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    Where's all the wankers now that was saying at Parkhead a couple of weeks ago "aw he was just walking that way towards Brendan" and other mind-numbing shite. The guys a dirty, fenian wrong'in who never wanted to play for us in the first place. Tear the cunts contract up.
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    Left with a good wee statement to be honest. Good wee player and wish him all the best Its with a heavy heart my time has come to leave Glasgow Rangers, a club I’ve supported since a young boy. Just wish I’d had more opportunity to show my ability and go on to play for this great club. “It was honestly a dream come true to wear the royal blue shirt in front of you at Ibrox I have made some great memories at this club that will last with me a life time but for now.. to the fans, players and everyone who have supported me in my time at the club I would like to thank you. Now onto the next chapter of my career. #WeAreThePeople
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    A prime example of why we should be nowhere near that cunt McGinn either.
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    They literally had to send out letters to their season ticket holders telling them to wash
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    Just my opinion. Interested in other views… INSTITUTIONALISED PREJUDICE AGAINST Rangers – ARE WE THERE YET? There is almost certainly not a club in world football that faces the daily barrage of negativity and animosity that Rangers does. There is likely not a club that possesses such a dedicated, vitriolic and well organised enemy as the “anti-Rangers movement”. It is a unique situation where the largest sporting entity in the country – a proud institution that has contributed so much to that country’s prosperity – is the focus of such relentless and all-consuming scorn and derision. So much so that, rather than offer support to the club in its hour of need, the forces within this country preferred to batter it to the ground (or try to). The process of systematically targeting Rangers FC through the press, the SFA and even the government has become more intense, more widespread and more blatant since we entered administration and were left vulnerable. The question now is: are we already operating in a climate of INSTITUTIONALISED PREJUDICE against Rangers Football Club and its supporters? ********* THEIR INFLUENCE IN THE MEDIA The infiltration of the Scottish media was a movement of stealth, a loose affiliation of the ‘celtic-minded’ over a number of years until there came a point when they were able to noticeably start pushing their bitter agenda through the Scottish press/radio/TV (and even further afield through left-wing publications like the Guardian). Just think modern day and the planned tabloid serialisation of Ill-Phil's vicious, hate-fuelled hatchet job on our club; or the cartoon of Ally committing suicide; or anything by Spiers; or the biased undertone of so much football content on the radio. There is no doubt that, since the rise of the SNP, this anti-Rangers movement has enjoyed an almost free reign to increase its bitter propaganda in the press. THEIR APPARENT INFLUENCE OVER THE LAW… For me (and I fucking hate to mention this individual) the classic example of how these people now exert their control in The People’s Rhepublic of Scotland - is Haggerty. This angry, bitter woman complained to the police about the social media abuse she was receiving due to a podcast by a Rangers fan (never mind that she actively sought to bait Rangers fans on a daily basis). The police said "no crime committed" and THEN....Ms Haggerty engages the help of her mhedia buddies to FORCE the police to suddenly leap into action and arrest the guy who did the podcast. [Did a wee phone call maybe take place from one of Salmond's cohorts to the Chief Constable??] Inevitably, the legal system then kicked dutifully into gear and ensured the dude went to the jail. Strange outcome when no crime was committed, no? THEIR INFLUENCE WITHIN THE SFA Few of us feel any real surprise each time there is a new instance of an influential figure in Scottish football harbouring an anti-Rangers bias. The warped agenda of the SFA was made abundantly clear (if it wasn’t already) following our entry into admin in 2012. Gary Hughes is quite likely one of a number of Liewell “plants” within the SFA given the directive of taking every possible opportunity to twist and manipulate the official SFA rules to hurt and undermine Rangers FC. This new revelation about Hughes is a minor "blip" for these people. It is an unfortunate instance of their anti-Rangers/anti-Protestant agenda being exposed for what it is. Liewell will be pissed off because he likes to carry out his manipulations in such a way that we KNOW full well what’s happening but we