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    Where's the fan groups? Where's Craig Houston? Where's John brown? Where's all the protests? Where's the boycotts? because this board is every bit as embarrassing as the previous. This club is just as embarrassing as it was under the previous board. i await with baited breath.
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    Hopefully by that time our midfield will be that good he'll have no chance of getting a game. Plus tbh the last thing we should be is a retirement home!
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    Fans aside I can't relate to the club at all anymore. The support is literally the only thing that resembles the club I love now.
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    Any striker, especially a young striker in his first season, is going to go through a dry spell. The important thing is that he works hard, and that he is at least getting chances. The positive to find in this is that he looks the kind of player that when he gets a goal other goals will follow; that he is getting chances is a good thing, and proves that he is not a bad player. If he wasn't getting chances I'd be more concerned, he will come good though.
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    You work through the week you get weekend off. You work weekends you get days off through the week. There's more to life than work even as a professional footballer. A little bit of downtime can't be that bad?
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    If only football could be just about playing football. If only Rangers could only be about winning football games and cups and league titles. If only the world was a more straightforward place as it used to be. If only there was no facebook (I still don't know what that is supposed to do), or twitter (ditto) or snapchat (ditto) or social media and we had to rely on getting football news from the papers or from rumours in the pub. Now it seems that if the Club and players are not up there in front lending their support to whatever extra-to-football issue is demanding or expecting visible support from the Club and its players it risks the Club being seen as being out of touch with whatever cause it is that want support and as a result somehow out of tune with the rest of so-called wider society. There's a game to be won on Saturday. A league to be competed for. A new manager to pick. Votes to be cast at an AGM. Football and football related stuff. Oh for the good old days,
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    There's always a whipping boy. The fact is that most of the team are shite right now so we're under-performing. Josh was probably one of our better performers against Hamilton, particularly in the first half. He put in a cracking cross which Morelos should have buried with the head. If that goes in I think we go on and win the game. He's not the answer and not good enough if we want to challenge for this league but he he isn't any worse than a lot of other players who get off very lightly on here.
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    Number 6 bus for me most days. I stay close to my routes (bus stop is across the road)
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    We should congratulate The Power Rangers for saving the world! Tragic scummy bastards.
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    For the 'paid hands and errand boys', Craig Houston and Chris Graham et al', take a bow guys - you must be so proud of what you achieved in your vainglorious crusade. Funnily enough, they've been very quiet regarding the current clusterfuck on and off the pitch - can you imagine the outcry had we been performing like this under previous boards; campaigns about spivs oot, pish-stained bedsheets and vans with the boards faces plastered on them...but not a peep. Funny that eh Fucking self-serving egotistical wankers. Cunts should be chased along with King and Co. By your deeds....
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    The people who don’t rate Morelos much don’t watch Rangers. Seriously, because you cannot have any debate about whether Morelos is a good player or not if you watch us ever week. Must just read the commentary and cos it doesn’t come up that hes scored then he must no be good.
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    Until these cunts and King are out of our club Days like today are going to happen over and over We have losers right though out out our club with a losers mentality It is a fucking scandal that another proud record gets busted today
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    And AGAIN it's under the watch of the boardroom scumbags King, Potless, Dickson, Park and Robertson. Never been beat in the league to Hamilton and sure enough today is the day. I can't even bring myself to blame Murty. He's a likeable guy and I still think he's the best coach we've had since Smith left, which is saying something, but he's a youth coach - not a Rangers manager. If there's one small positive to take from today then it's he won't get the job on a full-time basis now - which was my creeping fear the past few days. The board have fucked up AGAIN by not getting a new manager in and settled ahead of today. There was an international break which left us for 2-weeks without a game. I understood them taking their time, but you need to acknowledge that this also comes with risks - and that risk didn't pay off. We could have done well for ourselves with the Aberdeen score, but in true Rangers fashion (with a degree of hindsight, granted) we've fucked it up again. Talking of Aberdeen, I have champed McInnes' for the position since Pedro left but I'm even starting to doubt if he's the answer after today, as to flip it, Aberdeen could have pulled away from us and created a gap going into the double header but they've lost their last couple of games. Our team is God-awful. Jack and Holt are two ridiculously bad (or average if you want to be kind) footballers. In the match thread I had them in my starting XI but It came with a note that it was more reluctance to change a winning team. Jack is literally the most over-hyped, over-rated player I've seen at Rangers. They done well last couple of games in there, but generally you can't play 2 midfielders like that as your midfield pairing as you are relying far too much on the wingers to do everything going forward. Windass can't be trusted on that front and Candais for all he isn't the worst player we've got, isn't a superstar and has good and bad games (like any winger) How many times do we see this? the opposition goalscorers a Rangers, injury-prone reject and another we released as a boy. Back to the scum bastards in the directors box, they simply have to speed this process up and get the right man in now. Pref early in the week. They are apparently untouchable and blunder their way through the weeks with absolutely no come-back ... looking at the likes of Club72 in the form of statements, the Union Bears in the form of banners, shareholders in the form of votes to start holding these bastards to account - you's haven't yet lads - time to fucking start.
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    I heard the ground staff are getting in on it as well.
