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    Hi guys, just a quick message to say that I won't be uploading any videos for the foreseeable future. I have always kept my private life, and that of my familys, exactly that - private. What I will say though, is that my wife hasn't been keeping great, that's why I've not made many videos this last couple of months or so. There has been some games recently I haven't even seen, let alone make a video of. And unfortunately the news we got this week wasn't what we were wanting, so this is just going to intensify. So all my time, effort and energy will be going towards caring for her for now. I know some of you like these videos, and are grateful for them, but I hope yous understand. Who knows, I might post one out of the blue, but they'll be rare for the foreseeable. Cheers Scott
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    Earlier today was my last bout of chemo for my ongoing problem, I would like very much through this post if I may say a sincere and most heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to wish me well and to like my post "just now" it really and truly means such a lot and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Now as the saying goes it's both onwards and upwards from here not only for myself but also for our beloved Rangers.??????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Now that the Police have charged an individual with racially abusing Alfredo Morelos at the Old Firm game on 29 December, it is necessary to state yet again that racist abuse, indeed abuse of any form, must never be condoned or dismissed. The first thing to be made clear is that even though many others commented on the issue of abuse (racial and sectarian) directed towards Alfredo Morelos, Rangers had a duty of care not to say anything that might compromise a live Police Scotland investigation. What none of us should ever do, however, is dismiss, or trivialise abusive behaviour as too many media outlets, journalists, and pundits have done in this instance. Perhaps there might be a bout of contrition and one or two may feel a pang of guilt now that the evidence some of them so loudly demanded is there in the form of this charge. If enough of our media had been of a mind to treat the issue with the gravity required from the outset, as normally happens with these issues, there would have been none of the dismissive comments which have helped pollute social media, newspapers and broadcast platforms. Social media is, of course, largely lawless but some of the pieces written and broadcast around Alfredo Morelos in mainstream media were and remain disgraceful. He has been described as a waster, a cheat, an angry brat and one columnist/pundit actually wrote that if you can’t take the vitriol you are in the wrong city. The implication seems to be that the fault lies not with those who choose racism and abuse, but with a young immigrant who chose to come to our country. This is a deeply disturbing attitude and that it was actually expressed in a national newspaper defies belief. When a player is at the centre of an abuse claim he is treated with respect and sensitivity and given support. That is certainly the case in England, but not here and most certainly not with Alfredo Morelos, who is actually being demonised in many quarters of the media. A number of factually incorrect stories have been written and published about Alfredo recently causing a great deal of stress and anxiety within his family at a time when his heavily-pregnant wife should be calm and relaxed. A river of negative and hurtful attention has been flowing towards the Morelos family without thought or concern for the individuals involved and the way they have been treated is shameful. Especially vulgar is the manner in which claims of abuse, racist and sectarian, have been dismissed in some quarters – BBC Scotland in particular – where the overall situation has been mocked amid outrageous claims that Rangers were behind the leaking of certain stories. None of this shows our media and country in a good light. Perhaps now some people will take a long and honest look at themselves and who knows, they might even apologise, but all of this serves only to make Rangers even more committed to our Everyone Anyone campaign. We will not stop or slow our efforts to make Ibrox a place open and welcoming to all. Finally, Rangers would be more than happy to accommodate the young person involved in this latest incident on one of our courses designed to help people understand why racist and sectarian abuse is unacceptable. Indeed, if any of those journalists/pundits who got it so badly wrong would like to attend we’d also welcome and help them.
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    Enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm1-o7Drza0 www.vimeo.com/381956138
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    My brother in law Andrew, who was a good Rangers man and only 56 years old, and had been battling a rare brain condition and dementia for the last few years passed away this afternoon. His kidneys failed last weekend and we were told this last Monday that he would only last a couple of days. When he was still with us this morning my wife insisted I should go to the game, which I did with a rather heavy heart. I noticed a voice message at half time form my wife saying Andrew had passed away at about 3pm, I stayed a wee while but knew I had to get back home and to be honest it is the first game I have been to that somehow I did not feel right about being there. A very strange game for me, but all being well I will be back on Thursday night knowing Andrew is no longer suffering. Andrew had been in a Care Home since August 2017 because he needed 24 hr care, unfortunately he never really accepted his condition and that made caring for him much more difficult, we visited twice a week and took him out when the weather was OK in his wheelchair, but the last few weeks it seemed he was getting worse and while losing a close family member is very sad and especially at his age, but we know his suffering is over and that we did everything we could for him, and that is indeed a comfort at this time. The last time we saw Andrew reasonably happy with his life was when the Care Home arranged a visit to Ibrox in May 2018 on one of the tours, we were concerned he might not cope with it and we both went along just in case we had to take him back, but he seemed to love it and that is one of the memories we will keep in our minds over the next few weeks and months. Rest easy Andrew, your team did you proud today.