can do fuck all about it. That’s the entire basis of his self-satisfied supercilious smirk. In common with most of his ilk, his hatred of Rangers far outweighs his love of celtic. THEIR ATTEMPT TO INFLUENCE THE WIDER PERCEPTION OF Rangers Influencing the law…influencing the media…ultimately the anti-Rangers movement want to influence how we are perceived. They want to marginalise us and redefine us in the eyes of Scottish society and, indeed, British society as a whole. They want us to be regarded as ignorant and outdated, an unwelcome demographic that has no place in the SNP’s modern vision of Scotland. Ironically, the main thrust of their propaganda is to label us as obsessive, bitter, aggressive and bigoted – all the things that have been proven time and time again to be THEIR primary characteristics. In fairness, they have been more determined and more united in their cause than we have been in defending ourselves over the last couple of decades. The rise of the SNP and the clusterfuck of negativity surrounding our demise in 2012 have made it easier for their anti-Rangers narrative to gain traction. Their number contains plenty of calculated strategists and manipulators who have successfully ingratiated themselves (and their cause) to the woolly minded liberal appeasers that are sadly more prevalent in our society than ever before. I’m talking about the type of folk who think equality means discriminating in favour of minorities rather than ensuring a level playing field; who think it’s sensible to mollycoddle Islamic extremists rather than expunge them; who generally fall over themselves to apologise for being British. Sadly, the propaganda in the media has sucked in many of the PC brigade hook, line and sinker. ********* THE FIGHTBACK - OUR WAY FORWARD... What do we have to do? Over the past six years we have shown incredible resilience and loyalty that has been admired across the entire footballing world (with the exception, predictably, of our own country). Given our size and our passion it is inevitable that our star will rise again and, as we recover our status on the pitch, we must also start to defend our rightful place in society. 1. The Rangers Board need to stand up and take issue with EACH and EVERY instance of unfair reporting and obvious prejudice, threatening and actually proceeding with legal action wherever viable. Some may think this type of constant griping is not the Rangers way, but just take a wee look at how successful the other side have been with it. We NEED to match them blow for blow in the gutter press in order to defend our reputation and stop their poisonous doctrine spreading. 2. The Ranger’s press liaison officers need to cultivate stronger ties (and more of them) with sympathetic journalists and media people. We need to actively feed the narrative of OUR choice rather than just react to the narrative of THEIR choice. After all, attack is the best form of defence. We should readily ban journalists and publications that clearly have an anti-Rangers bias (they need us more than we need them and if they can’t behave…) 3. We have to actively keep promoting a positive image of Rangers and its supporters showing that a respect of Queen, country, tradition, the armed forces and the Union flag is something to be PROUD of and goes hand in hand with welcoming EVERYONE into the Rangers family. The Rangers support is traditionally made up of proud, hard-working, decent people who conduct themselves with integrity. The anti-Rangers movement would love dearly to change this perception of us permanently. 4. We should embrace our rich history more than ever before (not least because it winds them up so much with their sevco crap). The recent examination of our origins and the fantastic Founders Trail that resulted are wonderful developments. Personally, I have an image in my mind of my Great Grandfather going to Ibrox back in the thirties (apparently with a rattle!) to cheer on the Rangers in the midst of the Depression. It might be hugely romanticised, but the main stand would have been there and I see him walking along Edmiston Drive in the midst of the famous mighty throng of Bears from a much simpler time. I doubt there are many clubs who value and identify with their heritage like we do. 5. Crazy as it now seems, some of us were briefly wooed by the SNP but now we should ALL be able to see the danger they represent. They must never get another solitary vote from the Rangers family. 6. We need to refrain from giving celtic fans like MOH the blue jersey. This isn’t in the least bit discriminatory or connected to religion, it just makes absolutely NO sense to fill a place in our squad with a man who will never put us first in his heart when playing our greatest rivals. 