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    Can't believe he's getting pelters from posters on here. It's exactly the passion and belief we need from our players with every pass, every 50/50 ball, every tackle and every goal attempt. That's the sort of commitment we've been missing for ages. Gees up the player and the team and most of us other fans. Huge difference from the days of players poncing anonymously round the park while the manager watched folded armed and expressionless. Reminded me of the days when Forsyth and Jackson excelled at that type of tackle. Hopefully we'll be seeing more and more of it this season, the sheer desire to compete and win.
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    Of all the players you could have picked to make a shite negative thread you pick a guy who gives his all and has developed a really nice understanding with Tav down the right hand side. Maybe he doesn’t have the skill to skin full backs outright but what he does do incredibly well is shift himself a half yard of space and whip balls into the box. Wasn’t great tonight but still scored and assisted 1
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    Quite simple... Invest to close this gap or get to fuck.
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    Took some clips of noteworthy points in the game for Pena, now he did make some mistakes and I haven't done those so I'm not saying the guy is the real deal yet, he's still rusty but there is potential. First time ball over the top to Tav and look at this movement as soon as he's hit the pass it something he does really well Comes deep, nice first touch and good reverse through ball only undone by sliding block and then slides in attempt to win the ball back Nice bit of skill with the flick pass to Morelos and on the spin he attempts to get forward at pace again Shows positional awareness here just sitting off Morelos in the space in front of their back line. Reminds me a bit of Naismith's positioning in the year with Jelavic. For me this is something we have been missing. Showing for the ball once more in a deep lying position then spots the space and the move opening up and sprints into the space, nice couple of touches to play it through to Morelos and again he moves after passing and gets into a great position for the return where he'd be odds on to at least hit the target Gets back here to win the ball back twice and unlucky the second challenge didn't start a counter attack. Once more showing good positioning here in this move, staying farside of the marker until seeing the ball is coming in towards the front post and getting in front of his man, again Thistle with there 3 man central defence had someone to block the cross otherwise it was landing at Pena's feet. The goal, good movement to peel away from the marker(s) and as we have seen from his YouTube videos he is actually good in the air and the deft glance floats into far corner More evidence of the work rate closing down the first player then chasing the loose pass to nearly break through. As I said he did make some mistakes and you could quite easily clip those and say he's mince but I think there was enough in the performance last night to believe that with some more starts and game time under his belt that he'll be an asset to us.
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    Think the guy deserves little round of applause, been confirmed tonight that he registered his 1,000th member to RFC lotto earlier today (18-09-17) At a minimum of £1/wk, that's at least £52k per annum into RFC Youth system that wasn't there before. The fact that he also forgo's the 12.5% commission (thats £6.5k per year) that comes with being an RFC lotto agent. Yes, the club could have gotten the money with out him but I doubt it. So from me .. 👏👏
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    Why? He absolutely had to get there and he did. I like it as it shows he cares. Sometimes a player can't win on here.
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    Get yourself tae fuck ya clown. I can understand wanting did of a manager but being happy about us losing to get rid of him? Why no go hang about with your tarrier pals
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    Say no and if they impose a ban take them to the court of arbitration citing Neil Lennon last week and blow them right out the water for the corrupt cunts they are
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    I say we play him against celtic then all immediately turn on him for not being Cannavaro.
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    Blame Pedro all you wish but there is no manager in the universe who could stand a chance of competing with them in both a 90min game and over the course of a season unless we have huge money pumped into the transfer window. Mr King, get the fucking money on the table or fuck off from our club. We won't stand for being average for the foreseeable future.
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    To be expected when you have supporters of isis and terrorism in general playing against us.
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    Only they would still be able to see themselves as the victims, demoted to bottom tier, player & tv payments withheld, lost over £30 million worth of assets, passed from one unscrupulous owner to another. This last 5-6 years has cost us anywhere from £50-100 million and you still have these fucking cretins crying foul like we've been part of some conspiracy. Fuckwits the lot of them.
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    Unbelievable. I want us to win games as much as the next but the petulance of posters on here to dismiss any tactical analysis because it goes above their intellect is hilarious. I know its a personal preference, but I would think any football fan would be interested to know the ins-and-outs of football tactics when presented with them.
