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    Everyone had their hopes up yesterday because we were in good form and a win would have given us a proper title race. We lost a game to a team who have 3 times our wage bill, to a manager who took them to a treble last year and went a season unbeaten domestically. Even up until the sending off, it was a pretty even game. After the sending off, we should have won, but didnt. The team and Murty need to shoulder the blame for that. I cant help but feel that people calling for Murty's head are being premature though. We are in danger of changing and swapping managers every 6 months and hoping for a miracle rather than giving someone the time required to actually build something. Yes, Murty made mistakes, but he is a young manager and is still learning. Even though he is a young manager, he is IMO miles better than anyone we have had since Walter. The improvement in form under him raised expectations and gave some false hope. He needs time to continue to improve the squad. He has to the end of the season to be judged. I think it is stupid to say that unless he wins the semi final, then he has to go. How can it be 'expected' that he go out and beat a team who have 3x the financial backing? They are the favourites. A win against them would be amazing, but it would be unexpected and him over achieving. If he consolidates 2nd place and gets us competing well against them, then I will be happy to give him more time. If we drop many more points to other teams, or get thrashed in the semi final, then it may be a sign that the progress he is making is stalling and should consider our options. What I dont want to see is our fans demanding that we bring in a manager to win the league instantly, and then start calling for his head if he does not look on course to do so after 6 months. It is just a perpetual cycle of failure where the gap just increases rather than closes.
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    1st goal Foderingham is beaten at distance again, never seen the goal at Ibrox from where I was sitting but just seen it there and fuck me man. His positioning is absolutely comical. 2nd goal came out of a big punt up the park and because Cardoso is built like the side of a fiver Dembele is through on goal, but why in the blue fuck does Wes come rushing out in the first place? 3rd goal is almost a carbon copy of our defending under Warburton, you knew that cunt was scoring before it happened. Two stupid goals to give away in the first half has fucked us today, should've been 2-0 at HT. Last solid centre back pairing was Weir and Bougherra seven years ago, it needs sorting out in the summer. Last but not least somebody needs to have a word with our Goalkeeping coaches as it's getting beyond a joke now the amount of times Wes is gubbed from distance.
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    For a week we managed to believe we had a chance of toppling those bastards. Wasn’t to be but tbf our squad only took shape during the January transfer window. They’ve spent more and we went months without a manager. We will be back to take our title next year with a few more signings and a permanent manager, whether that’s Murty or someone else. Point of the thread is there are some positives as we’ve been a fucking mess this season and still went toe to toe with them. I will never accept Rangers being second but there’s been genuine progress here and when you wake up tomorrow feeling like shit, youre still a fucking bear. No Surrender.
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    Quickly to be replaced with OBRFB. (Offensive Behaviour by a Rangers Fan Bill)
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    Lyn said: “For them to take Lee into their hearts is amazing. They’re helping our family do something positive out of his murder. They have been like a second family. “They’ve always been there for us. Lee would be over the moon. He was a Man Utd fan, but he’d be overwhelmed. There was no connection with Rangers before Lee’s death. “But their fans have since done a lot of fundraising. “We’ve made friends up there and we still visit them. Glasgow is like a second home to us now.” some fantastic words from his mother. Really hit home just how much being a bear makes me proud no matter the bad results and off field issues. What a support and club.
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    The SNP are rabid fucking bheasts as you can see from them falling over themselves to have a pop at Rangers and our support in that article. Yet some 'Rangers fans' still vote for them? The time has been for quite some time that you need to pick a side here - the SNP and their wee cause or Rangers. Of course there's people who vote for these guys and still claim to support Rangers but in my eyes they are no supporters of Rangers. If they vote SNP then they have made their decision and it's to our detriment. It's us and them. Literally is. Being ignorant to them and their ways is no excuse for any Rangers fan - especially when it's laid out like that in front of their eyes and they still choose to ignore the hatred for us.
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    Just met god himself in the Albion. The fever is on!
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    They had their chance to prove they had something to offer by coming to Belfast...they bottled it and will never live it down
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    Remind me, does “progress” mean “done”? Anyone that thinks we’ve not made progress is a fucking lunatic.
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    Catching up? They were pish and had a player less, yet won. Really catching up
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    Hopefully that pish today puts an end to the embarrassing posts on here who tried to somehow claim we were catching up on them after a defeat at home against them last week. another loss to Killie, another home defeat and some muppets on here think we are going in the right direction??? these people are what King and co thrive on and ultimately will see the further demise of our club. Your standard are in the gutter! Get Murty so far to fuck away from the dugout and bring in someone who can change games and put in a decent title challenge....not some half arsed embarrassment like this season. we are catching up though eh....
