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    EVERYONE at Rangers FC is in mourning today after learning that club legend and former Scotland goalkeeper and manager Bobby Brown has sadly passed away at the age of 96. Mr Brown, from Dunipace, joined Bill Struth’s Light Blues from Queen’s Park in 1946 and in his decade long spell at Ibrox he made 296 appearances, keeping 109 clean sheets. For six years – between 10 August 1946 and 16 April 1952 – he never missed a league game, playing in an astonishing run of 179 matches. Prior to that, in January 1946, he was handed the first of his five Scotland caps, making his debut in a 2-2 draw against Belgium at Hampden Park. Tall, blond and agile, Mr Brown was the last line in a famous Rangers defence which became known as the Iron Curtain and also featured George Young, Jock Shaw, Ian McColl, Willie Woodburn and Sammy Cox. He played as a part-timer throughout his Gers career, combining football with life as a schoolmaster. He also had what was then the unusual habit of making sure he turned out with a new pair of white laces in his boots for every game he played in. After succeeding Jerry Dawson between the posts, one of Rangers’ finest goalkeepers who had been at the club since 1929, Mr Brown was to win three League Championships (1946/47, 1948/49 and 1949/50), three Scottish Cups (1948, 1949 and 1950) and two League Cups (1946/47 and 1948/49). Indeed, he was an ever-present during the historic 1948/49 season when Rangers became the first team to win the treble. In May 1956, Mr Brown was transferred to Falkirk for £2,200 but within a year he had retired from playing and later became manager of St Johnstone, guiding them into the top division. In February 1967 he was appointed manager of Scotland, a position he held until July 1971. Although the national team failed to qualify for the 1970 World Cup, Mr Brown had the satisfaction of a famous 3-2 victory over reigning world champions England in a European Championship qualifier at Wembley. He was inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in 2015 having previously been inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame in 2002. Mr Brown, who lived in Helensburgh, was a regular guest at Rangers games in recent years and everyone at the club sends their condolences to his family at this difficult time. Rangers Chairman Dave King said: “All of us connected with Rangers are deeply saddened to hear that Mr Brown, a genuine Rangers and Scotland legend, has passed away. Our thoughts are with Mr. Brown’s family at this time. “He was a wonderful servant of our club and we will remember him with great fondness. He was a gentleman of the game and set standards which typify what Rangers is about.”
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    Between the SNP and the SFA we live in one shithole of a country
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    There's not much about the media in Scotland that surprises me nowadays, known what they've been like for years, but the relentless character assassination of Alfie is beginning to boil my piss. Declan Gallagher tried to cave a guys skull in with a baseball bat, edouard shot a pensioner in the face with a pellet gun, lennon held a knife to his mistresses throat and the less said about multiple racist mutant junkie Griffiths, the absolute definition of a waster, the better. All these scumbags are convinced criminals, but receive absolutely no scrutiny from the bitter excuses that pass for journalists in this country, just painted as 'troubled young men' with private issues. Compare those pricks to Alfie, who grew up in poverty and had to walk miles to training as a child and then as a teenager took the risk of flying to the other side of the planet to follow his dreams just to be labelled a waster by someone who's achieved nothing of note in their sorry little lives. Love Alfredo Morelos. Want him to stay here at Rangers forever. But deep down I know that part of me will be relieved when he does go because he doesn't deserve the witch hunt and constant hatchet jobs from the tarrier press. He's done nothing wrong and they know it, which is why they have to come up with daft shit like pretending that he threatened to kill everyone in the piggery. They hate him because he's a threat to them. They hate him because he's so good.
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    Rangers is astounded by the notices of complaint issued by the SFA. It is concerning that it seems the governing body is seeking to hold Rangers to a different and more stringent code of conduct than that applied to others, with unprecedented charges being levied against the Club. Rangers fans can be assured that it is our firm intention to resist the charges in the most robust manner possible. Rangers will make further comment after the weekend. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/sfa-notices/
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    As I said on the other thread, the worst hate piece yet, penned by one scummy hating bastard along with his scum rag. Also a very poorly masked take down of our manager. The club need to go to war with these cunts. They're fucking relentless and I don't know where it ends with them.
