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    Rangers complain - get fined Levein complains - penalised celtic complain - SFA arrange a summit to discuss refereeing and put together a working group that drips with taiginess Yep. Seems fair.
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    So we have a current taig employee, an ex taig employee and an ex taig season ticket holder all working together for the good of Scottish football. Fucking laughable. Kinda similar to the SNP asking a guy who was pictured standing in front of an IRA flag to head up a committee to battle sectarianism in Scotland. We're now the minority folks. We need to do something about it.
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    And there you have it. q-hTQI41AaQcwuyM.mp4
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    Your banter is horrific.
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    Margaret Ferguson was only 18 years old when she lost her life at Ibrox Stadium on the 2nd January 1971. She was also the only female to die in the tragedy. Over the last couple of years as part of our Restoration of Rangers Graves Project our colleague Chris Beglin has restored the bench in Markinch, which had been placed in memory of the five boys who tragically died that fateful day, and the Robert Mulholland memorial bench in Glasgow. With this in mind we were contacted earlier this month by Ian McLeod Milne who organises the Annual Supporters Memorial Service at Ibrox with a view to restoring the bench that had been placed in memory of Margaret at Muiravonside Cemetery. Subsequently I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret’s sister Mary at the Ibrox Memorial Service earlier this month. We contacted Falkirk Council and they have given their consent for the bench to be removed, restored and put back in place. All updates will be posted. The tragic link between Margaret and Colin Stein: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/ibrox-disaster-only-female-victims-1079390 Donations to The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project can be made here via the link on our website: https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-restoration-of-Rangers-graves
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    Mounties should be baton charging them.
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    Biggest game of the season so far. We simply have to go there and win if we have any aspirations of winning the title
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    For the benefit of us bears no longer in Scotland, could the *** official game thread ***** Please start with the date and time of the fixture.
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    He has mostly cut it out, big Lee McCulloch used to do it all the time as well, a vigorous rub of his head seemed to shake off any injury.
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    I always add to these threads a wee reminder of our remembrance and respect for the families and friends who grieved over loved and lost ones, those who still grieve to this day. And to the injured, the medical services who saved lives and tended the wounded, the police and rescue services, and the fans, players and officials of both clubs, and the good people of Glasgow and beyond who were involved at the time and in the aftermath. Respect to them all.
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    They are employed as columnists to give opinions, don't dispute that. They are overtly negative as it panders to their rabid hordes, if they were even to display a little bit of neutrality they're numbers would likely tank, therefore they make a living off sticking the boot into us. That's the exact point made in the video and the one I've reiterated here. I don't get where you think the conflict is tbh. As for Ferguson or Jig? Were either of those at the head of month long campaigns to get Scott Brown banned for throwing elbows or kicks at other SPFL players? By comparison to Hartson and Sutton they are very neutral. Lets get it right here, we're not talking about them being pro celtic are we? Jig or Ferguson can maybe be accused of being overly pro Rangers but I've never read anything from them that seems to be going out of its way to be negative towards them across the city. The opposite in fact, Ferguson has routinely parroted the "50 million needed" to compete horseshit. Can't think of anyway he could compliment them more than saying they have a 50 million pound squad.
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    Sounds like a fair enough condemnation of the arseholes who talk and write shite about us in the media.
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    Just me, or did Gerrard sound a bit pissed off with Barisic in the post-match interview?
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    Good post mate . Very compassionate . I'm assuming he is there, cause he is a patsy
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    In other news, the SFA are to ask the Catholic Church for guidance on resolving long term child abuse issues.
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    Not sure how it makes sense for sellic, the team with far and away the best disciplinary record of the last 15 years, to be one of two top division clubs represented. So let's get this right... the greetin faced, least carded team are involved in the working group along with the greetin faced, least carded team's ex-manager. Nobody else from the top league. Didn't they think this might look a little partisan? 😂😂
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    Working together to find ways to punish Rangers.
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    Another waste of. As Bakbear says, Scotland. The country that hated itself to death. It all boils own to the result on the park and if the vicTIMS don't have their way, there will be hell to pay. No matter how many good or bad ref's, VAR, rules, reg's, procedures, think tanks and work shops, if the end result doesn't equal victory for the paedophiles, then it aint happening. However, it does give the ginger one a few jollies and a platform to showcase his outstanding eloquence and dignity.
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    He is the most uncivilized manager in the whole of the UK yet he gets a job in the sfa GAME OVER people.
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    They very well might be, but I really can't understand why. Leicester are sitting in 8th position in the table, what exactly are they expecting? You could argue that 7th is realistically the best they could hope for at the end of the season, its not like Puels doing a bad job.
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    I think he's going in the summer regardless