7. We have the largest fan-base in Scotland and consequently (as has been proved) the SPL relies on us. Yet we have not used this to our advantage. Rather, we have sucked up all the unfair treatment meted out to us and we have continued to pack away ends across the land thus giving the clubs that tried to hurt us their life-blood revenue. If need be – and without hurting the club - we should consider withdrawing the blue pound from those who actively work against us. 8. Finally, we must STOP APPEASING!! We need to recapture what it means to be a RANGER (player or supporter). a) Ex-players who don’t stand their ground and defend the club when in the media should NOT be welcome at Ibrox. You may say that it’s necessary to ‘toe the line’ in order to get work in the biased Scottish mhedia but this is a defeatist attitude that actually MAKES OUR SITUATION WORSE. It’s no surprise that proud Rangers men like Willie Henderson and Davie Wilson make Terry Butcher look like a Judas weasel. b) Our celebrity fans should stand proud and say ‘Rangers all the way!’ when asked their team, not mumble it into their fucking boots like it’s something they’re a wee bit ashamed of. c) Those sympathetic to us in the media should find the confidence to counteract the bias we face by reporting in a way that, God forbid, actually favours us and tarnishes them. d) Hand-wringers and apologists should be banned from holding office at the club or representing the club in any official capacity whatsoever. And hand-wringers among the support should be taken to one side and quietly enlightened. These people show weakness to our enemies and are telling the world that the negativity against us is somehow justified. This delights the anti-Rangers movement and hurts the club. People the world over respect STRENGTH and SELF-BELIEF, not babbling clowns who are embarrassed by the National Anthem, the waving of our Union Flag or the singing of our traditional songs. You never see that on a supporter’s bus yet some of the posts here on RM… In summary, we need to consciously take affirmative action if we are to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Our enemies have had a field day and we need to actively start working to redress the balance. I think there is an inexorable link between our challenge on the field and our challenge as a community within Scotland. Success breeds confidence and it will become so much easier for us to collectively fight our corner and start to redress the balance and repair the damage of their slurs and propaganda once we are winning the league and cups again. I’m taking the positives where I can. The repeal of the Salmond’s ridiculous “Offensive Behaviour…Act”; the newly announced ticket allocation for old firm games at Ibrox; the record uptake of season tickets. I’m praying that King will come good with funds available to the new boss and that, in turn, Gerrard can demonstrate real managerial prowess to galvanise our squad into mounting a proper challenge. It shall indeed be a joyful thing to behold when the cosmetically enhanced grin gets wiped off Brenda’s weirdly orange face. We have tolerated for too long, Bears. We must be strong and defend ourselves with absolute conviction. And we must be clever about it, as they have been. Let’s take back our rightful crown and usher in a new era for our magnificent football club. WATP Real Rangers men, loyal and proud. Let them be an example to today's squad. Traditional Values! March 1941: With the men either working on the banks of the Clyde under German bombing raids or off fighting at the front, their wives and weans pack Ibrox to welcome the King and Queen [PRESS PHOTO].
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    "The Great Unwashed" They gen up steal everything from everycunt.
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    It's happening because still today, 6 years on celtic are pushing extremely hard to have us punished again for 2012, including our titles being stripped. The current board were far far too naive to what celtic were up to and they've finally woken up.
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    More than happy to take my chances in the ballot for a thousand for piggery and if I don’t get then that’s fine It’s a bigger picture we need to look at - in recent years they’ve tried to burn our stadium down and threw flares at our goalkeeper - they are animals and anyone saying this is just because we are getting beat don’t know their arse from their elbow because during 9 in a row when we were rampant against them we were campaigning at fans meetings in front of Jardine, Murray, Finlay and Greg and whatever wank was the head of security that year to cut their allocations they don’t deserve the numbers in our stadium that they get - end of and I’d be saying this if we were on the verge of 50 in a row coming to Ibrox Is a privilege not a right
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    Have I woke up in some weird alternative universe. Get in the Rangers board.
