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  1. The only 9 in a row worth raising a glass to.
  2. What, "Little ole wine drinker me" ? 😀
  3. No, especially if the season is declared null and void and it stops the Tims in their tracks.
  4. Dek


    Since the return from Dubai, I would say that we have a lot more pressing issues than who supplies our kit.
  5. And if it had been any of our players, they would probably have missed.
  6. Aye, and some of them had a few drops of alcohol in them, but ninety nine times out of a hundred it was Pish in them.
  7. Aye, but Man City , Chealsea,Leicester and others were winning trophies. Up here there is no real threat or opposition to them. Mind it has been 30 years since Liverpool won the league.......could we stomach that wait?
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