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    The Northern Irishman said: “I actually feel sorry for the celtic players. They didn’t win the title on the pitch, they were handed it. They have officially been crowned champions, their ninth success in a row, but this triumph will always be tainted and hollow. “All their hard work, dedication and gutsy performances when they grinded out results will be forgotten. In the record books there will always be an asterisk beside this season’s Championship. “I know Neil Lennon was on television saying that this title win was the greatest one under his management, but that was all for show and to wind up the Rangers fans watching at home. “Deep down it will rankle him that his team weren’t able to secure the title on the pitch. “Of course, it wasn’t their fault. The Covid-19 pandemic sadly intervened. “But, as a result, history will not look too kindly on this celtic nine-in-a-row team and that will hurt the current crop of players. “They’ll never be revered in the same light as the great celtic sides that won nine-in-a row between 1966 and 1974, or the Rangers teams between 1989 and 1997. “Those players are Old Firm royalty. They won Championships after titanic and terrific battles against top sides. “Yet, the celtic sides of the last nine years, while successful, will be remembered for winning titles when Rangers weren’t in the league and then being handed the title. “That must be so frustrating for players who thrive on competition. I say this as a former professional footballer and a competitor, not as a former Rangers player. “I would feel exactly the same way if it were the blue half of Glasgow in this position. “I certainly wouldn’t be celebrating because, as a professional sportsperson, you crave competition, the thrill of the win after a hard-fought battle and knowing you have given everything possible to beat your opponent on a level playing field. “Scott Brown is a great player in Scottish football and I know he would love to be regarded in the same way as the nine-in-a row celtic players of the past, but that’s not going to happen. “He’ll be held in high esteem, but not on the same level as a Bobby Lennox or Stevie Chalmers. “If a season cannot be finished on the pitch, then for the integrity of the league, it should be voided.” Speaking in the Sunday Life newspaper, McAuley also took a bat to the SPFL over their treatment of Hearts and continued: “There were 24 points left to play for. I’m convinced they would have come on strong in the closing stages and avoided the trap door. “If we take the SPFL’s logic, Leicester City would never have won the Premier League. “A year before they were crowned champions, Leicester were bottom of the league and in serious danger of going down. But they rallied hard in the remaining weeks of the season and avoided the drop. The next year they were champions. “But if a pandemic had struck in 2015, going by Scottish rules, Leicester would have been relegated and there would have been no Championship the following year. “Championship success, relegation and promotion cannot be decided in a boardroom. Otherwise you are questioning sporting integrity and it is horrible. “Hearts should not have to go to court over a football decision. It’s a shambles and really sums up Scottish football recently. The washing of dirty linen in public was particularly unedifying. “The biggest problem I can see is that important decisions are being made by people who have never really been involved in the game from a playing point of view.”
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    Honestly don't know what people expect tbh. £4m is a great deal for him. Kent cost £7m, Edouard cost £9m, Ntcham cost £4.5m, Goldson cost £3m, Scott Brown cost £4.5m about 13 years ago, Jullien cost £7m,.. it's the kind of figures you just have to pay. Sure you could get lucky and find a Barisic, Morelos or Katic for <£2m but that's the level of risk which also lands you players like Herrera, Docherty, Garner and the Barkers and Kiernans of the world. You can use the bosman market really well with Jack, Kamara and Aribo but only if they're available. Otherwise if you want quality like Hagi who has already shown his abilities and is only 21 years old then £4m should be snapped at. Hagi is the younger than Ross McCrorie and the same age as Jamie Barjonas and he's light years ahead of them.
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    The fenians slap prices like this on their players and nobody even questions it , we do it and our own fans ridicule it. No wonder we continually get shat on ........
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    I am working as a teachers now. See all these people that are working as a footballers now, they don’t know there born and should pay the taxes mam more like peepul like we does. Its a disgrass.