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    and there's some folk still want McGinn and even more folk that don't have a problem with us signing the modern day Scottish Catholic ... waken the fuck up people, these people are the biggest threat to anything we want to do as a club and you's have your heads up their arses playing the politically correct cuck's ... you's probably let your wives suck off black guys while you video it too
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    This is an absolutely fantastic gesture the family seem to have had a torrid time A Rangers-supporting couple who both tragically have terminal illnesses had their dreams come true when they got married at Ibrox. Jeannie Millan, 39, and William Brand, 49, could not afford to tie the knot due to shelling out for medicine for William’s Motor Neurone Disease. 4 It was a “dream come true” to be married at Ibrox His doting wife Jeannie also suffers heart failure as a result of chemotherapy she went through for leukemia. The couple, from Haldane in West Dunbartonshire, currently live off of benefits with their three children, two of whom are disabled. They were devastated when they were told that William would die before his 50th birthday – but the Rangers Charity Foundation were so moved by their story that they arranged and paid for a wedding at the stadium on last Saturday. Jeannie told The Scottish Sun: “It was fantastic. More than a dream come true. We couldn’t have asked for it to be any better. “My heart failure means I can’t get stressed and a wedding is a stressful thing but they took all the pressure off. “The whole day was just so magical and we could never have had that kind of day without them. Even if we were in good health and had the money we couldn’t have arranged it. We were able to have a first dance which was great. They’ve made a dying man’s wish come true. It’s given him a new lease of life and another reason to fight harder.” Jeannie contacted the Rangers Charity Foundation to see if they could help and the couple were given a signed ball which they raffled off to raise £400. But they were shocked to then be contacted and told they would get their whole big day paid for. She added: “They went above and beyond. Never in a million years would we have been able to do that. They deserve so much credit. “We only asked for a bit of help because we’ve been through such hardship. Billy’s proposed three times but we couldn’t justify marriage when the money could go on the medicine”. The couple have been shipping over groundbreaking treatment Deeanna Protocol shipped over from the US in a a bid to help William. The £300-a-month medicine was developed by Dr Vincent Tedone, whose daughter Deeana contracted Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). And although it’s not a cure, it has been effective in slowing the effects of the fatal disease with the couple believing it is has improved William’s condition. Jeannie said: “When he was diagnosed we were devastated. “For about a year I never slept, I was constantly researching. “And I came across a story about a father who had developed a protocol for his daughter. “It’s given us hope. It slows it right down and regains muscle. “When he was told he was going to die before his 50th he had been too scared to tell me his protocol had run out because we couldn’t afford more. “He literally couldn’t talk or walk so when our daughter got paid the first thing she did was bought some.” Rangers Charity Foundation Director Connal Cochrane said: “The Rangers Charity Dream Fund exists to make the dreams come true of as many people as possible who are in need of a boost. “The Foundation has a proud tradition of assisting those less fortunate and when we heard Jeannie and William’s story we wanted to do everything we could to help fulfil their wish. “The strength they have shown during such difficult times is unbelievable and we hope their wedding day at Ibrox gave all the family a day full of memories to cherish. “On behalf of the Rangers Family we wish them all the very best.”
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    Ambassador? The useless fat bastard can’t even stick up for us on Radio Catholic when we get called cheats and whatever else
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    Meanwhile 7-8000 bears get to have tickets for games against them at Ibrox now.
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    I posted this in the beggars topic but in case anyone who has tickets in the BR miss it. I phoned the ticket office to see how much it would be to upgrade my grandsons ST in the BR now that the scum are not getting the full stand. I was told that he would not be able to do this. It looks like the weans tickets will go on general sale to folk who buy game by game. I'm raging because why shouldn't he get to go to these games? I've emailed the SLO to ask him to pass on my disgust to the board and remind them that the juniors are the club's future generation of supporters.
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    Greatest day I've ever had following us.
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    Delighted. They will do the exact same back to us. But who wants to pay £50+ to sit in their shitehole wondering if it's going to collapse...
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    Out with his mum today and stopped at the traffic lights, his mum asked what the red man means he says "stop", she then asks what does the green man mean "mummy that's a soap dodger"....😂😂get in there wee man!!
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    If I look at two people in the street, ones smartly dressed, ones looking fucking clatty, I know which one is the taig. You can spot they filthy bastards a mile off
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    Don’t know if this had been posted already but this is superb
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    Stopped reading when he mentions the safety of selik fans. Conveniently forgets young bears being hit with glass bottles and nearly having permanent hearing loss after them chucking flashbangs into our supporters. Pubs and supporters buses constantly attacked after games, and we've to worry about the safety of their manky inbred fans? Off ye fuck.
