid Vienna coming up soon. “We need the squad because we are playing games, recovering, playing games. The guys have been brilliant, the players have been amazing.” Sounds as if the player's have the hunger and desire to hopefully win something this season. Eye of the tiger.
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    Good luck to them Sandbank Loyal RSC. You’ll notice us with our big flag. Please try us x
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