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  1. Happy with that, second half not great to watch when Aribo, Hagi, Barasic and Kamara went off though.
  2. The crowd noise at the goal there was pish. Barker looking decent so far.
  3. I know it's a friendly, but already see the difference with Aribo and Kamara off. Bassey on again?? How did that stay out lol.
  4. I read the Regan article on Monday as well, i only remember half but that is likely me. I thought i got it from here as i don't use FF, but must have appeared on my Google feed. Catching up, i don't mind the Livingston statement. A club believing the SPFL needed to prove themselves innocent should have been the default position should be for everyone. It's clear they are cynical when they refer to the Dundee vote as "missing" If i was on a jury and i thought someone might be I also have sympathy for Partick Thistle, Stanraer and to a much lesser degree Hearts. The thing is, i'm not even 100% on board that governments and governing bodies should be stepping in to save the hard done by (not meaning just football), but that is what is happening now so this whole tough luck pish that is being pushed is annoying me, as this way of thinking is not the norm during this pandemic.
  5. Didn't mind the statement, was abit short but it ended well. It let's them know this isn't the end, but we are also not committing to anything else yet.
  6. Anyone done the maths to see which leagues have the abstaining? I know I'm being lazy, but im half asleep. Looks like someone already has. Cheers Abstaining is such a shite bag move.
  7. Not sure how I feel. The number lower than I was expecting but not that much lower, and nearly a third of the clubs thinking something is dodgy is still kinda high. Not sure what happens next.
  8. Yep, don't think we need to focus on it passing. This is just about exposing and eventually humiliating the SPFL. Not that I sympathise with them, but im sure some of us have at one point fucked up and rather than fess up we deny everything and dig a bigger hole. I'm getting that feeling from them, and wouldn't surprise me to see resignations soon.
  9. Went to post earlier as that annoying cunt Stewart irritated me with his Twitter stuff, but the Falkirk statement was a laugh and distracted me. I still think he is trolling as that is a new level of wrong, even for or him, but im sure this has been discussed to death in the previous 20 pages lol.
  10. That annoyed me as well. I do think the world has gone soft, but even i thought that went too far. He pretty much said it would be ok if that was the norm. Bullying girls to suck cock was probably the norm in the world of Weinstein but it didn't make it ok.
  11. Doesn't need to, we all know 75% is not going to happen. Getting a majority might be possible, so even if it fails it will look really bad if more than half of the clubs have no trust in the SPFL. I just hope we don't drop the matter afterwards.
  12. Did we ever claim we had evidence of bullying though? I think we reported that we had heard reports of other clubs being bullied and we wouldn't be bullied into silence.
  13. Probably because they were declaring champions (well done Dundee Utd) but there would be no promotions or relegations. Wouldn't surprise me, as that could get less resistance.
  14. If the board was bluffing, i think we would put the boot into them more than any journalist would anyway. Tom English is trying to make a name/money off all of this. He clearly thinks the whole thing has been dodgy from the start and has decided to run with it. If the SPFL get caught out then it makes him look good and the other "journalists" who are trying to cover things up look corrupt and incompetent. I'm finding the hypocrisy hilarious. If the SPFL were pushing null and void and even without evidence the whole thing looked dodgy, no way would them or their fans be quiet on this matter. Lying cunts the lot of them.
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