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  1. We all know how one sided those cunts are, I don't know how they could enforce anything against the club though if it was outside the property if you know what I mean.
  2. Whether it is obvious or not doesn't matter a fuck to be quite frank, if the club is serious about this in my opinion it should grow a set of baws and state which songs we cannot sing. Best being completely and utterly transparent with this kind of thing, instead of just hoping everyone is on the same page. If the club wants to lead us, let it lead.
  3. Totally agree, I don't read all Club 1872's releases so I didn't get it and I'll not be the only one. It's about time they showed some baws instead of just getting Club 1872 to do everything that might be slightly controversial.
  4. Has the club ever stated a list of which songs cannot be sung?
  5. Are you allowed more than one goalkeeper? Just say the all the players are wearing gloves because they're a bit cold.
  6. This was my first point, and it was retarded apparently, honestly think people have difficulty reading.
  7. I stated my opinion be it right or wrong, you went on the attack then didn't like it when I went on the attack. We both think each other are idiots, and we support Rangers. So at least we have two things in common. Imagine getting pissed off at someones opinion
  8. I don't see it as an irrelevance but the league should be the priority imo If we could better prepare for an upcoming important league game by fielding a weakened side in Europe I'd be all for that. I know a lot of people will disagree, but for me this season is all about the league.
  9. Bored at work mate. I just find it amazing some people don't understand form be it good, bad, inconsistent, away or home doesn't have any effect on the next game. Mind blowing. We really needed to be in a good place going into this game, and beating Hearts and going top would have done that. Time for players to be dropped I think.
  10. The question is if he's fit enough to start, wouldn't be surprised if he comes on later in the game until he gets his fitness up.
  11. Personally I'd drop most of the team, it's the only way I think we could get anything from this match. It might do some of the under performers good to know that their starting place is up for grabs.
  12. I feel I should apologise because I think we might not win against 236m valued Porto after the performance against Hearts. Clearly form is not a key factor because we were able to destroy two really shite teams in the league - Hamilton and a severely weakened Aberdeen at Ibrox. let's be clear that there is no such thing as away and home form, and according to some form just does not exist. Oh woe is me. ----------------------end of sarcasm--------------------- A draw will be an incredible result after that awful performance against Hearts, no matter what RFCwhatever will tell you.
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