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    With all due respect, what the fuck are people expecting the club to come out with here?
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    Go on a run of games without picking up silly bookings? He’s literally booked for who he is. Why are tarrier players allowed to celebrate with their fans with no booking? At the same fucking venue Morelos doesn’t leave the pitch and gets booked! His only deserved red card was the one against Aberdeen at home. I’d be willing to bet if you looked at all his yellow cards this season at least half nobody else gets booked for. In fact why is the focus on him with how many cards he picks up anyway? Shinnie is a combative player and picked up more cards than Morelos last season, he isn’t labelled a fruitcake is he? Na. See how contradictory it is?
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    Ahhh the infamous "Juan ghuy"! John does not want an apology John does not want money John does not blame anyone at the club who facilitated his and other children's rape John wants closure.... but wants to do fuck all for his fellow victims I think John is a figment of Cameron's imagination rheeking of aw let's jist forget this an move om They are indeed literally shitting themselves over this
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    Kick off 14.45 GMT Live stream here: Pre-match has already started, reviewing the tournament so far. 3rd v 4th tie to be played just now. Good luck to the young Bears ⚽
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    Reopen the Haggart Murder NOW! His death reeks of paedophile wolfpack.
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    Said earlier that Morelos getting banned could have season ending implications. Well here we are.
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    I think the statement appears a little weak. Where they say “However, it is abundantly clear questions about the current disciplinary system, which we believe is flawed, must be posed". - what was stopping them publically listing some or all of the questions? and saying why they believe they are flawed? We are again guilty of trying to not upset to many people publically, when in point of fact, maybe thats EXACTLY what we should be doing.
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    How does that do anything? Why would the BBC make a connection between a handful of people not paying their TV licence and what their Scottish football journalists put online?
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    If the game was not on live TV, there is every chance McGregor would not have been cited. If McGregor played for a lower profile club, there is every chance McGregor would not have been cited. If the Sportscene/Sky/BT producer decided it wasn't a big enough talking point, there is every chance McGregor would not have been cited. If Morelos wasn't red carded, and that dominated the post match talking points to a higher degree, there is every chance McGregor wouldn't have been cited. and there in a nutshell is the problem with the system........ I don't have an issue with McGregor having retrospective action taken, but I do have an issue with the countless other incidents this season of similar or more severe magnitude that had no further action taken. Christ even our own team has had a few other incidents probably just as bad, but.... at home games and not on live TV, so generate nowhere near the same interest. It is actually bizarre that McGregor can get away with the blatant kick out on (I think it was) Ajer early in the season, then get done for this - but then the SFA would have shat it from controversy as its the highest profile match and they'd be scared of making a rod for their own back. If it was, for example, a Hamilton player the commentator would just say 'that was a bit meaty', 'he was a lucky boy', or a generic cliche to that effect - and nothing more would happen.
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    Really don't care about that. I want the rules to be applied with parity. If any of our players had done what Power did he would 100% be cited and banned by the same Compliance Officer that just let off Power. The uneven way this system is being used is the major issue. The tarriers have not been done once under this CO and that in itself shows a level of bias that is unacceptable.
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    So nobody at celtic is to blame and the victims are just in it for the money, no wonder child abusers get away with it for fucking years with scum journalists protecting them.
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    Maybe because he wasn’t injured when we signed him?
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    The ear to head ratio with him and Christie in the same team needs looked into.
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    A stiffer statement along the following lines was called for imo: Rangers does not accept this decision. It will respect it and comply but as a matter of record we do not accept it. We regard the decision as fundamentally flawed and incorrect. It raises very serious concerns about how such cases are brought forward for consideration and - frankly - about the integrity with which resulting decisions are made. The football authorities in Scotland, the football clubs in Scotland and indeed the media in Scotland are put on notice that Rangers has no confidence in the system and procedures being applied by the football authorities. That erosion of confidence is absolute and complete. Rangers will reserve the right to take appropriate action, including legal action, in instances where the Club considers that decisions are made against Rangers which are manifestly unfair or plain wrong. Until an immediate overhaul of the system has taken place and replacement of those operating it by persons who are clearly competent, experienced and patently independent then Rangers' co-operation with Scottish football authorities will be restricted to the bare minimum legal essentials. This is a matter of the utmost importance to Rangers and to Rangers Supporters and the matter must be quickly resolved to Rangers full satisfaction. The ball is in the court of the football authorities. They must urgently reform the disciplinary system and staff it with persons who are plainly competent and experienced so proper confidence can be restored. As matters stand Rangers regards the system and fundamentally failed and those who operate it as fundamentally failing Scottish football.
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    Who was it? Be interesting to find out who and when it happened to challenge this narrative that we're a dirty team with thugs in our side. Bottom of the fair play table and been cited 9 times by the "impartial" compliance officers, yet for the life of me I can't remember the last time an opposition player was stretchered off against us.
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    The logic yet to be proven in law, that the offences commited were institutional in that those officers of the club knew what was going on and covered it up, or indeed were perp's themselves. Not difficult to prove the institutional part, because it is already in the public domain that they all knew, aside from the fact, the whole of fucking Glasgow knew. It is also simple to prove in law that scum fc were the "controlling mind" in regards to CBC owing to the evidence already out there. The latest 20k to change the name they just shoot themselves in the foot. The US incidents of cbc officials reporting back to scum fc officials. BJK and the Directors knowing and runnng one cbc official out of town and plenty more. All that makes them culpable and liable. Only the current political climate as in SNPira prevents a full scale police investigation. As for Saville, he wasn't hanging around the scumdome as an act of charity and his love of scum fc. Saville's presence just elivates it to a new level and alarm bells should be ringing and adds a more sinister dimension to it. The tentacles of the ring reach far and wide and the scum's extended to Saville and no doubt much further.
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    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.change.org/p/scottish-football-association-clare-whyte-sfa-compliance-officer-to-resign&ved=2ahUKEwj4_Lzbzb3gAhXL0KQKHdWxBbQQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw04gHySqw7FRA81RMF9kgiI It takes literally seconds. If you agree, do it. If you're generally apathetic, please just commit several seconds of your life to doing something constructive. If you're against it, what's your solution, what are you doing to demonstrate disgust with what's happening?
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    Roses are red Violets are blue Nonce FC 0 Valencia 2 happy valentines ya mhuppets 😂
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    Superb patter,the OP makes a valid point.
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    Now if that had been Morelos or indeed any Ranger and not Power...........the roof would have caved in by now .