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    The war against racism in Scotland has suffered a considerable setback in recent times, despite the multitude of diversity workshops being run regularly in our country. Such setbacks have not come courtesy of a group of marauding right wing thugs embarrassing our nation but an ignorant media displaying a complete lack of self-awareness and compliance with the material and training provided in the aforementioned diversity workshops. Our national broadcaster, BBC Scotland, lowered the crossbar considerably, providing a platform for allegations that a victim’s claim of racial abuse was solely motivated by a desire to deflect from another news story, and thus lacked credibility whilst at the same time repeatedly demanding evidence of such claims, running contrary to the teaching that a racial crime is an incident where the victim perceives that the conduct directed towards them was motivated by hatred or prejudice. Not only seeking to discredit the victim but providing justification (allegedly) for such motivation. Perhaps in lieu of “Narcos inspired” columns about a Columbian footballer appearing in the Daily Record we should also disregard the pitfalls of racial stereotyping. Better still, suggest that the victim lacks some measure of mettle or bottle if they cannot cope with such abuse. Way to go Davie Provan -target the victim instead of the perpetrators – wind that clock back at least 20 years, and whilst you are there perhaps you could tell us how damaging that orange top was to the peace process. Before I’m accused of viewing this unedifying episode through blue tinted spectacles, its worthwhile reflecting on this tweet from columnist and Tv presenter Jean Johansen : There has been something of a mixed reaction to the Rangers statement on social media. Whether you liked or loathed it, I’m far from convinced that the silence of the Rangers board is justified due to ongoing Police investigations. Much of the unedifying media content and conduct occurred well before the game which gave rise to the latest criminal proceedings. Call me cynical, but the catalyst to this latest Rangers statement release appears to be the recent attack on James Traynor rather than the long standing catalogue of attacks on Alfredo Morelos. As many of us repeatedly warned the Murray regime “So as you sow, so shall ye reap”. Dignified silence is neither dignified nor effective, it is a complete abdication of responsibility – an easy out for those are afraid to fulfil the sacred trust bestowed upon them as directors and guardians of our club. Any Traynoresque statement is akin to a red rag to a bull for some in the Scottish media. Graham Spiers just cant help himself, becoming afflicted with the irrational red mist which he attributes to the foaming bigoted Neanderthals he so often castigates. Never mind the racial abuse – so long as your p’s and q’s are in order. Why bother with the gravity of the message when there is an opportunity to shoot the messenger? The Rangers board are not the only ones guilty of silence. Where are all the anti-racism campaigners and charities, funded to challenge obsolete and draconian attitudes towards racism? Not a single word. This final paragraph in the Ranges statement has drawn some comment : “Finally, Rangers would be more than happy to accommodate the young person involved in this latest incident on one of our courses designed to help people understand why racist and sectarian abuse is unacceptable. Indeed, if any of those journalists/pundits who got it so badly wrong would like to attend we’d also welcome and help them.” Some have suggested it was both crass and undignified. Given the monumental failings of our media – it certainly wasn’t unnecessary.
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    From the record Alfredo Morelos and the disgusting Rangers abuse his rivals will dish out to rile him up - Gary Ralston If the Colombian striker was Scottish the Ibrox star would have a statue outside Hampden. Alfredo Morelos can sleep easy as he heads into 2020 no matter the result at celtic Park. One Scotland, many cultures? It’s unlikely the Colombian striker will be called up any time soon and asked to lend his endorsement to the Holyrood campaign. Scottish football can be a brutal, tribal business, but the civic nationalism espoused by Nicola Sturgeon was long ago exposed as a fallacy when it comes to the Rangersfrontman. Too often, there’s an ugliness at the heart of the Scottish football support, which will be manifested in all its gory detail in tomorrow’s Old Firm clash. Morelos is likely to feel the wrath of it, walking out into an environment that would make even the knees of a Spartan shake, but this time you’d back him to cope. The learning curve for Morelosthese past 18 months has been steep, but there’s more to the 23-year-old than a scowl and a well clipped short back and sides. That disgusting banner held up by Aberdeenfans at Pittodrie earlier this year, which crossed the line from naked hostility to blatant racism, represented a new low for the image of Scotland as a tolerant, welcoming nation. That someone would go to the bother of funding a banner declaring, in Spanish, ‘Morelos, your mother is a mattress’ was shameful. That a group of fans would hoist it high was even worse, before we even get started on those who tried to take a Silentnight into the subsequent Ibrox cup replay the following week. The woman who was the victim of such reprehensible behaviour – her name is Marta by the way, not Mattress – spent her Christmas Eve with her husband, Alfredo senior, handing out gifts to disadvantaged kids in their home city. Their boy – that despicable individual – funded 300 gifts for children in the Botaven neighbourhood of Cerete as part of his charity foundation and has rightly been feted for his sense of community, as well as his integrity and generosity. Win, lose or draw, Morelos will climb off a plane from the UK on Monday and straight into a game he has organised to help raise funds for a host of educational causes around his home town. If Morelos was Scottish they would be erecting statues to him outside Hampden and building an international team around him for seasons to come. Put it this way, how many Scottish kids could leave their home at the age of 19 and fly halfway across the world without a support network in a bid to make it in the game? That was the route Morelos took less than four years ago when he moved to Finland, determined to fulfil his dream of playing in the major leagues by using HJK Helsinki as a stepping stone. Morelos grew up in such abject poverty he sold fruit from the side of the road with his father and it’s the same streetfighter instincts that will help him achieve his career ambition via Rangers, most likely at the end of this season. In the meantime, he will continue to bully the life out of Scottish defenders, underlining a strength of character and a lack of fear, driven only by the desire to be the very best he can be. Steven Gerrard admitted Morelos was again subject to wind-ups from opposition players, this time from Kilmarnock, who do everything they can to unnerve him. They have gone as far as learning the rudiments of Spanish to badmouth him in his mother tongue, while abuse off the field has also become commonplace in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow. Morelos has his faults and weaknesses – don’t we all – but his ability to bounce back time and again from adversity is the reason Stewart Robertson was correct to tag him a £20million player, at least. It’s worth pointing out Morelos was rarely booked and never red-carded during his time in Finnish football, but that’s only because rival players are far too gentlemanly in that corner of northern Europe, surely? What do you mean nice guys come last? The Finns have already qualified for Euro 2020 so maybe we should take a leaf from their book and focus on bringing out the best in ourselves, rather than the worst in others. The cameras will follow his every move at Parkhead and every foul in which he is involved will be analysed to death in a bid to confirm a narrative of destruction on often spurious evidence. He’ll be keen to show he has already gift wrapped all the presents he plans to this festive season.
