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    Shame they don’t defend our support as much as they do their own family.
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    No flag Sunday ? Already been done by the linesmen and ref at the cup final. game.
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    Anyone who dares call for his head is a fucking idiot. We have hugely improved under him and it's visible as day that the gap has narrowed. The tide will turn soon enough.
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    "Our day will come" Fuck me we really have morphed into the tims of the 90s, mext we'll be chanting it in irish
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    Not see anything official yet but good news all round
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    Even when you read the Brazil account of the story it still makes Stewart out to be an utter cunt. Why is the old bastard lying on the ground, pissed out his nut rubbing his belly, laughing and goading a youngster! Fucking wrong un!
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    I would rather they made public announcement about their anger towards FARE than that old non-entity.
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    celtic suspend a physio, Caitlin Brown 24 tweeted on Facebook with a picture next to the trophy with Fuck the H*** tweet Maybe some cunt should remind her , the piggery where she works was closed down during WW2 for Nazi chants at an old firm game at Ibrox. The only ground shut in the UK. These cunts need a history lesson as they make it up as they go along. Well that should be her sacked and charged by Police Scotland
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    We had a Director who had to resign for less than that. Nothing will happen to them, quite low on the crime count compared to being pedos.
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    These fenian bastards are scheming while we're sleeping.
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    Crowd need to be backing Morelos loudly from the first minute IMO. We simply can’t afford for his head to drop.
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    Ojo can't play, no fucking way can he start tomorrow.
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    It’s been said already but the speed the club jumped on this because it’s a directors son compared to the rank and file is a joke.
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    What the fuck is the big deal about Jack being gutted after the game, I’ve never heard so much pish about this.
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    Ironic that folk come on here and say the players bottled it, when it is in actual fact the posters who seem to be bottling it. Some folk have said the league is over after today. Seriously. This place is utterly Fruit loops. People make an easy, lazy connection and it suddenly becomes gospel.
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    Any cunt on here tonight saying we are shitebiags or cowards can fuck right off.
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    Felt shite for him apologising with his celebration. Love the wee guy man.
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    Fucking hell, just going through this thread, the shite posted on here yesterday was embarrassing. Couple of very suspicious cunts ITT. Going to have to keep my eye on a few of you.
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    Linesmen screwed us yesterday more than Collum tbf.
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    OP needs thread making feature removed from his account.
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    I don’t think’s fair. He had a very slow start to the season but has been very good for the last six weeks or so.
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    There is no need to post his irrelevance in Bears Den. He is a nobody.
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    Lucky??? U sound like a right jinxy bastard we have dropped points they 2 games. Your aswell giving your ticket to someone who can bring more luck than u.
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    Tav was excellent today you fucking numbskull.
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    Definitely prepared for some replies but I’m really unsure why he’s got it. Usually if the manager is successful or if there is concrete interest he’s leaving. He’s done brilliant so far, especially in Europe but we’ve no won anything yet and ultimately here that’s what you’re judged on. Not saying am unhappy about it just find it a little strange and I’ll 100% look like a right moany bastard when he lifts the league cup on Sunday
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    No need either. Doesn't need to apologise for anything. Fucking love him!
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    H. Word is a derogatory name for a protestant. Hence hearts being labeled diet H*** These cunts pick and when it's acceptible to use the word Fenian , they can't get away with picking and choosing what's acceptible
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    You need to be in the penalty box to get a penalty. Even our bent refs can’t give the scum a pen when they haven’t crossed the halfway line although the Compliance Officer has probably set up a working party to explore the possibility.
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    Best Rangers podcast by a country mile. Only thing that I have listened to today regarding the game....something quite healing listening to other bears go through the game and have the same emotions we are all feeling.
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    Heard he was boarding up his windows last night incase @Jam_piece paid him a visit
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    1. Alfie wins pen 2. Alfie has 2 pens not given. That wud be 3 pens won 3. Their goal is offside. Not one but 3 players. Offside when ball was kicked never a Rangers player behind them. 4. Foster off line for pen. 5. Alfie has like 9 decent shots. People on here focus on pen miss. We were all over them. If we play like that every week and they play like that then we will win league. I cannot ever remember a celtic team having zero shots on target. I don’t include offside shots. With VAR we win by 3 or 4. With a slice of luck we win by 3 or 4.
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    Irrespective of what happens this season, I'd take Gerrard managing us for the next 20 years if it was offered. Some cunts on here can't see the fucking wood for the trees and would see a set of circumstances that would lead to a McInnes "having a go".
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    It’s the same players who rolled over to Aberdeen and fucked a final with a pen and a man advantage. We don’t have the mentality for it, it’s obvious.
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    Totally agree. Now we lost it's gonna be 'we're not mentally strong enough', 'bottlers', 'get Morelos tae fuck', 'It's Tav's fault' It was so one sided. We win that game 99 games out of 100! Fucking gutted.
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    Initially I wasn't a fan, always felt he played safe and wasn't physical enough but he's won me over. Has flourished under Gerrard and looks the real deal.
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    I think you’re always going to have a few dodgy calls with penalties etc, especially in these games. But failing to spot 3 offside players from a dead ball is inexplicable and unforgivable.
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    Get this shite to fuck He's a wank but wtf has he got to do way the day???? @gogzy bin this shite
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    It’s a story reporting what he’s supposedly said to his players. They’re not even claiming he’s spoken to a journalist. How do they know what he has said to his players? The story has clearly been planted by celtic. Embarrassing by the paper.
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