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    A few years ago in Lambhill Cemetery in Glasgow we managed to locate the final resting place of Rangers President George Goudie, unfortunately the stone marking the plot was off it’s plinth.Subsequently our team re-erected the stone and blast cleaned it. As a token of our gratitude, thanks and respect we at the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project thought that it would be fitting to mark Mr Goudies plot with a plaque, this was put in place last week. This is today’s generation of Rangers supporters saying thank you to Mr George Goudie. President 1882 – 1883 - Vice President 1883 – 1885. George Goudie was a Paisley “Buddie”, born at 2, Hamilton Street in the town on 9 April, 1859 to Humphrey, an engine-fitter (although later records would state he was a marine engineer), and his wife Anne. It would appear young George spent his formative years overseas. There is no trace of the family in the census of 1861 or in that of 1871. They do appear in the 1881 census. By then the family home was at 14 Union Street in Leith. The census records twenty-one year-old George had three siblings. Eighteen year-old Matthew and sixteen year-old William had been born in Greece. The youngest of the four sons, fourteen year-old Henry, had been born in Turkey. George’s occupation was given as “clerk”. Research has, as yet, failed to reveal how the young clerk from Leith became, within a year, vice-president of Rangers Football Club! Goudie’s first appearance in the Glasgow PO directory was not until 1886/87. We do know, though, that he was an accomplished athlete, being successful at distances ranging from 100 yards to 880 yards. It is not an unfair assumption that George became friends with Tom Vallace on the athletics circuit and he was brought into the Rangers’ circle through Tom. When Archie Harkness died so tragically young in November, 1882, Vice-president George Goudie assumed the presidency of the club. These were not good times for the Rangers. There had been no attempt to build up the club membership. The club was in such financial straits, the committee approached President Goudie requesting he provide a loan of £30 (just under £3,000 in today’s terms). This he did. Would Rangers Football Club have survived if Goudie had not agreed to provide the loan? We have to assume that without it, the end may have been nigh. By the summer of 1883, the club was £100 in debt. George served just a matter of months as president. He stood down at the annual general meeting in May, 1883, held at the Athole Hotel. Tom Vallance became president. George served as his vice-president for the next two years. The fact the committee felt they could approach George Goudie for a loan would suggest he had already established his business as a produce merchant with some success. George married Jane Currie on 14 April, 1887 at her family home at 20 Kelvingrove Street. George had been living at 89 Grant Street, a short distance from Rangers’ old Burnbank ground. The first marital home would appear to have been at Sandyford Street. By 1891, the family, now augmented by George, Jnr had moved to 20 Kelvingrove Street. George had had offices in Waterloo Street and York Street. Such was the success of his business, the family could afford to employ a domestic servant. By the time of the 1901 census, George, Jnr had been joined by sister Jane and brothers Alexander and James. Five years later, the Goudies had moved to Pollokshields, the family home being “Dunard” at 14 Leslie Street. George had retained his sporting competitive spirit, turning his hand to bowls. He had been a member of the St Vincent Club, then, on moving south of the river, Titwood Bowling Club. His final business address was in Howard Street. George suffered from heart disease for the last eighteen months or so of his life. He died, aged only fifty-one, on 24 February, 1911. His funeral took place at the Western Necropolis, attended by his “wide circle of friends”. The funeral directors were James Henderson and Co. Yes, the same James Henderson who, too, became president of Rangers and at the time of George’s death, was chairman of Rangers Football Club Limited. We do not have a great record of George Goudie’s time on the Rangers committee. That one act, however, the granting of a loan of £30, will ensure his place in our history will live for ever.
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    Our match day squad a year ago against Hibs in that 5-5 'thriller' compared to now is night and day. We had Alnwick, Bates, Martin, Holt, Rossitter, Candeias, Cummings, Sean Goss all starting for us with Windass, Hodson and Alves coming on! 3rd best squad in a league where a weakened tarried team absolutely walked it to the first ever double treble. Now a year on under Steven Gerrard and we're bringing on Jermaine Defoe for our 30 goal a season striker that got a double on the night against a Midtjylland team that we've absolutely pumped over 2 legs,a champions league regular btw that the English big boys can't beat away from home. Had my doubts about him and have had over the summer before the season even started, could argue knee jerk/drama queen, but fuck me what a fucking difference this guy has made and who knows what position we could be in in another year's time with another year's experience behind him? Hopefully as champions. We're very, very luck to have him. The good days are returning and it's all down to him, the gaffer.
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    They didn’t give a fuck about Scottish football or the bigger picture when their chairman and chief executive were driving the campaign to have us booted into the third division so they can go and fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned
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    My rival in this game is my daughters boyfriend, been in Glasgow since he was a baby and talks all that nasal ned way and also speaks fluent Polish, Legia are his team, Rangers are mine, we have also now started the gentle banter, I might eventually just kick fuck out the wee dick.