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    Isn’t it a coincidence that the day before our biggest game in years a rhag runs a negative story about our former manager receiving death threats from our supporters.
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    Gutted as anyone by the result. League is over, end of. However...all things considered we could easily have won today. Fucking EASILY!!! We started brilliantly and responded brilliantly to the equaliser. We showed defensive flaws, yes, and we failed to press home our advantage when they went to 10 men. And of course they clinically converted their sole chance to steal the match. But... we took the game to them; we were NOT intimidated or outplayed; and we dominated for sustained periods. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED. Let's have it right. We WERE THEIR EQUAL TODAY AT THE VERY LEAST! The tendency for SO MANY people to suddenly point fingers and criticise when we lose is fucking taig-like and usually an attempt to curry favour with other posters. King was a total socket to appoint Caixinha and THAT is what cost us this season. [SIDE THOUGHT - What if Murty had been kept on after Warbs and been given the chance to spend some money?? Where would we be now??] Take the positive fellow Bears. We CAN beat them in the cup. Brenda is a self-satisfied tosser due for a fall (he choked with the scouse; he will ultimately choke with these). We CAN win the cup and we CAN mount a serious challenge next season - God willing we will stop Ten Tainted Titles in a row. On a different day it would have been 3-2 or 4-2 to the Queen's Eleven. Fuck any cunt trying to conduct a post mortem or what is WRONG with us. We are the Glasgow Rangers and we are coming back. Compare today with how we played under Caixinha. Today, we were a strong unit and we played with belief for long spells. We need to support this team because it is OUR team. It cost a whole lot LOT less than Septic's and we have an "stand in" interim manager that has done a fucking SHED LOAD more than the "first choices". Fuck Warburton and his trendy credentials, fuck Caixinha (who the fuck??), fuck McInnes and his minor sheep-shagging triumphs. We are the fucking GLASGOW Rangers!!! We fucking built Scotland as an industrial nation let alone the national game. Today had MASSIVE positives. Bates was excellent until stretchered off (deliberate from Rogic imo). Tav was strong, Murphy and Goss too, and DOCHERTY was a brilliant workhorse chasing everything down in defense and midfield and thwarting many a septic offensive. Candeais was excellent, Tav did his thing; Bruno fought like a lion in the air, Fod made several crucial saves. If only Alfredo had hit the net instead of the post towards the end - or done something creative with his other one-on-one opportunity... Morelos has been off the pace last couple of games but has shown he can be lethal; and personally, I think Cummings can shine for us but needs the confidence of a few starts... So...we may have lost, but this was a closer game than the ones we have drawn. All these defeatist "fault finding" threads are symptomatic of a watered down mhedia-battered generation of Rangers fan that is hard for an older Bear like myself to recognise. Criticise when criticism is valid, otherwise SUPPORT THE GREATEST FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD as per your birth right.
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    I've purposely stayed off here the last couple of weeks in the build up to this game for my own reasons (mainly I felt myself getting drawn into arguments with decent people/posters over their opinions of certain players and where they thought we were at overall) Today was just another false dawn. We are nowhere near celtic's level no matter how many people want to big up guys like Goss, Docherty, Taverneir, Bates, Foderingham, Murty, Allen, Jimmy Nicholl, Morelos etc after a run of wins against the best of the rest of what Scotland has to offer. and I say that as someone who likes Murty, thinks Nicholl was a sensible appointment and also someone wasn't bothered that we knocked back 11-million for Morelos - so I'm going to use hindsight on this one and say we should have sold him - again I'll stress with the benefit of hindsight. He's an OK player but big players, the type of big players with big characters we need buries that chance to chance to make it 3-2 minutes before they go up the park and make it 3-2 likewise at celtic Park in the 0-0 but was happy to give him the benefit of the doubt in that but I think now he's not all that.... as for Murty and Nicholl they are simply stand-in's to do a job, they are OK, but it's a level of our ambition and where we are still at as a club embracing "OK" and I've been guilty of it myself but no more... 6-wins in a row against teams who are beneath us always papers over the cracks. This was the test and they failed. AGAIN. Murty can't get the job beyond the season now. He just can't. He made some big mistakes today. First one that springs to mind is Morelos over Cummings after the respective performances from them last week and Cummings attitude last week in the build-up to this game saying big games is where he excels etc. We were a totally different team the second half. Why? the first half our passes and our long balls were