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    celtic radio station is offering a world trip to whoever can come up with the best word that's not in the dictionary but can be put into a sentence. A Wee Glasgow Rangers fan calls in and says "ma word is Gaun, spelt g.a.u.n and ma sentence is: "Gaun fuck yersel". The celtic DJ hangs up and apologises to his listeners. 5mins later Glasgow Rangers fan calls and says "Ma word is Smee, spelt s.m.e.e. celtic DJ says ok, what's your sentence. The Glasgow Rangers fan says "smee again, gaun fuck yersel"🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🤣🤣
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    Definitely asking the wrong guy when tagging Dude unfortunately.
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    They are the only club to have publicly said they want to be handed a title they haven’t won. A fucking shower of child abusing scum. Nothing is below them.
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    A Kind of Magic It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years, Since I sat in the playground and burst into tears. On that fateful morning in March ‘95, When I first heard the news Davie Cooper had died. It hit me for six, it just couldn't be true, The man was my hero, he bled royal blue. But there was no mistake and the news was confirmed, The Rangers had lost their favourite son. Struck down in his prime with a ball at his feet, Death the opponent even Coop couldn’t beat. At just thirty-nine he’d been taken to heaven, To play on the wing in God’s first eleven. The nation was grieving and in just a few hours, Ibrox was a shrine of scarves and of flowers. When the school day was over I went with my mates, To pay my respects at the famous blue gates. With a tear in my eye I stood in the crowd, As the sun momentarily broke through the cloud. I looked to the skies and pictured him grinning, “It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.” I managed a smile though the scene was tragic, Memories of Coop are a kind of magic. Who could forget that cultured left foot? The pass inside Aitken for Durrant to shoot. That mazy dribble against Ilves Tampere, Ghosting past men like they weren’t even there. The strength, the control and the keepy up, For that wonder goal in the Drybrough Cup. The best free kick that Hampden has seen, In the Skol Cup final against Aberdeen. The penalty in Cardiff to take Scotland through, Nerves of steel from the Moody Blue. We miss you Davie and wonder when, Or if we’ll see your like again. A fan who played for the team he loved, Still watching down on the Gers from above. And when he does he’ll hear us sing, Of Davie Cooper on the wing.... RIP Davie
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    I'm waiting to renew my books as soon as the club send out the forms. I don't care if the season does not start till December and we play 20 games but what I and thousands of other bears will never let Rangers go to the walll.
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    First bit of good news about Coronavirus I have heard. Supposed to be animals don’t get it but it turns out Sheep are in danger 😂👍
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    I would love Rangers to come out with a statement along the lines of... ”In these unprecedented times we find it abhorrent that anyone thinks they should be getting handed trophies they didn’t earn let alone even thinking about playing just now. We should be thinking about the people that are sick and dying and the people who’s finances are in jeopardy.” A shot right across the bows that cannot be argued against.
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    The asterisk will quickly disappear and be forgotten about Tarriers are world class at rewriting history this wouldn’t be any different. Give them fuck all.... Apart from maybe a wee dose of the corona
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    Unfortunately, I have to say yes. If you null & void the season, everything starts from scratch including European places. To me, that is called sporting integrity. Someone has to get the Champions spot and based on current standings we don't have a leg to stand on.
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    Personally, I think Mr King did a great job as chairman.
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    The sooner people realise that football in the bigger picture of life isn't really that important when there is a health crisis going on the better. Football is a huge part of my life missed it for a week now I can honestly say right now its the last thing on my mind. When we have beaten this virus and I know everyone in my family has made it through then I can start to think about football. My opinion won't change regarding the league season tho null and void and we go again whenever it's safe. Any attempt to hand out titles Rangers must fight
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    Both are forever club legends, regardless of your personal feelings
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    Michael Stewart is a failed trialist, failed politician, and one fucking awful pundit. Fuck sake even his eyelashes are an abject failure. But he dislikes Rangers so he gets employment in the Republic of Schottland.. Laughable the amount of shite he talks. I think the only people that take him seriously are the abusers from Torbett Towers.
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    In this “lockdown” and everything closing except necessities I cannot believe the footballing authorities are sitting back being fucking idiots still playing with the June 30th deadline. Void the season and plan for the start of the new season whenever that may be. You cannot disrupt more than is necessary by trying to finish this season and pushing other seasons back. That would be crazy. The lack of leadership from any footballing bodies is alarming. Let clubs plan for the immediate future by letting them know what the immediate future is. No ifs, buts and maybes. No tainted titles and no tainted relegations. The sports future depends on it.
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    The only place in the world that is banging on about football and announcing the league champions is this backwater of a country. I lost my faith in the media a long time ago but it’s pretty disgusting how it is getting reported. It’s the exact same set up as 2012. They are pretty much deciding that the tramps are champions before anything has been announced, similar to us being demoted and the hate filled negative press applied to us. Posting articles and columns of anyone who has a favourable opinion on the scum getting the title. If only there was this much vigour applied to the rape of hundreds of young boys and bringing the persons responsible to justice. Instead of pushing for said club to win illegal titles they should be pushing for the same club to be shut down, assets sold and monies distributed to the hundreds of life’s ruined by this horrible and disgustingly institution. Truly sickened but not surprised.
