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    Gerrard's boy

    Staunch as fuck!
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    Barisic & Grezda - Off This Summer?

    Yes, that Croatian International isn’t capable of getting us to next level but Jordon Jones, Graeme Shinnie and Greg Stewart are.
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    James English

    Plenty of volunteers but not the kind he’s looking for.
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    Bheasts turn it all around again

    It’s not really songs about child abuse though - its child abusers - and since when did they deserve protection from verbal abuse?
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    Leigh Griffiith's brothers rant

    Leigh Griffiths , the guy that tied a scarf to our goals trying to ridicule us ? Now he wants our sympathy ? Ill crack the jokes.
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    I know we've been shite right but....

    We wore an orange top we are bitter orange bastards and him fucks (but Rangers are dead) we are shite but the refs are cheating H** fucks and refs are running about with the belshill chosen few Gerrards a failure but they're abusing the life out a guy they thought was one of them. Rangers are deed but it's same old Rangers always cheating Rangers are deed and shite but we want our 8,500 back in 2008 Phil O'Donnell meant more than saint Tommy Susan Boyle canae button her trousers Rangers are deed but when we wurnae there they had big massive banners as fans they had mad boys club coaches shagging waens they paid an ebt to juninho but we are cheats they've got a 4 star stadium.and we've got 5 and all because ra shellick are a massive club
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    Ant Middleton

    He is loving it! He would be decent to give a talk about positive thinking. His book is all about it.
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    Something else with historical importance should see the bastards in front of the authorities, never mind fuckin shoehorning them into a cash cow.
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    Gerrard's boy

    Tight bastard waiting until the strips were getting sold for a tenner 🤬
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    Assume Nottingham Forest will be ahead of them in the pecking order.
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    Leigh Griffiith's brothers rant

    Listen I remember when andy halliday was being subbed off before ht and that wee cunt was laughing away at him being humiliated. Scud it into him.
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    My wee man whos 8 goes to a "mixed" school in a semi rural area .I had similar concerns that there may be a lost generation . He tells me that all the boys are bluenoses bar one . The lone taig has a father who is a lazy workshy bead rattling cunt . so maybe there has been a resolve from the youngsters and of course their families . im going to be even more delighted for my son than what i will be when we get 55 .the youngsters deserve it
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    Future for Ross McCrorie?

    He should be kept and we should tell Davis to fuck off, even if we don't intend on getting rid of him just tell him to fuck off
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    And nearly as many reds as Morelos has gone through.
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    Wee alfie new photo

    Lie down and grunt he's just posted that
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    On this day: 2016

    absolutely glorious 😄
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    Our Allocation at Rugby Park

    I honestly don't have an issue with clubs wanting to cut our allocation. Fine. It is what it is. They only harm themselves. I have an issue when our club then kowtow to them and take the increased allocations when they suddenly turn shite again. I think I read on here a few weeks ago there should be league-wide agreements that go out 4-5 years that have allocations already agreed, meaning no club can change them unless something drastic like stadium redevelopment etc. I think that's a good suggestion and would soon stop these guys from cutting allocations because they wouldn't take these dumb reactive populist decisions knowing it will cost them millions over the coming years
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    Wait a minute!!

    Don’t do it to yourself. its over.
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    Shut up. All well and good turning up when you've already threw the league away.
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    Always amazes me how easy it is for me to get up when it’s an away day compared to attempting to get up for work 😂
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    That's probably more points than he's racked up playing for us.
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    They get it from their rancid church.
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    Bheasts turn it all around again

    Remove 2 words highlighted above and the spokesman would have nailed it.
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    If celtic are really saying that visiting fans giving them dogs abuse should stop as it's comparable to the sectarian abuse dished out by their fans, then there's only one answer. Ramp up the noise on their sordid secret.
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    Leigh Griffiith's brothers rant

    That should put a stop to it now Aaron. If we’d know it was upsetting you and your brother we’d never have done it
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    Leigh Griffiths owes money to drug dealers and bookmakers. Aaron Griffiths is an attention seeking mongo bastard. The Daylate Rhebel gave said mongo bastard a platform to deflect away from his brothers behaviour and make him look innocent. Leigh Griffiths is a bellend His brother is a bellend The Daylate Rhebel is a tarrier chip wrapper.
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    Fine margins

    Yeah I know if yer aunty had baws.... but if we had of won the last c*ltic game we would have been 3 off the pace and by winning our last 4 league games it probably would have been 55. the point is we are not miles behind and with some shrewd signings this close season we can deliver. oh and it’s not over till the fat lady sings the season, no surrender
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    A wonderful lady, happy birthday Mam.
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    Record v Hearts this season

    We should be everyone's bogey team in this league
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    Jon Flanagan

    Meh. Sleeping at their goal today and looked vulnerable against Hastie. Not as bad as he has been, but still not a good player.
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    In a couple of years you’ll regret not watching the second half.
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    Both of them need a chance ffs.
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    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    They had to wait and see how the fixtures worked out after the split so “broony could decide which games to miss. Fuck sake we had 3 players and our manager banned 5 minutes after the game finished yet they are still fucking about wit this a month later but we are all treated equally.
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    19/20 Kit

    I can't believe there's people saying "no chevrons this year hummel" underneath this Aye sure tell Adidas to ditch the 3 stripes or Nike the tick aswell while you're at it. Fucking morons
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    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Ajax deserve more praise than they’re getting. People are quick enough to cream themselves over horrible clubs like Man City, Chelsea and PSG when they’re actually what’s wrong with football, Ajax do it right, amazing youth set up, don’t feed the black hole of overpriced European footballers. They’ve got a team of players from the youth set up running rings round players Juve have payed hundreds of millions for, outstanding.
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    embarrassing statement from the bheasts . we get bears saying why doesnt our board act the same way . well in the last 24hrs we have also come out with a statement on a totally separate topic .no shame attached to our statement just a bit of self promotion . look at the way both statements have been recieved in the media and which one ridiculed . in a fairer Scottish society a statement trying to defend a clubs cover up of a peado ring should have been jumped on and ridiculed .but no glossed over
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    Tiger Shaw

    Need a small favour.

    Kamara and Young Coombes have already signed and Bates has been away since the end of last season @Sweetheart Nutter 😆
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    The Goals

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    We're playing our best football of the season at the minute. I don't think he should automatically be put back into the team. Needs to earn his way back after letting us down like that.
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    McEwan's Lager

    Wee alfie new photo

    Can’t believe that stupid prick impresses people with this shit. This is the only type of picture he should be posting. But he’s incapable of it.
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    They deserve every bit of abuse the filthy peado bastards get they literally covered up children being raped and robbed of their innocence and childhoods. The only just punishment can be they are shut down.
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    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It’s a nonsense statement but it’s a PR “success” because it will take the heat off of them and put it on to the Aberdeen fans. Compare it to the way King came straight out, backed Clarke and crictised us and it just becomes more evident how much better at PR they are then we are.
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