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    Is it not about time Our club made this personal .Actually start giving examples of the clear double standards .Point out that Liewell has all the fingers in the pies .The clear bias of the compliance officer since the refs strike Go about it aggressively and not as meek as shite, as we always are . I personally, would like to see someone put their face in front of a camera .It will get more coverage .It will possibly bring our enemies more out into the open. Probably get further charges thrown at us . Yet we could point out ,a certain other club get away with these sort of dramas over many years .This time it would be our turn to stand up for ourselves . Downside to this .It would probably be Jim Traynor .When he talks ,it’s almost apologetic, with no passion .It is very mundane listening to him . .Would it be one of our cowardly board members .Great at the odd statement ,yet none brave enough to come out with any attacking intent .And let’s be clear here .Time is up for being defensive and being sickly apologetic.. Sadly anyone that does this, would become a target .Possibly even for his or her safety .That is how bad this corrupt shitehole has become.
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    Was only hard hitting when it was us in his cross hairs. Remember that those Rangers fans deserve to be battered with riot batons. Cunt should never be inside Ibrox never mind employed.
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    Cant believe I have put maself through this pish. Fucking scottish football is an embarrassment.
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    Yeah. Also be crazy doing the draw before showing highlights and spoiling the results for any fud who doesn't know them. 🤣
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    @Jimbeamjunior Where you not often saying games at end of last season were irrelevant as was nothing to play for? Also Flanagan was woeful at RB against Kilmarnock end of the season. How anybody can claim Flanagan has done 'extremely well' is beyond me. He's had a handful of very good games. As for talking about Tavs poor games, weak argument as he's had much more better performances than Flanagan will ever have. Was terrible against Aberdeen and scum this season. Both Spartak games, Motherwell away, Killie home, Aberdeen home, Aberdeen league cup last season off the top of my head. He's the last full back we need at home to St Mirren with the way we play.
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    A welshman who sang songs glorifying terrorists who killed innocent men woman and children is astounded by a player doing the it's finished sign which he has done many times before. When they operated on that sick fucker they threw his brain away.
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    Take a draw just now and get them back to Ibrox for a money spinning replay.
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    This amateurish BBC Scotland channel was set up as a result of constant whining by the Nats. It's real quality though - the programme after their shitty football show is 'Sink or Swim' - the World Stone Skimming Championship. I'm not joking.
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    Kenny Miller doing analysis of his own performance
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    They are the Ferrari of the formula 1 world here. Ferrari has so much power and leverage even with the new owners liberty. think a year or two ago they threatened to walk if they didn't get there way. I see a lot of similarities
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    Thanks I have dropped a small donation in, its only at just over 300 quid atm so if you have any spare guys give him and Erskine a boost.
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    Ex SFA chief executive Stewart Regan admitted that Scottish football could be rocked by a match-fixing scandal and lost his job. Someone high up has the power to manipulate evidence and the rule book, which then effect our future games, to me that is a form of match fixing.
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    Club will do what they always do , fuck all..............
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    I can believe there is a vendetta against our club from cfc, because of the way they led the rest of the clubs to vote us out of the league, their constant statements about our club and their shareholders res 12 campaign. Is this all coming from Peter Lawwell or is Reid still in the picture running one of his infamous slur campaigns?
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    I fucking hate that fat pie hartson just as much as sutton. Hartson trys to play mr nice guy. Hes a scumbag
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    Aye, that’ll show them... Fuck me.
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    It looks like their shares are at 132.5 now. That's some drop in a week.
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    Maybe the 'heating the balls' idea is true, but they've managed to melt the important two as that's the level the SFA are at.
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    If he had stayed one more season, he would have gotten a much better offer than aston villa, he was just too quick to jump However, him leaving gave us boughie, so thank fuck he did as i thought boughie was a much better player for us overall
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    If it turns into a replay when can we realistically play it ? Already struggling to fit in our game in hand a replay makes it an absolute nightmare especially if we progress in Europe.
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    Aye quite a sultry look there. Wasn't my intention to send you arousing gifs but ah well
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    Shame to see Porteous go off injured. Horrible wee cunt.
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    He tried to hit that and missed it completely
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    Will get it next season when we're due to play Dundee United as well no doubt.
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    ‘Full back 5 are tarriers’ That’s a lie! James Penrice is pretty open about being a bear for starters.
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    Yes mate .And who is to say .The guy is keeping us in neutral ,these last 3/4 years .Letting his fuckpig ex colleagues constantly attack us ,while being paid for just ,well just being there .Cause he does fuck all else
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    Is anyone got the list of scumbags ,I posted some years ago .Our enemies in the media Think I will have to be updating it soon Feel more additions are imminent 🤔
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    Flanagan at RB, well we know what’s coming on Wednesday then.
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    I fancy Kilmarnock to take points of them and us to go top of the league on Wednesday night.
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    Said it for a while now we have a good first eleven but the overall squad is full of mediocre and even very poor footballers that we need to get shot of and add more quality if we are going to keep on fighting on all three fronts including Europe.
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    When we win 55 this season it'll be a bigger achievement than the allied prisoners of war's result in Escape to Victory and Rocky's win against Drago in Russia.
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    Our club needs to grow some balls towards all this bias stuff ! its getting WAY out of hand now ! but if you let a bully bully you he wont ever get bored stand up to him and show you arent a push over and guess what ! it usually stops ! We play in a league that despises us the hate felt for Rangers you would think we are some foreign invader ! not the beautiful institution that is 100% proud to be a Scottish club! that we are ! I am not surprised by this as since as long as I can remember we have been always been treated un fair ! but again its the clubs job from top to bottom to stand up to this blatant biased ! its so transparent its impossible not to see. Sorry I had to post it ! but the fucking balls on the SFA and the rest of Scotland to do this ! and we just sit back and take it ! and enough is enough ! Not one peep from them when Boruc did this ! hibs walked away with nothing when there fans by the thousands invaded the pitch and assaulted our players ! that fat fucking cunt boruc with the flag all the pictures above ! we should all write complaints to the sfa we need some one in the media highlighting this and keeping it fresh. and protest and the club should stand up to this shit. there is many more times what about Boruc running around ibrox with that big flag ! years ago So sick of watching our club get walked all over!!!!!
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    He's not looking up at the pikeys - he's looking forwards at our coaching staff
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    "Mhedia" "Rhat" Stop spelling like a fucking catholic.
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