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    All the best to Kris and his family on this. Hope they and others in their situation find the solace they're looking for.
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    amazing. Maybe get O’Halloran on the chair & Jimmy Nicholl singing over in Florida
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    Because I’m a good cunt. 1-2 | Morelos | 63rd minute https://streamable.com/4p4wz 2-2 | Halliday | 71st minute https://streamable.com/1jhdf 3-2 | Morelos | 77th minute https://streamable.com/dsfdw 4-2 | Tavernier | 82nd minute https://streamable.com/d4jv1
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    Best forum.for.rangwrs fans but fuck.me it's full.of absolute fucking retards. Greeting faced spoilt wee bastards. The soon we rid our support pf.these cunts the better. The loyalists will never leave but the sooner Yous fucking cunts do the better. Up a u u u u u u u u u u u v f
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    Hello I live in Sheffield and support sheff weds and have always thought of Rangers as my second team just like my family do also , I have always wanted to go to ibrox and my brother went two years ago and spoke very highly of your fans and your great club , just as I have seen your fans at Hillsborough this pre season and previous pre seasons you really are the best set of fans I have seen absolutely fantastic , so I have got my ticket for the Hibernian match and I’m really looking forward to it especially because that horrible scumbag will be there neil Lennon so it should get tasty ??i have to say I don’t know anyone who likes that man , so I’m wondering if you could advise me where the best places are for pre match drinking and post match drinking will be ?? I will be staying over in Glasgow that Saturday night so I think I will sample the Glasgow nightlife or is that a no no ?? Thank you up the Rangers !
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    Never understand the wee gay rivalry about getting the first thread in. Buzzing for this one though.
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    Imagine auld Herrera walking into training the morra to be met with a half naked cummings with a head band on with cum dog written on his chist in biro
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    Wait until we play before deciding
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    This is absolutely superb. I've never seen this before. Enjoy.
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    Boozers on international drive
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    Novo will be forever under appreciated in Scottish football. It’s a real shame. His first season under McLeish up top with Prso was different class. He scored probably 25 goals or something and then rarely played up top ever again. Walter loved him out wide as did Le Guen, if he was to get a game! Step up Libor Sionko... All the clubs in Scotland hated him because underneath his attitude they knew he was a great player. He’d have run into the ground for Rangers. Hell, he’d have run into the ground for any club he played at! He loved football so much and it showed every time he took to the pitch. I remember sitting behind the dugout that horrible Champions League campaign we got horsed off of Sevilla, Stuttgart, and Unirea Urziceni (no laughing at the back!). Against Sevilla we may have been 0-4 down at Ibrox and up popped Nacho with a superb drive from outside the box after powering through the rain and mud in the face of certain defeat. I’ll never forget Kevin Thomson approaching him after that goal, his arm around an obviously gutted Ranger, with pure understanding that Nacho genuinely had No Surrender. Get well soon, Nacho. I don’t care what anyone says, you absolutely earned your Hall of Fame status. You’re a legend.
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    No wantin to take away the feelgood factor but here's some stuff to make you feel less good
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    New CB? I heard he can soak up pressure all day
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    .....a bottle off whiskey only £3.68 that’s outrageous!!!
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    The difference in doing business with an English club with no agendas and some of the shithole clubs up here is like night and day.
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    But we are the Billy boys
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    Rangers are today delighted to announce the signing of defender Russell Martin from Norwich City on-loan until the end of the season. Martin, 32, has 309 Norwich appearances to his name, many of them as captain, and has spent four of his nine seasons with the Canaries as a Premier League player. He began his career at Wycombe Wanderers, spending four years there between 2004 and 2008, and then moved on to Peterborough United. He moved initially on-loan to Norwich in 2009 before making his switch permanent in 2010. His performances there earned him a call-up to the Scotland squad, whom he qualifies for through his Scottish father. Martin has since been capped 29 times for the Dark Blues, with his most recent appearance coming in the 1-0 win over Slovenia back in March last year. His appearances for Scotland have tended to come as a centre-half, but he has also played on many occasions for his club sides as a right-back.
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    My wee nephew, class act. VID-20180109-WA0000.mp4
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    No-one really gets buzzing about defenders but this guy will give us 100% every week which is better than a half arsed Alves.
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    "I won the race" Forum is full of fucking virgins.
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    Nine years. This nonce has been on this forum for nine fucking years This is way beyond another level.
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    Should have passed to Dodoo.
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    Not just saying this to wind you up but I think it looks a bit shite
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    3 loan deals and none of them have kicked a ball for us, simmer doon.
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    Poor Morelos. Thinks he's coming to terms with the language only to be presented with a striking partner that speaks east coast.
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    He’s 18 wtf are you talking about.
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    As a South American himself what a confidence booster 2 goals against one of the biggest clubs in South America will be to him. 2 really good finishes too.
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    Mental how you can get guys commentating on a game thousands of miles away and be totally complimentary to our club regarding everything we've been through, then you look at the shite we put up with the media here.
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    Looks like a very narrow line up
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    Thank you once again guys and gals for Joshua’s Christmas we are looking at putting it towards a new bike for him. Hope all are well as can be expected after the new year. Happy new year to you all and may this year bring you all you wish WATP.
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    Drink anywhere except the Louden Tavern across from the stadium on Copland Road as the owner is a grass towards Rangers fans and wants supporters clubs to get no tickets for away matches - other than that enjoy your day and avoid as many Catholics in Glasgow as possible
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    Evening Times is a shithole
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