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    And I didn't feel I needed to ask, so... It'll be on the Top Row of the Peter McCloy Wall - installation before Christmas.
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    Farewell Ed... I'll miss you too. ... We had... a couple of piddly little tiffs... over the years... but you were still my first ... PM Buddy here on RM... ... and my first Skype buddy... and I'm still working my way... through all those awesome song recommendations. . ... And if there is a heaven... a tenner says you get banned before Christmas.
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    https://daviesleftpeg.wordpress.com/2018/10/13/big-tam/ ☺️
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    Where do these timmigrants come with the term "h*n"? See they're calling Alex McLeish "a h*n". They attempt to steal everything and believe if they say it often enough, it will become factually correct. The Liverpool fc anthem - what's all that about - you'll never walk alone, (unless we can join in & steal your song, pish) Back to the "h*n" - when I was a wee kid, 70's & 80's and since 1914 in fact (WWI) the timmigrants were referred to as the "h*n" every Rangers game against those homesick oirishmen (even tho' they'd never actually been there) - it was belted out, "Go home ya' h*ns, go home ya' h*ns go home" - because the kaffliks fenians supported the German's during 2 World wars. So there you go any fenian's reading in or any Rangers supporter/Protestant that may not know. They're the h*ns - We Are The People.
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    Video on Fabregas' Instagram of him and Zappacosta playing snooker, listen to what Zappacosta is singing
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    Big man said to me a few weeks ago the doctors told him there was " ...a mass in his liver". Typical response from the big man, "Mass? In my liver? I'll have you know....
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    Met Gazza and fished with him back in the day, genuinely lovely guy,been hurting me for years to see how his life has gone after retirement,football is everything to him,it's his life,his all. The induction would mean the world to him,a young scally from Tyneside who overcame a pretty traumatic childhood (read his autobiography) through the game he loved,if these bastards who've made this decision had even an ounce of what Paul has been through they'd probably crack,he's a legend to us all,no matter what some faceless beak says,all I can say is Paul,our door is always open, your one of our own
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    Thought posters might like to put a face to the name, checked if it was okay to do so, it is. Something most won’t know about ED is that he was at N’castle after leaving school, he was offered terms but his mother decided he was getting a real job in the bank. He was a big lump of a lad even then, typical battering ram centre forward of that era and skill to go with it, who knows what could have been, hope you like the fotie from last year, keep rockin’ big chap 👍
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    The BBC and wider media thought it was hilarious to portray Ally's suicide by caricaturing him jumping from a high building. Mental Health charities condemned it (as did the club if I remember correctly) This is worse as it's kicking a vulnerable person when he's already down. SFA need held to account for this.
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    Gazza was nominated and the nomination was accepted, then the 'Chinese whispers' started led by Fenian trolls on the internet. I do not believe that this on its own carried enough weight to persuade the HoF committee to rescind the invitation. The real damage was done by the SFA members who decided not to attend the dinner, this was well summed up by Oliver Holt who wrote: It was in the middle of last week that various influential members of the Scottish Football Association let it be known that they would boycott the awards dinner at Hampden Park because they did not consider Gascoigne a fitting role model. Pressure was applied. The Hall of Fame panicked. So why is no one addressing the elephant in the room, who were these SFA cowards, why have they not been named in the media, I'm sure some of Scotland's "courageous journalists" know who they are. They should be outed like the dogs they are.
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    “It’s ok not to be ok” unless you’re English and played for Rangers. Racism- See their technical director and that thundercunt who plays up front.. Alcoholism - The greatest ever player to play for Scotland loved a swally then George Best. Hitting woman - Jimmy Johnstone. And then we come to Stein, the full scale of the systematic cover-up will come out during these court cases. Mulraney et al are all hypocritical cunts.
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    If I had a Tommy gun, I'd shoot every f****n H**, just for walking on the Queens Highway Proof if any was needed.
