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  1. A poor mans vuckic tbh
  2. Anyone still on FIFA 19 on Xbox and wants a doing I’m here ya mc thugs
  3. Pretty much this mate
  4. Possibly had a point... fucked it
  5. Dunno what age you are but surely you’ve followed football long enough to realise this could be a bargain, or just an expensive mistake. No one knows wtf will happen. If we play him where he’s comfortable he could be phenomenal. edit- please don’t reply after I’ve just seen you say we should get Lewis and ‘lynden’ as if they’re proven
  6. It’s mental, there’s a system in place in that when something goes wrong there must be a human giving out these emails etc, so how can they not just have a human in place to process payments made through the site, rather than sending payments back and handing out another method. so overly complicated when it can be made simpler
  7. Should you no be out saving lives or some shit instead of talking pish on here?
  8. Fuck it I try sometimes haha 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  9. I’m a bellend on here mate but I’d like to think I give enough serious opinions on the team in the bears den for folk to realise I’m no a wee tarrier bastard
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