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  1. Does anyone use a horse tracker? Whats the best one?
  2. Any horses the morra lads?
  3. Fancy, haha few beers in me had a look at a few races and thats my horse of the day!
  4. 15:05 newmarket gin in the inn 13/2
  5. What time is this fight expected to start? Gonna be a belter!
  6. Celtic are on another lever from the rest of Scottish football. Pedro can only do so much but we dont have the players to beat them.
  7. More of that Saphir Du Rhea La Mercurey im on those 3 😁 Good luck folks
  8. Superb!
  9. Who use backing? I done my numbers last year n 29 done it for me 😁! Il probably do the same again this year.
  10. You stand in the pub.
  11. Theres every chance Scotland can finish 2nd, but going through a play off would be difficult.
  12. Next games a big game.
  13. Good 3 points in the end. On to the next one.
  14. Fake ? 😂
  15. Same