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    Absolutely get yourself to fuck. Shower of fenian bastards. Almost 3 week after the game, 4 hours before kick off and they hit us with this nonsense. Stealing polis hats, tying scarves to goalposts all good craic. One defeat at that fenian shithole and it’s bedlam. Fuck off.
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    I don't see this as a downer of a post, I would like to say something so please stick with it because it ends in a thank you to you all. Maybe it's corny, but I don't care. I will not be celebrating Christmas and probably not New Year, I am stuck down in England because my wife is in an intensive care unit and is very ill. I moved down here for work so don't have any friends or family around me. But I have to be here for my wife. I have to be honest, I have found it very hard to cope. What I want to say is, although a lot of you may dismiss me as a cunt or a smart ass or whatever, you, with me are part of the larger Rangers family. You've all contributed, and are contributing to keeping me from getting too far down the dark road to depression and maintaining what little sanity I have left. It might sound silly to you, but it means a lot to me. So a big thank you to you all... for being... you. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and eventually New Year. Never forget how important your family is.
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    Maybe just shades Edu's goal. They scenes were absolutely fucking pandemonium when that went in. I sat elsewhere the night and didn't know anyone. By full time I knew the guy 14 rows in front of me. Absolutely love this club what a fucking night.
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    What a bloody disgrace that with an average attendance of 3,849 they can put a grass pitch down that's as good as any in the country, yet Hamilton Accies with an average attendance not much less than Ross County, and Kilmarnock with an average attendance of 6,894 continue to put down those fucking horrible plastic monstrosities that are an embarrassment to the Scottish Premier League. What makes it even more ludicrous is that Hamilton and Killie insist they have to have plastic pitches because of the severe weather conditions, which in itself is a total joke when you compare Kilmarnock and Hamilton against the Baltic weather in Dingwall. Full credit to Roy MacGregor and the board of Ross County for having a playing surface that allows good teams to show their skills with a ball at their feet. I wish them well and hope these other cunts get relegated along with their plastic bouncy surfaces.
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    https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18145078.steven-gerrard-reckons-alfredo-morelos-critics-want-kill-ibrox-career-can-fire-Rangers-success/ Steven Gerrard reckons Alfredo Morelos critics want to kill his Ibrox career because he can fire Rangers to success By Christopher Jack @Chris_Jack89 Alfredo Morelos 4 STEVEN GERRARD has accused the critics of Alfredo Morelos of attempting to drive him out of Scottish football because he has the potential to fire Rangers to silverware success. The Colombian has repeatedly come in for attention throughout his Ibrox career and several pundits and former players have been vociferous in their condemnation. Rangers defended the ‘game over’ gesture Morelos made after the Old Firm win at Parkhead as he was sent off for the second time this term. A club statement claimed the 23-year-old was ‘singled out for special attention’ and Gerrard is confident Morelos will continue to improve his behaviour as he looks to silence his critics by delivering trophies at Ibrox. Gerrard said: “Everyone knows the amount of time and effort we are putting in as a staff and the other players are putting in to help him. “He knows he’s not perfect but he’s certainly misunderstood because he does a lot of good work and he is trying so hard to improve. “There’s evidence of that. Is he perfect right now? No. “Will he makes a few mistakes going forward? I predict he probably will, but a lot of the fallout and the opinion, people do want to kill him. “People want to see him the other side of the worldfor good. You also have to understand where that’s coming from and the reasons why it’s getting said. We understand all that, there’s no problem. The most important thing for us is that he’s going to help us massively in the second half of the season. “I’m not going to sit here and paint a picture that he’s an angel or he’s perfect but what I can guarantee is that he’s doing everything he can improve.” Victory in the Old Firm clash took Rangers - who still have a game in hand - to within two points of celtic in the title race. Much of the focus since has centred around Morelos as he has once again made headlines and attracted attention. But Gerrard insists the striker won’t be put off by those that line up to quickly condemn his star striker. Gerrard said: “Because he is a threat, because he scores big goals and he is a big player for Rangers. “He is one of the big reasons and the key factors that, if we are to be successful, they know it will be largely down to his goals and his contribution. “But that is life, that is the way it is. When I played with Suarez at Liverpool, he didn’t really have any fans outside. I used to join up with England and the opposition players despised him and couldn’t believe you were saying he was actually a genuine guy and a family man and had a heart of gold. “That is why these players are special, because they have got that in their game. They are not always going to get it right and everyone has to accept that. “And I think the people that fire the negativity have to also remember what they have got under their roof as well. Not everyone is perfect in other teams as well.” Spot on gaffer 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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    Incredible performance by the team and the gaffer tonight, but what about a mention for the fans? The fans were probably under more pressure tonight than any other group of supporters ever. With the 'noisy section' banned for the evening, there were genuine worries that the stadium would be like a library , or worse, some fans could not handle the pressure and sung a naughty word. I didnt hear the slightest hint of an inappropriate song. I did hear a stadium absolutely rocking with an amazing atmosphere. Our fans really are a credit to the club, and tonight proves that we can give up these songs, and it wont hold us back in the fucking slightest.