measured and with intent, but from the first seconds of the second half we went aimless. That second half was like having Pedro or Warburton in the dugout again. For them to go down to 10-men with 35-minutes to go and them to still win it and them to have the midfield is fucking pathetic. Goss and Docherty - Goss has done better than I thought he would coming in overall, but anyone I've spoke to the past couple of weeks about this game I've specifically mentioned both of them to everyone and made the point that Docherty isn't a footballer to me - he's an engine and an athlete with limited actual footballing ability & Goss is someone who can spray passes about when he's on his game with no pressure - that's literally it. To think that they could step up and make an impression on that celtic midfield is beyond neive. I don't even buy the line about celtic bullying us - they didn't. Not this time. They were shite and we let a team that shite come to Ibrox and win - with 10 men. Their first goal especially Foderingham was a joke. It was a good hit but it wasn't exactly a rocket into the top corner, he was caught off his line and the ball curled under and beyond him into the net. I've not seen the third one back so will hold my water on that one but I wouldn't be surprised if that was likewise as he looked nervous and ropey all game. Less said about the concentration levels at the back for the equaliser on half-time the better. This isn't me coming back on after 2-weeks just to make a negative post and to slate people - it's how I saw the game and how I thought it would pan out in advance of it. I know it's said many a time and it harps back to the same old line about proper investment. Serious investment (as promised by King) ... guys from Hamilton, QPR reserves, the Cardiff bench etc just won't cut it and never will irrespective of many wee runs of wins against Falkirk, St Johnstone and Ayr we get under our belt before the big test. Another rebuild in the summer, hopefully but also regretably but I don't think for one minute we will get it right this time either. Hope they enjoy their 9/10 in a row the inbred child molesting bastards. We've handed them it.
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    scattergun blame game.
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    He's right saying that. They had Griffiths, Roberts, Armstrong, Lustig and Gordon all out. Sinclair benched. Dembele a shadow of the player from last season. Down to 10-men. We were ahead twice. At Ibrox with 50 thousand fans roaring us on. We fucked it. Plain and simple. There's no progress in that when you apply the above context. Fucked it. Unforgivable.
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    Excellent news if true.
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    We're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league Bertie auld won't see 8 in a row. Mon the fucking loyalists Btw Bertie auld won't see 8 because Rangers will stop it nothing to do with death or the likes focus Lots of love rfc52 x
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    I’m sorry no ones been more supportive of him but this can’t go on I don’t despise him like I did McCoist, Pedro and Warburton but am I right in thinking worst home season in a century? A lot of this comes from the top - the budget isn’t there to compete despite lying prick Kings promises but you can’t blame King for that mob not doing better in games against the utter shite false dawns galore - still getting mis managed at every fucking level saying it again that midfield Goss and Docherty are fucking pish ill also say again (as an edit) our team is made up of Swindon, Wigan, Accrington Stanley, Hamilton players - players that can’t get a game for Norwich, Nottingham Forest, Brighton and QPR (and I like Cummings and Murphy) and ended the game with Holt a Hearts reject - our players are fucking dreadful but what can we really expect until the investment from the lying cunts come
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    Ok, so it's the usual meltdown bile in here but for me there are loads of positives both today and going forward. Tav - once again best right back in Scotland - bar none. Declan John - growing into a Rangers jersey game by game Docherty - not fazed at all today, has the energy and physicallity required - will only get better and better Murphy - tore Ayer a new one time after time great addition Candeais - great energy, touch and trickery. He's got better as the season wore on Morelos and Cummings - yep, I know Alf missed two gilt edged chances but he gave that utter pish defence today all kinds of shit resulting in a blatant elbow from that dumpling. He and Cummings again will only get better. McCrorie, Jack and Dorrans to come back means for me at least a quality centre back and that elusive no.10 and we are right in the battle next season. Yep, there's question marks over Murty but if the right person became available then ........... but they're not growing on trees. The criticism aimed at Murty (especially subs) is a bit harsh imho. Thats still the main gap our dugout compared to theirs. Today was a massive let down but we are without doubt catching up,
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    and yet some so-called Rangers fans will still support him in a Scotland shirt.
