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    just got back to Wrexham and felt I had to come apologise on behalf of the vast majority of Wrexham fans who witnessed the shameful scenes in the Wrexham end today. In 42 years of following Wrexham away,I’ve never come close to the sadness I felt at the end of the game, the result of course was immaterial. I hope when I wake tomorrow I rekindle my love for football which at the moment has disappeared. Good luck for the future
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    Daily Record opinion piece from yesterday gloating like fuck over what Rangers have been through since 2012, in the form of jolly old brilliant Skoatish banter. Funny how they come across as hateful bitter cunts all the same. Not a mention of sporting integrity anymore either. A two horse race, where one of the horses was shot in the fucking leg. Whats wrong with that eh?
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    Can't disagree with a word of your post Bud ..... the emotion and hatred of HMRC and it's tarrier workforce here in Scotland .... who never even hid their agenda against us and really rubbed our noses in it ...... can make for a very powerful concoction that want's us to really believe there is a day of reckoning coming for these scum .... and on this occasion .....regardless of TLM's findings .... I also hope he is wrong and like you no loss of respect is intended towards him. 🇬🇧
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    It is true . DM was trying to sell us the previous 3 years . It is my belief , when there was no takers . The sharks started circling , with their well connected and contrived plan.
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    Murray couldn’t sell initially because the debt (IIRC) peaked at around 80m. This is before the spectre of HMRC thinking of a number and doubling it became an issue. The debt came down steadily (McLeish having to replace guys like de Boer and van Bronckhorst with Vanoli and Rae) to around 18m. The debt was being serviced in accordance with the Ts and Cs and continuing to fall. My understanding was that two things happened around this time. The possibility of a huge tax bill emerged and pressure from the bank on Murray to address the finances of his other companies. He was told to offload Rangers if he wanted ongoing credit facilities. We’ll never know how the other offers he declined might have played out but none could have been worse than the goggle eyed little shit that raped us. Might be wrong but that’s how I recall it.
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    Don’t know if I’ve attached the photo properly but if you’ve seen the Colts team photo from today look at the two of them. Both look more than happy to be there with the youngsters. Superb Could be a while but really want to see more of Edmundson. The Hamilton game where he started was pretty straight forward but he had something about him. Built like a tank but mobile with it. Could have another big money player on our hands
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    I've supported Rangers all my life and never called players rats the way you do.
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    I have been on the CCCS every year since it started, ticking all boxes. But I have said it before, if they ever introduce a points system like people want then it will be pandimonium. Every ST holder who thinks they might want to go to an away game or a semi/final at some point during the season would also just tick the boxes, so that they would stay on maximum points (as would everyone who starts out on it) knowing full well if they get a ticket for a game they don't fancy, then they will get rid no problem. And most likely, it will end up in the hands of someone who hardly ever attends games. Like it or not we have a fanbase that massively out numbers the tickets we get for games, so as it stands, a ballot is the only way imo.
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    Livingston in the cup this season was very nearly the same too. Towards the end of last season it was ridiculously easy to get tickets for the post split away games as well. Would be interesting to know just how many of the 16k on the scheme actually do attend games and how many are just signed up for their mates. There was a poster on here moaning that for the Livingston cup game this season all his tickets got drawn out as he had signed up various people to the scheme for his better chance at a ticket. It was funny as fuck.
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    Really mad mindset for some in this thread. If he's saving us from getting a drubbing week in, week out(which he has done in plenty)then he gets my support. I knew that despite him leaving, when he came back, he would do his job and serve us well. That's exactly what we all want.
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    Only on here do I here rat patter. It's sad as fuck and it would fucking burst ye. If we are to win the league this year, outwith Morelos and Jack, McGregor and Davis will be the cheif instigators in doing so. Very poor from some in my opinion.
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    Edmundson is huge. Looks like he’s posing for a photo with an U10’s team.
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    Aidan McAdams Jordan Houston Aidan Wilson Danny Finlayson Matty Shiels Cammy Palmer Stephen Kelly Josh McPake Glenn Middleton Dapo Mebude Zak Rudden All missed out today and could have played without being counted as 'overage' players
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    McGregor and Davis paid their worth ten fold first time around and doing it again this time. When your employer stops paying your wages and you have an opportunity to turn a serious buck, no apologies, but loyalty goes straight down the toilet. Did I miss something? Whilst I pay employees, I expect them to be loyal and do the graft. After that, I neither expect them to give a fuck about me or my company, nor I about them. Employment is but a means to put bread on the table and your worth to an employer is what they pay you. Can't fucking stand Naismith or Whitfaker though.
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    I think the reason Rangers were sold at that time was less to do with the level of debt but more to do with the corrupt arsehole that bought it. He planned for a CVA at the very beginning.
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    You're now aware of Scotland's shame. The one our media hide and even support. The ira and Ricksen songs being sung had only local accents, no welsh accents to them. It was obvious the scum brigade were there only to cause bother. Unfortunately, if approx 800 welsh can't chase 100 fenian scum from amongst them then you'll get tarred with the same brush. And you are. You let it happen and you became the same as that lot. I'm afraid I can't even wish you the best for the future. Not when you allowed folk amongst you to cheer the death of our 66. Genuine wrexham fans may be sorry, sorry isnt enough.
