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    LOOK AT ME I’M STAUNCH I THINK NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH. Our midfield has been consistently good all season. Calm down.
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    Must be shite if Aribo and Ojo get games two fucking charlatans, Kamara slows the game down too much as well good last year but every inch a Dundee player this season.
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    He’s just beelin’ Frodo’s got his ring.
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    Exactly. We can't afford our manager to have his undroppable favourites. The message of you don't play if you don't perform needs to be loud and clear.
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    Andy King being nowhere near the first team is the surprising bit for me tbh thought he would offer us something different
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    Think King picked up an injury last Friday but surely Docherty would’ve been better suited to that game yesterday than, say, Kamara? He’s far from the best in the squad, clearly, but he’s built, he’s athletic and he’s box to box which would’ve been a lot more useful than Kamara or Aribo.
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    You might have given us more time to enjoy our moaning about the previous game before we start moaning about the next game
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    I have said it for a while now too many players in the whole squad not up to the job. A team can handle one maybe two passengers during a game. but That is a few games now where we have half a team posted missing and when you have half a team hiding you will win fuck all.
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    On Friday we were 2 points clear with a +6 goal difference. Now we’re even on points and goal difference. It’s been a horrible weekend for us you can’t dress it up otherwise. Hearts have 7 points and we’re 9 games in to the season. They’ve been extremely poor and we should’ve gone there and beat them today. When we get to the top we need to stay there and keep the pressure on celtic. As usual we fuck it up almost immediately and take the pressure off them.
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    Can’t handle the pressure of being top, simple.
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    Poor yesterday yes , honking all season, no
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    Worst thing is as soon as we got that free kick you knew straight away it would be a shite ball. Barisic should have hit it.
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    Livi, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs away all before the tims at Parkhead. We aren’t winning all of them before the 29th, not a chance, and it’ll more than likely be the reason we don’t win the league.
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    Honestly get these threads to fuck
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    Well it then becomes a lopsided formation, you allow the opposition left back free reign on that side until one of your actual centre mids comes out to face him, ryan jack is fucking excellent in the middle of the park, yet in previous games he's always going out wide to cover for the fact we dont have a wide right player, it then leaves a gaping hole where jack was in the middle and this season it has cost us goals The tarrier first goal, if we had a proper right mid, tav isnt that high up the park and goldson has an easier pass, yes he fucked the pass but his options were limited because we have one person on the right and 4 in the middle, all covered by tarrier players And the high pressing, mistake forcing game goes right out the window because the opposition always have a free player to pass to who can walk it 20 yards or more up the park, We badly miss candieas wide right
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    I think at the start it was easy for him not to have any favourites. I think when he first came here and it was clear you'd be dropped if you didn't perform it was really a breath of fresh air and we were all for that. However, I think that attitude gets harder as you get closer to the team and Gerrard is falling into that trap. For example, I think most of us would agree that Tav has given us game winning performances over the time he's been with us. It will be difficult for Gerrard to forget that and judge what is in front of him now. He might be a bit fearful about dropping a player who has been very good for us in the past, because 1 it opens him up to major criticism if it goes wrong, 2 it can impact negatively on the player/manager relationship, 3 he may feel the next game Tav may put all this behind him and come good and he's cutting off his nose to spite his face 4 he is the club captain and it may have a negative impact on the team. I'm not saying I believe those points are true or that's exactly what's happening. The only thing I'm saying is there is a clear difference between Gerrard's favouritism at the beginning and Gerrard's favouritism now - and I think he needs to get a grip and do the right thing because players like Tav are severely letting us down at the moment.
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    Arfield and Ojo have scored One goal Each in the league this season even though playing in advanced roles. Genuinely cannot see the justification for Defoe sitting on bench whilst these two continue to struggle.
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    McBurnie is a fucking arsehole. Sheffield United's record £20m signing Oli McBurnie has been charged with drink-driving in Leeds on Friday. The 23-year-old Scotland international striker joined the Blades from Swansea in August and has scored one goal in eight Premier League appearances. His team face Arsenal in the Premier League at Bramall Lane on Monday night. West Yorkshire Police said McBurnie would appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on 6 November over the incident in the early hours of Friday morning. McBurnie did not play in the recent international break - during which Scotland lost 4-0 to Russia before beating San Marino 6-0 - because of a knee injury. But Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder said last week that McBurnie would be given a chance to prove his fitness for the visit of Arsenal. BBC Sport has contacted Sheffield United but they are not making any comment. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50121433 Boys I know down there want him sacked, canny fucking blame them tbh. He's hardly set the heather alight since the move, and with the money involved coupled with this, some are beginning to lose patience.
