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    Hi guys, just a quick message to say that I won't be uploading any videos for the foreseeable future. I have always kept my private life, and that of my familys, exactly that - private. What I will say though, is that my wife hasn't been keeping great, that's why I've not made many videos this last couple of months or so. There has been some games recently I haven't even seen, let alone make a video of. And unfortunately the news we got this week wasn't what we were wanting, so this is just going to intensify. So all my time, effort and energy will be going towards caring for her for now. I know some of you like these videos, and are grateful for them, but I hope yous understand. Who knows, I might post one out of the blue, but they'll be rare for the foreseeable. Cheers Scott
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    What a bloody disgrace that with an average attendance of 3,849 they can put a grass pitch down that's as good as any in the country, yet Hamilton Accies with an average attendance not much less than Ross County, and Kilmarnock with an average attendance of 6,894 continue to put down those fucking horrible plastic monstrosities that are an embarrassment to the Scottish Premier League. What makes it even more ludicrous is that Hamilton and Killie insist they have to have plastic pitches because of the severe weather conditions, which in itself is a total joke when you compare Kilmarnock and Hamilton against the Baltic weather in Dingwall. Full credit to Roy MacGregor and the board of Ross County for having a playing surface that allows good teams to show their skills with a ball at their feet. I wish them well and hope these other cunts get relegated along with their plastic bouncy surfaces.
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    Absolute fucking warrior Today we showed what has been missing against them for years - passion and desire and nobody epitomised it more than Ross. Fucking battled the ENTIRE game won the ball soooo many times to set us off again That's the potential and talent we all saw a while back hopefully he can stay clear of injuries and continue to improve
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    Maybe it was Strathclyde police Child Protection squad.
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    Fucking immense performance from every Rangers player today .Every one of them delivered So fucking proud to be a Rangers fan today
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    Can’t believe the hat trick hero hasn’t got his own thread after that rout. You could see what that third meant to him as well, he looked emotional. Class act, long may he keep scoring for us -
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    Heartbroken. Captained us to the best title win in my lifetime. RIP
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    It was a pleasure yesterday to take three Danish representatives from Hummel around on our Founders Trail and share our wonderful and unique story. They said that they thoroughly enjoyed their day, were blown away with the sheer scale of Rangers and were complimentary about the Founders Project.
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    Admin, can you please ban the OP from making threads, or posting at all? Thanks.
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    Daily Record had a front page headline yesterday that was printed and ready for delivery when Rangers set the lawyers onto them because the story is complete bollocks. Ended up having to pulp the lot, which is nice.
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    I love Gerrard, and don't think Worrall is as bad as he's been made out, but splitting the Goldson/Katic pairing has been the mistake of the season for me.
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    Bbc Scotland quoted as saying: “Fernando Ricksen will be remembered by Rangers fans for his exploits on the field. Others will remember him for his off field antics and addictions" Absolute cunts.
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    2 starts for a guy who has barely played any football this season and he’s being wrote off. Ffs.
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    100 quid put in the account for you mate, please use as you see fit, sorry ive not been on much, was away most of last year
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    Polish newspapers saying that it was fans of Rangers bitter rivals Partick Thistle who infiltrated the away support.
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    suddenly some of the performance are explained. We do forget these guys are human sometimes.
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    Cos you’ve never seen them before means they don’t go regularly?
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    I get what you mean, I’m 44 and him as a player was fantastic, but as a man he comes across as a money grabbing selfish bastard who only loves himself. I personally don’t hold him in the same regard I used to and that’s not because he was w shite manager.
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    Shiteing it to go to Ibrox with 750 fans, shiteing it because we are right up their arse in the league, shiteing it because we leathered them in our last game, shiteing it because we are in the midst of signing a proven goalscorer, shitebag club followed by a shitebag support, shitebags.
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    I’ve been at the depths gambling wise so I know how he must feel right now. I’d just like to take the opportunity to say I’m fucking delighted to hear this
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    You are the one moaning about it. U do it 😂😂
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    I’m proper pissed off reading shite threads
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    The “stain” of administration? What about the “stain” of abusing kids and saying and doing nothing? What about the “stain” of paying the head abuser £1 million? What about the “stain” of the separate entity claim? What about the “stain” of hiring a PR company to deflect the stories? You dirty taig bastards. You are the fucking “STAIN”.
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    Rangers has stepped in to help save the day for a community gala. Milngavie Community Development Trust was in need of a pitch for Milngavie Week - but now Rangers has made The Hummel Training Centre available. Milngavie Week runs from June 8 to 15. It includes a dog show, children’s treasure hunt, senior citizens bus trip, pond dipping and a silent disco. It is entirely organised by volunteers and local organisations. A local resident had offered to run a football competition for young people, but the organisers couldn’t find a pitch. They asked Rangers if they could use their training pitch, which is in the East Dunbartonshire town. The club then offered the use of their facilities. Now local youngsters from four different boys’ clubs will get a chance to play at the training ground, which cost £14million to build in 2001. Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson said: “We are delighted to be able to help this local initiative. We’re proud to be part of the Milngavie community, and wish everyone all the very best with the event.”