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    Absolutely, 100% has to be changed. From the minute you walk into their shitehole they have every tarrier song imaginable on. What are we playing 15 minutes before kick off? A fucking pop song, AFTER the blue sea of Ibrox which made it even more frustrating. Also get Simply the best on from the fucking start. We’re pandering to these cunts and this country, all the while they’re trying to break into the stadium and taking liberties anywhere they fucking want. We need to get a fucking grip and make Ibrox absolute hell for them and the others to a certain extent. Fucking brutal, brutal stuff so it was, it needs changed big time. I appreciate there is bigger problems at the moment but it’d go a long way to helping the atmosphere and intensity the opposition should feel
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    This is the thing that really got to me today. Our two goals come from pressing them back and forcing mistakes. As soon as we score we sit back instead of killing it, allowing them back into the game. The pressing game worked at the piggery when we should’ve won and today we done it twice and got two goals then sat off them allowing them to calm down and regroup. Really fucked me off we could’ve got a couple in the first 15-20 mins if we pressed like we did when we got the goals
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    For someone who is concentrating on only theirselves, he sure does love talking about Rangers...
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    I still can’t believe we didn’t press the fuck out them in the first 25 minutes we could’ve killed it there and then. It was a fucking joke the way we stood off them, not once but fucking twice. They could hardly string two passes together in the first 5 minutes, even Brown was giving it away. They looked shocked we’d came flying out right into their faces and scored. His nonsense about attacking football at Ibrox etc was made redundant the moment we stood off them after taking the upper hand twice. But aye a get where you’re coming from.
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    Imagine folk being annoyed at letting them beat us at home after leading twice with a man advantage majority of the second half
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    Nah, I didn’t wake her either
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    You know something, If I was Murty I would be saying to the players: "Look at this guy, he is trying to crassly dump all the pressure on us when all he needs to do is be professional, set up his team, and let his players do the talking. he's scared, and he's using any method he can to try and stack the odds in his favour" "he tries to say we've not known pressure, well you lads have known and dealt with 50 000s fans expectations during times when things weren't going well, you've dealt with having to meet the very high standards set for this football club - and you've shown that you can do it" "there's no need to fear the scum, because they fear you - and they fear you for a reason - you're going to win on Sunday!"
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    Good harmless fun what's not to like? If it gets younger bears interested and they all pay their money to come see the Rangers it can only be a good thing. Good to see the youth belting the classics, especially on a OF day. Fuck the offended.
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    Nate Higgers? Fuck sakes man!
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    The delusional patter on here is at record highs. Catching up Cunts won with 10 men, missing vital players and not even turning up Aye we are closing the gap eh Morons
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    Let down my fukking arse. We were the victims of attempted murder by a shower of fenian bastards and their sycophantic cohorts. We are now like the proverbial wounded animal, recovering and fighting back, let's destroy these taig cunts.
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    Not to be crude but the guy's a fucking jizz gargling, tranny shaggin fuckwit with no constitution for a fight. Fuck you Brenda, the bears are coming to maul you ya fuckin degenerate cunthole.
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    The fact almost every SNP MP has criticised this March vindicates doing it imo.
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    Let's be fair, it was only negative because we're a country full of greeting faced tarrier bastards
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    Their second doesn't happen if he's on the pitch.
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    You never handed in your resignation, that's why you never took your legal proceedings any further ya fucking rat Cunt makes my blood boil
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    It's seems from some (not aimed at the OP ; just a general observation I've seen over the last few weeks) that our good run of 9 wins in 10 was primarily down to Nicholl joining and not Murty. However when we lose it seems to be all Murtys fault. My view on our upturn in form is fairly simplistic. We signed better players in January and now have a better squad. That said as a team Murty, Nicholl, JJ seem to have done well since January collectively as a team. With regard to the subs or lack thereof whilst I agree it should have been changed earlier I can also see why it wasn't. IMO Murphy was our best player and wasn't coming off. Candeias wasn't far off and wasn't coming off either. Buffalo was causing them problems and is a threat. Taking Goss off could have been risky as we could have been left short in midfield. Windass could have been an option but I don't think he was as bad as made out and he's always a threat. His shot should have got us a point if buffalo scores. We had 33 minutes left when they were down to ten. We had loads of time to break them down. There was no need to force the issue. We didn't need to change it straight away. Murtys post match comments were actually fairly accurate when he said the players weren't trying to play through them, weren't moving it fast enough and were crossing from too deep. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If buffalo puts us 3 - 2 up I think we win and probably win pretty comfortably. He didn't. We lost and everyone involved is culpable but moreso the players IMO. Murty is not without his faults but even when Cummings came on everything Murty said the players weren't doing they continued to do them. We only really played through them once after Cummings came on. Cummings coming on earlier wouldn't have guaranteed anything. I guess we'll never though.
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    what a half that's been. not sure I can take another 45 minutes
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