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    So i'm absolutely gutted as many if not all of us are. Yet another defeat from our rivals. It's horrible, all week knowing this match is coming, batting down a grim reality with hope that maybe we could pull something from it and it just falls flat in your face. However, I was right to be hopeful and it's the most hopeful i've been about an old firm for a while. Simply because I can see that we're heading in the right direction. Our rebuild isn't over, we're still working towards being the giant that we once were. But steadily progress is being made. and honestly I have tip the hat to the manager who shows passion and want to make the club be successful. His game plan was good, first half didn't concede and handled celtic well. Denied a stonewall penalty that even Chris Commons, Andy Walker and others have even said is a stonewaller. But inconsistent and bad refereeing aside, we still did have a foothold in the game. I didn't feel at any point, "this is going to be another 5-1". It was going to be close and a relatively equal match up. However, we do still lack a cutting edge. A final killer pass and squad depth. We are nearing that point and with another transfer window or two, I do firmly believe we can win the league. Call me whatever you want and say Pedro should be long gone by that point, but we need to just knuckle down and accept there is a skill/financial gap between us and celtic. It's not a crime to admit that and we need to accept we're not going to be league winners overnight, it's something that needs to be worked on. We're getting better quality players that can do the job for us. Pedros tactics for what their worth do work and are sound in concept. Getting rid of Pedro and his team now would be fucking insane, all that work he's putting into the club, the tactics, the players so on: would be all for nout. We'd need to rebuild from absolute scratch again with a manager who would want his own team, his own squad, his own way of doing things and this cycle would keep on repeating nigh endless. Pedro has be given time to make further improvements. Things are looking more solid than they ever were and we need to build on that. Silverware can still be won, hell the league can still be won. A good winning strings needs to happen and bad results for celtic, but nothing is impossible. We have to remain hopeful and follow Rangers, given them the support they need and deserve. And in time we will be rewarded with success.
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    Beating guys is not his game. The first thing he thinks is "get the ball into the danger area". I think he has been a terrific signing. and we are night and day better down the right with him there.
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    And here starts the drip drip from the media that he is too good to be at Rangers and if he doesn't move he's a coward. On top of that they only think he's good enough for the championship 😂😂 Usual pish from the usual suspects.
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    Enjoy **Quality may not be as good as normal, as my movie editor thingy has became corrupt whilst doing it, and wasn't starting again ... so Ive just screen recorded it inside the movie maker - looks a wee bit blurrier than usual to me. Time to reset my laptop me thinks, as a few things are getting fucked/slow
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    They hate us, they have players who fucking hate us. Until we find players that think the same then we'll be 2nd best.
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    Tav had a pretty good game, I thought. Hodson on the other hand...
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    Are you fucking stupid? Both are Protestants and both were Rangers supporters
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    I don't think anyone should forget that this goes as far back as Ally being in charge. He littered our squad with absolute shite when we should have been properly rebuilding from the moment we went into the 3rd division. Too often people just mention Warburtons time here, but it was Ally and his shower of absolute cunts that crippled us and kept us in the championship. Rangers legend my arse.
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    Two draws in a row to fucking partick thistle, a defeat to hibs a draw to hearts and out of europe to a pub team. This season is going to be a fucking disaster just like last season.
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    So you want cellic to win ? I want him to be a hero on Saturday night.
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    Betting against your own team against your biggest rivals fuck me! Why would you even bother, would winning 40 quid really be compensation for losing against the kiddy fiddlers? If so, please don't call yourself a Rangers fan.
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    I just read the article. The journalist who wrote that is a fucking dickhead and he have no knowledge of this country. It is offensive and I am going to show some of my friends who also speak a little English this article. More people in Europe take drugs than here and if he is trying to say Morelos is from Medellin then he has not did his homework because Morelos is not even from same department as Medellin, he only ever played some games there for Independiente Medellin. I think this journalist is trying to think he is funny but if he ever come here he will not be laughing.
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    They are nowhere near the level when we were last winning titles. Our team under Walter would beat this current celtc side right now. It's just we are so poor and the rest of Scottish football has got so bad that they look a lot better than they actually are.
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    That is a fucking disgraceful post. Acting like a fucking tarrier
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    He's never heard of you either, Class gesture from the ex-ger.
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    I will? Let's hope they don't edit my blog I sent them about 35 minutes ago then calling it xenophobic and deliberately antagonistic.
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    'Craptic' Geez fuckin peace mate.
