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  1. fucking disgusting the way we've treated him. best of luck Lee.
  2. tav aye kent maybe morelos naw that said hopefully the club don't punt them on the cheap and hold out for genuine offers. if we get decent money in for tav + morelos then we might be able to get just as good or better replacements. dafty warburton brought tav in and the donkey pedro brought morelos in. i'd trust Gerrard to find suitable replacements.
  3. harry kane is a fucking trumpet. aye they'd be better off without him and his big nose, ears and teeth.
  4. fucking joke this investigation they're doing. it's no like they'll come out and say "oh turns out we're guilty". the thing is this entire situation goes so deep and that vile club are protected by so many organisations. the bastards will somehow manage to sweep this away. that's what they're good at.
  5. don't care who wins really. not really a fan of either team. if i had to bet on who'll win i'd go with liverpool. think it'll be 2-1 to them.
  6. was just watching Make Us Dream on Amazon today. never really paid attention to him before he came to us. of course knew how good a player he was but never really knew his story. i recommend watching it if you have time and have Amazon Prime. i really do think he'll be a world class manager one day. if he approaches managing the same as being a player then he will always push himself to do better and never give up. i've believed in him from day 1 but after watching that i feel even more optimistic now that i have an idea of what he is like.
  7. wit the fuck is that shite with brown? what a big creepy looking bastard.
  8. that would be cool but doubt any cunt would be interested in buying us. just isn't much money to be made here when clubs win anything. and competing in the champion's league would require a huge investment to go up against english and spanish teams.
  9. i am not usually one to go reading their forums but had a wee gander today. they were so adamant that benitez or mourinho would be their next manager. as much as i hate Lawwell the squinty eyed cunt of a bastard he trolled them fucking good. win the treble treble and announce Lennon has been offered the job. 😂 they are fucking hurting so bad. Gerrard needs to win us #55 next season. the bastards are there for the taking.
  10. 4 seasons out the premiership. hope the bastards rot. we fucking worked our way up from the very bottom in 4 seasons. they will never manage their way back into the premiership. diddy fucking team.
  11. yas well done st mirren. RIP Dundee Hivs.
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