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    Anyone genuinely itk and publicising any snippets on potential transfer targets should stfu, and their sources should have their baws booted and warned about the company they keep.
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    Dave, you forgot “Dear Santa” at the top of that list.
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    There is 0% chance we are in talks with James Milner
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    Null and Void SPFL disbandment New league body No more Lawwell involvement The only way forward for me If it means a delay to the season starting then so be it because I don’t see how it can go forward from here without those things happening. Trusting it to be fair going forward is gone.
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    I don't think they've 10 million in the pot - unless it's staggered over next 3-years or something (with first payment next year) in which case a lot of smaller clubs will go out of business as a result with no end of season monies due that they budget for and rely on. All to give celtic a title they never won. So celtic, in this instance (with the help of their corrupt pals in the SPFL) have done more damage to Scottish football and it's member clubs than Rangers ever did (by being victims of a fraudulent takeover and being sent to the bottom of the Scottish game to start again) and yet we're still seen as public enemy number one, and them fenian cunts revered.
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    Mark Warburton moved the club forward but that doesn’t mean he did a good job either. The exact same thing will apply to Gerrard if he leaves here without winning something.
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    Just won the Premier League, and Champions League last season, fancies a pop at the Betfred Cup behind closed doors
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    Especially when the tarriers were all saying we were giving a job to the Inverness MD. Cunts are corrupt as fuck tbh and as soon as that disgusting club dies for the sake of this country the better.
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    100% spot on. This has been my view since day one. Season 19/20 was abandoned and, in football, abandonment means restart from scratch. One of the arguments was that clubs were not being rewarded for their efforts but that was just another lie - they would still be allocated their share of SPFL prize money based on their efforts so far, the scum getting biggest slice in the top tier, Dundee Scum in the Championship etc. But the fact that we are the only European league (AFAIK) to have stuck with this carve up just makes the corruption stick out like a sore thumb.
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    Maybe evidence has been found of illegal interference in the process of the Good Friday vote. If so the fraud squad will need to investigate it, which would mean Lawwell's involvement in this whole mess will be unveiled. I don't think Rangers have orchestrated anything. I think the whistle blower brought something to the attention of our board and they followed due process to try and get the evidence heard. We still haven't heard what the whistle blower evidence is. Hopefully at some point the right platform for disclosure will be made available, as there is something in the whistle blowers evidence that the SPFL desperately doesn't want made public. I believe once Rangers have the right platform for disclosure of the whistle blowers evidence the club will be back in the fight to clean up Scottish football.
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    Bored of this falling apart or crumble pish. They never do, it’s always us
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    So Dundee’s dodgy vote handed Penn State FC a title they didn’t win. Then Dundee’s Technical Directors son gets a job at Penn State FC. Then Dundee’s Technical Director gets a gig permanently on Penn State FC TV. More strange coincidences.
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    I’ll be buzzing for it until I see the line up is 4-3-3- with Davis holding and Hagi on the wing.
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    Couldnt do that, if the likes of hearts, partick etc can try claim compensation for being relegated with an unfinished season, then teams could do the same regarding euro places and league places etc, The only option other than awarding titles and relegation is a null and void, reset back to the start of the season and use last years standings for euro places, or else finish the season, If n&v teams wouldnt have a comeback as the season is declared incomplete so therefore no clubs benefit or lose out as nothing was settled or guaranteed
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    Gordon Woods A long, informative and constructive phone call from The Guardian in London last night. Story coming very soon to a world-wide audience.
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    Can't reveal my source but James milner is in the teams group chat
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    The other benefit of going down your road would be to recognise the efforts of top tier teams during the season, albeit the season would be abandoned. I’ll be really interested to see what remedy the arbiters come up with if they side with Hearts and Thistle. What are their options? forced reconstruction? instruct the SPFL to rerun the “Dundee” vote? null and void the season? decide on a compensation figure and let the ruling stand? The danger with this last option is that a significant compensation figure (ie millions) is, in effect, a tax on every club in the country. Suppose one or more say they are unwilling to have their SPFL funding reduced because of this. “Why should we have to lose out?” More legal action? Could you blame them? I honestly don’t see a better way out of this than scrapping the season completely. If there is a viable alternative, I haven’t heard it.
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    I can see why Griffiths hasn’t travelled to France. He’s got no head.
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    Journalists from The Guardian in London last night had spent hours interviewing a survivor. Story coming very soon to a world-wide audience.
