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    Aye he’s shite obviously. Been out for at least a month and comes on for half an hour in a game we were dreadful in so let’s write him off completely. If you’re bringing a left back on to try and change a game then you’re really struggling. You know what over the next year he might prove to be a poor signing but trying to criticise him at this stage is absolutely ridiculous.
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    But no summit on hundreds of children being abused by a paedophile ring, operating in plain sight, at a member club, all about priorities I suppose.
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    That we're a work in progress. December was always going to be a hard month. We'll struggle without Morelos. Midfield and up top badly need an injection of quality, and it will be dealt with in January. Nothing is won or lost in December. Get a grip.
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    9 iar was full of highs and lows - skip the following if you want my point here’s a few- 1989 beating that lot at new year at Porkheed- for the first time in 25 years, 25 fucking years - a quarter of a century 1990 - the run in we lost five games on a trot allowing the sheep to claw back a nice gap (squeaky bum) that sheep game in 91/92 fuck me last game of the season, they needed a draw to win the league - thank fuck for Attila the Hu* remember 1993/94 the injury crisis we lost I think our last 6/7 games on a horrendous run and still scraped it. Gazza’s first season we LOST more games than shellik but still won the league by 4 points my point is simple - there’s no exact science to football it’s a funny old game and yes we’ve dipped in form but clearly we are still at the races. So no fucking surrender right!
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    That getting a new manager and a whole new team again are off their rocker. That is not the answer and it's not affordable again. We are 3/4 players away from having a good team. Gerrard is a new manager and we have improved under him. Our European success has exceeded expectations and while domestic performance isn't where it needs to be we are closer than we've been. He needs another season. See what tweaks he can make in January, then another summer transfer window and see where we go from there. Our season is FAR from over, we are 1 game away from making it to the Europa League knockouts, we are 2-5 points off the top of the table with 3 Old Firms (2 at home) and a long way of the season to go and still in the Scottish Cup. The last 2 games have been totally unacceptable but a bit of an overreaction people saying a new manager and a whole new squad is required. 2 quality midfielders and a forward in January would go a long way to improving our team. Sort the defence out next summer. Starting from scratch every single season is never going to work. We don't have the money to go and buy 11 quality players. We need to add it piece by piece.
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    Good news. If they don't want them then good Bears can get a ticket. I hope their fans never enter Ibrox Stadium ever again.
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    We've had 1x transfer window to put right the disasters. Some have came in and done well, others less so. Some of the squad are good enough, many are not. The manager has shown enough that he deserves a couple of transfer windows and some money. We are still a few bits short, but it's the bits that probably will rely on unearthing a bargain or spending money. Being realistic, we're in a better place now than at any point in the last 6yrs. This season was always going to be a huge ask, and it's proving it. We simply do not have the quality to reliably get results in games where the opposition sit in.
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    I seriously hope we never let them have the full stand again.No matter what stunts they pull .And whoever they canvass to put pressure on us Get all these bheastly fans to fuck as far as I'm concerned The irony is .They come to our ground and they will be given the 5 star red carpet treatment from the pigs .Who will face us up on our home ground ,just like they do when we go to their dump
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    So the tarriers complain about an offside goal against Motherwell, Aberdeen complain about Cosgrove sending off and hearts complain about our goal against them and the penalty against St Johnstone. What happens the SFA are to hold a summit on the subject. We complain about the most ridiculous sending off in years and what happens. The SFA levy charges against us. If that was in a TV drama people would say it want believable.
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    I'm actually disappointed in some that they want a full stand of fucking taigs at Ibrox
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    I honestly can't help but like Levin. He hates everyone. There is absolutely no bias to it.
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    I don't get why people are up in arms that we are looking after our own first and foremost. We now have almost 48000 ST holders. They should be cared for first and foremost.
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    This where playing Worral baffles me. Katic had a good start and then out of nowhere was dropped against Villarreal I think he has had one start since then and was hooked at halftime. Now going by the performance of Worral today and previous games I don't for a second believe that Worral is a better option than Katic . So why then sign a player for 1.5 million on a four year contract and then play a bang average loanee before him.
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    We really need to give one of the managers a chance. If we chop and change then we are looking at non stop upheaval. Somethings got to give
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    I'm sick of the chopping and changing, get back to Goldson & Katic, we have no cohesion in the centre back areas anymore....we did in August & September so why change it?
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    Fucksake. A guy with a growing reputation who’s broken into the World Cup finalists squad and has been out for 6 weeks and just had his first minutes on the pitch since....🙄
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    Too many of us buying into the taig media crap about no atmosphere if we don’t give them a full stand. Load of unadulterated bollocks.
