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    The coefficient wasn't an issue when You voted your strongest point gainer out of the league When you voted to hamstring the club with illegal transfer embargoes When you attacked the same club at every opportunity And finally when we lost to Progres last year's you partied for a year . so you can stick your coefficient right up yet hoops . We have the ability to be a "stand alone " club .so don't be looking for our sympathy
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    This is the beginning of the end for Paedo FC. And yes it is Bears Den, it couldn’t be anymore fucking relevant that our biggest rivals are about to miss out on £25-30 million. A manager who is at Loggerheads with the board. Players that don’t want to play for them. A ridiculous wage bill that they can’t afford. A woeful defence. Genuinely woeful. If rumours are to be believed a legal case that could become absolutely huge. This is a massive turning point tonight and we couldn’t be better placed to turn the tables. Outstanding! 🇬🇧 When you spend £2million quid on disco lights for the champions league and get fucked out in the qualifiers. If Carlsberg did Tuesday nights!
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    CELTIC could land an incredible payday of approximately £40m if they reach the Champions League group stage after UEFA revealed prize money for next season's competition had been increased by an astonishing 50 per cent. Should they get past the four qualifying rounds, Brendan Rodgers’s side would have the potential to rake in such an astronomical figure when television money and gate revenue is taken into consideration. £40M guys, £40M. this result is absolutely astronomical for us
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    This means nothing to me.
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    A few months ago they looked years ahead of us. Yes we've closed it rapidly but let's not get too carried away just yet.
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    You've just reminded me, I've got a good one, I'll need to dig it out and get a photo. Dad passed it down:
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    Foreign journalist asks some sensible questions. Quite refreshing.
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    Never forget.
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    Maybe he just wants a dug
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    Southampton preparing 7m transfer bid for disco lights.
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    Bigotfest I hate that our good family club name gets tainted with stuff like that because of them fenian bastards
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    Let’s just get Maribor out the way first
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    9 million quid on an untested striker they could have got for half the price in January. Beat off Hearts. No mammoth bids from England for any of these world class players that Premier League clubs are so desperate to sign. Boyata refusing to play. Patrick Roberts knocking them back. 2 million quid wasted on disco lights for Champions League nights that they won't have cos AEK Athens just put them out despite playing most of the game at the Glitterdome with 10 men. Rodgers publicly criticising the board. All this already this season and it's still only August. The bubble is well and truly burst
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    So you start a thread about something you’re not even sure you care about, about a player who everyone knows is out injured.
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    Good point but I never tire of pointing out to bheasts that celtic’s problem was not their connection to Torbett and the others - their problem and their eternal shame lies in the fact that they put the club ahead of the victims, paid them off, convinced them to keep quiet (exactly as their clergy have demonstrated for a lifetime) and swept it under the carpet. Any employer can unknowingly recruit a monster but, when that monster is discovered, the duty is to the victims, not the supposedly good name of the brand.
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