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  1. I respect your opinion mate, but at the end of the day it is energy wasted for zero reason. If we had a chance of changing things and our fans were able to work toward some kind of even handedness then fine, but nothing ever happens. The one thing we can really do is forget about everyone else, and make sure no one can fuck us over by doing what the club asks us to.
  2. Why do you think I care? I don't give a fuck either but the fact is it's damaging the club - so... why do it?
  3. You're one tae talk ya fat faggot
  4. Because some get caught up with the auld, oh but they can sing this and that and it's no fair, cause they don't get anything done about it. Which is a load of childish shite
  5. It's what the club asks us to do, that's what I see as being 100% clean.
  6. Who gives a flying fuck what they do?
  7. Doesn't matter if people feel we are being unfairly targeted. We as a fanbase are not keeping our noses 100% clean, so we only have ourselves to blame. It would be different if we were not doing anything, then fair enough - feel aggrieved The club asks us not to do it, so we should SUPPORT the club and not do it.
  8. Ok, I'll explain it simply for you so you understand... Although he did not include himself when he said "they" instead of "we" ...have the best supporters in the world He still stated that we (as in us - the fans (not inclusive of gerrard)) have a rep for being the best fans in the world He didn't need to say that, he did Therefore, who matters a fuck if he included himself in it or not? Dafty
  9. So what? You missed the part of him saying we have the rep of being the best supporters in the world?
  10. Although he's technical he's also very direct and not really scared about taking on players and beating them, he has also performed against the scum. So maybe he's got Jones's directness along with the same type of skill as someone like Aribo but on the left and he's been tested and performs in big games. He definitely has something we don't currently have
  11. Don’t get the pace argument, could we no just have players running up and down the sides kiddin on they’re playing before coming on? Would confuse the fuck out of the opposition as well.
  12. Blueteeth


    The guy was excellent, really impressive this season. His attacking threat is definitely a welcome bonus.
  13. Don’t like him tbh, I feel like you never know what you’re going to get from him. Left back is clearly a problem area that needs addressed. It makes it easier for opposition teams knowing the majority of our attacking play will be down the right, by strengthening the left we’d be far more unpredictable.
  14. celtic in lack of class shocker but also... bears den?
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