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    RangersMedia is a forum which is open to all opinions, which in itself brings criticism from some parties because we do not moderate as they feel we should. We have an approach which allows opinions from all sides, which is something we believe in and something every one of us should appreciate. Having said that, even free speech comes with boundaries, and as you all know we remove offensive content on a regular basis. Whilst our team tries to read as many new comments as possible, we largely rely on people reporting offensive content to us via the websites report system. We are disappointed that 3 of our members recently posted offensive material relating to young Jay Beatty, and we extend our apologies to him and his family. We do not condone mocking the disabled or infirm, in fact members of our not-for-profit site have raised over £50,000 in the past 4 years for donation to charitable causes including disability charities and Erskine Veteran’s Care Home. Our current fundraiser has raised almost £3,000 for a young lad Joshua Adair, who has a rare disease called Jeune’s syndrome, which has left him disabled. Unfortunately, nobody reported this offensive material to RangersMedia Admin team and we remained unaware of it until today. The content was posted in the aftermath of the Old Firm game, which is always amongst our websites busiest times. Whilst we moderate for offensive content, we are pushed to cope with the volume of traffic in the aftermath of an Old Firm, let alone one taking place on Hogmanay – recent content is quickly engulfed by new, and the offending material quickly disappears down the pages. Of course, as soon as the content was known to the Admin team it was removed. We would ask our members to use the reporting system to let us know if any such material is posted in future, so that we can remove it in a more timely fashion. Non-members who are offended by content on our site can easily contact us through RangersMedia, a member they know, or our Facebook page.
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    RIP to the 66 bears that went to follow their team and never came home.
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    This is like somebody watching the twin towers collapsing live in front of their eyes, and wondering why you cant get Creamola Foam anymore.
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    He should have shouted racist abuse , flown a foreign flag while representing Scotland and have a dependency on illegal substances while breaking SFA rules on betting . He'd have been given hugs and portrayed to be the victim
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    He's still doing the videos but both him and his Mrs haven't been keeping too good of late and been a bit of a tough summer for them, he's looking to get back on sooner rather than later though.
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    Think it's a mistake to gloat about this at this particular time. Folk at Hearts and other clubs will lose their jobs/have their salary cut at a time when it will proper fuck them and when there's more than enough to worry about anyway.
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    Not interested in 1 penny back
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    What a day, my wife gets the all clear from the cancer clinic (thank you NHS) and then this result! I’m buzzing!
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    To be quite honest, we fucking knew they were there, we knew they were gunning for us and we handed them the ammunition. If it's true & you want to blame anyone, look in the fucking mirror. I've really don't get why the club doesn't talk to the UBs, who lead the singing and ask them to amend the song book for European nights I know i'll likely take abuse for this and yeah, yeah "what about them ..." etc, well i don't give a fuck about them, i only care about us & when we hand our enemies the ammunition to fire at us then its our own fucking fault.
