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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so that's why Jimmy Bell's been sacked, putting the 8 on upside down - it's all starting to make sense.
  2. Is it no time for a quadrupedal celebration from them then? Getting platinum status from the mighty SFA is no small feat.
  3. If I didn't know the majority of posters in here were blokes, I'd be celebrating that I was swimming in fanny every time I come in here
  4. A mongo system devised and implemented by mongos 100% mongo status confirmed
  5. Been at Ibrox longer than the brickwork, always thought the vid of Gerrard coming here and having a look around the place was funny. Especially the bit way jimmy, changes for no cunt
  6. The guy's a classic tim - complete brainless inbred mongo
  7. I like @ForeverAndEver ....but just sexually
  8. It's a Rangers media thing, people don't like it until it's their idea
  9. You're right, a lot more. But I think your thing about King is a bit far fetched to say the least.
  10. If you're going to quote me quote the whole thing. Frankly, you should know what they're like in the scum media and you must be incredibly thick if you think they're all suddenly going to change. As I, and many others have already said - and I even gave you an example (which you didn't even bother to take any notice of) - depending on how we go about this the media could quite easily label us as trying to point score in a vile way and defend that club. Something which has happened countless times already. Who said anything about transference of guilt? You clearly don't understand what I was actually saying, what a fucking mongo.
  11. Have you led a sheltered life as a Rangers fan then bud? I remember listening to call ins with Rangers fans being cut off as soon as anything about celtic's pedo past was mentioned then they'd go on about how disgusting it was even mentioning the subject. There don't seem to be many realists on this forum
  12. I think it would be a hard one to pull off without it making it look like we're just being petty, it would be so easy to make us out to be the bad guys if we did this. If the focus is on us then it would shift the focus from them. I still think we should be stating the facts on banners and perhaps having public demonstrations as long as it's properly directed and doesn't have any kind of classless piss taking or one-upmanship.
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