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  1. The club should be putting all money and effort into the playing team. When we have players who have won something then go fucking daft rebranding and marketing. Instead we are just hyping up and plastering the faces of a bunch of donkeys who have won hehaw for us! How much did they pay for some cunts to update the crest? How much for a new website? How much to beam the crest/faces all over the place? How much to put up advertisements around the stadium? Any money we bring in should be for operational + maintenance expenses and building a winning team. Nothing else matters until we win.
  2. Can't see us getting anything other than pumped. They were too good for us and after all this carry on we need to hit the ground running to stand any chance. Still bring them on.
  3. I prefer it tbh. The old one wasn't bad but this looks good.
  4. Fuck sake just bought a pair of trainers off them. Bastards
  5. Impressed with the kit. Gonna order myself a top if there's any left. Our support is outstanding. Always does the club proud.
  6. I like it. Could be better but it's no bad. Fucking win something wearing it and it'll be a classic. It's up to the players.
  7. celtic can go to france. Don't really care for us going.
  8. Can't let this go away. Cunts will be trying to bury it. Wishing for the best to the victims.
  9. Well done to Liverpool. Won fair and square. Gerrard will be delighted.
  10. Fuck bt sport.
  11. cunt probably went in one police car door and right out the other. arrested aye but probably a wee pat on the back and told "don't do it again....lol"
  12. When games start up again we should invite him to Ibrox for our first home game of the season. He can walk out onto the middle of the pitch and wave his daft wee shitey flag in front of 50,000 of us. That's obviously what he wants, isn't it? To rub it all in our faces? For the attention? It's such a shame he had to do it in the middle of the night when it was so empty!! Spineless fucking rhat. Oh aye you're fucking brave walking into an empty stadium. Do it with 50,000 bears around you...fucking dare you.
  13. Would be up for it. Either a single large blue star with our classic RFC crest (in white) inside it with "1872" below it. Or more like it is now but the crest + "1872" are black but we have our 5 stars coloured blue. The 32red logo could be all white with black outline to make it stand out. The castore logo could be the same or all black. Other than that, no fancy designs on the kit. Just all plain white shirt + shorts. Socks have white/blue stripes. After 150 years how could we not honour these men?
  14. Good start of getting rid of dafties.
  15. The cunt fucking entered our stadium. That's enough to go after him whether or no property was damaged. If it was one of us we'd be hunted down and caught in no time. Not that any of us are obsessed enough to go near their dump.
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