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    ‘’Thus ended their first match played at the latter end of May 1872 some two months after the inauguration of the club’’. The words of Rangers player William Dunlop from his article The Rangers FC which he wrote so eloquently for the SFA Annual in 1881 using the pen name ‘True Blue’. Rangers Football Club played it’s first ever match 148 years ago this week. Our Club was formed on a spare bit of ground at Fleshers Haugh by a few kids who’d come to Glasgow seeking employment and a better way of life.Their Club ,which they formed for no other reason than the love of football and the pursuit of sporting excellence,would go on to become the world’s most successful. That first ever match was against Callander and ended 0-0, Willie continued, “Their first game was a terrible spectacle with the ball suffering an incredible amount of abuse” William McBeath was given man of the match and then spent a week in bed recovering due to his exertions’’ Founder William McBeath was from Callander and we believe it would have been Willie who approached ex-pats from the town who had settled in Glasgow and that’s probably where the opposition came from for our first match. Willie’s Rangers team-mate Sam Ricketts wrote in 1884 about the boys playing those first few games in their civvies and journalist John Allan wrote about them having to change behind a bush as there were no facilities. William Dunlop described how genial Peter McNeil would travel on a Saturday morning to a desirable part of the Glasgow Green, set up the noted standards and stand guard until the classic hour came when he would be joined by his friends.We felt this was a very dramatic and moving image and commissioned a painting to be done depicting this scene.We presented the painting by artist Helen Runciman to the Club in 2009 and it now hangs on the marble staircase at Ibrox. The Rangers would remain at Fleshers Haugh for three years.We then began our journey around Glasgow to Burnbank and Kinning Park before finally settling in the Ibrox area in 1887 where we would grow to become the world’s most successful football club. The Rangers FC by William Dunlop. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-Rangers-f-c-by-true-blue
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    Hagi, Kent, and Aribo have unreal potential. It’s up to our coaching staff to ensure they realise it.
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    Easily one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in Europe from a Rangers player
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    Anyone else finding our current board “wanting” ?
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    It’s been said for the past 2 seasons. We do not need squad options, we need 3-4 starting players which makes the current team squad options. Our problem is all we’ve signed are fucking squad options
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    *This isn’t a thread to criticise him or point out his well known discipline issues. All of that’s been done to death.* As a footballer, when on form, Morelos is definitely one of the best players we’ve had for a long time. That isn’t to say he’s been 1999 Ronaldo by any means, but nobody can deny how important his goals have been for us since he signed a few years ago. His development has accelerated so quickly that its night and day watching him play for us in his first season compared to now. His goal against Legia is far from his best but fuck me was it enjoyable. However, his goal against Porto is his best for me (rivalled only by his placed finish outside the box at Pittodrie):
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    Ferguson the player was an idol. Ferguson the person/pundit has all the intellectual capacity of a fucking potato. If the Chamber of Secrets XI had Hagi on loan, there'd be constant talk about how he was football's next global superstar and how he'd fetch celtic £40m and how incredible a prospect he was. We know this game, we've seen it played out before. If it's in the traditional Scottish sporting media, ignore it and move on.
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    Seems we can't get excited with a genuine talent for the fear he might not be like Ronaldo every game.
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    Honestly starting to think Scottish football dying would not be a bad thing, we go down south, whatever level. They can fuck off to the league of Ireland.
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    Greatest day of my life. p.s. We actually won our league title that year for any bheggers looking in.
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    Halliday is one of the few players in recent years that I’d genuinely wish good luck to. Went through a lot of shite and never chucked it. Heart was in the right place in every possible way.
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    Coffin dances during the worst pandemic in our lifetimes Hanging blow up dolls from stadiums mocking suicide Breaking into Stadiums during a nationwide lockdown Covering up child abuse spanning decades. Some rap sheet they have.
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    Dont buy it ..dont use their website..dont post links..dont give these Rangers hating bastards nothing Bleed them out Fuck them
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    Thought it needed a thread on this and the great work Kris has been doing since his Brother took his own life. Especially in these times when mental health is a real problem and only going to get worse unless people find help.
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    Provan and Archer ..... don't make me laugh ...... both fucking "Tail End Charlies'" in this never ending shambles that is Scottish football. All well and good to come out now with their ..... let's pretend to be fair and honest shite ...... it's definitely not the season for it ... but it sure feels like the pantomime season has arrived early this year. Just where were they from the very start ... along with all the other shite bags .... when loud voices were needed to criticise this whole fiasco ...... that's right nowhere. They have both used an awful lot of words to criticise everybody but the main character ..... the sole instigator of all that has happened for the benefit of his club ..... by now apportioning blame elsewhere ..... pathetic. Deflection under the disguise of false concern for all the losers in this shit storm is by far the worst kind of pretence ..... yet the epitome of transparency for their belated faux "outrage" only confirms who they are actually concerned about .... and who they are really protecting .... in plain sight. A serious health warning should accompany any slabbering that is in print from all these cunts .... they have made self serving an art that that can only be best described as vomit inducing ..... and in most cases far too little far too late as usual. Name ... Blame and Shame those responsible and tell the truth ... or fuck right off. As for Provan using the Sicilian Mafia as an analogy ...... now that did make me laugh .... as it has been overtly apparent for years now that as far as Lawwell and his poxy club are concerned and the crimes they have been involved in ...... Omertà has been the operative stance all media have been sworn to adhere to ..... or else. 🇬🇧
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    Michael Stewart achieved absolutely fuck all in football, he's like a poundland version of Chris Sutton.
