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  1. New on the Daily Record website : 'Scotland' s government has been warned football north of the border cannot survive behind closed doors without an emergency bailout from Holyrood. " The SPFL is doing the warning. None of my tax to any club, Nicola, if you don't mind. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/spfl-warn-holyrood-scottish-football-21980010
  2. I think you're well intentioned, OP, but really, 'genuine remorse'? Scottish football clubs?
  3. Interesting stuff here from the Scottish Football Museum https://scottishfootballmuseum.org.uk/how-scots-brought-football-to-the-world/
  4. Three months worth of top earnings amount to a lot more than 20% of foot soldiers' wages, so where's the rest going? Club running costs, no doubt, and if so fully justified, but a full breakdown would have iced the cake.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/m?q=what+channel+bbc+scotland&client=ms-opera-mobile&channel=new&espv=1
  6. BBC Scotland, not BBC1 Scotland. Different channels.
  7. Years ago, too many for my liking, a believing Protestant would have had harsh words for someone invoking karma as the governing principle of the universe.
  8. Closing the Innovation Centre seems a bit shortsighted in the circumstances...
  9. https://www.viprow.me/sports-football-online
  10. Here you go: https://www.viprow.me/heart-of-midlothian-vs-Rangers-1-online-stream
  11. https://www.viprow.me/heart-of-midlothian-vs-Rangers-1-online-stream
  12. Pic selection here: https://www.modelmayhem.com/2183602 She's 6' 1", apparently, so neck braces required, lads!
  13. Crocker: 'One of the most fiercest fixtures in football.' 😂😂😂
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