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  1. Totally incredible watching the passion for Rangers that these players have... love it!
  2. As a manager, this is a responsibility you need to be able to handle...
  3. I predict Dunny to ask for a username change to Dunny_02
  4. Francesco Stella (1862–1940) was an Italian set designer, artist-painter, and decorator
  5. STV Jamie: So. Templeton looks all sorted, just double checking things at the SFA. Papers also lodged for Fran Stella. Saturday September 1, 2012 12:41
  6. For the comments about Ibrox and Murray Park, are they not wholly owned... ie. not mortgaged. If thats the case, we just have to have enough money to pay the taxes, utilities, etc.
  7. 99% of posters on either site have nothing to be concerned about with regards to any sort of "dislike". Any dislike comes from personal situations, not forum v. forum situations. RM started up later than FF and tried to form in a 'market' that FF seemingly had a monopoly over. We moved forward with some differing attitudes towards posting and comments and it has worked. There are people on here in the early days, such as myself, that endured their fair share of berating from others. That's fine, its the past. This place we call RM is a great place to be. We don't go looking, as a forum, for a divide between fans. Again, it is really all just personal.
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