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    Yep either find the money from somewhere or fuck off back to South Africa and stay there
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    He was NOT celebrating the tackle, he was pumping himself up as anyone who has ever played competitive sports has also done. He was at that time taking more responsibility, having a decent game and showing passion. We demand passion from players tey criticise them when they demonstrate that passion, odd.
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    Here's my favourite Bellamy excerpt... When I went into my second Old Firm game I was ready for it. This one was at Ibrox, which is a fantastic ground, but I wasn’t intimidated by it and I got the second goal, which was the winner in a 2-1 victory. To score the winner in an Old Firm game was one of the dreams I’d had when I had made the move. It felt as though that victory had secured us the league title. We were five points clear with four games to play. We lost to Hibs in our next game but went into our final match away at Motherwell with a two-point lead. Rangers were away at Hibs and had a better goal difference than us so we knew a draw might not be enough. It was going to be a ‘Helicopter Sunday’. The league trophy would be airborne until its destination was decided one way or the other. When Chris Sutton scored 29 minutes in, we were cruising. As long as it stayed like that, there was nothing Rangers could do. As the end of the game drew nearer, we started to get nervous and there were two minutes left to play when it happened. A mis-hit shot bounced into our area and Scott McDonald cushioned it on his chest and then hooked it over our goalkeeper, Rab Douglas, into the net. Rangers were winning 1-0 at Easter Road. A sense of panic swept over us. We had to score again. We threw everybody forward. But then Motherwell broke forward and McDonald scored again. We had lost 2-1 and lost the league by a point. I was vaguely aware that the noise of a helicopter buzzing overhead had disappeared. It was carrying the SPL trophy to Easter Road. It was a desperate, desperate feeling. We went into the changing rooms and there was just silence. I have heard Neil Lennon say it was the most sickening blow of his career. Martin O’Neill didn’t attempt to disguise his disappointment, either. He just muttered something about seeing us on Wednesday or Thursday. That was it. I was in shock. I went back to my apartment where Claire and the kids were waiting. But I needed to be by myself. I left them at the apartment, went straight to the airport and got a flight to Cardiff. I didn’t sleep for two days. I felt tormented by it. I thought I was cursed, I thought I was destined never to win anything. I stayed at my mum and dad’s house and drank. I wallowed in self-pity and didn’t think about Claire and the kids being by themselves.
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    Even when we lose badly I can't stand the saddos who come on here solely to spread gloom with no positveness at all. Worse when there is not even momentary enjoyment of a Rangers win.. We.ve just won an amazing cup tie full of up and downs when it looked as if we'd blown it. a terrific effort in extra time. Okay the teams still poor at times but it's always the same miserable cunts (sic) complaining.
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    show racism the red card not happy... http://www.theredcard.org/news/2017/9/21/srtrc-responds-to-morelos-article-in-the-daily-record
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    Absolutely disgusting the words trafficking,cartel,sniffing all used in what is terrible piece of journalism riddled with xenophobic comments replace the negative Colombian stereotypes and replace them with jovial muslim ones see the response
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    Think it means he's a cert to start at the weekend tbh.
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    I'm sorry wtf? There's certain days on RangersMedia where I feel like I've stepped into a weird, alternative universe and this is one of them. Aye keep Pedro. That's the solution because no-one else will do any better anyway ... take our ambition and just throw it to fuck in the Clyde for the sake of a quiet/easy life and heaven forbid the hassle of bringing a new guy in. This place has really got me down today. More than the actual result which was expected.
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    There was a gulf in class before Pedro, there is still a gulf in class now and if we bring someone else in it will be the same. Until we can compete with celtic financially, changing the manager will do little.
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    Nah. I'd rather have him than any other plausible alternative you could suggest. He's in it with us.
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    He should have went after that 5-1 game. He should have went after Progress He should have went after Hibs He should have went after Hearts He should have went after Thistle Longer he stays the more humiliations.
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    Poor McCrorie. Superstar on Friday to dud on Saturday if and when we get hammered. Its the RM way.
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    You hear of youth players supporting the Filth which is not ideal, but to have pictures of them flaunting being at the Games against us, then to me it's unacceptable, these boys get the premium football experience training at Auchenhowie and they are in a very lucky position that some boys can only dream of, So to see this from wee spoilt bastards annoys the fuck out of me. With the drive which is on at the moment to get funding for the youth teams this is bad publicity for the lottery, and someone from the club should have a word.
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