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    Don't see how anyone can argue them. The club aren't going to be like we loved the on pitch celebrations, more of that please
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    My brother in law Andrew, who was a good Rangers man and only 56 years old, and had been battling a rare brain condition and dementia for the last few years passed away this afternoon. His kidneys failed last weekend and we were told this last Monday that he would only last a couple of days. When he was still with us this morning my wife insisted I should go to the game, which I did with a rather heavy heart. I noticed a voice message at half time form my wife saying Andrew had passed away at about 3pm, I stayed a wee while but knew I had to get back home and to be honest it is the first game I have been to that somehow I did not feel right about being there. A very strange game for me, but all being well I will be back on Thursday night knowing Andrew is no longer suffering. Andrew had been in a Care Home since August 2017 because he needed 24 hr care, unfortunately he never really accepted his condition and that made caring for him much more difficult, we visited twice a week and took him out when the weather was OK in his wheelchair, but the last few weeks it seemed he was getting worse and while losing a close family member is very sad and especially at his age, but we know his suffering is over and that we did everything we could for him, and that is indeed a comfort at this time. The last time we saw Andrew reasonably happy with his life was when the Care Home arranged a visit to Ibrox in May 2018 on one of the tours, we were concerned he might not cope with it and we both went along just in case we had to take him back, but he seemed to love it and that is one of the memories we will keep in our minds over the next few weeks and months. Rest easy Andrew, your team did you proud today.
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    The board rolled the dice with this appointment. Putting a rookie manager in charge after the utter failures of McCoist and Murty seemed like we were repeating past mistakes. Luckily for us Gerrard is the real deal. We're playing a very modern 4-3-3 counter pressing system that must've been inspired by the way Liverpool play. Gerrard trains with these guys everyday and knows who can do a job for us and who can't. I really do think he can bring us success. If he wins us the league this year he'll be an Ibrox legend.
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    I live in Poland. I started supporting Rangers in 2011, after lost games with Maribor. I know it sounds strange. Was unemployed, had lots of free time, was incredibly curious what do fans feel and talk about after such bad score. So i found Bears Den. It was the starting point. I liked Bears Den and started reading it on daily basis for quite a time. Got hooked. I don't read Bears Den quite often now, but I still support Rangers, I try to know what is going on, when someone asks me who i follow beside Polish football I always answer "Rangers". Wrote several articles about The Gers for Polish press too, was happy to write about last year Europa League campaign.
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    I prefer us to keep our head down , still prefer going into old firms underdogs , don’t want us to be saying we’re going to do this and that and it bites us on the arse , just quietly go about our business I’d say 👍🏻👌🏻
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    We were never looking like throwing it away, but McGregor again made 2 or 3 brilliant saves there, Class goalkeeping..
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    Thank fuck McInnes said no. Thank fucking fuck.
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    Arfield is in position. It’s his job to drift into the centre of the pitch and find pockets of space then Tav gets forward to provide width
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    Breaking news. The disco lights at celtic park have just requested a transfer. They are not happy as they were promised CL football for the past 2 seasons.
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    Glad Gerrard resisted the temptation to play Steven Davis at left back tonight.................
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    Creepy Rod on talksport actually started to cry and hung up the phone. Man, these tears are glorious.
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    Boy on talksport saying he feels personally attacked because they’re ripping the piss out celtic 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Cluj are better than the Danes from four matches I've seen. However lets not fucking jinx anything...
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    Hi. If you would like to know more on current Legia form or anything related, I work as a sports journalist in Poland, hopefully will be able to tell something more insightful. Feel free to ask, cheers.
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    Strangely enough not one mention of Defoe’s perfect hat-trick. Leigh Griffiths does that and the DR would be offering to pay off his tic bill
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    Steven Gerrard remained coy when quizzed over his apparent gesture aimed at Erik Sviatchenko following Rangers' 7-3 thumping Europa League aggregate win over Midtjylland The Ibrox boss appeared to make a ‘zip it’ action as the teams made their way down the tunnel at full-time. But the Gers boss played it cool when asked about the incident after the match which comes following the former celtic defender's claims the 39-year-old was an "apprentice". Gerrard said: “He had obviously been speaking quite a lot through the media over where he is from. So it was just a little send-off for him. "I just wished him all the best for the remainder of the season.” Sviatchenko is a midget and was bullied in both legs.
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    Adrian Durham on Talksport just now - “Lets talk about celtic, what an embarrassment to Scottish football”
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    Just read Tom English’s report on the game on the bbc website, and I quote “From a corner, the ball carried to the back post and Scott Brown handled”. You can bet your bottom dollar if Alfredo, or any Rangers player, had done that it would have been fleshed out with words like ‘idiotic, madness, inexplicably, stupidly, suicidally, let the side down, undid the good work of the team, etc etc etc’ but good old Broony just handled it.
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    Lennon hanging his players out to dry, Lawells puppets hanging Lennon out to dry and Lennons pals having a go at the board. Glorious.
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