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    Nope. Just been fined by Stoke, issued an apology and deleted his Instagram account. The bastard said he couldn't wear a poppy because of what it represented where he comes from. If I were a Stoke fan, I'd be asking if we should be employing him, given what the image he just created represents where I come from. Fucking scumbag spitting on the hand that feeds him.
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    Seb Rosenthal and Zed from police academy Any others?
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    Unless somebody's won it , it can only be null and void .
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    Hope theres something in it , the guy is gutless and is probably hearing some of the flak coming his way and wants out......
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    The bit highlighted is incredible, we are a few days into a 'minimum' of three weeks shut down and some stupid bastards think football could start up again in three weeks. The more I read these last few days, more I realise there is an incredible amount of absolute nutters living in this country.
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    Why the obsession with awarding a title, I just don’t understand, league leaders at time of closure yes but no title, it’s not necessary unless you’re a Tim.
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    He may have donated directly and it’s not included in the running total. Ally does a lot of good work for numerous charities and donates a lot of money but it’s easy to sit and say how much money somebody else should put in. It’s on other threads here too, saying that players should be donating x% of their wages for this, that and the other. Just give if you want to give and don’t concern yourself too much about what anybody else does.
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    Kicked us when we were down, no sympathy at all.
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    Anyone who thinks this season can be completed Anyone who thinks the season shouldn’t be null and void Anyone who thinks teams should get leagues handed to them they didn’t win Anyone who thinks teams should be relegated when they weren't ARE FUCKING IDIOTS.
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    The bits circled should still be used today. It’s what they wanted the shower of celtic loving cunts.
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    You really do talk nonsense. At no time in that article does it say the new investment has been cancelled. It does say it is on hold because of the coronavirus. Just like the whole world is "on hold" at the moment.
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    Think this is genuinely crass as fuck now. It's shouldn't even really be about football anymore should it?
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    Ive lost interest in football just now, barely even look online apart from here and I rarely buy a paper, more interested in how I support my family financially through this shit show and uncertainty with my work.
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    That is exactly what should happen. Null and void is the only fair way to go. Will there be clubs unhappy? Yes. Will it be fair on everyone? Yes. You simply cannot declare winners and relegate clubs when no one won anything and no one was relegated. That is 100% unfair. Anyone saying anything different is either a tarrier or a clown. Or both. 👍
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    Ian Durrant Top of the list imo, Came back from horrendous injury suffered in a shock tackle by Thug Neil Simpson, Never quite the same after that imo sadly.
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    For that to happen clubs would need to start fixtures by at least June. Employees of clubs and their family and friends will still be affected by the coronavirus then, even talk today of folk at clubs and their dependants being depressed or suicidal. No way could we restart a poxy wee league competition in a poxy wee country when folk, and the population are facing major issues like that. Sport is fucked the now, and the causes and effects will still be the major issue in June, July, August, September and onward. It's embarrassing the football authorities have taken so long to make the correct moral decision, and to the eternal shame of cellic football club they are pushing the issue as the most important topic of the times.
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    Simple questions. If leagues are declared now and they get the title and Hearts go down, and it’s the same with the 3 other divisions., how many clubs are given something unfairly? If league are declared null and void and everyone gets treated the same, all monies split evenly, how many clubs get something unfairly? If you are ok with the first part you are a fucking idiot and celtic is the team for you.
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    Would you play in a football match, getting beat 1-0 after 75 minutes then just stop and tell the other team well done? Would you fuck. Give them FUCK ALL.