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    You can bet your life on it. They're an embarrassment to Scotland. An embarrassment to Glasgow. An embarrassment to society. An embarrassment to humanity, and an embarrassment to sports.
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    Credit to Juve .Team with honour Holland .Nation with honour Scotland .Nation of corrupt bheast ridden scumbags running all the big organisations
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    Nice wee slap in the face for the cunts
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    Rangers gave Every Single Club the chance of A Free hit of avoiding this Shambles by Offering to fund an Independent Investigation and The Majority of them decided to Cock a Snook at Rangers Very Generous Offer therefore IMO Rangers owe no one any Favours and should vote accordingly with a Resounding No to Reconstruction and Fuck The Lot of Them.
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    I love the wee man. Nothing will Change that
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    The Europa should be n&v and all 16 remaining teams automatically qualify for next seasons group stages. Seems logical and fair to me.
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    There’s a generation of fans who instead of saying “Remember when we won the league at Rugby Park?” Or “Mind we won the League Cup with 9 men?” will be saying “Remember Ejaria’s goal against Ufa?” and “I was there the day we won at celtic park on the 29th”. We need a trophy like never before. Otherwise we’re nothing. 😕
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    That’s like asking Joseph fritzel to do a basement conversion for you
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    To this day, nobody knows and it's to Jock Wallace's credit and respect for the club that that is the case. Different days, and different men.
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    Kent at RB might be the worst shout I've ever witnessed.
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    I know it will probably be played out or called null and void but it would be fucking hilarious if UEFA declared us champions of the europa league. This country would lose its mind taigs in your work "Yez dinae play aw the matches, yer no winners" sutton,stewart and the rest trying to explain the difference between not playing all the matches in the league and being declared winners is different from...........................not playing all the matches in a tournament and being declared winners.
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    Why was there such a rush to end the SPFL season? The board still have questions to answer. The SPFL handed celtic the title on Monday afternoon after declaring a ‘unanimous' decision had been reached to end the season immediately, despite having eight rounds of fixtures still to play. Hearts were also relegated despite being only four points adrift at the bottom of the league, and have confirmed they will take legal action against the decision. By BRUCE ARCHER https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1286009/SPFL-season-ended-Neil-Doncaster-celtic-Rangers-Hearts Scottish football has been through the mill over the past three months with in-fighting, claims of bullying and corruption, votes being lost and then reappearing, threats of legal challenges and explosive statements replacing the action on the field. It has been a sour way to end a season that promised so much as celtic hunted down a record-equalling ninth title in a row, and Rangers, at times, gave a very real challenge to stopping it. Now though there is some kind of clarity with the season being called, but the picture is still very much blurred. The coronavirus pandemic could not have been predicted, and while the whole world is engulfed in the ensuing crisis there is an acceptance that things are clearly not business as usual, but there are still questions to answer over several of the steps that have led us to this conclusion. The SPFL ended the season on Monday with a statement claiming that Premiership clubs had reached a ‘unanimous agreement that the top flight cannot be finished’. However the unanimous part of that statement is understood to be factually incorrect. At least two clubs were against curtailing the season and saw no reason why a decision needed to be rushed through so soon. With the Premier League in England hoping to return under Project Restart, the SPFL adopted a different approach - ‘Project No Start’. There were understandable fears over clubs surviving without the prize money they were due from finishing the season if it needed to be extended into the summer and beyond, and the call to end the season was, at least publicly, aimed at sending out money to those different clubs. However there are still issues with that and how the SPFL will get the money should BT Sport and other sponsors call on payments of around £10m to be held back due to the season being prematurely ended. That marks part of the issue raised by Rangers, who say that wasn’t made clear to clubs before the voting began. Rangers also offered an alternative resolution where clubs would receive money now to help them see out the season. The SPFL’s legal advisor Rod McKenzie deemed that an ‘incompetent’ way to operate and the SPFL themselves claim clubs were aware of the potential for the broadcasters and sponsors to ask for money back, and proceeded to call the season this week in spite of the problems still bubbling over. “I don’t think there was much of a decision to be made,” Neil Doncaster, SPFL chief executive, said in an interview on Sky Sports on Wednesday. “It was clear to all and sundry that with the government restrictions we have in place in Scotland, and with the start of the new season coming up in the beginning of August that there just wasn’t the time to get the remaining fixtures played.” That decision was made despite it emerging on Thursday that Scottish clubs hope to be back in training by June 10 in time for the new season to start in August, with the likelihood that next season will be started behind