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  1. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
  2. Didn’t realise how old tav was, don’t think we’ll be quite getting those numbers when he does go but should still get a decent chunk
  3. Seen ojo in games where he could be through on goal then looks for a pass instead of going alone 😂 barker has had less game time but looks pish all the same
  4. Would give jones time to get some fitness but ojo and barker have been awful. Ojo has given us an important European goal and that’s it
  5. Got to the fenian bit and thought oft he’s proper going for it 😂
  6. Sorry mate I’m not actually sure 😂 will probably be available for folk overseas but doubt the U.K. will have any coverage other than premier, or iptv if you have that sort of thing installed on your tv
  7. You’ll be getting premier till after Scottish cup final day then you can cancel
  8. Probably more likely to cause the taigs bother with all the away games at wee shitey grounds that can’t handle the weather, least with us having a lot of home games our matches are more likely to be played
  9. Just a great all round person if you look at what he does outside of football, be sad when leaves us but will also be happy for him that he gets to leave this hellhole and all the abuse that he gets from it
  10. Halliday on the left wing to replace Kent while Kent replaces tav, how can we lose?
  11. Would probably still be Scottish referees sitting in the wee room with the computers making the final decision so we’d still be fucked
  12. Still very very young so a loan move seems likely but just depends on where he goes and how much he develops wherever he ends up, hopefully bulks up a bit and we make a move 😂
  13. We should tell them we don’t want their extra tickets x
  14. Pushed up top when we sell Alfredo in this window
  15. Just needs flip flops and a camera hanging from his neck to complete the look of an absolute fud, but he’s done a good job so far
  16. Just looks like some sort of superfan that’s paid loads of cash to go and watch the team train, absolute joke of a man 😂
  17. Perfect representation of a tarrier right there
  18. Not a morning person mate 😩😩
  19. @Rfc52 at least quote him shitebag
  20. Boring bastard edit: if you you seriously sit and have a pint with mates and this is what you do then you really are an absolute nonce
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