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  1. Pre season I was thinking he probably wasn’t in our strongest 11. Certain starter currently and keeping Kamara out the team, who I rate highly. Fantastic.
  2. Rohan

    Joe Aribo

    I think this is spot on. Also comes across as more of a quiet guy in interviews, given time to properly settle and feel completely comfortable with all the other players and I think he'll get better and better as the season moves forward
  3. Rohan

    Joe Aribo

    Hope we can hold onto him for at least a couple of years. The fact he’s english and has already been a success down there, i don’t think it’ll take long before some of them come chasing him
  4. Rohan

    Joe Aribo

    Think he’ll be great in a few months. Agreed he works very hard to win possession back.
  5. Surprised Man U didn't go after him. Good enough to play for any of the top teams in my opinion, would pick him over Lukaku
  6. Abysmal. Surely even these players are better than this
  7. Can't get over that shot from Waghorn.. unbelieveable
  8. I'm excited by this if he signs, seems to have matured and has always been a quality player
  9. Was not super confident about Zelalem or Law coming on, both took great penalties Great win!!
  10. How can they be upset about receiving that email? I'd be surprised if we had to contact the club at all as it's really nothing to do with them, purely between the players and us
  11. could easily have won that. disappointing, but hopefully will give the boys a bit of a much needed kick
  12. are hibs physically exhausted? they could never keep up that early pressing
  13. back to normal shape, hibs are there for the taking now
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