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  1. We must be the only team with an absolute gem in the air in our team that never swing a cross in FFS !!
  2. Hodson sees wes coming .. wes stops dead .. hodson to blame how ?
  3. Ffs at least he's picking a decent 1st sub 😂👏🏻
  4. Can't believe folk are so hard on Garner .. even if he only does put in effort it's more than Ellen offers up there
  5. He should save that 😳
  6. Ye gonna try n tell me he had any chance wae any a the goals n he never made a few right decent saves in the game .. as a say put yer rod away ya dick
  7. U want to go into his saves/goals ratio .. hint hint it's 10% higher than Fod & 2nd in the league 1.2% behind Gordon .. absolute roaster
  8. 😳😳 put the rod away ur embarrassing urself again
  9. No point being honest in here it's full of the deluded 😳
  10. He saves less shots on goal than other keepers per shot taken , is that not what his main job is? ..
  11. It's no a story it's a fact
  12. He's nowhere near the best keeper in the country he's mid table in shots/saves ratio
  13. Ffs man did he hit him with a baseball bat 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️