closed doors. So why was next season given priority over this season? Other leagues in Europe have adopted different approaches. France called their league with elite sport banned in the country until September and handed PSG the title, as well as relegating the clubs at the bottom. Holland meanwhile decided against giving out a title and relegation, instead nominating teams for European competitions and sparking legal battles from those in the second tier. The Bundesliga in Germany restarted last weekend, while England continue to play the waiting game and have stepped up phase one of a return to training. In Italy Serie A have set a deadline of August 20 to get this season complete, and hope to start next season in September. Footbal in Scotland, like in France, has been banned by Nicola Sturgeon, but only until June rather than September, so why the rush and clamour to end the season now particularly when any restart this side of next January looks set to see clubs playing in empty stadiums and bitting the financial bullet on ticket sales? There is certainly no perfect answer and no one size fits all in these situations across Europe. That is why UEFA have allowed each individual FA to make their own mind up on how to finish the season. All they require is nominations to their events - based on ‘sporting integrity’. The conspiracy theorists are out, of course. celtic are now champions for a ninth season in row. They were well ahead and Steven Gerrard had all but admitted a title race was over despite having two games to play against celtic and another in hand, which could feasibly have seen the gap cut to just four points. But fans of the Ibrox side will now call it the asterisk season. They’ll say it was won in the boardroom, rather than on the pitch. They’ll say it was Peter Lawwell and his influence over the likes of Doncaster, Murdoch MacLennan and those at the top of the Scottish game, rather than by Scott Brown, Odsonne Edouard and co. And celtic will now go for the record of 10 in a row on the watch of Sky Sports, who take up the broadcasting rights with a sparkly new deal to replace BT from next season and could even become the new sponsor of the league, with one still to be found by Doncaster and co. On the decision to end the season this week SPFL chairman MacLennan said: “Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to officially congratulate celtic on their achievement of winning the Ladbrokes Premiership this season, and also to sincerely commiserate with Hearts on their relegation. “We would all have rather seen the league season played out on pitches, in stadiums and in front of supporters. This is not the way anybody involved with Scottish football would have wanted to conclude the league season but, given the grave and unprecedented circumstances that we are facing, the Board has agreed that it is the only practical way forward. “Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on sporting competitions around the world and the repercussions will be felt for a long time. Scottish Government restrictions and deep concerns for both player and spectator safety left the SPFL with no realistic option but to call the Ladbrokes Premiership now and we thank the Premiership clubs for their support on this decision.” Fans of Hearts, and indeed the club themselves, maintain that the decision to curtail the campaign under these conditions is unfair. They are still hoping for a reconstruction of the leagues, but it’s widely accepted that that is now very unlikely to pass. “As previously intimated the club has been taking legal advice throughout this process and are continuing to do so,” a statement read. “We hope that the resolution being prepared will avoid the need to go down this route. Legal action would be both time consuming and expensive. However the cost to the club of relegation would outweigh these considerations. “To our supporters, we thank you for showing patience and continuing to back the club. We will continue to fight against what we believe is an unjust outcome.” MacLennan’s connections with celtic and Dermot Desmond are well documented. Rangers have sought to clarify the ‘ah cannae stand the b******s’ comment several times to no avail with Douglas Park having written to him personally without response or denial. The disputes between Rangers and the SPFL have been painted as Rangers trying to dislodge members at the top of the game, or to have a pop back after the demotion to the bottom of the Scottish game in 2012. And while there is something in that, they certainly want change at the top of the game, it’s clear that the allies Rangers have picked up in the dispute would not stand alongside them in normal circumstances. Aberdeen for one are no friends of the Ibrox club. What have Hearts, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Partick Thistle, Falkirk, Stranraer, Stenhousemuir, Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts got to gain with a seeming allegiance with Rangers and a battle with the top dogs of the game? This leads to the point of Rangers asking for an independent investigation into the governance of the game, and their ‘dossier’ which was knocked into touch. Surely in any other walk of life or industry an accusation similar to what was brought to the SFPL would have resulted in an independent hearing, so why hasn’t it in this case? The SPFL insist there is no case to answer. Lawwel called it ‘an absolute embarrassment’. But clearly questions remain. Why were Dundee allowed to change their vote (as the leaked WhatsApp messages show to be true), were clubs aware there may be issues with the prize money even after ending the season, and what is next for Scottish football? Former celtic manager John Barnes labelled the rushed decision ‘ridiculous’. “It’s ridiculous. It's unfair,” he told Bonuscodebets. “There are eight games to go and Hearts are four points from safety, and they can come back up. “I don't understand. With eight games to go, whenever they're going to play the next season then just finish the eight games and continue to the next season. “I don't see why they have to make a decision now to stop the season because stopping the season