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  1. Just because last season is in the past, doesn’t mean Davis is going to get better in his old age, and doesn’t make jack and kamara any more reliable. Aye it’s great we’ve had the 2 positive results but we need more in that midfield, they won’t see us to a title
  2. Guys just in the door and you’re all slevering over his tackle ya bunch of perverts
  3. I think they are except maybe the last qualifying game? Read something earlier that also said these games might be played at a neutral venue
  4. Just a scrap going there, need to score early otherwise it’s nervy as fuck (could be said for any game but the pitch plus the brutal challenges off their players makes it harder)
  5. We get away with that midfield on days like today but if we want this league we need better. Agree we should have a day off and be happy with the win tbh, good day for us
  6. It’s all very well beating st mirren 3-0 at ibrox and saying there’s nothing wrong with the midfield, look how well we played. But tougher away games when we need that bit extra, we’re fucked. Jack and kamara are the only real options, arfield I’m unsure of but was pish last season and Davis should just start coaching or something
  7. Think we’ll be ok this game but the real test will be livi away I think, in saying that they’ve not looked too great so far but they usually make it difficult when we go there
  8. Do you not agree that we need a midfielder that gives us a bit more drive?
  9. It’s so early in the season though so doubt St Johnstone would really want that break, you want momentum so I’d say it actually suits us.
  10. Has he even been booked yet this season?
  11. They don’t exactly do well against Morelos so if he’s still here then he’s enough, doesn’t get the goals but does so much more
  12. As far as I’m aware they’ve looked at 3 attacking players, 2 are free and one would be a loan. Doesn’t seem like a team looking to spend money
  13. Been said a million times on here but kamara and jack together is so shite in games like this, neither of them give us any real drive from the middle
  14. Then why bring barker on because it’s the exact same for him
  15. Score 2 or 3 and another clean sheet would do fine
  16. Think he made one mistake mate but other than that I’ve not seen anything to suggest that he’s set himself up for a fall, I think he is actually good enough to merit his belief
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