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    The Wrexham fans before the game were absalute quality they were made more than welcome in the louden. They would have been obliterated after the game after singing about there love in with the provos. Sad
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    The whole “Murray couldn’t sell the club because of HMRC” argument falls apart when you consider that he ultimately sold us for £1. If there was an interested party who had the means to help us survive then he would’ve had to pay Murray tens of millions if it weren’t for a potential tens of millions due to HMRC.
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    Seems its being ignored by @TheLawManthat people did try to buy the club in that period but David Murray claimed the offers were not in the best interests of the club and then took us off the market in 2010.
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    Well we know in my opinion that should be his move
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    A cult hero absolutely, but what he put on the line for us during that season makes him stand out as true legend. To put away injury concerns from medical professionals, and put his believe in God seems ludicrous - but not to Big Marv and how it paid off for us. Absolutely love that man.
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    I think the fairest way to allocate them is to increase the price of the tickets. Then all these folk that moan about the cost of the fitba can watch it in the pub and it means those that want it the most will pay for it. Bump a score on the price of the tickets and make it easier for cunts, like me, that are minted to attend. ..
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    Don’t let Davis fucking take it anyway!
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    My report on today's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/11/16/colts-make-semi-finals/
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    Wrexham making out we had mid 20s playing who were all ex full internatiolists
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    Correct, it would not enter the head of a sane person to go to the lengths these nutters go to, they are off the scale loon balls.
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    Tranny used to be the only way for most sports , Even remember staying up to listen to Frank Bruno v Tyson on the radio 😂😂
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    Grew up in the 80s near Dumbreck, so technically the local team. However, we were by far the biggest club in the UK when Souness started poaching all the top English talent - English clubs were on their uppers with the European ban. What an era to grow up in. None of this "favourite English team" that seems to go on thesedays, Rangers were the best in UK for a few years, and so had no interest in supporting another club. Sadly, SKY Sports were soon around the corner and the rest is history.
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    Scenes when Tav scores the winner from the spot v the filth
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    Up here they just took the chance to kick the big man when he was down which I think speaks volumes
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    It’s the difference onto how the two govern bodies reacted to HMRC going after their football teams. EFA mediated, helping bring as many as 15 clubs to a settlement with HMRC For Image Rights and EBT schemes and agreed a banding system for clubs of differing profiles, understanding their role is for the good of English football , protecting all their clubs. SFA looked into adding their own sanctions against Rangers use of EBT’s and used the situation for the benefit of their football team, sending Scottish football into the demise that it undoubtedly fell into.
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    The Daily Rhetard seems to think it's all very funny with Hector the tax man jokes. Putting that aside that fact, Baron Reid who in 2005/2006 had oversight of HMRC as part of his political remit and pushed for it to be with stronger powers in civil and criminal proceedings would certainly have made sure that the relevant permanent secretary in control of HMRC reporting directly to him pursued Rangers with all due vigour.The rising star from Armagh,Jim Harra, as a second in command in HMRC, would certainly have understood the benefits ,career wise,from following though on his political master's instructions.
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    They sure fucking did, but sadly some are so blnded by hatred for whatever board member, who are of course not without sin, it's like they don't want the truth to be known in fear of their egos beng dented in being proven wrong. I just don't get why some refuse to see justice being seeing to be done when there is that opportunity. I also remember at the time that many simply accepted us being punted to the bottom wrung, when imo we should have said no and and threatened them with CAS and stood our ground as they would have backed down, being it was them who were royally fucking us over and all would have unravelled at CAS and no chance would they have wanted any of it coming to light and would have lost hands down. That was a low point for me with our so called fans. We knew we were getting fucked over, but we still caved in to the cowards of the cabal and have paid the price ever since. No Surrender the super uber staunch will say in giving it large. Well they have short fucking memories. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after that.
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    See the stories ridiculing us are already doing the rounds; legal action against HMRC being the work of 'pure fantasy', HMRC definitely not the reason we went bust, Rangers want a refund for tax they didn't pay LOL. Scotland apparently full of tax AND legal experts now. The bitterness of this country is absolutely unreal. Substitute Rangers for another Scottish institution and it would be an absolute travesty. It would be seen as an attack on Scottish sovereignty, the lot. We live in a country full of blinkered, Rangers hating arseholes. Just remember that when we lift 55. I'm gonna be fucking insufferable.
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    One thing you have to bear in mind, is that nobody in the world gives a flying fuck what you think.
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    "Why shouldn't he have been allowed on the tour?" - Dave King
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    Also I hate when these types of topics end up about that rat bastard Naismith. I wish people would just let that cunt rot away with Whittaker into obscurity until they die.
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    First time playing the muck in CM.
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    I don’t buy that at all but you’re entitled to your opinion. “The biggest problem was that I was getting injured all the time because it was not easy to adapt from Croatian football to Scottish football. “It is more physical here than I expected and it took time. “Now, when I compare the results of my tests when I arrived with those from this season, the difference is unbelievable. I’m a lot stronger. “For example, some exercises took 100 per cent of my power when I first came to the club. “Now it takes just 50 per cent of my strength to do the same – so it is a lot better. It was difficult last year because when you get injured a second, then a third time you cannot catch up because in this league you need a high level of physicality. “It is not easy when you are listening to people talking, all these stories that they say about me. “But I have a strong mindset and I don’t care what people say. I knew all the time that I have a lot of quality and that my problem was just one of physicality. - (Borna Barisic)
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    Scores the winner from a free kick in the last minute of the cup final and yes, I would.
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    Only in the minds of arseholes amongst our support.
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