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    As with all businesses throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, Rangers is continuing to deal with the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have carefully considered measures which ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with respect whilst we safeguard our club finances in such uncertain times. No professional football club or business is immune to the challenges of this unprecedented situation and as a club, we will continue to review actions necessary to navigate our way responsibly in such a changeable environment. Rangers can confirm that First Team players, Manager, coaches and Executive Directors have volunteered to take a salary deferral for the next three months. Senior players and staff were keen to ensure that no Rangers employee suffered financial hardship during this crisis. All parties volunteered and wholeheartedly agreed to defer wages to ensure that fellow colleagues could continue to be paid their salaries in full. We are proud of the leadership and responsibility taken by senior members of staff, and acknowledge the positive impact that this will have on everyone at Rangers. We firmly believe in the ‘one club’ concept and are united in our collective goal of making Rangers the very best in every facet of football life. We are resolved that the integrity of the club is maintained as we continue our focus on ensuring the financial stability of the business. Due to the extraordinary challenges from the ongoing crisis, Rangers intends to implement the Coronavirus job retention scheme for a number of employees. Rangers will ensure that everyone furloughed under this government scheme will receive 100 per cent salary through ‘top up’ assistance from the club with all other conditions and benefits remaining unchanged. We are proud of the continued efforts and support of everyone at Rangers during this difficult period. Finally, we wish all our supporters and their families good health during this time. We are especially thankful for the tireless work of NHS staff and other key workers who are selflessly working to keep us all safe and well. Please continue to follow government guidelines at this time. Rangers Captain, James Tavernier said on behalf of the playing squad: “I want to place on record our appreciation to every single member of staff for their determination and resolve during these unprecedented events. I’m very proud of the reaction of everyone at Rangers to the challenge we face throughout the UK and beyond. “As a team, we were adamant that we work together to do all we can to secure the future of the football club. We are also acutely aware of the livelihoods and wellbeing of our staff. “In reality, it was an easy decision for players and senior staff. Now is the time to work with unity of purpose, as the Rangers family, to ensure that everyone works together to maintain our institution. Today has made me proud to be Rangers captain.”
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    Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos discusses racism, life in Glasgow and why he believes he is sometimes misunderstood in an exclusive wide-ranging interview with Sky Sports News' Craig Slater. Racist abuse from the stands and in the streets of Glasgow will not drive Morelos away from his adopted city, as the Colombia forward describes how he's adjusted to the Old Firm goldfish bowl. He explains why referees and the media misunderstand him, but admits he needs to improve his discipline or risk missing out on a move to one of Europe's top leagues. Not that he has any plans to leave Steven Gerrard's side, who he reckons are still capable of ending celtic's title dominance. Morelos also reveals how football enabled him to give back to his community and helped him dodge a life of drug dealing and crime that many in his neighbourhood fell into. 'Living in Glasgow is great but it is also complicated' Morelos signed for Rangers in June 2017 yet this is the first time he's spoken at length about his time on Clydeside. His goals and the red cards have kept him in the headlines. Now he's opened up on a sinister side of his life in Scotland. "Yes I've felt racism both on and off the pitch," he says. "It's very sad to feel that way but it's not something that affects me much. I just try to focus on my job which is scoring goals and winning matches. "Sometimes it's frustrating when a crowd is throwing coins at me or throwing drinks at me, obviously saying racist things to me and making chants about my mother which is obviously very offensive. Those things affect my family and are frustrating but I am a strong person and I always believe things can be overcome with hard work. I just focus on my job and try to forget about these things. "Playing in Old Firm games is the best feeling I've had in my football career. It's an incredible intensity and when you feel that passion from the crowd it makes you want to give everything you can on the pitch. "Living in Glasgow is great but it is also complicated. The passion for football is incredible. Half the city loves me but half the city probably doesn't like me so much. "I'm a person who likes to go out and meet people and go shopping and eat at restaurants but it's become difficult. Even though it's great to have people waiting for photos and to speak to you, it's also frustrating when people are insulting." 'I won't be driven out of Scotland' Morelos' family is about to increase in number with wife Yesenia expecting their first child, so is he actually worried about his safety? Could the pressure-cooker environment drive him out of Scotland? "No. At this point my goal is to stay focused on my play and help Rangers stay focused on winning the title and trophies and if I do that I think everything will be calm and good for my family," he says. "I'm generally unfazed and it's more about my family and them feeling nervous about the situation." Morelos' eyes lit up at the mention of Steven Gerrard. The Rangers boss is clearly a big part of the club's appeal. "It's very motivating playing for a legend like Gerrard," he adds. "Playing with my team-mates and this coaching staff feels like having my second family and now it's trying to implement those things to make sure we do the right things on the pitch." Morelos on disciplinary record and being misunderstood Morelos has arguably been Rangers' problem child. His goalscoring record has been eye-catchingly prolific and consistent. Fourteen goals in this year's Europa League before Christmas - including six in the group stages - saw him set a new record. Yet it is his red card tally that gains more attention. Talking about his disciplinary problems for the first time, he accepts he's got work to do. He said: "Yes I feel there are times that I probably get treated differently from other players if they were in the same situation, but I also realise and the staff have been great to help me realise that I have to change my behaviour too. I've learned from some of my mistakes. "I characterise myself as a player who is very physical. That's been a benefit to me over time as I've been able to withstand rough hits and hard tackles. I've never had any fear or been scared of any player in the opposing team or any rival. "I think here in this