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  1. Any rough idea when the renewal period is due to end and STs go on sale to those on the waiting list?
  2. Mikel Arteta. Had two good seasons, and we somehow managed to sell him at a loss to Sociedad. Baffling.
  3. Just looking for a bit of guidance regarding season tickets - when do they normally go on sale/how long before they're all snapped up? Now that I'm not working weekends I've put my name on the season ticket waiting list for next season. I'm just looking for a single seat but I've heard that there's 12,000 on the list, so I'm not massively hopeful. What's your reckoning - do I have a chance? Cheers.
  4. Just home, first time taking the subway after a match. I now understand why some people choose to leave 15 minutes early. Thought we were great the first 20 mins and then took our foot of the gas until half time and the third goal killed the game. Hearts were useless in open play, not threatening at all. Pleased with some of our play and thought there was a general willingness to try and pass the ball. Standout for me was Kamara. Strong in the tackle, good on the ball and was a lightning rod for fouls all night. What a find by Dundee, and what a steal by us. We're definitely making progress under Gerrard. The state the club was in, and the years of mismanagement, meant that it was going to be a long rebuilding process. We've fallen away badly but we're a much better unit, made progress in Europe and we've bloodied celtic's nose in a way we've not come close to since Rogers was appointed.
  5. Doesn’t matter how good he is, you can’t rely on him to stay on the pitch. Sell him.
  6. Once I found out my work situation had changed, I put my name on the waiting list for a single season ticket last month. What do you guys reckon my chance of getting a ticket are? Cheers.
  7. What size are you? I'd be potentially up for buying some of our older kits from you. I'm an XL.
  8. As someone who is on the waiting list and desperate for a ticket, I really appreciate this. Thanks for being a good fan and a good person.
  9. Ebay is good for vintage shirts. Also, http://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk. If they don't have what you're looking for, you can put in a request and they'll try and source them. I wonder if it'd be an idea to have some sort of shirt exchange set up on the forum. If people wanted to sell their old shirts it'd be the perfect place to do it.
  10. I think I wore that 5 in a Row video out as a kid, absolute belter of a VHS with an amazing soundtrack. Fond memories as my dad took me to my first game v Hibs that season
  11. Apologies if this info is elsewhere, but I’ve not been able to find it. Whats the protocol for replay tickets? Roughly when do they go on sale/who has first priority? I’m a non-season ticket holder looking to go and wondering what my chances of getting a ticket are. Cheers.
  12. There's another chance in this game and we need someone clinical to take it. Get Defoe on.
  13. Referee should have sent off two of their players. Ridiculous.
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