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    For me he was the last of the old timers. A typical sportsman and gentleman in what now seems a long gone age. Indeed he was the last amateur to be capped by Scotland. Gave great service to our club and to education and I suspect he took equal pride in both. And he was was part and parcel of a defence that was one of the greatest British club defences ever. I go on about how good the Arsenal team was then, but we could more than match it, and no other European teams were close to being as good in the late 40s and early 50s. (Such a shame we didn't have regular European football then.) And just look at those names again he played with: George Young, Jock Shaw, Ian McColl, Willie Woodburn and Sammy Cox. As a Scotland manager he came across as thoughtful and honest, naive even, but the game had moved on a lot by then, His first game as manager was the memorable "Baxter" game at Wembley, but the world of football was now far removed from the simpler, yet tougher, post years, and team football became more important than national football at that time, so was not the most memorable of times for our national team. Sad to see another legend go, especially from that golden era where we had so many but now too few. Rest In Peace Mr Brown, not only were you a great and safe custodian of our country's educational needs, but also a great and safe custodian of our great clubs penalty area and reputation, and now will be seen as another great and safe custodian of the rocks and the history our club has been built on.
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    Our club needs to grow some balls towards all this bias stuff ! its getting WAY out of hand now ! but if you let a bully bully you he wont ever get bored stand up to him and show you arent a push over and guess what ! it usually stops ! We play in a league that despises us the hate felt for Rangers you would think we are some foreign invader ! not the beautiful institution that is 100% proud to be a Scottish club! that we are ! I am not surprised by this as since as long as I can remember we have been always been treated un fair ! but again its the clubs job from top to bottom to stand up to this blatant biased ! its so transparent its impossible not to see. Sorry I had to post it ! but the fucking balls on the SFA and the rest of Scotland to do this ! and we just sit back and take it ! and enough is enough ! Not one peep from them when Boruc did this ! hibs walked away with nothing when there fans by the thousands invaded the pitch and assaulted our players ! that fat fucking cunt boruc with the flag all the pictures above ! we should all write complaints to the sfa we need some one in the media highlighting this and keeping it fresh. and protest and the club should stand up to this shit. there is many more times what about Boruc running around ibrox with that big flag ! years ago So sick of watching our club get walked all over!!!!!
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    I can just imagine Brandon Barker playing for us in 2013 with Kevin Kyle and Fran Sandaza.
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    Said it in other thread, Football and sporting integrity in Scotland is totally pissed over again for the catholic cause. Endorsed by the politicians. Scotland is absolutely fucked by these clowns, yet none can stop it. Could rant on about not voting for the SNP and the Labour colluders, but basically the problem is no one will stop it until the politics of Scotland change radically, never mind the football.
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    Clyde SSB last night had a Polish football expert on last night. Basically rubbished this guy saying he’s had 2 good months, a bit of a hothead and was homesick when he was in Warsaw.
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    A celtic fan is behind bars after admitting threatening Rangers stars Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent on Twitter. Steven Pettigrew pleaded guilty over the online abuse, which he posted hours after he had watched Rangers win 2-1 at celtic Park, during a hearing at Greenock Sheriff Court late on Friday afternoon. He was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing next month.
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    This is character assassination,nothing less. There's no doubt THEY are worried by Morelos,can't handle him on the park so they're now trying to undermine his value 😞
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    Is it not about time Our club made this personal .Actually start giving examples of the clear double standards .Point out that Liewell has all the fingers in the pies .The clear bias of the compliance officer since the refs strike Go about it aggressively and not as meek as shite, as we always are . I personally, would like to see someone put their face in front of a camera .It will get more coverage .It will possibly bring our enemies more out into the open. Probably get further charges thrown at us . Yet we could point out ,a certain other club get away with these sort of dramas over many years .This time it would be our turn to stand up for ourselves . Downside to this .It would probably be Jim Traynor .When he talks ,it’s almost apologetic, with no passion .It is very mundane listening to him . .Would it be one of our cowardly board members .Great at the odd statement ,yet none brave enough to come out with any attacking intent .And let’s be clear here .Time is up for being defensive and being sickly apologetic.. Sadly anyone that does this, would become a target .Possibly even for his or her safety .That is how bad this corrupt shitehole has become.
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    Can't argue with his assessment of the game, guys like Jones, Barker, Halliday & Ojo just aren't good enough to be here.
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    "Mhedia" "Rhat" Stop spelling like a fucking catholic.
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    I salute the latest victim giving up his right to anonymity. I hope his bravery encourages others and he gets justice.
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    It’s the. Sun ! I like Liverpool FCs stance on the sun - dear Liverpool you won’t get any England games during Euro 2020 unless you give the sun access. liverpoools response? ok no England games it is! Ps Morelos extra time off - to go play and help run a tournament to raise funds for disadvantaged kids!
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    Morelos scored a free kick apparently so that'll be him and Borna scraping for that now
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    Why would they swap sitting on the bench at an EPL team to be third choice at us?
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    I was working in tollcross today and drove by there stadium. What a horrendous looking heap of shite. If ever a stadium suited its fans, there made for each other. Scum stadium,scum board,scum support, scum everything. I genuinely fucking detest the lot of them.