league because of the physicality and because of the passion for football there's been times when I've been physical with my play and therefore I have received yellow cards and red cards perhaps sometimes unjustly. "Now I'm working with my team-mates. I'm working with the staff here and I think they always have my back and are supporting me. Hopefully, I can solve this issue and learn to play in the way they are looking for here." After five red cards last season he had been free from controversy this campaign. That is until December and the "up yours" signal at Motherwell and the "throat-slitting" sign at celtic Park. Morelos claims neither gesture was intended to be offensive. "In the match against Motherwell we were winning a very important match and I scored a very important goal and I celebrated - I didn't mean to offend anyone," he insists. "I think if you look back at the video I have done this celebration at home and at away matches, it is just part of my celebration in the moment and I don't even think about it. I think it was misunderstood if people think I was trying to offend someone or direct it at the opposing crowd. "In the match against celtic we were winning in extra-time. I fell down, whether that is simulation or not that's up to the referee but afterwards it was very frustrating to hear elements of the crowd screaming at me saying offensive things and racist words. I wasn't trying to instigate or incite anything else. "I just wanted them to stop and it was sort of a symbol saying 'come on guys the game's over, this doesn't need to continue during the match. I understand if you are criticising but now it's over'. I'm not someone who wants to start a fight with anyone, I don't have any problem with any fans, any race and any religion and so I hope to be treated that same way. "I don't pay any attention to the press here because I know people are going to say positive and negative things about me but this doesn't really affect my life or my family. "I try to take everything they say negative and use it as a positive as motivation or as a reminder that I am doing things on the pitch and that's why I am receiving so much attention from the press now. "I am trying to raise a family, I am someone who I consider to be very calm off the pitch and nothing anyone can write about me can change who I am." 'I never shy away from fights on the pitch' Morelos can talk about cultural differences but can only hide behind that excuse for so long. Yet does his upbringing at least illuminate what makes him snap? Faced with confrontation in a pressure situation does he return to the streets of Cerete, the Colombian town he grew up in? "I never shied away from any fights ever since I was a kid when I was on the pitch but off the pitch, it's very different," he says. "On the pitch, I try to show my passion to make the defenders feel my presence to fight for the crowd. Here playing for Rangers when I hear the crowd screaming my name or when I hear the supporters for the club it motivates me, inspires me to fight even harder for the club. "I think anyone who knows me and watches me on the pitch knows I will do anything to win and you might see me on the pitch with a serious face because when I'm in the moment that's all that I feel, but when the game is over and we win I am smiling and I'm happy." Avoiding a life of drugs and crime Where Morelos came from was an unforgiving place. He returns to Cerete now regularly to oversee the foundation he's started, distributing food parcels and lecturing the young on better ways to live their lives. "Cerete is a town that's poor, there isn't much infrastructure or opportunities for most people so most people are working just to afford food, just to afford the basics," he says. "In my home, I didn't have electricity, we didn't have air conditioning in a place that averages 40 degrees every day and because of that people choose to go down a different route where there is faster and easier money. "A lot of people I know didn't have opportunities so decided to work in the drug business and work in crime. I hope I can be an example to the people in my town so that people in Cerete can go down a different route and focus on improving their lives in a way that doesn't involve crime." 'My target is 50 goals this season' What route will he take? Morelos' short-term ambitions include a goal against celtic, which he believes God has ordained to come at the right time and a title with Rangers. Beyond that, he's confident he could score goals in any of Europe's leagues. Linked with the Premier League and La Liga in recent transfer windows, is his disciplinary record a handicap to any move? "Yes I can see how it could affect a potential move but I also know that scoring goals can always open more doors," he says. "Right now I feel that there are a lot of games left and hopefully, I can score 50 goals in the season and if I do what I need to do on the pitch with Rangers then everything will take care of itself. "We have a saying in Colombia - 'goals are love' - and when I went to Finland I was able to score 30 plus goals and people wondered whether it was the strength of the league. "Now I've come to Rangers and scored 30 plus goals and I feel that someone who scores goals like this scores goals anywhere. "If I have the opportunity to play in another league I will score goals there as well. I'm a player who likes to be in the box and I like to finish but right now I am just focused on scoring as many goals for the rest of the season and this project with Rangers." 'Morelos is no angel, but he's no demon either' Sky Sports News reporter Craig Slater... "Maybe Morelos should have done more interviews like this earlier in his Rangers career. In their absence, he's become a caricature. His unsmiling volatility on the pitch lending him a surly, menacing image. "He can hardly blame the media, having done little to contradict it. He's no angel, yet sitting opposite him there's nothing demonic about him either. "He's laid back, affable, happy to banter about Colombian boxing, Irn Bru and square-sliced sausage. He talks of how he and his wife identify strongly with Glasgow culture - its friendliness and the no-nonsense down to earth attitudes of most meets. "He took his time during the interview. Not once did he check his phone. Not even a subtle glance down at his watch. He gives long thoughtful answers for a 23-year-old.
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    King has made mistakes, but without him, we would be fucked. He goes with my best wishes imo.
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    shut up ya fanny. second place many would have taken. 25 points behind basically the same Fenian team we made to look like wee lassies only 9 month back on February the 1st should never be acceptable to any Rangers fan. Argue about budgets etc all day long but a manager has to make use of his budgets accordingly. He hasn't done that. It's time to go. Rangers have played. Falkirk Hibs. Jimmy Saville FC, sheep and hearts away. We've never won a game under him against them away. In 8 games we've averaged about 1.1 goals a game and conceded over double that. So in 8 games we've scored 9 and conceded 23 That's a disgrace. Don't know if I need to remind you but Ross county and St johnstone are unbeaten against us.