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    one thing eck deserves leeway for is his transfer signings (other than the serbian zidane whatever his name is), eck worked under the harshest financial stipulations any Rangers manager has had to face, coupled with the tarriers outspending us he done well to even keep up nevermind win titles, for every jeffers theres a novo, for every fanfan there's a boumsong, ecks transfer record given he made us a transfer profit in his time here is actually impressive as for his last season, no wins in 10, however if memory serves me right 4 of them were CL group games where we drew 4 times which got us to the last 16 of the CL, that season in europe eck only lost 1 single solitary game (inter away) and was a kris boyd sitter away from the last 8 of the CL the whitewashes off the tarriers is a sore one, again though given he was told to dismantle a treble winning teamand replace them with shite from the lost and found box its no surprise they turned out that way the protests to get rid of a man who was in the process of getting us to the CL last 16, who had given us two of the best title wins in the last 30 years and did so while making us money and conducting himself in a manner befitting of a Rangers legend, were nothing short of criminal, the big man deserved way better off the fans even if his last season was a bust
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    The day he sold us to a fucking chancer for a quid without doing due diligence is the day he became one of the biggest scumbags in our history.
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    Think everyone should break away from the top 4 leagues and form another European trophy,it's getting boring and predictable now teams outside these 4 nations have pretty much zero chance of winning it ever again
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    Lol £3.7 million in 3 years tell you otherwise. £30 million he cried. We’ve seen 10% of it. Him and his fucking band of merry men should be banished from Ibrox
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    As far as I can tell, there is still no song for me
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    more goals than Miller despite playing a 3rd of the time Miller has. Better shot on target percentage than Miller - yet Miller appears undroppable suddenly. if people dont fancy Pena then fair enough - but at least apply the same logic to others that are playing from the start. personally, I would never have brought Miller back, I would have had Pena in doing double shifts in training and I would have given him game time. He has played a total of less than 300 minutes all season - no way that gets you match sharp. If the guy is at it and out partying all the time i would run the booze out him till he was choking on his own vomit. You think twice about going out on the ran if you are getting the shit knocked out you the next day in training.
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    There has to be some sort of reaction to these cunts. They could literally get away with murder and all you hear is “Rangers men” A couldn’t give a fuck if the team were full of Indian, Chinese and black with the owner a Saudi as long as we were fucking winning things and had the money to back a fucking manager. The Rangers men with money are the fucking worst in the business. The Easedales kept the lights on and gave us loans. What are these cunts doing that’s any different from that? The question should be we were £5 mill in debt when you took over that has now quadrupled to £20 million what’s your explanation Rangers man King?
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    I wasn’t gutted then, I was defiant. I wanted us to work our way back and ram it down everyone’s throat. Sadly it’s just us being pumped now.
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    Wouldn't tire of hitting him with a hammer
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    Either burst the bank and appoint a proven manager with a transfer budget to get us back to the Rangers we expect or get to fuck, AGM is in a few weeks so either do what's right or go and take the clueless cunts that sit alongside you (when you turn up) too
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    At least he'd solve our shite midfield by punting the ball over the top of them.
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    Keeping possession of the ball, when done well, is how you dominate football matches! Its not a coincidence that in most games the teams with more possession win. Some people have really short memories, but I can remember the fury and despair I felt at watching McCoists Rangers lump the ball up the pitch looking for knock downs. We keep the ball in the wrong areas and are too slow going forward. If the other team have 9/10 men behind the ball, simply strolling around and knocking the ball between the back four doesn’t do anything. It needs changes of tempo and direct passes, which can still be done whilst playing possession Football! We need to stop obsessing about formations, style of play, tactics etc. The players simply aren’t good enough! A new manger is still going to have to work with these players!!!
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    Question 1, who the fuck picked caxiniah.? Question 2, why are you still on the board?
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    I imagine a night out with Pena would be like a night out with BABN so there is every possibility he was still fucked out his tits.
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    I'd wager that the majority of people on this forum (myself included) have grown up in the 'golden era' at Rangers that started with Souness, so have never been through this before or known anything except for success. Older bears will tell you that it's been this bad before, if not worse.
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    I'll crack the jokes, the cunt has no money and it was disgraceful the way he was put into power in the first place.
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    That’s them all going out for Fishtank’s 40th
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    Think the letter should have been addressed to Mr Miller, who is apparently running the entire club.
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    I could greet every time looking at that picture ! A man that would burst his gut to make sure we won. A man that got on a plane in his condition and sat in the freezing cold watching a team full of spineless cowards jump out of tackles and accept second best. A pat on the back no doubt in the suite from another spineless cunt that was so desperate to get a blazer. Your contribution has never been forgotten Fernando , The only man worthy of standing next to you in your chair today would be Sandy Jardine keep fighting always x
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    Kranjcar Hahahahaha, have a day off. He is absolutely fucking rotten. Alves is rotten as well, well he has been for us.
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    I for one would like to congratulate our brothers New York Rangers for their 3rd place finish in the NHL Eastern Conference. 3rd place loyal
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    They'll wait till Glasgow City Council give them a grant for it mate
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    I’ve always liked The Rangers but it’s funny when cunts try and use it as a dig when it’s actually our old traditional title anyway
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    For me that's all that matters. Fuck the Barca style. We just need to win
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    Is this not all becoming a bit over the top, if someone is a poofter or whatever people want to be then fine, but why do we need to start promoting it.