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  1. Also got monbeg notorious in the sweep.
  2. 1715 at Aintree Can Tiger Roll make it back to back wins? I'm on Ramses de Teillee @ 25s Good luck.
  3. We have made huge progress.
  4. Thomas Darby in the 1st.
  5. Do you need to put in 80 though? Could you not just put in 20? And if it lost use the same 20 the next day?
  6. Jamie29


    Still is under double digits.
  7. 20 team league. Top 4 teams then enter play offs for the title. I'm sure this is in discussion for next season.
  8. Just heard a tim on the bus say he's worried Rodgers might take the Man Utd job 😂😂
  9. Good post but not sure about him playing in goals mate.
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