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    Do administrators typical influence clubs and their chief execs on the way they should vote? Do they generally get paid £400k pa? Do administrators normally hold the position of chief exec? Are you on your dabs?
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    Cuellar was special, I think it was pre-season against Chelsea and I thought wow what a player we have here for 2.3million....I was gutted when we sold him to fucking villa
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    I mind Alnwick put in a fine display in at full back the first ten minutes at parkheed wance 😂, was out heading balls for shys etc , mind thinking gonny be a fucking long wan the day 😂ended up 4/5 😩😩
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    Read a few of Laura’s posts. Possibly the angriest woman on earth
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    If I was a lawyer/QC representing either side in court,I'd make sure I'm paid up front first
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    I would hope that the biggest and best independent Rangers fan forum would be considered for any scoops that need to be revealed....
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    So they can have another vote on reconstuction but couldn't have another vote with all the info regarding finishing the season since they hid shit loads for the vote. Corrupt doesn't even begin to describe these cunts
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    I know we haven't won anything yet with these players but having young talent like Morelos, Hagi, Aribo and Kent is exciting and a far cry to what we have watched for 8-9 years. It is just a matter of time before we win something again.
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    Spent a good 80 minutes of that using their WiFi instead of watching the game.
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    Ann Budge won't be anyone's saviour as she is only interested in her own ego and has no real authority in Scottish football. She agreed to go on the reconstruction panel thinking she would be the guiding light to saving Hearts from relegation and get kudos for saving some integrity for Scottish football, an quickly found out even little Hamilton Accies were not interested in helping her. Basically another damp squib. The cellic run cabal don;t care which clubs or chairmen they turn over, threaten, blackmail, or just basically convince they have the financial and political muscle. Dundee, Dunde United, Hibs, Hearts, even Aberdeen and ourselves have all found this out the hard way, and do not have the financila or political resources to disagree. Scottish football is run solely for, and by cellic football club, the richest financially and most powerful politically in the land.
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    Such terrible language coming from a young female lawyer. Can only imagine how you would describe Lawwell 😉
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    Doncaster is a lying cunt. We all know he only works for ONE club.
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    Its been suggest I do a post on youth players I have watched playing against Rangers. Big subject and I will do a few posts first one is Aberdeen & celtic. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/opposition-youth-players-part-one/
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    Yeah it pretty much is dead unless they can bully their way through it again without the fat jap being involved. 6 championship clubs have already said no chance, add that to the 6 clubs from the Premiership who don't want to get a much smaller money pot. Flogging a rotten carcass is Budge.
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    Hi there, welcome to RM. Swearing at an Admin is frowned upon. Apologise and we’ll say no more about it. Cheers, SB.
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    According to Jackson, Doncaster pushing reconstruction now.. More robust conversations happening. Hearts have him absolutely shitting it from a court case and you have to wonder why...
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    You're a good man @Elfideldo. So nice to have someone on here who is totally focused on the football itself. Your love , enthusiasm , understanding and enjoyment of the football,and the joy you obviously get in sharing your passion and knowledge is obvious. And to top it off your a Rangers fan too. Well done sir.
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    Ann Budge needs to realise the only way for Hearts to avoid relegation is in the courts after the latest reconstruction plans fail. The SPFL don’t have the funds for legal action. This is their biggest fear. It could finish them. Before that though she should pick up the phone & speak to Douglas Park for support. He’s got unfinished business with the SPFL. The perfect storm may not be far away......
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    Burning bridges all over, becoming a bit of a pariah mentality now. Sadly, I don't think we had any other option in this toxic environment.
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    It's been an absolute waste of time this reconstruction talks. Clubs won't agree to losing games against us and the taigs. They also won't agree to prize money being further diluted with the addition of extra sides into the league. Again any clubs that bought into reconstruction talk and voted yes on SPFL proposals for it They have been taking for a ride!
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    I don’t want to sound cynical but how many times have we heard this, or something to similar effect, now?
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    Think you're probably right so just in case any taigs are looking in I'm gonna say it's closer to 5Million
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    Goldson is hilariously overrated by some on here, but who the fuck said he was at Cuellar's level?! 😂😂
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    Need to build a team around him to suit his strengths now. There is no point in having him if we are just going to stick him on the right hand side.
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    Ibe is garbage, much money do people want us to spunk each year on wages.
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    Doesn't have the bottle to be a Rangers player never mind captain.
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    The spfl have a cheek to use the term "democratic process" when they clearly cheated on the last one. They truly do believe they are invincible.
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    New multi million pound kit deal, getting our megastore back and just signed Hagi permanently. Well done Rangers.
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    All they are doin is copying Roma, as prf usual not an original thought between they pedo cunts
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    Just saw Elon Musk on tv sporting a ..Castore jacket. If that's not a sign of exclusivity I don't know what is !
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    Good point about Lieswell tbf, Rangers keeping their next move up their sleeve until Lieswell is back on the board would make sense imo, Coming out all guns blazing beforehand means he could keep his distance from any fall out where as once he takes his place on the board he is involved whether he likes it or not, Hopefully not just wishful thinking on my part.
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    Iv been as frustrated as anybody that we haven’t yet followed up with any action . But starting to feel that we are definitely doing the right thing,Its a rapidly changing environment right now ,And is there ends up needing to be a huge change in structure of the game for a year there will be many many clubs unhappy ,And we could find a large section of the lower league clubs willing to force the cabal out ,It’s starting to go well beyond poor governance. It’s very soon going to be gross mismanagement from the SPFL board ,Won’t be long before Lieswell is back on the board either so he can be cast aside to from being part of the game moving forward
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    No right minded invidual can fail to see the bias by the authorities in the last few months. Yet when it came to refereeing and the compliance process some had it down to incompetence. Hopefully now the penny has dropped for us all that the system is rigged on and off the park for the benefit of the scum and / or against us.
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    Players get dropped for poor performances. Clubs are relegated for poor seasons. Officials ought to be held to similar standards. Each blatantly wrong decision earns a demerit and X number of demerits gets you kicked down a league. SPFL led by tims would never go for it of course.
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    A couple of bad decisions can be put down to the breaks - sometimes you get them sometimes not. The number of bad decisions can no longer be called coincidence. There comes a point in statistical analysis where the evidence of an underlying cause is accepted by science. That's where we are.
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    • cunts can't even claim there 9 or even ten in a row should the fuckin unthinkable happen,wee team called MTK Budapest beat them to it long ago   
    • Quick question or an observation (depending on the correct answer) Did the £400 Bar72 increase include automatic MyGers Membership as one of the perks of it? I think I either read that or someone told me. If so, Bar72 season ticket holders (again one of the perks linked to the £400 increase) get a separate ballot for away games. How does that work when you will have windows linked to your tier/points sytem to phone up and try and order an away ticket? Or they doing both schemes i.e give them a balloted allocation AND a second bite of the cherry to also phone up with their MyGers membership details for an upcoming game?  
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    • I’m due to pay my first instalment, sent an email saying would rather pay in full end of next month. Frankly don’t feel comfortable giving out money when it’s unclear what the 20/21 season is going to look like.
    • I'm quite disappointed in Anne Budge, As a women, I had hopes that she could make an impact in the business of footbal. I really wanted her to have that ruthless streak needed to be a big player in a mostly male dominated business world, I felt she had a very strong legal case for her club and that she wouldn't be played as a fool by the SPFL directors but they appear to have done it twice now. How can she honestly say she is doing the best for her club when she's avoiding the obvious, this needs to go to court.  
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