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    she is definatley puting the squeeze on . question needs to be asked .when you feel the greatest injustice .especially when it's something that is the most socially unacceptable crime in our culture .And you ask the man at the top of the tree and he keeps beating around the Bush. Maybe she should reveal that torbett once threw a coin at her brothers face and hurt his chest she would get more exposure and investigation
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    Papac was back in Scotland for Kris Boyd’s testimonial at Rugby Park on Saturday. The 38-year-old played in a Rangers Euro XI beaten 6-3 by Boyd’s Killie Heroes. Papac, who was part of the Gers side that reached the 2008 Uefa Cup Final, sees no reason why the current crop can’t continue making their mark in the Europa League. He said: “It’s great to see Rangers in Europe again. I have watched every game on TV and seeing those matches at Ibrox again is terrific. “I am so surprised by it because we have not been in Europe over the past few years and the lads have coped with it really well. “The team has the opportunity to make that next step and the games against Villarreal and Rapid Vienna are very important for them. “In 2008, we didn’t know that we were going to make it to the final. We just played from game to game and grew with every match. “We weren’t the favourites in many of the games and just tried to do our best job in every match. We will see how it goes. “Gerrard is doing great and has made real progress. I am surprised but so happy to see it. “His background as a successful player can help him. He was a great player and won so many trophies. He can certainly bring Rangers some new power. “Will Rangers get back to where they were? Of course. Why not? If you look at history, Rangers have had gaps without trophies in the past as well. “This is one of those times and you must accept this, but I think the future can be special. If Stevie Gerrard stays, I think there will be progress in future. “And it can be soon. I think that is possible.” But Papac, three times a title winner under Walter Smith, is not convinced Rangers are quite ready to give celtic a serious run for their money this term. He said: “It’s difficult to say as it is too early. The season is long and we will see how this team is playing in February, March or April “That is a very important time and we will see then if they can compete with celtic for the title. “You need a big squad if you want to compete in the league and in Europe, as well as the Scottish Cup. It is not easy to do it. “Everything is new with Rangers. I think everyone is surprised to see them doing so well, so we will see.” Papac was a serial winner during his six years in Scotland and is now hoping he can play another vital role in helping out Gerrard. The former fans’ favourite admits he is only a phone call away if Gerrard wants any scouting advice on the Balkan market he has already sourced to good effect. Papac said: “If I can help, then I am here. Right now players from Croatia are very interesting for everybody because they did so well in the World Cup. “You can find some good players there and they are not expensive. This is important. It can be a very interesting country in future. “Nikola Katic and Borna Barisic came over and, of course, Eros Grezda signed from Osijek “Scouting and watching players is not my job but in future who knows? I have no job right now and I am waiting.” Papac retired from football with a groin injury when he left Rangers in 2012, but he remains a fully paid-up member of the supporters’ club. He added: “I come back two or three times a year. I watch Rangers games every season. “Last time I was here was back in May when we celebrated ten years since the Uefa Cup Final. scoring drought “I still watched the games when we were in the old Third Division. “This is my club. I will support Rangers to the end of my life. “Every game on TV, anywhere, I will watch the games when I have the chance. “I had a great six years here. The best time of my life was here.  “My family also had a great time here and I have great memories that will stay in my heart forever. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/Rangers-can-follow-2008-heroes-13608863 
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    Great posts people. It's almost certain Mrs Murrel passed the buck. I remember the case of the female from the coast guard station who was taped to a chair as a joke,which I might add went too far. NS stood up in hollyrood and said she would get involved personally. Why you sitting on yer arse now nichola? Salmond went for a fund me site for a sexual harassment case and raised more than he needed,to take his own party to court. Welcome to 21st century Scotland. The sooner we vote this horrible shower out of office the sooner we can run a country for the people,and not for sidekicks of the nationalists. My first job would be to bulldoze that coffee shop at the bottom of the Royal mile.
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    Davie Robertson better than Papac
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    Never realised how many people were that bothered about a pre match build up! All you need is the team line up and your own opinion.
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    I, too would be interested in this so called agenda? Explain yourself @southcoastbear
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    Missed the show tonight due to my oldest daughter visiting. It's a rarity so I make the most of my time with her. I'll be back at some point this week though x
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    Creating an impression of many celtic Boys clubs, thus diluting their relationship to any particular one?
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    not unhappy with this because of the single broadcaster element. basically get rid of andy walker and i will be fine.
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    Not a chance that gypsy channel Premier Sports will be getting a penny of my money though
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    Really looking forward to watching this on my IPTV.
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    Washed mate not stole.
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    It's wrong on so many levels. Why does he not know? Why has it taken so long to respond? Why does he need a victims relative to then send a separate email? Why can't he just respond to the tweet? Why is he so dismissive as if he's responding to a casual, minor query that the office will pick up as it's not that important? Why does a victims relative need to contact and continually chase those in power for an apology when it should be the other way round, with them bending over backwards to accommodate and show compassion to her. I'm glad she's showing all these cunts up for what they truly are but it really is a terrible state of affairs. He should be thoroughly ashamed his response.
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    You’re not Woolwich anymore
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    Just a quick update! Huge thanks to @Mr Soprano and his granda, after years of looking, i finally have the complete set! Everyone who has helped me out will of course be invited to the museum once i open up again in the spring. These will sit proudly on display for everyone to enjoy for years to come. WATP
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    Don't see any reason why we shouldn't. If he went home after he left us then he is in a part of the world where there's gems to be found for extremely cheap prices. The more scouts we have, the better.
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    Ridiculous. Only reported on the news that he just touched her on a train back in August. Doesn't say exactly how he is meant to have sexually assaulted her. I don't know what to think since having met him plenty drunk and sober. Never found him to be anything other than a good laugh with a witty sense of humour when on form. Was never inappropriate towards me or other females in his company that I noticed. He touches arms, gives cuddles, but was never in any way inappropriate or made anyone including, myself feel uncomfortable. So as said, not sure what to make of this other than maybe his over friendly nature has been somehow misconstrued?
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    Absolutely. Thus far, her tone has been spot on. Wronged, resolute and unwilling to let matters fade away - and fading away is exactly what the club behind this and their supporters are praying for. As long as she remains civil, calm yet determined, anyone denying her reasonable requests will appear as if they are complicit or have a vested interest. It is a disgrace that we are depending on a grieving sibling as this country’s best hope for justice for the victims and long overdue punishment for the guilty.
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    it's all about ''The Rangers''
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    Beautiful. It's colours they are fine. Three cheers for the Red White and Blue.
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    That's them got another award fae UEFA Some.team honestly. Paedophile ring at their midden yet it's barely mentioned. We use a previously legal tax loophole and every cunt and their dug wants to vilify us
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    If he played well for a month that would mostly be forgotton about. It’s happened with Miller, McGregor & Lafferty now.