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    https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=288&a=troubled-tom ☺️
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    There are hundreds of better examples tbh Our club can't defend themselves ,so it's no surprise ,they won't give a monkies fuck about this And bears continue to be divided on how to behave or voice their opinions The tired old " don't want to act the taigs " line will be trotted out or used against other bears Sickening arrogance to be honest and the reason all bheasts stand as a more powerful weapon when going on the attack with these accusations . We have apathy and appologists that will always stink out the place Like you said .The have been doing it for decades successfully
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    I hope it turns out @Prsosheadband isn't even in Poland and that's just him walking round the yard outside his nuthouse
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    Well done Rangers. The only adverse comment I have is that Robertson should have been nowhere near this (see the article today on the Rangers website). IMO the man is not to be trusted and along with the discredited company secretary are not fit to be employed by Rangers. Their actions and words on other subjects dishonour the Club and harm its reputation. That Robertson seeks to improve his image by PR appearances and words in relation to the MOD award removes (for me anyway) a bit of gloss from the award. I speak as a fan, as a Rangers shareholder and having had a long career in the MOD.
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    Great to see the club being recognised by the MoD, but even greater to see the MoD being recognised by Rangers to such a huge capacity. Great work.
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    We have arrived on the football special i can report the codex is still intact and we are now sitting in hot sun drinking piwo. Loads of Polish families enjoying the sun
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    "There's been allegations that Morelos needs psychological help" Ffs He's clearly been speaking to the Scottish media before the press conference btw.
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    Expected to be fit for tonight. Non story and good luck to the boy.
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    they’ve definitely crawled out the abortion bucket
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    Half canned already and it's just gone lunchtime. Hope to Christ we put these cunts to bed and get Thursday nights for the next few months. THERE'S SOMETHING THAT THE BEARS WANT YOU TO KNOW
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    Aye he's played 1 game in 2 year. 4 If you include the 3 u23s games he played in. So just curious as to how plymouthger knows he's still a good keeper
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    Campbeltown flag will be the first one we see upside down the night
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    Dale, who bought the club in December for £1, rejected an offer from former Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite this week but PA understands the Cheshire-based businessman is in talks with other potential buyers. Sound familiar -- surprised Charles Green hasn't made an appearance.
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    He needs to take a look at their fans
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    When MA and DK put their dicks back in their pockets and sit down like proper adults and get it sorted ...... that's the thick and thin of it as they say ..... alternative answer ? ..... fuck knows ....
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    I tried to take the Google link rather than a direct link as I believe it shows the page but doesn't give them the hit?? Plus the copy and paste is essentially the full article minus those stupid comments
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    There's the infamous goal at Ibrox that Gerry McNee was still saying was a goal a few minutes after it was chopped off...Robertson I'm sure scored.
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    Probably, worth asking bears den here too. Articles about what was said on celtic TV during a celtic game not involving us...
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    Gerrard and Davis reaction to that question are fucking priceless. Does that journalist work the daily rebel
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    Fucking lazy, lazy attempt at a match thread, no tv info, ko time or fuck all. Hang yer head in shame.
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    Sitting here wearing my half Rangers half Legia scarf. Hope the best team wins.
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    It took me a wee while to get that but better late than never on my part I suppose. 😁
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    Can already tell the last hour of work's going to feel very slow.
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    Aye,you'd think Ashley and King could act like grown ups instead of a pair of Billy Bigbaws and give the fans what they want,then both would make some money.ffs
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    I was just about to say this, worst case is Morelos has an off game so we bring in defoe. What an option to have
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    They’re stunned at the depth of the barrel the scum are scraping....
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    He’ll be rusty as fuck, hopefully! Won’t have the comfort of seven thousand beggars at his back to help him settle in, either (assuming he gets to play v us).
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    The lone wheelie bin on the far right won't last long.
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    Bold move putting Barasic in. Hasn’t played since Killie I don’t think.
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    Someone has posted that picture up on ultras tifo forum 😂😂
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    Clicked the link read it got bored. So I started looking at other articles on the VB website, including their blogs now forgive me but the sub heading “defending our traditions” seems to have got lost as many many articles are about Cel**c, child abuse blah blah blah i find this weird Just my opinion btw
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    Exactly, on the park is where Rangers need to beat celtic. The SFA are dealing with Boyd's comments leave them to it.
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    Hopefully off the Erskine Bridge on the way.
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    You get ex players doing it for you , they have been doing it for years............
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    Gerrard looked proper scunnered with the questions. Must be soul destroying having to deal with the same shite day in day out. I would wager that pre-match press conferences are the worst part of a managers job.
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    Goat I have watched many games up in Sheepland in pubs and hotels and never had any bother. Just sit in your hotel bar with your laptop and earphones in and cheer the gers on that's what I do.
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    Gerrard and Davis trying not to laugh at the question about Morelos. Fuck me I thought the press in Scotland was bad 😂
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    Simon Jordan went to help them out as he could pull a few strings, first thing he asked from the owner was to prove he had funds to finance the club. Needless to say Jordan is still waiting.
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    Unless you and your pal are wearing a Legia shirt, I would highly advise against going anywhere in Warsaw with a football shirt on. Warsaw is my second home and even I wouldn't do it.
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    bbc Scotland in charge of VAR will help them out. Me personally am still waiting on goal line technology. No chance the Scottish game has the money for VAR.
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    Gerrard told Grezda, Lafferty, Holt & Dorrans' to find new clubs. That is his polite way of saying he thinks they are pish. He definitely has not done that with Rossiter & Murphy. Sounds to me like you are talking pish.
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