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    Barasic was doing a better attacking job than what was coming from the right hand side, which is highly unusual because most of our attacking play comes down the right. This is probably because Tav had such a bad game and was exceptionally wasteful. Even when we did get an attack down the right it usually ended up with a shite delivery which just went out or was easily defended or saved by the goalie. We generally don't attack through the middle to a great extent, but that's all we were left with and we lacked creativity to do that. I just felt everything we did lacked cutting edge and was extremely easy to defend against, the only time we actually got success was through a Hearts mistake and a corner. Says it all
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    They got in each other way again fuck knows what boots tav is wearing but he's slipping all over the place in them.
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    That's exactly what they think of us as well. I think it comes down to us not having much contact with Japanese or Chinese people on a daily basis - same with them with us. Our brains have evolved in order to quickly assess things because it can mean our survival or death. It often takes the short cut because, the short cut is quicker. It doesn't mean we are racist it means we're human. Asian people have certain features which our brains lock onto to recognise those individuals, it's the short cut. Therefore our brains do not look for the subtle differences in facial features, because that is wasted energy. This is all obviously subconscious. If you worked abroad, your brain would quickly learn the short cut no longer works and it would have to work harder to differentiate between people and you'd no longer have the opinion they all look the same. But, they're the ones that would be using the short cut as you'd probably be the only western guy. None of this I see a problem with. I have a problem with people impacting an other persons's life negatively because of their race - that is what I consider really racist. If you were in a new job and didn't know anyone and someone was talking about another worker trying to describe who they're talking about to you, and they said the guy with the big nose, or the woman with the ginger hair or the small guy or the tall guy or the fat woman or the old guy... how is that any less discriminatory than saying the asian guy or the black guy? It's not, but the government wants its children to not see any race (which is by our nature impossible unless like I've said you're the minority) for better or for worse because its children cannot be trusted with it. The government are the biggest hypocrites by far by the way, because if they truly want us to be 100% unable to see race or sex and therefore unable to make any decisions on it, why do they actively encourage more women into certain industries (discriminating against men) have female only marketing meetings (discriminating against men) female only gym and swimming pool times (discriminating against men). They also state that positive discrimination or affirmative action as it was seen in the USA is illegal, however when I was doing financial accounting and management we were taught something completely different We were taught that if you have a large white male work force, and you have person A and person B who are completely similar in all ways except from their race/religion or sex etc then in order to increase diversity, if person A is a white male you can instead employ person B. Fairness and equality has never felt so unfair and unequal. But it's against the white male, so it's ok now.
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    Gerrard has a blind spot when it comes to Tavernier. We will win fuck all with him in the team and why Gerrard can't see this beggars belief frankly. And I'm sorry his much lauded crossing ability is a myth. As epitomised by that last minute effort yesterday. This stubborn attitude when it comes to this dud could well end up costing Gerrard his job. He sadly injury aside seems undropable. Every big game we play he seems to be an accident waiting to happen,I expect another such fuck up v Porto.
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    The midfield requires balance and we missed Ryan Jack yesterday. The midfield players didn't compliment each other at all because they were all too similar and lacked any real bite. Don't know much about King tbh, but I agree the players who are not performing should be dropped - including Tav.
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    Only has 14k views, so I imagine that not many people have seen this and after today... could use a laugh. Enjoy...
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    Get him tae fuck. No excuse to stick with him once Jones and Murphy are back. Honestly rather see Barker and I think he’s shite. Ojo is as much use as windae wipers on a fucking submarine.
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    I keep saying it..... we cannot afford any passengers yet, right now, we have Tav, Ojo & surprisingly, Arfield. Is Gerrard the only person who can't see this?
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    This is were the management need to show why they are being paid. I agree blindly hoping tav will suddenly play through current form isn't going to work. If anything more mistakes could happen. A spell on the sidelines is needed. We need to actually see if a Flanagan or polster can step in and perform. This is the whole point of having a sqaud. If one isn't performing another comes to push for his place.
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    Katic was dreadful, that’s two games in a row against Physical strikers he’s been bullied. Second half Aribo had to protect him at bye kicks and kick outs.