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    Wait till bundesliga match week 14 when they play progres
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    The nomination isn't even the biggest issue as far as i'm concerned however if we are to go down that route does that mean the Brazilian Ronaldo can never be regarded as one of the best players we've seen because he played less games, do we rule out guys like Maradona, George Best and many others because of personal and off the field issues, no we don't. It's just nonsense. It doesn't matter how long Gazza was here. What matters is that when he was here he played some of his finest football and lit up Scottish Football. He is simply one of the most talented and high profile players not only to play for in this country but that have played for us. Yet, you have guys on the list who haven't even played in Scotland! Whether you think Gazza should be in it or not is the least important part in all of this in my opinion though. The most damning aspects of this are that he WAS to be inducted (whether anyone liked it or not). This would have been discussed, reviewed and approved by all relevant senior personnel within the committee. Then, all of sudden you have SFA personnel stating they won't be going (the hypocritical cunts!), which was followed by the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee publicly telling the world Gazza's induction had been withdraw because health concerns, the fucking day after Mental Health Day. Gazza is clearly vulnerable but he has done so well over the last few years. The turnaround in his appearance has been quite frankly remarkable. This however could have a catastrophic setback, the results of which don't bear thinking about it. That might seem dramatic but no organisation should be dealing with delicate matters such as this in such an incompetent, unprofessional and uncompassionate manner. It's just not good enough and it's just disaster after disaster with all involved within Scottish football. I also find it quite alarming (so far as I am aware) that not one Mental Health organisation have condemned this mess, the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee have not further clarified matters, nor apologised, and not one shitebag within the SFA has cleared up who wouldn't be going to the ceremony. It's poor on so many levels.
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    The silence from Rangers is deafening. I honestly think they should be saying something about this.
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    During our early research into the lives of the kids who formed Rangers we were curious to find if they attended matches later in life to witness first hand how this seed that they had planted at Fleshers Haugh in 1872 had now grown into a huge football institution. We had discovered that the great Tom Vallance was present on the very day that our magnificent Main Stand opened in 1929. Tom was also a guest of the Club in 1933 for the New Year’s Day game against celtic and again when we entertained Sporting Club of Vienna later that month. Just recently our research has discovered this newspaper article from 1905 which mentions both Tom Vallance and Moses McNeil making the pilgrimage to Hampden for the Scottish Cup Final against Third Lanark . This is two of the teenage boys who were there during those first few days of our Club supporting the Club, both now in their fifties. It must have given them both an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction.
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    Graham Spiers who has been stealing a wage for years thinks football wise in Scotland Gazza did not meet the HOF criteria ...Football wise treble winner numerous player of the month awards goals clinches us 8 in a row winner of Scottish writers player of the year winner of players player of the year
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    Direct cremation arrangements finalised yesterday, no service or funeral, as per Tam’s wishes. His ashes will be scattered at various places he requested, Ibrox hopefully too. Tam left money to Erskine, McMillan nurses and Roxburgh House Hospice, I am sure he would be happy for anyone who wishes to remember him in some way, to make a small contribution to any of those worthy causes. fillin up can’t write anymore..😢
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    The reaction to Tam passing away has been quite overwhelming but also very heartwarming.Gers fans have surpassed themselves with their kind comments.I thought you might like to know a bit more about Tams photo.It was taken in The Old Toll Bar in PRW in September 2017,it was to be the last time that I would see Tam on a face to face basis.He phoned me to meet in the Grapes where we reminisced about our favourite subject...... childhood days living in Plantation over a few beers and we then headed on to the Viceroy He asked the young barmaid if he could pick up the £50 that he had left behind the bar after a Rangers game in 1978....the barmaid went along with it and said she would find it and post it out to him.....We then headed into the Old Toll Bar and that is where we had our last drinks together...... What you can't see in the photo are the young Irish lass and her young Polish pal........Tam had some great banter with them and they really lapped it up.....he was always winding folk up ......even if he hadn't met them before.It really is a sore one to lose the big man....taken far too young.
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