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    IMO the turning point ( where it all went wrong) last season was the cup final. The way we were shafted out of that cup I think demoralised us. The league cup is a springboard for the rest of the season, had we won that I think our season would have panned out differently. I don't want Gerrard to go just yet. I still think he will lead us to success again. He has us going in the right direction. IMO we played them off the park pretty much every game last season. I can't remember the last time that happened.
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    bjk ushered his own son out the door faster than was humanly possible. As another post pointed out a couple of days ago.....left the rest of the boys to look after themselves. He only needed to pick up the phone. Should be the first statue removed and melted down to award the survivors a medal,of that shower of heinous bastards at the paedo dome.
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    I honestly think that most people just want a Hearts/Thistle victory whether it's cold cash or reinstatement. Either way the SPFL are doomed. Reinstatement followed by null and void does least damage to the members.
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    We are in a far better position now than when he arrived and that's down to him. Time to kick on though, no excuses for next season.
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    Turns up to a court of law in a football top, sums them up.
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    Tbf, he could play in Barcelona. Espanyol are pish.
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    Bet you’re a wee numpty pulling yer banger to the underwear section of your maws Littlewoods catalogue
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    If that was the case we wouldn’t have pumped them at the Piggery and played probably the best football we have in years against them and Hibs.
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    Last season was massive for SG , his team and his way etc . WTF happened after Christmas I still don't know , it was total shite . Cost us the league . No one is bigger than the club and if it doesn't work out for Stevie G then no hard feelings , get someone else in .
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    1 cup final appearance and failed to make Hampden in the SC in 2 years is an excellent job tbf.
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    Crilly junior saying because he never got abused then it didn't happen. It never happened to Crilly because his father was always there , just like the case of Pat Nevin . The paedos at the Piggery would have targeted the more vulnerable boys with no one to protect them.
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    He’s unquestionably raised the profile of the club and taken us forward from where we were when he came in, but I still think that if he doesn’t win something he will be remembered as a failure. You can take as many factors and different tangibles into it as you want but any Rangers’ managers success will ultimately be measured on how many trophies they win and in that regard Gerrard has been a failure so far.
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    Your logic is sound. The money coming from Hearts to pay Hearts their own compensation is just another aspect of this fiasco which is less Football Focus and more Twilight Zone. SPFL top tier clubs will have to find somewhere north of half a million each, especially as the broadcasters need to get their rebates too. So how do they cope? They sell the best youngsters, cut corners and generally downsize/weaken their team. How great would it be to benefit from weakened opposition if you were going for something like, say, ten in a row? Which means that the chances of dropping points outside of OF games is reduced further. Almost as if it was meant to be...
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    Neither won trophies and in the eyes of supporters that ultimately makes them failures even if you can still appreciate the work they did to leave the club in a better position than it was when they arrived. Outwith the European runs, which admittedly have been very good, Gerrard has not done one thing that wasn’t expected of him the day he walked through the door. You could actually argue that he has fallen short considering we’ve made one cup final which we ended up losing while getting nowhere close to them in the league. I don’t want Gerrard to leave right now but people also need to stop making excuses for him too.
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    If the relegations are overturned then the Good Friday motion is dead in the water and null and void is all that the SPFL are left with. I could not care less about other clubs. If they are impacted by something they voted in support of then hell mend them. We warned them.
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    Don’t think the SPFL would see option 3 (null and void) as a win even if it is the fairest option and would get them out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves. Big Peter simply would not allow it. Another factor is the share of the compensation. Over 80% of sponsorship revenue goes to teams in the top division and it is to be expected that the hit to fund the payout would mirror that. So you’re looking at circa 8m between the top clubs. Can Hibs, Killie, St Johnstone etc take that kind of hit? Should they? What if they fight it? Just a mess leading to another mess, leading to another.
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    Enjoyed your story mate but I'm 28, so I wasn't actually alive
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    I think many Rangers fans would have seen that as a score draw and moved on.
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    A wee surprise in the toon today of course I told helender he was a large homosexual and hagi he Wizny worth the money 😂😂not
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    Thats not very old for a football agent to be honest. Still got a few years in him.
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    Hope the one who voted Rangers Town is grounded for the rest of the summer holidays mate
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    Calm down bud it's only an english team ffs
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    I got a fuckin walking stick and a pair of slippers
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    Apparently the SFA Arbitration is starting on Wednesday.
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