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  1. Would get rid of him at the first opportunity. Obviously not interested in playing for us anymore.
  2. If these cunts get awarded it then we should just count our wartime + abandoned titles too. That'll fuck them right up. Would that put us at 64 titles?
  3. Don't give a fuck if any team up here goes under. Only care about Rangers. As for English football...never will happen. IF it did then we can say goodbye to ever winning a premiership title again. Would need serious investment to come anywhere near premiership teams. As much as I hate the teams up here and the SFA I don't think we leave. We're not English.
  4. Said it from the start. The league needs ripped up and thrown out. Would be the same if it were us sitting at the top. The difference between us and them is we have some dignity and morals. We've had to do it before and would do it again. That lot will find any excuse to have it awarded to them. What does it matter if they didn't complete the season? What does it matter if there's a global pandemic? They'll happily count it. The seasons done. Whenever we can then just start a new season.
  5. He can fuck off the spineless coward of a so called captain.
  6. If they disappeared I couldn't give a fuck. Hope they suffer the sheep shagging mutants. Could be us though...could be any club in the current situation.
  7. Cheers! Wasn't working on mobile.
  8. Load of pish. Some people would be happy never winning another league title. We can't even beat celtic and you want to go up against the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, etc?
  9. If we joined England we can forget about winning a premiership title again. We are a Scottish team. We don't belong in England.
  10. I'm tempted to go have a peek at one of their forums and see how they're handling today's news. I imagine it'd be hilarious stuff. Kerry fails Twitter got anything?
  11. Yup, it should be but most likely they will still award them the title.
  12. Fuck suspension. This isn't gonna blow over for a while. Season is done. If the SFA had any sense they'd just void it and hopefully start up next season as normal. No doubt they are finding an excuse to award the title to them and that lot will take it. We know they don't have any decency or respect but if they did they would refuse it. Games a bogey. Just toss the league in the bin and start preparing for next season.
  13. Surely they can't be awarded a title?? Cunts at SFA will be trying to find an excuse to give them it though.
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