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    Bit of a shite thread title I know but I couldn't think of anything better , the difference I'm on about is in our young supporters, as a dad to 3 girls I never imagined them attending Ibrox with me through the years, I thought they would just drift away despite my best efforts, I bought season tickets for the elder 2 next to me when we went down to division 3 and they have attended ever since, they've watched and put up with some amount of shite home and away and now they are buzzing every week , I've went from a shrug of the shoulders to who we were playing to my 15 year old just walking into the kitchen and clenching her fist and saying, I'm not sleeping tonight dad I'm too hyper let's fucking do them, I'm allowing the swearing because I feel the same, Thursday night was fantastic with them they went mental, my pal takes his girls and he's commented much the same, lost generation my arse imo, if anything they'll end up more loyal than any of us because of the events of the last decade.
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    Today was the highest number of shots and shots on target a team has had in a single game in the Scottish top flight since 2000/01. Hibs can very thankful they got out with just 6.
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    https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/five-times-Rangers-waster-alfredo-17559594 Well done Old Firm Facts and Glasgow Live for publishing this article. A truly well researched and well written piece. Others, take note.
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    First up this is going to be a bit of a rant, apologies in advance I probably wouldn’t read it at that length however if even for cathartic reasons I’m going to get it off my chest. Sleeping at the wheel: Failing to attend ones responsibilities or duties. Prior to considering the current situation at the club I think it’s important to put a little context around years just past we would all rather forget. To keep it short, most accept that only 7 years ago the wheels were put in motion kicking off a prolonged effort to kill off our club, a motion that ultimately failed but wounded the club to the point that we are still recovering. Rather forgotten but it would be very dangerous to do so. Why? The people that took that run at us haven’t went away and neither have their objectives. Let’s be clear about this celtic Football Club and their supporters look to achieve glory not only via their own sporting achievements on the park however by also proactively trying to keep us down and on the back foot. Paranoid? Remember we were told we were Paranoid when suggesting Lawwell was a driving force behind our troubles a few years back? Well we have all seen the letters now haven’t we? Ah but what’s FARE got to do with celtic? Hmm well transpires the Executive director of FARE is none other than a celtic Park regular, a fan. How many times (Daily?) do we see the media narrative change within hours? celtic have paid compensation for child abuse yet within 2 hours Scottish football is discussing a bid for Alfredo from China Rangers didn’t claim happened or a regurgitation of some negative Rangers headline ? Spiers, English, Radio Clyde, the list goes on and on, in short their finger prints are there every single time trouble comes our way - Does anyone think that the likes of Dornans and Humza (CFC political pals) aren’t doing overtime to find a way that they can manifest FARE agenda and now achievements into our domestic game? They will be and if our board don’t wake up they will succeed, it’s a matter of time. A process will be put in place for all and unevenly applied to 1. I honestly won’t be shocked if point deductions are on the table domestically before long. One point we need to accept - we have to knock the songs on the head, it’s a small sacrifice, if you so choose sing till your heart is content anywhere else you like but if we don’t give it up for that couple of hours at the game this fight will be a short one and we will lose, we are already significantly losing. Whether it’s right or fair is another fight that’s already lost or rather didn’t take place. As we approach this weeks game with them we are the bookies favourites, there are other elements to be noted, Aribo for one, make no mistake they wanted him, we got him, a player that would already be labelled as worth 6 million plus (pick any number you fancy) had he went there. Can they see the Rangers coming? You can bet their board can and guys like Lawwell will do the maths on Joe, i’ll guarantee it and he will know they will continue to lose those battles whilst it SG V Popcorn As a club we are in our strongest position for years, easily our best squad and manager, we are genuine contenders, meanwhile they have regressed and are having to face arguably the biggest scandal to ever occur in sport yet all the negative headlines are ours, we have a seat reduction imposed and have no doubts they are only getting warmed up. Words like racism now common place being flung around on a weekly basis (anyone recall when they first heard sectarianism is actually racism?). How long before people we want at the club are thinking, I don’t need this, a Manager asked what school he went to ffs Here is the crux of the matter, our board may not have the appetite for a political/PR dog fight but my word they are in one they are losing (being tanked). I seriously hope they don’t underestimate and are switched on to the fact that it’s many of the same players with the same appetite to destroy us that are circling around us. Consider the FARE situation, celtic have been fined approx 15 times by UEFA in recent years and for one reason or another we’ve had little bother. Yet there FARE are at everyone of our games, the organisation headed up by a celtic fan. We should have directly asked FARE and UEFA way before now why that is and is there a conflict of interest? Leak that story. Would it have made a difference? Well, who knows but it would let it be known we see it and we are going to challenge it publicly. Let them know we will question their integrity with facts, make them think twice. Play them at their own game in the media. I was about to write a defensive strategy is no good as a punch will always eventually get through, but you know what? We don’t even have that, our board and PR have to be aggressive and proactive, if we don’t I genuinely fear for where things are heading. It could not be more obvious that we are on the up, they are and will contnue to respond. Is it beyond our board to appoint a more effective PR team, how long has it been ffs? - A PR team who can form relationships and influence? - how many years now has their PR team owned Scotland’s media? If needs be work more effectively with our own bloggers and podders and I don’t mean to echo everything the club want to say, I mean to have genuine control, impact and influence. The club are bluntly challenging the support now and rightly so however they need to be asking themselves a few questions. We all understand they are in several fights and at times you need to pick your battles however the consequences of not putting up any PR fight have and continue to be significant. It is the boards responsibility. Paranoid? Me? - perhaps but last time it felt like open season on us I wondered if I was being paranoid about where things were headed........did not end well.