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    The foul isn’t a clear and obvious error, he barely makes any contact at all (if any) and the guy flings himself to the ground. VAR shouldn’t be slowed down, it should be shown in real time and if it isn’t a clear error at normal speed, then the refs decision stands. Anything slowed down to almost frame by frame will tell a different story than at normal speed
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    I went out and did a little work on a wee project right after the game, I was gutted at our performance, I have just come back in and read your post and I must admit I find myself agreeing with most of it. I remember discussing last season with @eejay the dj how we both thought Tav had a losing mentality and that is what came back to me today. I had hoped that I had got that wrong but after today and a few of his recent performances I am starting to think the same again, can be great putting in crosses at times but his defending for their goal had panic written all over it. I am not just blaming him for the dropped points today, far too many players were poor, but he is our captain and still not convinced he can cope with the responsibility of the arm band and Stevie needs to give his position serious consideration or as you say he could become the fall guy.
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    It's the 3rd time in the last year we've dropped points after going top of the league. That's why I'm asking questions of the sides bottle. In the past tynecastle has been tough. But this is a hearts side without a win at home since march and a massive injury list to boot. They looked more hungry today for the win than we did. We've got to improve massively on the road if we want the title.
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    Seen a few posts calling tynecastle a tough away game now. A venue that hearts haven't won in since march. It was a very winnable game. Yet they looked hungrier and more up for it. We need to start games on top and with a high intensity. We can't afford to start games like we did today.
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    Everyone pishing themselves when tarriers dropped points at hibs and Livi but when we do it, it’s a tough away fixture. Pathetic.
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    Should be points clear and putting pressure on them going to the sheep after a European game. Fucked it
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    Hearts haven't won at home since march and have struggled badly. We just dropped points to them and they looked more hungry for it. Today shows there is no such thing as gimme on the road.
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    Better players than Aribo have come here and taken time to settle. We aren’t helping him by playing him so deep though.
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    Zero threat at all. Lacks the pace, touch and finishing of a player in that position. Why gerrard doesnt grow a set of balls and start stewart, who granted wont offer as much defensively but will cause far more trouble i'll never know. Its going to cost us. Could arfield have done that pass to defoe vs hamilton?? Not a fucking chance. I reckon we have a team capable of winning this league. Whether that team is on the pitch is down to the gaffer.
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    We have a real problem with changing games when not going our way.
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    I like Aribo, cant go Ojo. But I think both are similar in that they're more effective at Ibrox against defensive minded teams than away at the like of the scum, sheep or tynecastle. Dont think theyve been brought up to fight for jerseys and win individual battles. Theres a lack of the grit that's required for the game here, though no doubting Aribo has skill.
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    Could have done with McCrorie today
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    Looks a fair trek from where my crew are staying. Taxi it is then....
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    • I have seen this crop up a lot recently... Andy King is bang fucking average, he might have been part of the squad that won the league with Leicester but he played a combined total of 950mins that season in over 25 appearances, hardly the beating heart of the team. Hes done nothing to show he deserves to play when he has had the chance and is a complete waste of a salary!
    • How can he miss Candeias, he never ever beat a man imo
    • Such is modern day football! The days of a solid formation or teams attacking in their formation are gone, defensively teams will get into a shape and Jack is excellent at covering the right side when Tav goes forward, which btw isnt an accident, its something we have set out to do, but we missed that yesterday as Kamara/Aribo just never done that. Look at the Liverpool Man Utd game at the weekend and the positioning of Robertson and Alexander Arnold, I dont think they were in their "official position" for more than 20% of the match and when they have the ball they arent defenders any more. I wonder how many Liverpool fans arent happy about leaving a lopsided formation or being exposed at the back... You have mentioned Candeias in your post, like a lot of other people have, but we almost set a new record at the end of last season (of winning all post split fixtures) whilst playing our best football in the games Candeias wasnt involved in! Ironically the only game we lost was when Tav never played, Flanagan was at RB and Candeias was back in the team. The difference between then and now isnt the formation but lack of form, back then we had an on fire Ryan Kent on the other side and if you watch those matches back, even just the highlights or goals, you can see we spread teams as we attacked down both flanks and centrally, but yesterday our only attacking outlet came from the right hand side. In my opinion we dont miss Candeias we miss any sort of threat on the left hand side, although Barasic has been playing well Ojo is horrific and the sooner Kent is match fit again the better!
    • He does he will be happy to pick up a point.
    • I meant in terms of wins.
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