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    • You'd certainly hope so. He's got alot of miles on the clock though. Played alot of football throughout his career and has always been a player that leaves it all on the pitch in terms of effort, distances covered etc.  I agree that he's still got something to offer, I think all 3 do.
    • Davis & Defoe should never have been offered extensions. This is the part where Gerrard is not too far removed from the game and he is thinking like a player and not a manager. Bad decisions. Arfield is a decent player but can he get us over the line? I don't think so. It's not an age thing. He is only 31. McGregor also need keeping a close eye on. Sooner or later, time will catch up with him.
    • I think Defoe will be fine, he even turned vegan a few years ago to prolong his professional career.   I  doubt Davis has that level of professionalism.
    • Looking at the guys out of contract in the SPFL this summer there are only two I think would be worth signing. Hladky, who could fill the position as back up perfectly for a season and then perhaps even take over the no1 jersey when Mcgregor hangs up his gloves. Ideal signing for us for free if we could get it done.  The other is probably a long shot going by his name, O'Donnell the right back from Killie. Nothing spectacular but has been a very consistent performer for them for the last few seasons, knows the league inside out, Scottish International (not that it counts for much these days) and would give us back up in a position we need it. 
    • Think Davis and Defoe will be more valuable off the park than on it, both should be used sparingly next season.     Could possibly say the same about Arfield but I’m not so sure, think he’s finished and should be nowhere near the first team next season.
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