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    And none of this absolute legend back in the blue. £15 to watch big Sasa run the show for the 90 minutes, fucking bargain.
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    If it was me I’d be ignoring the game and hand and be trying to motivate the team to get above the scum without it. I’d be treating it psychologically like we are still two points behind. Then once we get the chance of playing the game in hand we might not need it.
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    Own goal aside, which was unfortunate, I thought he was outstanding tonight and he’s been one of our best performers in the group stages overall. If he continues performing like he has been this season then it won’t be long before teams come sniffing about him.
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    Loved this. Proper fight, proper passion, proper player. What an improvement in both performance and mentality from him this year. He’s come out his shell with no fear, culminating in this moment, which I can’t imagine seeing from him last year. Exceptional rise.
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    All set for the big man to arrive 🎅 I wish you all a very good Christmas and the best New year ever 🥂 Special mention to those who have lost loved ones, we are all with you xx
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    Miller and Wallace appear to have been agent provocateurs for ages and I think the club will be better off without them.
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    • I'm surprised we've not already made a move for Boyle, he's impressed me everytime I've seen him play.  Would be very happy giving them some cash and Docherty. 
    • Fenians being fenians.  I truly detest the serpants with my whole being 
    • I know, they're sneaky bastards. I think some other betting company is counting it but most aren't. They should all use the same stats and if a keeper has to make a save, it should be a SOT. 
    • Given the baffling and infuriating drop in form at the turn of the year it actually feels like the whole surreal experience of the lockdown scenario has done us a big favour. It's dampened the title win for the scum and helped draw a more emphatic line under our own shortcomings last season. It feels like we're embarking on this new campaign with a fresh resolve we simply wouldn't have had if things had played out normally. Gerrard clearly still has the full backing of the board and the goodwill of the support and (a currently out of sorts) Morelos leaving won't necessarily be a blow if the cash is right and it gets reinvested wisely and quickly. We've had an encouraging pre-season and avoided an early banana skin against the sheep. Transfer activity looks encouraging. Yes, the bookies are seldom wrong and we are still the underdogs, but pretty much everything feels about as good as it could given where we were back in March. But I can't help feel that there's something we (ie Gerrard) should have done that would have helped boost our chances of winning the league this season. And that's appoint a new captain ahead of the new season. A quiet word with Tav to thank him for his time served as captain and reassure him of his value to the team, and then pass the mantle over to Hagi. I've read on here many times that the captain's role isn't actually all that important and every single player should lead by example on the pitch. And I'm sure many would say that Hagi is too young and new to the club and it would be reckless to pass the lad the armband. First of all I would agree that the importance of the captain's role can appear to be exaggerated. But that's when your captain in the WRONG man for the job.  It's only when you get a great captain that you really see the difference it can make (and we know that as a club more than most thankfully). Secondly, Tav was never the right fit for the role. Bereft of charisma and never a natural leader who was able to galvanise the troops in the face of adversity. More a frightened rabbit in the headlights when being gubbed by the scum or unable to break down a diddy defence. He can play captain when the going is good but he immediately looks uncomfortable and out of ideas when we're under the cosh. [He'd probably play better without the responsibility tbh and maybe give us some of those early amazing free kicks again.] Contrast that with the lad Hagi.  He arrived without a hint of nerves and immediately embraced and revelled in the huge expectation of the Ibrox atmosphere. He seemed to single-handedly spark the comeback against Braga - lifting both teammates and fans - in a manner that was more befitting of a late-twenties club legend than an unproven newbie.  Maybe his age is an advantage. Not tainted by defeat, not intimidated by the expectation of Bears or the hatred of the filth, hungry to make his mark in world football and seeing Rangers as the perfect launch pad. He's sparkled in almost every game he's played and his head never goes down. Tav is part of the journey to where we're at now and fair play to him. But Hagi is potentially a key part of a successful future Rangers team. Hagi as captain might seem like a curve ball but realistically we're going to need some kind of curve ball to win this season. The guy is a class act with a rich footballing pedigree and he has unarguably made a dramatic impact in a very short time. He has all the attributes (save experience) to be our captain and has the perfect fluid position on the park. The scum see a Tav-led Rangers team as the same old story and ultimately not much of a challenge to them. They would see a Hagi-led Rangers team as an unknown quantity. It would help send a message that this season things are different.
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