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  1. i appreciate your positivity but i'm not getting too carried away just yet with only 2 league games played. things are looking better for us but we'll see how it goes. i'm just taking it a game at a time.
  2. If there isn't already there should be a sign up in the dressing room telling players if a team does the huddle then they need to fucking get tore right into them. If the teams do it just to mess with us because they know celtic are our rivals and they do it then the jokes on them. I think our players would see that and it'll only make them want to win more. It puts no fear in us. It makes your team look like scum.
  3. Don't want to fucking jinx us but should be an easy wee game. Get some players rested and bring on people who need fitness or have something to prove. I know it's east fife but still looking forward to it.
  4. I think Gerrard is gonna end up one of the best managers out there and I've said it from the start. Some people like to laugh at me for saying that but I believe it. I'm no saying he's a world class manager right now. He's definitely still learning. I just think that when his time is up with us some big club is gonna take him. Maybe no Liverpool but he'll be there one day. He is one the best football players the world has ever seen. No saying he's on the same level as Messi or Ronaldo but if you don't know who Gerrard is you either don't have any interest in football or live under a rock. He has played alongside and against legends of the game. He knows what it takes for a team to perform and he can look at a player and tell if they are good enough or not. He'll know when a player doesn't have the skill, fitness, or even the mentality. Just because he was a great player of course doesn't mean he will be a great manager so maybe I'm wrong but I really think he has what it takes to go to the highest level in management. I think once he leaves us he'll go to another club or two and that's when we'll all see just how good he is.
  5. fs it's about 5 minutes behind the stream i'm on. morelos hasn't even scored lol. no thanks.
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