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    I love the night before a game against they bastards, hunners of threads started with cunts mwi and talking a load of shite, fucking brilliant
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    I don't know any protestant or Rangers supporter that calls themselves a H**. Many scum take pride in calling themselves Fenians, they were Paddy McCourts Fenian Army not too long ago. There is no doubt they enjoy the label themselves when believing themselves to be republican terrorists, but when called exactly that they default to victimhood of Roman Catholic sectarian abuse. One term is entirely offensive, the other is dependent on who says it and whether the scum choose to be offended by it. Only the latter generates significant interest and condemnation in this shit hole of ours due to the influence of Fenian (republican terrorist) lovers in the SNP.
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    A meek leader granted but he actually makes some salient points here, gives some good insight into the BBC issue also. People moan when our board don't say anything and moan when they do, not sure they can win.
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    LOOK AT ME I’M STAUNCH I THINK NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH. Our midfield has been consistently good all season. Calm down.
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    Naw we got the tactics wrong and were just shite. We never froze
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    Watch a replay of Sunday’s game mate
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    never in a million years as people are maybe forgetting that the guard of honour is where we applaud them onto the park and these cunts deserve fuck all. If it happens I want the whole stadium chanting ‘Peados’ so everyone watching will be reminded of what they are complicit in
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    People are going to slate Gerrard but tbh what did he do wrong tonight? It's a shite result so he's going to cop some flak but what else would you have done different? Played McCrorie? Instead of who? Kamara has been one of our better players the last 2 games. Played Katic? Worrall has been excellent recently and I don't even like the guy. Played Halliday? We saw in the last game why we needed Barisic back in. Dropped Morelos? The majority of this board wanted Morelos to start He's the manager so the buck stops with him but the players are consistently letting him down now and he has no alternatives at this stage of the season. If Candeias plays a simple 10 yard pass to Morelos or Kent and we equalise it's a different story. Kamara doesn't play McGinn in and it's a different story. Arfield doesn't scuff his shot straight into a defender from 15 yards out and it's a different story Gerrard will carry the can for this if this bullshit continues into next season but I'm not going to throw him under the bus yet.
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    Footage of the Livingston mascot from last nights game
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    I can't speak for everyone else, but for me he is still the man for the job. Yes he has made mistakes, but is still a young manager and he will learn. For the 1st time in years, he has gave us some great days and nights this season, not the Title or Cups that everyone had hoped for, but we will get there. The Filth are not that far ahead of us, as games against them have shown this season. The title and domestic cup failings have been caused by us not dealing with teams, who set out with 10 men behind the ball. Too many draws in the league, by not finishing teams off, have cost us dearly. This will be addressed. Europe was amazing, and both financially and on the pitch a massive success. The Days of the Filth are coming to an end. They will stick with Lennon in the summer, (Yaaasss) and will invest minimally in their squad. Rodgers had already sussed that out, and got on his bike. I hope we sign a few hard cases and tough bastards in the summer, you need this to be successful in Scotland. It's not football and it's not pretty, but sadly it's just the way it is. Very hopeful for next season, and confident that trophies and titles will once again adorn the corridors of Ibrox Stadium.
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    Better option than Ojo or Barker. Looking forward to getting him back.
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    Honestly can’t get my head round so much of our support being against him. 100% he deserves to lead us to 55. No matter what people think of his abilities as a captain, the players and management seem to believe in his application of the job. Guys instrumental to all we do right now.
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    • When the dust settles down, this will be the hardest part to deal with, not the iniquity of being stitched up by a corrupt political system, not the contempt shown to us by a corrupt sport, and not the hatred shown to us shown by a so called "impartial" media., but simply the knowledge that so many Gers fans had something wonderful stolen from them , and never had the chance to see justice done on and off the park.    
    • Tainted taig titles 100%
    • This will make 55 all the more sweeter and our desire for dominance more justified, no club has deserves vengeance and victory more than ours... and we'll relish in it while the scum dispair, and the diddys wallow in mediocrity, and the victory will be ours, and how sweet will it feel, when Gerrard lifts our 55th title Justice will be done and vengeance will be ours and we'll be up to our knees in fenian blood with it splashing all over the SPFL and HMRC and all those who sought to wallow in our wake will now be drowning in tears
    • You can think I'm being unprincipled if you like, but I'm not. All I have seen are people getting excited at the idea of us buying back the oldco for some reason. I have explained why it shouldn't and won't happen, and why it does not mean anything. People are getting excited about the prospect of it when they really shouldn't be.
    • The times article seems to suggest that a reasonable resolution was back payment of tax to the tune of 2 million per year the EBTs were used. Less if they were willing to take 50p on the pound which was not uncommon  At a time we had debt of 18 million with Lloyd’s, a £20m tax bill would have been manageable and £10 million settlement (which minty offered) would have been a skoosh.    I repeat. None of this is news. We were screwed. Then we were victims of a crime, then we were punished for being subject to that crime and even then as a club our response was defiance and “fuck you we will rise again”
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