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  1. team are all shitebags. they will have their arses rattling come sunday. oh no the big bad celtic. don't believe this team are capable of winning anything. we came out and bossed Aberdeen about last night. look how that ended up for us. if we go up 2-3 goals we need to not shit the fucking bed.
  2. Fuck off. we were shite and if this is the way we play then it's simply not good enough. could've closed the goal difference down and went top of the table. could've ended with the same points and same goal difference. now we're 2 points behind. the team + gerrard deserve all they get.
  3. I agree. After that performance we are winning hehaw. Shitebags the lot of them. Fucking bossing them around then bottled it.
  4. Can go fucking ram his apology. Wee prick
  5. Be lucky to get a draw. Definitely dropping points. Shitebags
  6. Fucking useless. We were fucking strolling the game.
  7. aye it does. it's becoming more popular. football should be for everybody not just guys.
  8. i can't believe i'm disappointed we haven't scored 6-0 lol
  9. stewart scores the 10,000 goal. no happy with it so scores again
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