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  1. The less said the better tbh
  2. He’s now kept 7 clean sheets in 8 games btw (the exception being Young Boys where both goals were Tavernier’s fault, not his) Not bad for a guy who is supposedly the slowest football player in history.
  3. Aye but he doesn’t run like Usain Bolt and go flying in to every single challenge so he must be shite
  4. We’ve finally got a settled backline that’s playing consistently well, so rather typically folk on here now want to immediately change it around again for absolutely fuck all. Good stuff.
  5. Also didn’t Katic struggle like fuck against Ikpeazu literally about two weeks ago? The same Ikpeazu that Helander dealt with easily yesterday? The selective amnesia when it comes to Katic is embarrassing.
  6. Just to remind anyone who didn’t see the game, we won 3-0, Helander scored and we kept a clean sheet with total ease. For a guy so unbelievably slow, he (and Goldson) didn’t do too badly against Porto and Feyenoord, both of whom have a multitude of quick players. Won us the game against Motherwell as well. Aye but Livingston Aye but Katic lol
  7. Fair play to him, thought he played like his old in-form self today, nice to see.
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