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    Double whammy of fresh child abuse allegations against two former coaches(one who admitted being in the employ and receiving a wage from CFC in court) Investors pulling out fearing being tarnished by association?
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    If Alfie was a run of the mill striker, there would be no negative comments from the usual suspects in the media, he is a top striker who plays on the edge and scores for fun and that is the reason they hate him, he is a threat to their beloved Celtcs TIAR It's ok for leggo eater to rampage around the park elbowing and snapping at players heels, snarling at everyone with his stupid shavin' head at his age, its ok for him to sit on the pavement drunk eating a pizza ,its ok for him to look sullen and angry . Alfie doesn't run to the bookies after training, or sing racist songs in slop houses, stick his dick in any young girl he meets and have kids to about 3 different women, he has not been convicted of assault or running about firing air pistols or sending text threats to women The reason these players get away with no negative press is they are white Scotsmen or play for Celtc
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    Disgrace that there’s been nothing from club yet and if nothing does come you’ve got to question exactly why our head of PR doesn’t want to ban them and why is he happy to give them exclusives..
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    It would not look out of place in a celtic fanzine, that is what we term a journalist in Scotland.
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    So when TLB got abuse as a player its was seen as everyone else’s fault, bigots, poor lenny, doesn’t deserve what he gets. The hatred of Rangers and especially Morelos is staggering.
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    They thought they just had to turn up at the piggery ( they even bought the ref as a safety net ) to go 8 points clear at the top, and that would ensure a nice gap going into the second part of the season. But they underestimated us, were a different animal this season. Going there and wining under those circumstances should give us the belief to kick on for the remainder of the season. Well need to be strong because now they see us as a threat the dirty tricks will be ramped up ten fold.
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    Can't it be both .The guys that shout out ,para to other bears make me weep I mean how fucking obvious does it need to get 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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    Everything in their fucking power is being done to prevent exactly that. That's the fucking point mate.
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    Anyone can see just by the timing of this that they are literally shit scared we are going to win the league and they waited until we start back (albeit in the Cup) to try and put us off. Hopefully this has the reverse effect and we use it to nurture a siege mentality that coupled with the Club fighting back will see us march onwards to 55 in May.
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    We played a good clean game against a team that was out to injure yet we have ended up with the most serious charges. You couldn't make it up!
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    Rangers statement 30/12/19: "There can be little doubt Alfredo is singled out for special attention, on and off the field of play. Indeed, some of the things said and written about him leave a lot to be desired and do nothing to suggest Scottish football is the most welcoming of environments. "Even Alfredo’s gesture as he left the pitch is now being portrayed in some quarters as something sinister when, in fact, it is a gesture used commonly throughout South America to indicate quite simply that something – in this case, the match – is finished. It's simply not logical that the club speak this way knowing the player has received punishment minutes after the final whistle. If the club knew, they'd have either said the ref saw it as unsporting and booked him, or they'd have came out and questioned him being punished.
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    An intelligent young man who remembers his roots and thanks God for giving him his talent. A wonderful Son to his Parents. Have a look at this video Leckie, but I doubt you'll change your mind cos you're a Fenian Fucker.
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    When he gets his move to England, they’ll embrace him and laud his work that he does in Columbia. Here he gets a feckin waster like Leckie & the SFA harassing him over non stories. It’s time Rangers, as a club, start defending our players from the Scottish Fenian Association and the mhedia. 🇬🇧
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    If it is true hopefully its young Patterson who is in at RB rather than any the rest of them such as flannagan or halliday
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    Was about to quote the same bit but realised you'd already done it. At any time that would be completely astounding to be allowed to be printed/put online by a paper about a player. But when concerns about racism and ill treatment against him have been raised and this cunt has essentially attempted to justify it? Fucking mind-boggling.
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    He says Hartson was a decent guy who played football the right way,I don’t recall Alfredo kicking any cunt in the head.
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    Hatred oozing from every pore
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    When we win 55 this season it'll be a bigger achievement than the allied prisoners of war's result in Escape to Victory and Rocky's win against Drago in Russia.
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    Winter break is a farce. Two seasons in a row the first game back has been postponed due to inclement weather. Hopefully Friday isn’t three. Couldn’t deal with no football again.
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    Placating the hordes with signings. If any club needs to be getting rid of players instead of buying more, you think it would be them. Hope they bankrupt themselves.
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    Controversy = desperation in trying to get interest in their rags, I had a look at the circulation numbers 2000 3.5 million 2019 1.3 million That's the Sun Record 2000 626k 2019 119k Whatever way they want to spin these numbers they still = falling off a cliff, no doubt Leckie will be getting a pat on the back for garnering some interest in his piece from his editor, its only a chest press though the papers dying.
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