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    How a group of Rangers fans 'saved lives' on Glasgow's streets A GROUP of generous Rangers fans have raised tens of thousands of pounds to help Glasgow’s homeless community. Around £60,000 was raised during one of the Rangers Charity Foundation’s ‘Big Ibrox Sleep Outs’ at the Govan stadium – half of which went towards the Glasgow City Mission’s Winter Night Shelter. The donations meant the East Campbell Street shelter could remain open later into the month of March when it would have otherwise been forced to shut And the group were able to see their impact first hand, after spending two weeks volunteering at the shelter before it’s untimely closure on March 18. As previously revealed in the Glasgow Times, the shelter was ordered by the Scottish Government to immediately close last Wednesday after a staff member and guest both tested positive for COVID-19. But the additional funding raised by the Foundation means staff will continue to be paid for the entire month – meaning guests can be supported as much as possible through exisiting services. This includes trying to find them alternative accommodation, as well as giving out hats, scarves and gloves. Some have already been provided with temporary hotel accommodation. Before the closure, fundraisers from the Big Ibrox Sleep Out took it in turns to volunteer at the night shelter’s morning shift – helping to serve breakfast and clear beds. Their fundraising efforts have been hailed as life-saving by shelter bosses. Jack Geddes, marketing and fundraising manager at Glasgow City Mission said: “We continue to be amazed and humbled by the commitment shown by the Rangers Charity Foundation and the Rangers fans for the night shelter. “Again the money raised ensures that we were able to open for four months instead of three. “Your generosity is saving lives, thank you so much.” Louise took part in the event and went on to volunteer. She said: “What an absolutely humbling experience - hats off to the volunteers who help all the time, or even now and again! “It was so good to see where the money we raised went and I wish I could help more.” Another volunteer, Sharron, added: “We have just left the centre and it’s the best start to a working week I could have asked for. “We gave our thanks to the team there but mostly they are so grateful for the money we have raised to keep them open through the month of March.” On the completion of the two weeks, Rangers Charity Foundation director, Connal Cochrane, joined the volunteers and helped to officially present the donation to Glasgow City Mission. Commenting on the visit, he said: “Seeing our fundraisers so passionately support the night shelter was an extremely proud moment for me. “We were delighted to host more ‘Big Ibrox Sleep Outs’ than ever in 2019 and participants raised an incredible £60,000 – half of which ensures that the night shelter is able to remain open in a month when the weather is still very cold and guests are able to benefit from a free, warm place to sleep with food. “The other £30,000 ensures that we are able to continue to act as a force for good on behalf of the Rangers Family, both locally and across the globe. I cannot thank our fundraisers enough for their continued and unwavering support. “We at the Foundation remain in contact with Glasgow City Mission and wish to express our solidarity towards their important work at this challenging time.” The Big Ibrox Sleep Outs took place on November 15,16,22 and 23 last year and involved a group of hardcore fans spend a cold winter’s night at Ibrox Stadium with just a sleeping bag for warmth. The event provides a small glimpse into the nightly conditions into the people of Glasgow who are street homeless. This is the fifth year the club has backed the night shelter to benefit from the fundraising nights. The shelter houses almost 700 people annually in its four months of operation – which runs annually from December 1 to March 31. It initially planned to bring its closing date forward to March 20 ahead of any potential virus spread, but instead were forced to close with immediate effect on March 18 following the two positive cases to protect other guests and staff. A statement from the shelter at the time read: “The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced to us at Glasgow City Mission that shelters are not an appropriate accommodation solution during a pandemic. “To continue to allow mass sleeping in the face of advice to the contrary is to put vulnerable people at significant intentional risk, while on the face of it keeps many onlookers satisfied that ‘at least they are not out in the cold’. “It is, in our mind, a case of out of sight is out of mind. We cannot do that in good conscience. “COVID-19 is going to change how we think about many things, we trust that it will be a turning point for the way in which we approach the accommodation of all vulnerable people who have sought a safe haven in Scotland.” https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18328668.group-Rangers-fans-saved-lives-glasgows-streets/
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    The lockdown is now official. The SFA/SPFL should now void all competitions so that clubs can activate their insurance policies. Competition money should be pooled so that ALL 42 clubs can apply for funding should their insurance not cover them.
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    Slightly off topic, but here's a decent photo of Gers fans scaling the floodlights at St James PArk in 1969.
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    See the boss at hollicom who is helping celtic cover up the child abuse has got Coronavirus. 👍🏻
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    No right or wrong answer for me, because everyone has different circumstances IMO. I am sure everyone would want to vote NO but maybe in these exceptional circumstances they could do with the money. I am fortunate that I can vote no.
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    • Comparing Vuckic against dross like MOH, Barker & Ojo is pointless as  they are all useless...it doesn't mean that signing Vuckic will make us more likely to become champions as I think he is just another average Joe
    • Tavernier is good, hate using goals as anything meaningful when they’re virtually all penalties. Vuckic, Ojo and Barker are all shite. Thanks for reading
    • People said the same thing in the Championship.  Hammer throwers, less time on the ball, game too physical, etc.  Yet, Vuckic was a standout player for us despite his lack of game time or fitness coming in.   I'd rather Rangers signed Vuckic permanently than someone like Michael O’Halloran who we did spend money on a few months after Warburton arrived.  Vuckic was direct, had an eye for goal, and a great shot on him.  I wouldn't mind someone like that behind the main striker now TBH.
    • I'd say we have the two best attacking full-backs in the league.  Tavernier is a guy who has gotten us 21 assists in the league over the least two years and is part of a team that has been pretty solid defensively (which the stats support).  So he's a key part of our team. For comparison let's look at celtic.  Lustig apparently won more silverware than any other foreign player to play in Scotland but he looked like a fucking donkey compared to Tavernier last season.  celtic got rid of Lustig and replaced him with: Frimpong, Bauer, and Abd Elhamed.  Millions spent on transfer fees, loan fees, and wages.  Are they any better off?  No.  They'll probably sign another RB as soon as they get the chance. Replacing players isn't as easy as some think.  Many argue that a more defensively sound player would be better but look at Greg Taylor.  He doesn't offer enough going forward so celtic drop him and would rather play Johnny Hayes.  People need to realise that the forward contribution is a key part of how Gerrard wants to play.  Plus, Tavernier has been part of a defense that has been pretty solid since Gerrard came in.  We've conceded the same amount of league goals as celtic have this season.  We conceded 6 goals in the Europa Group stages which was the best in the group.  Our defense isn't the problem it's the lack of goals that's been an issue since the winter break.  
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