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    Chip chip chip. “Rangers were set up as an exclusive organisation.” Rangers were set up by 4 lads who wanted to play football. I doubt they even considered their own culture as most lads don’t. celtic came along and decided they would establish a team to stop the new immigrants from fraternising with the non-catholics. Divisiveness then, divisiveness now(schooling). That’s the difference when trying to indoctrinate people to a cult. They claim to be open to all as long as you convert. Feed poor families? More like buying their devotion through charity. Sure we will feed you, just realise that this food is from the holy trinity themselves. only one team in Glasgow was established to divide. To separate. Only one religion continues to divide and separate. When celtic come out and disavow the catholic church and when schools go full non denominational and once at least 3 generations have passed only then can they try and peddle this fucking bollocks. The problem is the neutrals who are hard of thinking (like collymore) believe this utter codswallop. When a lie is repeated often enough without the truth being given proportional exposure, the lie becomes the truth.
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    That’s bevause they’ve got people at their club that fight for these things we don’t - we’ve got owners and executives who keep talking about what they want to do for Scottish football, share titles with celtic and let the papers/media print what they want
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    And the war between Rangers & the SFA continues yet people think we are 'bridge building' When you firstly investigate something from 7 years ago, find no fault on the side of Rangers so make up an entirely different charge over something that was protected by an agreement that the they forced Rangers to sign.... yeah you can expect more of this coming their way.
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    So basically the Gerrard Effect means we can get players who usually wouldn't consider joining us interested in signing but the Dave King Effect means we can't afford them so we have to rely on the Mark Allen Effect to get us a few free transfers and loans in again. Is that how this works?
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    Ok, so who’s going to post the screenshots of the shettleston’s meltdown over this? Am away for popcorn.
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    Should be sacked Dallas was sacked for less.
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    Would have been more impressive if he hadn't just turned 25.
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    Can't be arsed getting on the hype train again. I'll wait until I see us playing high quality football before get excited. We've been let down too many times after falling into the 'feel good factor'.
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    Last year we posted the incredible tale behind this wonderful painting by our own Tom Vallance from 1891 and how it had been found in a cupboard at Ibrox. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/blog We met with the Club to discuss restoring the painting which would be funded by the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and Club 1872. The Club agreed to let artist Helen Runciman, who has painted among many others our Founders and Tom Vallance portraits, carry out the restoration work. The work is now complete and this priceless gem will be unveiled at the top of the Marble Staircase at Ibrox Stadium this Saturday evening at 7.15pm. This will be before Champions League Final event which is sold out.
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    As much of a wank as he is, he’s a public figure with almost a 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. I would love the club to take him up on his offer and sue him for libel/defamation. He’s openly calling our club & fans racists, we shouldn’t accept that
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    7000 new season tickets at £415 a pop equals £3m.
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    Unionist, loyalist, Monarch loving and fucking proud. Today is a great day, long live our Queen and her extended and growing family. 🍺🇬🇧 to our brethren.
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    We shouldnt have agreements with teams that actively try and end us
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    “His attitude’s been awful” “Moaning face” Cunt’s don’t have a clue man. He’s one of the hardest working players in our team. I’m glad his face has been tripping him, it fucking should be. Results and his own goal scoring for the last couple of months of the season weren’t good enough. The fact he looks beelin’ is a good thing. Would people rather he swanned about like Windass and Martin? Not giving one solitary fuck and posting shite on instagram?
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    Sooner this cunt contracts terminal illness and dies the better
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    KAI is obviously not talking about fighting to cover up peado behaviour ffs, his post is obvious as to what he means.
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    Half an hour later you're comparing him to Messi!
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    I've seen plenty of arguments about paying this cunt off but no fuckin way. He doesn't walk away from us with a full 2 years wage in his pocket. We make sure he is shown up for what he is. Where's the PR dept to get the story out there with pics that he went to celebrate the scum winning. He's ripping us for a wage. We make him turn up and train as far away from the 1st team as we are allowed. And when we start winning we make sure he is there in the background suffering to fuck. He either agrees to fuck off on a transfer elsewhere or he gets treated like a leper for the remainder of his contract. He doesn't leave happily with our cash. He gets treated like the scum he is for 2 years.
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    The hatred for Wallace is mental.
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    Why would you want to give less money to the club?
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    To think the likes of Wallace and Miller are banished from the club yet a tarrier mess celebrating their cup win is allowed to roam Ibrox is howling.
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    In what world does that not look like Whittaker Fuck's wrong with you people
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