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    • I think you are missing the point. The old holding company is not a consequential part of our history. A corporate shell is a nothing in terms of a football club.  A club is about its players, its honors and most importantly, its fans. The oldco is gone, it aint coming back. That fact is inconsequential to us.
    • Good luck with that. I was previously involved in a dispute with them after using a tax avoidance scheme to minimise my liabilities - one of which they originally agreed to. They then started chasing me for back taxes despite signing off on on two years of submitted accounts on the aforementioned scheme. Basically, desite them originally saying it was okay, they were then able to chase me despite admitting to getting it wrong. The same logic would apply here, i.e; aye we got it wrong but suck it up 🙄 Maybe a class action against them would yield a result but HMRC have unlimited funds to fight any case, using the best legal minds available. ps: I won my case but that was down to a certain circumstance 😉🙂
    • First and foremost, I am a Glasgow Rangers supporter. I have been for over 50 years. In reading your posts over the last 24hrs, I realize you are not the same Glasgow Rangers supporter as me.  You know nothing of the history nor do you care to know anything about the history. The keyboard know-it-all is not the guy I want to spend time with in the pub talking Rangers. WATP!
    • Never got one through the cccs that’s two finals in a row now missed out on it. Had to source my own for hibs game. Fingers crossed I get something sorted but scunnered with that “ballot” system. I get more European away games than I do in that. Anyways roll on feyenoord and will worry bout this when I come home 
    • That’s your 3rd injury 
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