now isn't going to make them play the next season any quicker. “But next season will come whenever it comes. So, what I'm saying is that whenever that comes, just take six weeks off to play eight games, and then go straight into the next season.” “There are eight games to go and Hearts are four points from safety, and they can come back up. It’s still unclear if the Scottish Premiership will be allowed to kick off in early August due to the restrictions in place to tackle the virus, but that’s the hope. UEFA have opened the door for leagues to start while others are still playing the previous season, and insist European games won’t get in the way of that as well. Rangers for example have a second leg with Bayer Leverkusen to play in the Europa League. After releasing six players on Tuesday who were out of contract it’s not clear what kind of squad they would have for a game still technically in the 2019/20 season. It’s also uncertain what shirts they would wear, having signed a new deal with Castore to replace Hummel. UEFA say they will deal with those issues nearer the time and won’t rush anything. Those points are less important than the long-term survival of less financially stable clubs, particualarly with Rangers being 3-1 down after the home leg anyway, but they remain unanswered nevertheless. UEFA have set Monday 25 May as the date for all leagues to map out their futures, but have also intimated there is flexibility in that. Doncaster, though, confirmed the decision in Scotland a week earlier. He hopes to kick off the brave new world under the Sky contract in the first week of August, but why then could’t they have waited until then to get this season complete, and maintain the ‘sporting integrity’ that everybody so craves? UEFA have already signed off the short term extension of contracts that were due to expire, which was seen as the greatest obstacle to that, other than the TV and sponsorship deals. They have also confirmed the Champions League and Europa League ties will be played out in August if safe to do so, making it complicated, although not impossible, for domestic leagues in Europe to try and start before those competitions are finished. The broadcasting issue in Scotland in an interesting one, with the BT deal expiring in favour of the new long-term Sky Sports one. Would Sky have allowed BT to show games beyond August if it meant completing the season, and would BT have been able or even want to? It’s not as if BT would have had celtic or Rangers on each week, would they have been willing to send TV crews and producers for the middle rung games they would have been due some weeks? They remain silent on the issue, still waiting to make their decision on the recalling of money they could be owed. Despite the concerns of what broadcasters will do if they don’t fill their allocations of games Premier League members in England first discussed the potential for not finishing the season on Monday 12 May, after weeks of talks on how they could try and get games played again. While in Scotland ballot papers had been drawn up and plans were in the works as early as March. That would seem pretty early in the grand scheme of things to be working on an end game like this. Neil Lennon was presented with the Scottish Premiership trophy on Monday live on Sky Sports and claimed this was his greatest ever title, despite getting it without actually getting over the finish line and having to celebrate with his team over a Zoom call. Whether or not they were worthy winners is a different debate, but regardless there must be a tinge of regret at not finishing it off outright and on the pitch, as they have the previous eight years, that in itself makes this one different, whether that’s with an asterisk or not.
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    All covers from #1 to the final #286: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjM9ZXyh The best fanzine there was. Half time, tea time...
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    Sky Sports Breaking News there : celtic have informed Juventus if they don't want the Seria A title, they will take it.
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    If Barry Ferguson says Rangers should only pay 2 million for Hagi, that means he's worth at least 10 million. Guys an atomic jet made out of cocks.
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    We should be opposed to any restructure and any attempts to reschedule old firm games to later in the season, infact we should oppose anything put forward by the fenian bastards from here on in
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    We could sign Gazza of old tomorrow and you would have folk saying he's a luxury and they would rather have Lewis Ferguson. No wonder the game is fucked up here.
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    We need a new captain as the first step IMO, and that probably means selling Tav, do I think that will happen, unfortunately no. ☹
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    First bloke in the white sweatshirt that Alex McLeish shakes hands with after getting his medal. That's me.
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    I have no doubt these plans will get the go ahead from GCC and once the building development is completed The Residents of the new development will be used as a stick to beat The Big Bad Rangers with, Noise, Vandalism, Sectarianism, You name it, Can see it a fucking mile off.
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    So much wrong with that article in presentation, before you get to what it’s about. They’re flouting lockdown - but it’s described as ‘party time’. It’s a ‘boozy celebration’ - ah, not deliberately breaking social distancing rules then? ’The Hoops’ - so we’re descending into jokey, fanzine vernacular to appeal to the lowest common denominator and, of course, deflect from a serious issue by not using the proper name more than they have to. Seems to me they’re bragging, rather than complaining. Should have just said: ’Cellik fans flout lockdown restrictions - what are you going to do about it?’
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