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    👍 For me it goes back to an old quote by Walter Smith ..... "If you can achieve winning a league championship ...that to me ... is the full test of the team and management .... because it is over the full season and you have a lot of problems you have to overcome". This season so far we have experienced some of those problems and hopefully ... when the dust settles .... SG and his team start to iron them out. Next season is the one I fully expect to see a different type of player in the vital areas we are lacking in ..... two attacking mid fielders and two more strikers .... and hope we get the quality we need to sort out the team's lack of being able to break down stubborn defences once and for all. Right now after this latest disappointing display today ..... another of Walter's sayings roughly paraphrase'd sets the feeling of the day ..... "Two bad results and Rangers are in a crisis" ..... as true now as it was then ..... and hopefully this attitude from our support never changes as it is correct to demand the best from management and players alike .... but not to the extremes of demanding a complete change of staff .... this does not always solve the problem as we have seen in our previous management teams and their choice of players. I sincerely hope that SG will be given the time to get his players to the proper standards required of a title winning side and we don't fall into the change for the sake of changing trap.
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    OP was gagging to make this thread just to say "I told you so" Embarrassing
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    But we need to keep supporting the team. Whether you think Murty, Caixinha or Warburton was the man to back we can't keep sacking Managers. I'm baffled at some of the decisions by the Manager, but whether you admit it or not there was no expectation of Gerrard winning the League in his first Season with us. He set that precedent with our performances in Europe and our home form. Gerrard was a gamble and we need to roll the dice again by backing him in the next few windows. Quality is required and I hope the shareholders allow him to bring it in. In the meantime, collectively a response is required because we can't continue to not pick up 3 points.
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    I mind thinking at the start of the season that we had finally sorted the base of our team out with them two and McGregor
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    Doing a bit of research on the subject and it aint hard to find the wealth of stories out there. On institutional child abuse in general, the media has played it's part over the years, but you then cme across the inequities in Scot's law on it. Like compensation is time barred three years after the age of 16. Lord McConnel asked for this to be repealed over a decade ago and to date nothing has been done. The crimes perp'd in taig orphanages over the decades are horrendous. Nazereth House in Kilmarnock....."Helen" ..."I was held down by the Sisters and raped at the age of 8 by a priest and systematically raped until she was eleven. Years later she took her case to Scotland's chief prosecutor(some taig bitch with an Italian name and can't remember it) only to be told their would be no point in going to court as the perp's would be either dead or too old. End of story now fuck off and die. Then there are the cases of the unmarked graves at the taig orphanages across Scotland and no death certificates. No one knows who the thousands of young innocents are. That in itself is a crime and no one brought to book. No pm's to discover the cause of death. The common denominator in it all, are taigs. They are as heinous as they are untouchable. For me it is obvious Holyrood are keeping a lid on it all and the most prominent name of all that would burst the dam is that of CFC. The whole house of paedophiles comes crumblng down if institutional peadophilia can be proven. I am confident that some if not many are still alive both within and outwith the institution. You have to ask, why would Saville have an interest in CFC? Why do we see pictures of Saville, Torbett, CFC officials, priests and young boys together? You don't have to be too clever to work out why. As I've said before, Torbett harbours their secrets and many, including Holyrood are making sure all those involved are never made public. Every decent individual have an obligation to ensure the truth is known and justice seen to be done.
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    Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video].mp3 This is one of the reasons why nothing has been done, its their way of controlling the agenda from their placemen in the media, politicians, S. F. A. and the Judiciary A disgusting topic to bring up in a discussion is the mantra from them. No what is repugnant and disgraceful to any normal human being is the fact that they all knew and are as guilty as the perpetrators of the horrific crimes committed against these unfortunate children for over 30 years or more all because of their allegiance to a football team a football team for fuck sake. Would they have let their own children be put through these horrors for the glory of playing for them, you would hope the answer would be no but they were willing to allow this to happen to other people's weans trying to achieve their dreams of becoming a footballer and placed them into the hands of a group of pederasts. Silence is not the way to go. Expose them, shout it from the rooftops, this is the biggest crime in the world of sport forget Penn State and others, contact anyone and everyone who could help bring this to light, Governing bodies excepting the SFA as they are as guilty as them. U. E. F. A. surely there are decent people out there who would fight for the victims of celtic football club and ensure that the appropriate sanctions are taken against the individuals and the corporate entity that is celtic. Hopefully someone with the wherewithal to start up a campaign like "Kick it out" could be found and then change it to "Kick them Out" Remember this is a club and support who wanted Rangers dead and continue to do so "jelly&ice cream" Effigies at their midden, this is just not banter they are deadly serious and hate every thing about us.
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    top notch trolling once again