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    Absolute pleasure and privilege to have him commentating on Rangers TV. You can tell he does his research with scrutiny. Well worth the TV package.
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    A hand in all three goals. More like it el buffalo 🐃 👏👏👏 mon the Gers.
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    Those rules will quickly change if scum players have to isolate for the old firm game
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    We’ve spent 9 million today on strengthening the squad. Have a night off pal.
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    He's not even got it? Why is this a league problem now yet when Aberdeen broke rules and ended up with players testing positive it only affected them? If they're gonna suspend the league, BOTH clubs should be absolutely hammered for bringing the game into disrepute with their own stupidity.
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    Kent £7 million, Hagi £4 million, Roofe £5 million and Itten £4 million, if reports are true. For that money I genuinely expect to win the league.
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    beaten off the side who occupied top 4 in bundesliga for most of season and beat the big two Well fucking done stevie and the Rangers. No fucking surrender
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    It will be about 5-0 at Peadophile park regardless of what team Aberdeen puts out. Unless, of course, Aberdeen need to win to pip Rangers to second place. In which case they'll win. 1-0 or something. Miracles do happen.
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    Michael Stewart says it was his momentum that took him into Spain.
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    The Nappy slashers £80 million centre halves Jullien and Ajer ragdolled by a player from non league in England who cost 2 packets of Chewits and a ginger bottle 😂😂😂
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    Another right sided winger doesn’t get anywhere near the team IMO. Hagi is playing from the right already and Roofe and Itten can both play anywhere across the front line. Think it’ll be one more centre midfielder and that will be our lot.
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    Honestly it’s a dream come true , I’ll still post on here as much as I can as I know yous hang on my every word , I’ll have a word about MYGers to 👍🏻👌🏻
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    Think he gets over criticised by some of our support due to the lack of productivity in other areas. Never helped himself with that car crash column in the match programme last season right enough.
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    Two goals and an assist. Credit to him, I didn't want to start him. That's why I'm just some cunt on a forum. Shows when he's up for it he's a different class.
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    One of the toughest games we will have in the prem this season and nearly double the number of tackles than any other player in the league.
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    There was cunts on here on Thursday night offering to drive him to Lille, embarrassing bastards
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    Love how we are doing these deal weeks before hand and no cunt in the press has any idea wtf is going on 😂😂
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    I'd argue that our current forward line of just Alfie is worth that too :)
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    That's all we need to do. If we win our games, then we put pressure on them. I don't care how we play, just win. A nice bonus today - 2 points clear. Let's make it 3/3 wins on Wednesday 👏 P.S. I hope Morelos stays, and not just for my username.
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    Bastard so when we win the league .They still get a CL spot 🤔😏
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    Started off behind the guy, caught him easily and then that perfectly timed tackle to take the ball away. Very impressive player so far. Still trying to get the clip.
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    Surely that scum player was ineligible for the Killie game but they fielded him anyway. Killie can surely appeal and ask for a 3-0 victory. Legia ?
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    How many “internal probes” is that ongoing at the piggery now ?
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    1 game at a time. We can't control their results, we can and must just keep focusing on our next game, and winning. Had worse Sundays though 😁
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    Yasssss Up you peado fucking bastarts. Fuck your Gerrard Butler Fuck your Jimmy Saville And fuck child abuse you howling fucking toads
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    Wilson said the deal was agreed a week and a half ago but we were respecting their end to the season with them having a title push. For those moaning after Defoe was injured we had been sitting around doing fuck all to rectify our lack of options. Should have forced through Dykes though...
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    Hopefully the SPFL severely punish them and make them play Bolingoli every week.
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    Tbf they are so used to the rules not being applied to them.
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    celtic would have won that last year. 😉 Said before that the pressure of doing 10 is different. Our team was 10x better than theirs in 97/98 and we dropped points all over the place. Two games in and they're already doing it. We have to keep on winning. Steady progress, one game at a time. 👌
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    Your season ticket 'benefits' is that you get into Ibrox to watch the games. I'm running the risk of sounding like a cunt here, but everyone chose to renew in the middle of a pandemic and knew there was a chance they might not get to see a lot of games this season due to it and the safety concerns. It was a fantastic response from the support and the club have arranged to make sure they (season ticket holders) can watch these games they miss out on, for free, on PPV TV. Where has this new trend of wanting more actually come from? the fans (rightly) took the plaudits for stumping up hard earned cash, in this really challenging time for the club (and the economy/world/population in general). If any of the above was an issue, then you shouldn't have renewed. No-one would have thought any less - well I wouldn't have anyway.
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    Rangers have just agreed a partnership with Reach PLC to print & produce the matchday programme. Reach PLC of course own the Daily Record & Sunday Mail. The same paper that we are constantly told are not welcome at Ibrox. The same paper that Club 1872 have worked extensively to expose their lies about our club & support. The same paper we are told are not allowed to attend press conferences but do attend. Boak inducing.
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    I think we should be arranging a post-season visit to Japan. Make sure there can be no extension of the season, sporting integrity and all that...
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    Everything that is good and bad about him summed up in one clip. FullSizeRender.mov
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    Incredible, eh? The club are threatening Rangers fans with legal action and bans for reporting transfer rumours and quotes while jumping into bed with a former celtic director and ST holder who has long had allegations of corruption involving GCC and land deals against him.
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    • i think the only way that we would get to play in england would be if they started  a british league.the problem with that though is there is not enough teams in scotland good enough to challenge in such a competition! our smaller clubs who are mostly part time could not afford the cost of travel back and forth to england every other week ,likewise with the lower league english teams.only our top six or eight teams would be deemed good enough support wise to take part in such a competition and then few of the scottish teams would be good enough  to play in any of the first four divisions in the british league.i think the scottish clubs are  quite happy to play in their own bubble and that along with the lack of sky money is the main reason we will always be a football backwater!!!                        
    • I dont even think thats the point, its just the access to the TV money. Imagine Rangers getting 80m a year from Sky. We would be unstoppable!! 
    • Look at the thick cunt Jesus Christ man they're idiots... "There is something very sinister about this. Some thick H** bastard has took a photo of that but thought he will not inform celtic and is quite happy to allow potential harm to all he comes in contact with. Quite happy to let the situation escalate to what it is now. And within hours of our game its then leaked to the media..... shameless pointless zombie bastards. And before anyone starts i'm not excusing Boli's imbecilic behaviour." So it's us to blame noo 
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