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  1. I think he was released back into the community too soon
  2. Does the Morelos shirt come with a red card?
  3. It’s telling that it’s as believable as unbelievable
  4. Didn’t read that mate, am even more lazy
  5. All that means is Robbie Fowler was talking dog shit a while back, how can u compare Rossiter to arguably the best midfielder of his generation?
  6. Mental They're shite, but to say they haven't won the league is a bit pathetic. They've shown a level of consistency above us and have been able to win games in the last couple of mins - which we haven't been able to do. We could have won the league this year, but our mentality isn't strong enough and our quality is suspect. We're shite, but they're slightly better and that's why they're winning the league. We need quality now and to get into the habit of winning and grinding out results when things aren't going our way. When we're on top we seem to be really on top, when we're not we lose our discipline and implode.
  7. Yeah it looked like he really enjoyed that goal Katic. I think Flanagan has also been good today, I'm not keen on the guy but credit where credit is due.
  8. I agree, but it might have been down to personal reasons why he wasn't playing.
  9. Morelos could struggle to get back into the team if it keeps performing so well. As others have said it may be due to pressure being off, but it also may be due to us not being so one dimensional. I agree Candeias is frustrating at times but it's worth saying that's two great balls of his that's given us two goals.
  10. Then you have Lovenkrands commentating alongside him with his weird Pakistani-highlighted Scottish accent
  11. I’d say hash, he says some right weird things during commentary.
  12. Ally McCoist: "Berker derp, der moop tupe a poorp flooba choorp." So childish
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