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  1. welcome to the big man hope he is a success.
  2. Take no notice of an organisation that's hidden nonces for 40+ years. Watched the Tommy Robinson documentary and at the end he said people were wanting to take down a statue at BBC headquarters who's architect was a known beast and the BBC refused. Corruption from top to bottom
  3. think it was goldsons goal. Good performance from the bears. I wonder who this defender will be
  4. Looks a steal no wonder Charlton athletic are raging about this. Love how we can get their players for quarter of the price that other English teams would need to pay
  5. Magnificent goals to cap of a magnificent performance away to st josephs
  6. wonder how much the investments is because it's probably the biggest season ever and we need as much investment as possible in the men's team
  7. good luck to all the bears in the rock hope it's 4_0 win for you
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