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  1. McCloy, Jardine,Mathieson,Greig,Johnstone,Smith,McLean,Conn,Stein,McDonald,Johnston
  2. Laurel and Hardy? More like Bambi and Thumper...
  3. And Leighton claimed he was close to getting to it.......ffs, he wasn't even close to getting it on the way back out!!
  4. Maybe Augenthaler of Bayern Munich. Remember he did it against us at Ibrox in European game......and we knew he could hit them from distance.
  5. That's what you call an interview.None of the Pish you get nowadays,praising the opposition to the heavens. Would love to have seen how Jock would have handled some of these expert pundits. Remember meeting him at Brockville many years ago when some jobsworth steward refused him entry as he didn't have a ticket,
  6. Unfortunately , there is a simple solution.....don't sing the bad words. That way the haters don't get the chance to complain, or take aim at us.
  7. And well deserved it was too.
  8. We need a second.....these pricks are liable to spawn one
  9. Maybe so, but are they genuine ?
  10. So what would you reckon they are worth ?
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